The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1556: Yin Yang mining, remedial work

“This time I entered your great world, the arrangement of the Holy See of Kyushu. In fact, this time I entered the great world of the Holy See of Kyushu, not only I, but also many other Holy See of Kyushu. ”

Qin Yi said: "And we, the Holy Spirit of the Kyushu Holy See, who came here with the aim of sharpening ourselves, in the eyes of the people of our world, your world is an extremely dangerous world of exile, an excellent place of grinding. By then, as long as we are not dead here, we will all have to leave here and return to our world. ”

So that's it!

Snow, evil, and heavenly feathers.

“By the way, that fruit tree before, what's going on? Why do you call him a thief? ”

Qin Yi looked at the ground and asked curiously at the headless body of the fruit tree.

Rumor has it, the cheeks of the three of them are all slightly red, the snow has not yet opened its mouth, and the heart is straight to the sky feather, has said: “What can it be? It's just a world-class thief! This fruit tree is a Presbyterian existence in the Yuzu sect. The Yuzu sect is nothing, its strength is not strong, it is usually also a medium rule, very low-key, but it is bad in this tree. I don't know where to get a messy kung fu. Guess what it is? ”

“What trick? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

“It is an evil act of yin and yang picking and making up. This fruit and wood thief usually does not know how many good family women have been maimed. He captured the virtuous women and forced them to do what was strictly done with them to strengthen their cultivation by harvesting and replenishing their femininity. ”

Heavenly Yu said harshly: “Humph, I just cut off his dog's head with my sword. It's really cheap for him. It's time to arrest him and execute him sooner or later in order to pay justice to the women he has maimed. ”

Qin Yi listened to his tongue. He did not expect that there is still such a shameless method of work in the world, which is much more evil than the vagina method of the vagina section back then.

Such a horny stick should be executed sooner or later!

Qin Yi sighed herself, he could totally imagine how evil that fruit tree was, and said to the three of Sky Snow immediately: "Well, we continue to search for the fairy hiding on this grass holy mountain. After this fierce war, the cultivators who came into this grass holy mountain are missing part of it, but there are still a lot of them, and the barbarians, have not yet appeared. We must still be careful. ”

In the beginning, through powerful spiritual knowledge, Qin Yi learned that there were dozens of practitioners who came into this grassy holy mountain. Only after that fierce war did they kill more than a dozen people.

Lord Kowloon, Lord Wind Thunder, and the Seven Dead Holy Fathers are now enthralled by the Mother of the Earth. For a moment and a half, they are unable to escape, but there are also the grandchildren of the Barbarian people, and more than a dozen savage beasts.

In addition to the barbarians, there was at least one horrible unknown creature hidden here, and when we first saw Kowloon, that scar was supposed to have been left behind by an intense battle with that horrible unknown creature.

Therefore, the next action, Qin Yi several people, still dare not take it lightly. Otherwise, a few of them will probably still be told here without paying attention.

In front of you is this grassy sanctuary mountain, huge and totally mountainous.

What kind of Immortal Reserve exists here? A few people in Qin Yi still don't know anything so far. They're not even sure if there is any Immortal Reserve here.

Then there was no delay, Qin Yi four people, still in this grassy holy mountain, wandering aimlessly to find the immortal hidden here.

There is always an ancient airflow hidden in the air of this grassy sacred mountain. The spirit of Qin Yi, suppressed, cannot be completely dissipated, can only cover the range of about a thousand square feet.

“I suddenly have a problem. ”

At some point, the snow frowned slightly.

“What's the problem? ”

Qin Yidong lived in shape and turned to ask Sky and Snow.

Both Heaven Evil and Heaven Feather will look at the snow with confusion.

The snow seems to have the same habit as a flaming woman, which is to unconsciously touch her forehead when thinking about a problem, and it is said that people with this habit usually have pretty good thinking skills.

At this moment, she lifted her hands and touched the glossy forehead, saying: “Qin Yi, have you thought about it, the more than a dozen practitioners before, have already allied, which means that other practitioners entering this grassy holy mountain have the possibility of alliance, and by this time, the remaining practitioners, most likely have allied. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it that Qin Yi, Tian Evil and Tian Yu are all compelled to glance at each other.

Qin Yi did not speak, just looked at the snow, indicating that she would continue to speak.

Snow and snow drummed the pink mumps on both sides and exhaled lightly: “Then there is a great possibility that the rest of this grassy holy mountain, with the exception of the four of us, the three Kowloon princes, and the more than a dozen people who were just killed by us, has been held together. ”

Hold it together!

Qin Yi shrugged, two strong eyebrows, has slowly risen.

And the evil and heavenly feathers, at one time, did not understand what the snow was saying, the color of the two faces, more and more confused.

“How can you see it? ”

Qin Yimi asked Sky Snow.

“I have at least two reasons to prove that the remaining people, led by the Barbarians, have embraced each other. ”

Snow stretched out two thin white jade fingers, "First, the Barbarians are not fools. Even if we didn't know that the ancient Phoenix had entered this grassy holy mountain, we knew that the three Kowloon princes had come in. After they came in, the first thing they thought of was to pull the force on themselves and deal with the three Kowloon princes. Earlier, you said that the barbarians came from a pair of grandchildren. If I had guessed correctly, that little girl, the barbarians' barbarian haunted girl, she was quite a simple person, it was impossible to think of that. ”

“Wild and haunted woman? ”

Qin Yi showed a slight interest.

And the evil and heavenly feathers are also curious about this, obviously they, like Qin Yi, have not heard of this barbaric ghost woman before.

Sky and snow glance, in the face of three people full of curiosity, Xu Xuyi swept away, “The barbarian ghost woman, is a man who has been hiding a secret from the outside world for thousands of years, who knows the barbarian ghost woman, looking at the whole blue and yellow world, can not find ten people, including the high level of the barbarian people themselves, I also used to know this in a broken ancient volume occasionally, I didn't care about it, so I didn't tell others...

“The name of the ancient volume, called" Xuan Huang Shi Diary ", is just too broken, the contents retained are very limited. Among the contents of the remaining" Xuan Huang Shi Diary ", there is a record of the Barbarian ghost women. The said Barbarian ghost woman is not actually a person, but a mysterious beast egg. This beast egg has always existed in the deepest depths of the Barbarian people and is guarded by thirty-six Barbarian beasts. ”

After a pause, Snow continued: “And the pair of barbarian grandchildren who entered this grassy holy mountain brought more than ten barbarian beasts, so I presume that the more than ten barbarian beasts should have been the guardian of the barbarian phantom woman, and the young girl, hatched from the eggs of the beast, so this woman must be quite simple, otherwise, it would never have appeared in the Xuanhuang Qi. ”

“Sister Xue, why is the so-called Barbarian ghost not the old man? ”

Heavenly feathers flashed with the eyes of the Spirit of Water, curious to ask.

“Wrong time, the old barbarian, thousands of years old at least. ”

Snow said: "And then again, the Barbarian ghost, this‘ woman ', how could it be an elderly man? ”

Tian Yu immediately realized that he had asked an extremely stupid question and threw up his pink little tongue.

After listening to the words of the snow, Qin Yi's thinking gradually became clear: “In this way, the barbarian girl named Yen Ye, it is indeed both possible, that the barbarian phantom woman hatched out of the egg of the beast, such a person, is really hard to deal with, she is very likely, find a way to bring the cultivators who entered here to his side, to deal with the three of them. If she really is a barbarian ghost, this barbarian ghost obviously hasn't grown up yet. She doesn't have the strength to deal with the Kowloon Prince, the Wind Thunder Lord and the Seven Killers. The barbarian ghost before entering this grassy holy mountain, she fears only some losses. ”

“Not only that, but other practitioners have also seen the means of wind thunder and seven killings, and there is consternation in their hearts, so it is not very difficult for Barbarian ghosts to pull them together. ”

Snow said.

Qin Yi nodded and paused to say: “Then tell me the second point, confirming the reason why the Barbarian ghost women have pulled them all around. ”

The snow responded lightly and said: “We have been in this grassy sacred mountain for some time now, but we have only met three Kowloon sons, and more than a dozen people who were slaughtered before, we have been through several fights, so much movement, other practitioners should not be unaware, but no one is attracted to it, then, there is only one possibility, they hid in the distance to watch the play, or simply ignore us, the more intense we fight, the more they will gladly see. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Tian Evil and Tian Yu all had to breathe cool air. Indeed, these practitioners' thoughts were too unanimous, and none of them actually appeared.

There is only one possibility that this will happen, and they are already allied, all together.

After some discussion, the four Qin Yi people, it is now perfectly certain that the Barbarian people have gathered all the other practitioners who came into the grass holy mountain, and helped them to their side, becoming a powerful force.