The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1579: Sneak Attacks

Qin Yi's figure continues to loot in the wilderness.

With my last experience, I won't dare take it any further this time.


He prompted his left hand to bring out spiritual awareness and directly covered the area of 150,000 square feet.


“What a surprise, the speed of the three Kowloon princes is so fast! ”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

Within the confines of his spiritual consciousness, the scene of Lord Kowloon, Lord Feng Lei, the seven killings of the Holy Lord, and the speedy looting, is directly reflected in Qin Yi's mind in the form of a picture.

“Ling Feng clap! ”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered this martial arts. He had to touch his nose. He smiled slightly. The martial arts of "Lingfeng Palm" was a perfect sneak attack on the Divine Gong.

Until then, however, he had not used the martial arts to sneak up on others.

“Today, let me try this martial arts on the three Kowloon sons. ”

With that in mind, Qin Yiton became somewhat anticipating.

After breaking through to half a step eight, Lingfeng Palm, a martial arts school, cut out the space, is 100,000 yuan.

Qin Yi stopped in shape, stood in place, and used his spiritual consciousness to lock three men, Lord Kowloon, Lord Feng Lei and the Seven Holy Fathers, to death.

Because of the slaughter of Qin Yi, the three men came very fast, but soon, they rushed into the range that Qin Yi's "Ling Feng Palm" could reach.

“Let the three of you taste my wind palm. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly, and then suddenly put the wind in his body to work.

Then suddenly he slapped.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ”

In addition to tens of thousands of places, the three sons of Kowloon, the Seven Killers, and the Snow and Wind Holy Lord, who were rapidly storming forward, were suddenly struck by a dense gray palm, all three of them screamed, were directly split upside down and fell outside the hundred places.

“Damn, who's attacking us? ”

The tempered wind and thunder holy lord, wolf climbed from the ground, rubbing his stuffy chest hard, roaring loudly, his eyes constantly sweeping around, to find out who attacked them.

Qin Yi's Ling Feng palm, while still failing to break the defense of the three of them, still possesses unparalleled power. With one hand, he chopped the three Kowloon sons, all of them were extremely wolfish, and the blood in their bodies was turned upside down, which was extremely painful.

Lord Kowloon and the Seven Sacred Masters also rushed from the ground at great speed. He looked around with vigilance. Lord Kowloon held the bronze ancient spear tightly in his hand and drank cold in his mouth: “Attention, there is a strong enemy ambush nearby! ”

In an instant, the three of them backed their backs, their eyes tightened around them, and the air in the three of them floated wildly, pressing the space within a hundred feet of each other.

As long as there is a slight movement around them, the three of them will strike with all their strength in an instant, whoever it is that attacked them, first slaughter the other party.

However, after a while, there was still no movement around.

“Paralyzed, who is it? Don't you dare come out and fight with us, sneaking around behind your back, what are you capable of? ”

The Lord of Thunder is furious.

“Lord Wind Thunder, don't be reckless! ”

Lord Kowloon drinks cold to the Holy Lord of Wind Thunder: "This sneak attack on our people is absolutely extraordinary, I can't even feel his breath. I'm just a little confused. I can't even feel his breath. Where the hell did he come from? Or are you from the Everlasting Pilgrimage? ”

“There is no reason why those who bathe in blood should never dare to come to us so blatantly, you know that this is a blatant provocation to our Sun and Moon Divinity, and the Bath Blood Gate should know the consequences of blatant provocation to our Sun and Moon Divinity. ”

Seven kills the Holy Lord with a slight frown, exhales lightly, continues: “As for the Eternal Night Pilgrimage, the chances are very small, first, they do not have to do this; secondly, the Eternal Night Pilgrimage, though the first force in the great world of the Xuanhuang Yellow, is not vegetarian in any way, the Eternal Night Pilgrimage should be able to realize this, otherwise they would have done a lot of mastery and directly extinguished us! ”

It has to be said that this Seven Killings Holy Lord does have a certain amount of talent, and in this case, he is able to calmly analyze so many things.

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

In addition to tens of thousands of fathers, Qin Yi perceived the dynamics of the three people with his consciousness. He did not expect that attacking the three Kowloon sons with Lingfeng's palm would be such a fun thing.

Now, the three of them, suddenly hit directly by one of their own wind palms, were completely forced.

I finally stopped laughing. Qin Yi's amusing psychology was also aroused for a moment: “Eat me again! ”

He slapped it randomly.

In addition to tens of thousands of others, the three Kowloon princes are still studying who was the one who lurked in the vicinity and attacked them secretly.

The gray palm of the dense hemp appeared suddenly, striking the three of them all at once.

“Hooray... Spray! ”

Nothing unexpected happened. The three Kowloon princes were cut out hundreds of husbands at once. They fell to the ground and were overwhelmed!

“Paralyzed, who? Who the hell is this? ”

The Lord of Thunder jumped like a thunder, roaring with anger, and was attacked twice in a row, causing him to be completely angry.

Most importantly, he was freaked out by the feeling that they had been attacked twice and had not even seen each other's shadows.

“Who, come out, sneaky, what a good man! ”

Lord Kowloon's face was also iron blue. It was extremely ugly. He swung from the ground to the sky. The bronze ancient spear waved in his hand. He shook a terrible slaughter intent: “Come out and get me out! ”

Seven kills the Holy Lord, but a cold glance, rather mad Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Lei, that is quite seductive charming red lips, a slight glance, revealing the colour of disdain: “Two stupid pigs! Don't you understand? There were no ambushes around, but Qin Yi was just messing with us and making fun of us. I bet he must be hiding somewhere at this time to see our jokes. This man's martial arts is a bit special, the kind of messy golden palm prints, all printed out, it's not surprising that he can now develop such martial arts! ”

“What? It's that kid Qin Yi who's humiliating us again. I, Lord Feng Lei, swear here, must tear Qin Yi's kid to pieces! ”

The holy lord of wind thunder roared, Fang Tian Painting Trident swung, but he rushed to the past despite everything.

Qin Yi used to “exterminate the hands of all beings" to insult them harshly. Forget it. Now that they are not present, they still have to insult them. The holy lord of wind and thunder vomits blood.

Repeatedly humiliated by Qin Yi, Prince Kowloon and the Seven Killings of the Holy Lord are also extremely annoyed at this moment. The two men unfolded extremely fast, with the Lord Wind Thunder, and rushed forward.

This kid Qin Yi is definitely dead, there will be no second situation!


Apart from tens of thousands of others, Qin Yi was slightly appalled. He stood there and blinked incredibly. He sighed: "You really underestimated the talent of the Seven Holy Fathers. In this case, it can be deduced that I was attacking them so quickly. ”

Spin, he smiled again: “Even if you knew I was attacking you? Give me another slap! ”

When he chopped his hands off and then didn't even go back, he spread the speed, towards the fire domain, and swept away rapidly.


Without any accidents, Qin Yi chopped out this clap, once again instantly smashed one side of the void, suddenly hitting three Kowloon sons other than tens of thousands of fathers directly, that dense and numb gray giant palm stamp, splitting them out, falling to the ground, wolf.

“Paralyzed, Qin Yi boy, don't run if you have the guts, see if I don't beat you to death! ”

Wind Thunder Holy Lord roared, quickly climbed up from the ground, with Lord Kowloon and the Seven Kills Holy Lord, and quickly rushed to Qin Yi.

When I first met Qin Yi when I remembered Sacred Mountain of Grass in the past, Prince Kowloon wanted to play with the Qin Yi cat as well as the mouse. But who wants to, then, they have been played by Qin Yi. To this day, they still haven't escaped the fate of being played by Qin Yi.

How is it possible to accept the fact that the three peaks of Sun, Moon, and Shinto are strong? At this moment, even breaking Qin Yi's body into pieces, pulling his soul into the weapon, is difficult to understand their hatred.

“Three idiots, kind of funny, hey! ”

The three Kowloon princes who came to the ravages with their spiritual consciousness, Qin Yi grinned and smiled. He chopped them off again, splitting the three Kowloon princes out, falling to the ground, and the wolf was overwhelmed.

The next scene, it can already be imagined, Qin Yi plundered in the direction of the fire domain, while at the same time slapping the three Kowloon sons behind him, every slap directly hit them.

“Jeppen! ”

The dense grey palm print suddenly appeared in front of the three Kowloon princes, directly hitting them.

“Jeppen! ”

The dense grey palm print suddenly appeared in front of the three Kowloon princes, directly hitting them.


This kind of scene looks weird and funny.

A few hours later, Qin Yi has broken dozens of hands, even the power of "Lingfeng Palm", unable to injure three Kowloon sons. At this moment, they are also extremely wolfish, gray-headed dirt face, torn clothes, and the beard distributed.

Plus that disgraceful look on their faces makes them look like three crazy wildlings coming out of the pristine forest. No one would have thought that they were the three peaks of the Sun Moon.

“Enough, let's not be ashamed of ourselves. This chase will have no effect other than to be humiliated by Qin Yi's kid. ”

Or did the Seven Killings first calm down, the plundering figure, suddenly stop, unwilling to chase again, exhale: “Let's not humiliate ourselves here. ”

Qin Yi's speed is not bad. Even if he does not carry out the transient movement, it is extremely difficult for ordinary practitioners to catch up with him. Plus, from time to time, he will split the three of them directly, which will torment off a certain amount of time.