The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1559: Success and Failure in this Action

She threw a messy hairline in front of her forehead, and then, after that, her eyes turned and glanced at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, don't think too much, Yuling Lion, it is impossible to accept. First, it has an abnormally horrible fighting power, I bet, even a giant Yuling Lion, even if it were herself, it would not necessarily be his opponent...

“Secondly, even if you have the strength to defeat it, it is useless. It will always only be its first master. It will never follow a second person. Think about it. The great fairy of grass has been dead for many years, but the Jade Spirit Lion is still guarding this grass holy mountain. That alone is enough to show its loyalty. Otherwise, it would have gone to the outside world. ”


That makes sense!

Rumor has it that Qin Yi was somewhat disappointed at times. He wondered whether he could subdue this Jade Spirit Lion. Now it seems that this wish is impossible to achieve.

Speaking of which, it's a shame that the Jade Spirit Lion has been so strong that no one can subdue it, but let it stay here forever.

“It is also because the Jade Spirit Lion is unbearable that it is not included in the Treasure Leaderboard. Otherwise, the Jade Spirit Lion will definitely be ranked in the top three in the Treasure Leaderboard. ”

Snow said that it was also obvious that there was a glitch on his face.

Indeed, having a powerful Jade Spirit Lion, how many people in this great world dare to easily provoke themselves, even if their own modification, only Xuan Dao, and not many dare to provoke.

The Jade Spirit Lion doesn't care that his master himself has become strong and weak. As long as you become his first master, even if you are a loser, it will always be you.

“What can we do to create Jade Spirit Lions? ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi asked the question.

Since the Jade Spirit Lion cannot be guarded in front of him, he has come up with another reckoning.

Snow touched the beautiful forehead and said: "First of all, you must have a large spiritual jade, too small a spiritual jade, not spiritual enough, the jade spiritual lion created, can only be dead. Secondly, there must be ancient magic to create complex spiritual characters to penetrate the Jade Spirit Lion, so that Jade Spirit Lion can survive...

“There is also a problem here, that if you enter the spirit character of the Jade Spirit Lion differently, the Jade Spirit Lion will have the corresponding abilities. When you enter, it is the spirit character, and the Jade Spirit Lion comes back to life, you enter the speed character, the Jade Spirit Lion will have the incredible speed, you enter the power character, and the Jade Spirit Lion will have the incredible power... and those who have this ancient magic will be able to make the spirit character, in this great yellow world, few. ”

Snow glanced at Qin Yi: “So stop fighting this idea. ”

Oh, shit!

This damned chick is a little too bright for me. I just asked and she knew I was up to something in this area!

Qin Yi felt his nose slightly embarrassed.

Seeing him like this, both Evil and Heavenly Wings couldn't help laughing at themselves. Their hearts were unnamed pleasure. They seemed to like to see Qin Yi eat.

“Well, I totally broke the idea, all right? ”

Qin Yi looked at the evil and heavenly feathers he was laughing at. He himself realized that it was almost impossible to create a Jade Spirit Lion.

“Now, there is a problem that this Jade Spirit Lion has been guarding there. If there really is a fairy hiding place in this grass holy mountain, it must be under the Jade Spirit Lion. What do you think? ”

Qin Yi's spiritual consciousness, death locked the Jade Spirit Lion in front of him. He felt the space around the Jade Spirit Lion in secret. There was a slight ancient airflow, and it was pouring.

The place where the Jade Spirit lion lived, somewhat hidden, surrounded by trees, was a little more lush than anywhere else.

And the terrain there, which is also a bit strange, is a small canyon, the deepest part of the canyon, is a rock wall, and the Jade Spirit lion is in the middle of that rock wall, and it's the same color as the rock wall, and on the surface, it's a stone lion.

It is precisely because the place is a little hidden that the Barbarians and those who practise strength have not discovered.

Of course, the three Kowloon princes must have found it. The wounds that Kowloon prince began to suffer were caused by the Jade Spirit Lion.

“Immortal treasure on this grass holy mountain, beneath the Jade Lion? ”

Rumor has it, the eyes of the snow, evil, and heavenly feathers all had to be brightened, and a rave of fanaticism appeared on their faces.

“Paralyzed, this possibility can really be! ”

Heaven's feathers explode when they get excited, and it's also intoxicating.

“It's possible! ”

Snow and Snow Phoenix's eyes flashed, "The Jade Spirit Lion will always be there, indicating that the grass fairy was cleaned up in that location before he was born. If this grass holy mountain really has a fairy hideout, the most likely place to exist is the place where the grass fairy was cleaned up before he was born. ”

“But aren't we going to use the Jade Spirit Lion to pit the Barbarians and the dozens of practitioners? But now the fairy hide on the grass holy mountain is beneath the Jade Spirit Lion, which is a bit tricky! ”

Heavenly Feather said.

“So we have to make a plan. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly and sighed slightly. "What we need to do next is to make good use of the situation in front of us. Otherwise, if we don't pay attention, we will even put the barbarians and the dozens of practitioners in the pit, but the Immortal Reserve will eventually fall into their hands. It doesn't mean anything. If you want the pit, you need the pit to be meaningful, have a harvest. If you don't harvest it, why don't you leave the pit? ”

“Makes sense! ”

Rumor has it, all three of them nodded suddenly.

If you can't get the Immortal Reserve, why risk going to the Pit?

Although Qin Yi likes to pit people, he also knows that pit people are not really a good thing. Especially now that he wants to pit, he is a barbarian ghost girl of the barbarian people. Down in this pit, he will undoubtedly sin the barbarian people.

There is no profit, but a powerful enemy has been pulled, and fools can think it's not worth it.

“Let's do this, you three, ambush in the vicinity of the Jade Spirit Lion, hide, and then I'll bring in those two great barbarians and the dozens of practitioners to fight them, and as soon as we get a chance, we'll rush over and compete for the Immortal Reserve under the Jade Spirit Lion. ”

Qin Yi said to the three of them.

Obviously, this approach is also a tremendous adventure, but at the moment, it's the only one that works.

After a little meditation, the three of them nodded and agreed.

Once the idea was settled, the four people immediately acted without further delay. Under Qin Yi's leadership, they quickly came to the vicinity of the Jade Spirit Lion to find a cave and go into hiding.

“Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

Although they hid in a cave hundreds of miles from the foot of the Jade Spirit Lion, the Jade Spirit Lion still seemed to notice, and a low yell appeared to warn Qin Yi several people not to come close.

This grass holy mountain is not a land, this cave at the moment is also quite dry, very suitable for living, there are even some rudimentary stone tools in the cave, should be endless years ago, the grass fairy left here.

This cave in front of you, where the great fairy of grass rests.

Several people cut off some branches with weapons and completely covered the caves. If they didn't look closely from the outside, they wouldn't have found it.

In the position of this cave, you can already clearly see the Jade Spirit Lion, and all the movement of the Jade Spirit Lion is at a glance.

“All right, you three, wait for me in this cave. I'm going. ”

Qin Yi stood at the mouth of the cave and smiled slightly at the three people: Sky and Snow, Heaven and Evil, and Heaven and Yu.


Snow nodded, admonishing: “There must be no leakage of success or failure in this action, and the Barbarian ghost woman and the dozens of practitioners are caught up in it. ”

Qin Yi is strong, but if he is caught up in the barbarian ghost girl, and the dozens of practitioners, Sky and Snow still don't think he has a chance to survive, not to mention, they still have this barbarian elder, and more than a dozen barbarians.

“Don't worry, I'll be fine. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and showed a strong confidence.

He is a man who has already broken through the instantaneous shift. Even if he has not broken through the instantaneous shift, he can practise the "cloud trick" of great success. He also believes that those people can be trapped if they want to trap themselves. There is a certain difficulty, not to say trapped.

Without grinding, Qin Yi, when he was about to lose his temper in his body, suddenly fluctuated. He held a long gun with a smoke cloud and swept away in the direction of their arrival. Between them, he disappeared into the sky.

“Sister Xue, do you really think Qin Yi can do this? ”

Phoenix's eyes curled slightly, looking in the direction of Qin Yi's disappearance, Tianyu asked Sky and Snow.

“This man is not only unpredictable, but also has an extraordinary wealth of experience in treasure grabbing, and should be able to successfully bring the barbarian haunted woman here. ”

Snow nodded and paused, "The question we need to think about now is how to find an opportunity to rush under the Jade Spirit Lion and compete for fairy hiding after bringing the Barbarian Phantom Girl into the pit. ”

“This is indeed a problem. ”

The evil side of the sky is also gently his head, and he looks away. The Jade Spirit Lion who is always quietly lying there: “What kind of immortal hiding is under the Jade Spirit Lion? If we don't get a chance to rush underneath it, no matter what it is, we don't get a chance. ”

“Sister Xue, Sister Evil, I said both of you, is that too much to think about? ”

Heavenly Yu whispered the tempting red lipstick and left it alone: “I don't believe it. When there is chaos here, we won't find a chance to rush under the Jade Spirit Lion? ”

You're right!

Snow and Heaven looked at each other and both smiled shallow. Snow waved: “Come on, let's go into the cave and wait for the news. ”