The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1578: Abused Dogs

“Ah, Kid Qin Yi, I'm going to kill you! ”

Lord Kowloon growled, waved his hand, yelled at Lord Thunder and the Seven Killers: “Kill him, kill him! ”


The Lord of Wind Thunder and the Lord of Seven Kills are also angry at the extreme at this moment. With Lord Kowloon, he turned into three shadows. He swept from the ground and quickly killed Qin Yi into the sky.

Qin Yi single-handedly held behind him, standing still in the air, his eyes slightly squinted, looking down, and hurriedly slammed up the three Kowloon sons, he did nothing, which was to flash his left hand.

A giant golden palm imprint gathered by hand, again over the three Kowloon sons, suddenly appeared, and then the wind rolled up, toward the three Kowloon sons, and shot hard.

“Don't …”

Lord Kowloon was shocked.

“Jeppen! ”

His voice did not go down, and the golden palm print of the heavenly land had been slapped down, and the whole earth was shaking with a tremor.

Lord Kowloon, Lord Seven Killers and Lord Wind Thunder were once again photographed as dogs eating shit, without any accidents.

“Damn it, our top three Sun and Moon gods can't believe we're going to get rid of you! Kill him! ”

The Kowloon dude roared, that miserable white face without a hint of blood, because of extreme anger, became distorted, and looked horrible.

At this time, the Lord Thunder and the Seven Killers are equally angry to the extreme.

Back in the day, the three of them, like Qin Yi as a monkey, played a rough game, but did not feel such a great insult.

As the four holy gods of the Sun and Moon in the church, they are repeatedly and directly photographed as dogs eating shit. If it is transmitted, it will definitely make people laugh off their teeth.


With tremendous anger, the three men swept from the ground again, killing Qin Yi in the air.

“Stay down and eat shit like a dog, so it's more spectacular. ”

Qin Yi in the sky, some helplessly shook his head: “Only a fool can make a futile struggle. ”

His left hand flashed randomly.

“Jeppen! ”

Lord Kowloon, Lord Wind Thunder, and the Seven Killers, once again, fell into a dog eating shit!

“Qin Yi, I'm going to break you to pieces! ”

Lord Kowloon's heart has been broken into pieces.

“Jeppen! ”

The mountains swayed and the dust rose.


A bite of blood, from Lord Kowloon's mouth, sprayed out.

Obviously, he was directly exhaled with blood. With their strength, Qin Yi's current "hands of the world's extinct" could not even break their defenses, let alone photograph Lord Kowloon as an internal injury.

At this time, he, obviously completely lost his mind, the bronze ancient spear in his hand, the whole person rushed up very fast, meteoric towards Qin Yi in the sky, stabbing away.

It's just that he just rushed up, and down there, suddenly there was a big hand, and he grabbed him, and he looked down, and the person who grabbed him, Horan, was the Lord of Thunder and Wind.

Only the wind and thunder Lord's face was full of bitter smiles, shook his head: “Lord Kowloon, the boy Qin Yi is right, only stupid people will make a futile struggle, I think we should just lay still, anyway the kid made this messy palm print, can't hurt us, we just climb here quietly for a while, isn't it a dog eating shit posture? What's the big deal? Let's just party. ”

“Lord Wind Thunder, did you say that too? Paralyzed, if you two are to get down, I, Lord Kowloon, even if I die, will straighten my waist bar to death! ”

Lord Kowloon growled and his face was horrible: “Let go of me! ”

“Lord Kowloon, will you listen to me one more time? In this situation, we were obviously eaten to death by that kid Qin Yi! ”

Lord Wind Thunder cried out in agony, "Isn't that what you're doing for that face? But in my opinion, the least valuable thing in the world is the face, the ability to stretch, the husband! ”

“You want to die! ”

Lord Kowloon was shaking in anger, and the bronze spear in his hand swept down hard. He swept the wind and thunder on the Lord. He swept him straight out, fell to the ground, and the wolf was overwhelmed.

Lord Kowloon swung the bronze ancient spear and continued towards Qin Yi in the sky, stabbing him.

It just didn't happen at all.

“Jeppen! ”

Qin Yi struck the Golden Glow giant palm print, and once again, he slapped it down with no head and no face, and suddenly shot Kowloon son on the ground.

Still, heartbreaking dog eating shit!

This time, Lord Kowloon finally realized his current situation. Under Qin Yi's "hands of the world of annihilation”, he could not have a skinny jump, and lay still, is the best known choice!

Recognized the form of him, tried to calm himself down, forcibly suppressed his heart, that fierce rage, calmly on the ground, into a dog eating posture.

“Lord Kowloon, that's right. You know, all our struggles are futile. Qin Yi's kid just needs to push his left hand randomly, and we'll just lay on the ground. ”

Seeing that Lord Kowloon finally stopped messing around, Lord Wind Thunder exhaled. “In that case, why don't we just lay back here and save our strength. ”

“You shut up! ”

Lord Kowloon growled, although he no longer made pointless tortures, does not mean that his anger has disappeared. At this moment, he has an urge to kill, and at the same time, he is ashamed to find a sewer and go directly into it.

As the son of the god of the sun and moon in the church, he is now being ravaged so that he can only be good on the ground and lie down and eat shit. This is absolutely a disgrace to him and will never be forgotten!

Back in the day at Grasswood Holy Mountain, several of his own people were severely pitted by Qin Yi. He thought that was already the greatest disgrace in his life.

Who thinks, that shame, compared to today, is that the little witch sees the great witch!

Seeing that Lord Kowloon was angry, the wind thunder lord shut his mouth and dared not speak.

However, Lord Kowloon spoke and breathed heavily: “Lord Feng Lei, how can this boy Qin Yi have such strange powers? It's just an insult, paralyzed, crazy thing to think about! ”

“Lord Kowloon, the question you asked is really some idiot. We never met this Qin Yi boy before the Grasswood Holy Mountain. How do I know how to learn this trick? ”

Sacred Lord Feng Lei said, "By the way, Qin Yi is really horrible, first he killed the great prince of the Hastan Empire, then he easily killed the owner of Yingsheng Qianzhuang, then he followed Qianshan Twilight Snow into the grass fairy domain. If I am not mistaken, he is only afraid to deal with Lord Kowloon's yours, but he did not expect the strength of Lord Kowloon to be stronger than he expected. I have two saints around me, so I immediately changed my mind, cooperated with the Phoenix Ancient Nation to compete for the legacy of the grass fairy. ”

“That makes sense. ”

Lord Kowloon stood still on the ground, lay down in a dog eating shit, and heard the wind thunder lord, his heart paused a little.

“That makes no sense! ”

Not far away, the Seven Holy Fathers, who were equally immobile on the ground, whispered in disdain.


Rumor has it that Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Lei are forced to overstep, looking at the Seven Killers, Lord Kowloon said: "Seven Killers, in your opinion, what the hell is going on? ”

The seven-year-old character of the Holy Lord is most calm, and Lord Kowloon has more faith in her talent.

“This Qin Yi will enter the grass fairy domain in the past, definitely not to kill Lord Kowloon. ”

Seven Holy Lord's Eyebrow said: “The name of Lord Kowloon is not small, he will not be so reckless, he is both possible, the King of the Hastan Empire, sent by the King of the Hastan Empire, don't forget that the Queen Ann of the Hastan Empire, the daughter of the owner of the Eternal Sheng Qianzhuang, the King of the Hastan Empire, will send someone to kill the father of the Queen Ann, very normal, completely in reason. Later, Qin Yi will follow the two people of Tai Qianshan Twilight, enter the realm of the Grasshopper Fairy, he just happens to hear the news of the realm of the Grasshopper Fairy, he just wants to take the realm of the Grasshopper Fairy, it is just a legacy of the fairy, that simple. ”

That makes sense!

Hearing the Seven Kills of the Holy Lord, Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Thunder, their eyes couldn't help but nod.

Breathe out gently, Kowloon son bit his teeth and said harshly: “In any case, Qin Yi's time is running out, I will surely kill him in the most brutal way. In this world, no one can save him, nor can the Phoenix ancient tribe! ”

“Of course!”

Lord Wind Thunder, similarly biting his teeth, said: "I will tear him to pieces with my bare hands! ”

“I said, you two, don't fuck around here and whine to me, okay? Don't you feel something wrong right now? ”

Seven kills the Lord's indifferent voice, gently transmitted.

“What's wrong? ”

Lord Kowloon hasn't reacted for a while and asks confused.

Suddenly he returned to God. He looked up in a hurry. He could only see in the sky. The sky was empty. Qin Yi's figure had long disappeared.

“Paralyzed, Qin Yi this kid escaped, when did he escape? ”

The Lord of Thunder also looked at the sky incredibly hard and blinked.

Before, they only cared about the conversation, but didn't realize when Qin Yi escaped.


Lord Kowloon, Lord Wind Thunder, and the Seven Killers, immediately swept from the ground to the sky and chased them fast.

It is absolutely true that Qin Yi has escaped. With the “hand of the world's extinction”, he severely humiliated the three Kowloon sons and then quietly fled.

The three of them were too strong. The "hands of the godless creatures” could not break the defense of the three of them, and then humiliated them. That was it. Qin Yi didn't have much time to spend with them. He was going to rush to the fire domain, find the fire demon, set the spirit charm on him, and build the spirit jade.