The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1558: Jade Spirit Lion

“They don't really worry about that. ”

Qin Yi shook his head: “Before we fought with the Kowloon prince several people, they must have noticed something before they showed up. That is, they now know that we are against the Kowloon prince three people. ”

“Makes sense! ”

Evil eyes, slightly brighter.

The four men continued to move forward, watching carefully the movement around them, and now they not only had to guard against the unknown creature of terror, but also against the barbarians and the dozens of practitioners.

“Boom! Boom! ” ……

Four people did not walk very far, convenient came a wave, even the ground, following a slight tremor.

“It's the barbarians' dozen barbarians! ”

This time, Qin Yi did not have to pass the consciousness perception, and immediately judged that this was the barbarian's more than ten barbarian beasts, rushing over from the front.

Paralyzed, it's a big banner drum!

Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay. Some of them could not help but laugh.

Snow, evil, and heavenly feathers, for a while, were also there. Face to face, this barbarian and dozens of practitioners are too arrogant!

In the front, the speed of the more than ten barbarian beasts was not slow, but soon, they entered Qin Yi's conscious sensing range, like more than a dozen hills, quickly moved towards this place in general, extremely loud. These scenes of barbarian beasts running, as Qin Yi initially saw, the broad hooves, instead of treading on the ground, were about a foot from the ground, but because of the unusually powerful smell on the body, a lot of movement was made.

Behind this dozen barbarian beasts are the barbarian ghost artist, and the gray robe old man, whose face is calm, but the barbarian ghost artist, his little face is excited and red, looks extraordinarily cute.

In fact, they were indeed grandchildren. After the Barbarian ghost was hatched, they were raised by the old man in the grey robe. The Barbarian ghost girls usually called him grandfather.

The old man in the gray robe, among the barbarians, was an elder named Blink.

Around this pair of barbarian grandchildren, there are also more than a dozen practitioners, these practitioners, one big step, with a strong arrogance on their faces, filled with a feeling of superiority.

To be allied with the barbarians, they don't have a sense of superiority in their hearts, that's what the hell is going on.

“There are only more than a dozen practitioners beside the grandchildren of the Barbarians, that is, they spread out and formed a search net. ”

Qin Yimi said.

“Damn, these people, they really treat us like prey to search! ”

Heavenly feather's temper was the hottest, instantly in his eyes, a flame of anger.

Snow flanked by the snow hurriedly pressed Tianyue's delicate shoulder, afraid of what impulse she would make, then waved: “We hide immediately and do not confront them positively. ”


The four men immediately dared not to delay at all. They immediately turned into four shadows and swept away at great speed.

“Boom boom! ”

As soon as they left, more than ten barbarians rushed over. Only a short distance away, Qin Yi and they were hit.

Barbarian ghosts, blushes, and more than a dozen practitioners soon appeared here.

“Hmm? Strange, I just realized someone was here. How did it just disappear? ”

The barbarian ghost woman stood there, her eyes spinning, constantly looking, her face showing confusion.

“There's no one here. ”

Bluffing his eyebrows, he also looked down a few times and said to the Barbarian ghost woman: “Yen, are you feeling wrong? ”

“Impossible! ”

But the barbarian ghost is stubbornly shaking her head: “Someone must have been here, let's look here. ”


More than a dozen barbarians, as well as more than a dozen practitioners, immediately dispersed and began to search around the neighborhood.

It's just obvious that they will be doomed to disappointment, Qin Yi four, how could they be so easily found?

After searching for a while, still no trace, the barbarian ghost finally began to doubt herself, her face filled with confusion: “Strange, I clearly perceived someone here, how come we rushed over and nothing? Am I really wrong? ”

However, she was also a very decisive person, waving her hand around: “Come on, don't waste any more time here, let's continue our search, whether we find the Phoenix or the Kowloon dude of the Sun and Moon God, they will all go up there and kill them, especially the Kowloon dude of the Sun and Moon God, let them die a little bitterly, hum! ”

Obviously, before entering Sacred Mountain of Grass, in the fierce battle with the Kowloon Prince, they suffered some losses. The barbarian ghost woman had some hatred for the three Kowloon Princes, so she gave a special account.

Until these people and the savage beast completely disappeared, Qin Yi's four figures reappeared here.

In fact, they didn't go far, they just hid in a large tree crown hundreds of feet away. Several people gazed at the figure of the Barbarian ghost and others disappeared. Qin Yi exhaled softly: “This Barbarian ghost is terrible indeed? ”

“What were they talking about here? Qin Yi, your spirit, can you feel it? ”

Snow retracted his eyes and turned to Qin Yi.

The evil and heavenly feathers are also the eyes that will be asked, looking to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi nodded: “The barbarian phantom woman, like me, possessed a powerful spirit. In fact, she came here only to kill us when she sensed a few of us with her spirit. However, she obviously hasn't fully grown up yet. The spirit awareness is not strong enough for me. After entering this grassy holy mountain, the range covered should be only hundreds of lengths. Otherwise, we will definitely be caught by them this time. ”

In fact, the man with powerful spiritual knowledge, Qin Yi had met in the mausoleum before, the beast soulmaster is.

After entering the great world of Xuanhuang, we met a man of great spirituality.

People with powerful spirituality, if they want to hunt you, most terrible, you are almost nowhere to be found. Good thing, Qin Yi now understands this characteristic of a barbarian ghost woman, otherwise, without paying attention, she would really fall into her hands.

Rumor has it that the snow, evil, and heavenly feathers have all passed through a horrible color on their faces.

“Fortunately, we've just escaped the spectre of the barbarian ghost woman. It's a blessing. Ha, it's not like our lives deserve it. ”

Heavenly Feather returned to God and said softly.

“They've gone in the direction of our arrival, and for a moment and a half, they won't fold back, just giving us time to find that unknown horror creature. ”

Qin Yi waved: “Come on, we have to hurry, we have to find that unknown creature before the Barbarian ghost women can find us. ”

In this grassy holy mountain, what they know now is that there are two horrible creatures, one Mother Earth and the other they are looking for.

Two horror creatures, one for the Kowloon prince, three for the Barbarian ghost women, just in time!

Pretty perfect!

Qin Yi's four men did not delay time, and continued their rampage in search of the unknown horror creature.

Qin Yi still pushed his left hand, elicited spiritual awareness, covered the area of about a thousand square feet, and watched all the winds around him blow grass. Next, they discovered some practitioners, turned them into lane flushes, and continued to ravage.

These cultivators have long allied with the barbarians. Naturally, it is impossible for the four of Qin Yi to confront them and escape carefully.

Two incense hours later, they discovered the unknown creature.

When Qin Yi perceived this unknown creature with his consciousness, he was truly surprised because it was a giant stone lion.

The stone lion lay quietly on the ground, up to five feet, and reached ten heights. If you don't look closely, you will never find the stone lion, it is alive!

Qin Yi was using his spirit to cover it directly. He perceived the stone lion's eyes and moved slightly before realizing that it was a living stone lion.

A living stone lion is too horrible!

Before that, Qin Yi never thought that there were still living stone lions in the heavens and the earth.

“A living stone lion! ”

After hearing Qin Yi's description, Sky Snow, Evil, and Heavenly Wings all had to be stopped. That was a tempting red moist mouth, stunned and long, with a gorgeous face, and shocked to the extreme.

“That's the legendary Jade Spirit Lion! ”

It was easy to return to God from the extreme shock, and the snow and the sky sighed: “This Jade Spirit Lion is made of a kind of Spirit Jade. This Spirit Jade is spiritual, like the demonic beast, it can absorb the sun and moonlight by itself. After endless years, it will have life, be able to fight, and be extremely powerful in battle. ”

After a pause, the snow continued: “The spiritual jade is extremely precious. In the whole great world of Xuanhuang, there are not many spiritual jades. I can't imagine how many spiritual jades exist. It's no wonder that the Grasswood Fairy had such a large Jade Spirit Lion. No wonder the Grasswood Fairy was able to divide the grasswood fairy domain with its own strength and respect. ”

“Who says no? ”

The cold nature of the evil, the delicate little face is also full of horror, "There is a giant Jade Spirit Lion in this grass fairy domain, who dares to come in? Obviously, this Jade Spirit Lion, the guardian god in this field of grass fairies, is loyal to the grass fairies. Whenever the grass fairies are closed for cultivation, the Jade Spirit Lion will stand by his side and keep away from other cultivators. ”

This Jade Spirit Lion will be loyal to his master!

The smell, Qin Yi's eyes, had to be brightened, his face appeared a fanatical color.

The snowflake of Lan's heart, seeing the fanaticism on his face, immediately understood what he thought in his heart. He couldn't stop crying. He sighed in his heart. Turns out this man is also a very greedy guy!