The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1583: Single Choice


Next moment.

Six heads of fire shouted, diving down from the sky, claws wide enough to catch a house into, heading downstairs towards Uncle Ming and others, slaughtered hard.

“Shit, six heads, what the fuck! ”

Someone shook up on the spot and stared at him and forgot to run away for a while.

Six shadows of fire, they can never be opponents, and there is no hope of survival.

“Lu Feng, you idiot, what are you doing standing there? Run! ”

Uncle Ming shouted and quickly rushed to the young man named Lu Feng. Like an eagle grabbing a chicken, he grabbed Lu Feng and said: “Run, run all of you! ”

They dared not be lazy in the slightest, turn into the remnants of the path, expand the speed, and flee forward.


Behind him, six giant claws of fire grabbed onto the ground, striking a shock, the earth trembled, and the ground instantly tore apart like a spider web.

It is quite conceivable how powerful their thrust is, and even without claws, the power of this blow alone cannot be withheld by ordinary practitioners and will surely be severely injured.

Hunting squads dared not stay for a moment, flee for their lives, and their hunting bows and arrows and hunting knives did nothing.

As the head of this hunting team, Uncle Ming naturally wanted to protect the other team members as best he could. He grabbed the knife and broke it for the hunting team.

“Pfft! ”

The wind behind him shouted: “No, the fire shadow has come after us...”


As a result, his voice had just fallen, a fire shadow had poured up, detected the giant claw, and grabbed him. The knife-like claw instantly pierced his body and penetrated from the front. On the claw, there was still eye-catching blood.

Uncle Ming screamed and hadn't waited for him to make any counter-attack action. Then he grabbed his fire shadow and threw him straight up. "Boom" fell to the ground.

“Uncle Ming! ”

Six young hunters, all shouted together, had to rush past everything to save Uncle Ming.

“Stop right there, you're just going to die! ”

A cold drink came suddenly from behind.

Everyone looked back in shock and unconsciousness and saw a shadow. It came from afar, and in the blink of an eye, they rushed to Uncle Ming's side, protecting him only behind him: “Uncle Ming, are you okay? ”

“Qin Yi, you? ”

Looking in front of himself, he pulled out a long gun in his hand. Uncle Ming was stunned and angry again: “Qin Yi, what are you running back for? Run! ”

Indeed, at this moment, the person who stood in front of him and closely guarded him was Qin Yi. He was too lazy to say a word of crap. The long gun plunged into the ground behind him, and then single-handedly picked him. Uncle Ming's whole person flew out as if he didn't have any weight.


Looking straight at Uncle Ming, everyone shouted.

Qin Yi did not look behind him. He stood proudly there with a long smoke cloud gun in his hand. He alone faced six fire shadows. In his chest, he had already set fire to the bear's intentions. The long smoke cloud gun was in his hand, and a "buzzing” self trembled, and a tremendous killing intent was unleashed.

“Shit, Qin Yi, this is a six-headed fire shadow fight, am I blind? ”

“Without eyesore, the current situation is indeed the rhythm of Qin Yi's single-handedly six-headed fire shadow! ”

“Isn't this Qin Yi's brain stuck in the door? ”

Looking ahead, that has pulled off the momentum, ready to fight the Six-Headed Fire Shadow War with Qin Yi, everyone shouted.

Uncle Ming climbed up from the ground. Although his body had been perforated directly by a sharp claw from the fire shadow, it looked quite harsh, but he couldn't help but scream: “Damn, what is going on with Qin Yi? ”


Ahead, Qin Yi had already fought the six-headed fire shadow frenzy. Only one of the fire shadows had fanned a wide wing, opened his claws, and lightning slaughtered towards Qin Yi.

“Ah, it's over! ”

Everyone, including Uncle Ming, shouted and quickly closed their eyes. They were afraid to see the tragic situation of Qin Yi being slaughtered.


With a loud bang, the earth was vibrating suddenly.

Isn't it a little too big for Qin Yi to get slaughtered?

Uncle Ming and others were confused. He had to open his eyes, but they all stunned at once. He opened his mouth in amazement and broke his chin.

There was only a huge fire shadow, and the head had blown up, lying flat on the ground, and there was no smell.

One shot, and you'll kill a terrible fire!

This scene is as real as a dream!

“Goddamn it, it's so fierce! ”

“It's incredible! ”

“Paralyzed, we didn't see, this Qin Yi turned out to be a super master! ”

“ …… ”

Uncle Ming and others came back to God, and suddenly every one of them shouted out. This scene is incredible. Qin Yi actually killed a fire shadow with one shot. Before that, they didn't even dare think about it.

Spin, they're excited again, because, all of a sudden, they see hope for survival!


Qin Yi shot and killed one fire shadow. The remaining five fire shadows, for a moment, all stood still, staring at each other inside.

“Come on, animals, let me see what you call a fire shadow. How powerful is it? ”

Qin Yi didn't even look at the ground. He glanced at the fire shadow that had been shot dead by him. He held a long gun with a smoke cloud in his hand, pointing remotely at the remaining five fire shadows, smiling faintly.

At his present height, coupled with his vast combat experience, he is confident that it will not be too difficult to kill these five shadows in front of him.

Fire shadow, is a kind of mutated eagle, unusually fierce sex. After the remaining five shadows of fire were stunned, Qi long whistled, fanning the wings, quickly spread out to both sides, and immediately surrounded Qin Yi group.


The five-headed fire shadow opened its wings, and at the same time opened towards Qin Yi, who was besieged. His huge body turned directly into five huge shadows. His speed reached its limit, and that one hit Qin Yi's face.

Cloud trick!

At the moment of catching Qin Yi's giant claw, Qin Yi's body suddenly became like a ghost, floating, the ghost was unpredictable. The whole person floated between the two flames.

This seemed slow, but in fact, it was fast to the limit, born under five giant claws of fire.


A loud and shocking noise.

The five heads of fire instantly hit each other severely. Between the collisions, a pounding wave of air followed by a huge wave. The space within the 300 length of the square circle was violently squeezed and twisted, shaking a huge circle of ripples.

At this moment, Qin Yi has already rushed hundreds of pieces away. The figure of Yu Gunmei suddenly took a beating, and the long gun in his hand has risen to dozens!


In the cold drinking sound, Qin Yi held a gun with one hand. The whole person held a straight line with the long gun and headed toward the front of the fire shadow, stabbing away.

This gun Qin Yi made the full effort, without any reservations, the whole smoke cloud gun was like life, violently trembling with tremendous intent to kill.


A sharp instrument punctured the microsounds of muscle tissue.

Qin Yi's long gun almost penetrated a fire shadow in an instant. As he stirred the long gun, the huge body of the fire shadow burst open suddenly. As soon as the blood touched the air, it burned in hectares and turned into a flame in the sky, it fell down.

Another photo of the face and put out a fire shadow.

In the blink of an eye, there were only four heads left in the flame.

In the distance, Uncle Ming and others all stared at each other. This young man named Qin Yi was really too strong. Two shots killed the fire shadow. Such a scenario is as unreal as a dream.

Now, all of a sudden, they realize that the flame that initially killed them for more than half a month, even if it wasn't severely traumatized by them, would be easily killed by Qin Yi.

The nature of the fire shadow was also really harsh. The remaining four heads didn't even look at the fire shadow pierced by Qin Yi's holes. He turned around suddenly and fluttered towards Qin Yi.

But the four shadows of fire, obviously outraged completely, and the violent breath from their bodies, instantly doubled in intensity, and went mad like a slaughter, and their power, instantly soared up a whole new staircase.

“Ping-pong! ”

In the blink of an eye, one man, four beasts, fought wildly together.

Faced with the shadow of total madness, Qin Yi also dared not to go too far. One shot was in his hand, opening wide, and Xuan Qi penetrated the whole pipe of smoke and cloud long gun. Every time he swept out, the air waves swept away like the sea of Wang Yang, as if to stir the local heavens and earth directly.

But for a moment.


Qin Yi's tens of lengths of smoke cloud long gun, another shot directly pierced a fire shadow, worked hard to stir it up, the fire shadow huge body, burst apart, the blood turned into a flame of heaven, the huge body fell from the sky to the ground, smashing the earth into a shock.

Three heads left!

“Come on, three beasts! ”

Qin Yi stood in the air, with dozens of lengths of smoke cloud long gun in one hand, pointing remotely at the three-headed fire shadow in front of him. His chest was burning with tremendous warfare intentions, his shirt hunting and sounding, his head dancing wildly with black hair, pounding pressure from his body, pressing the air around him to float.

“My God, at this moment, how can I not be human, but God! ”

In the distance, someone shouted.

“Paralyzed, I can't believe I have this feeling, even an impulse to worship him. ”

“Six Shadows of Fire, just a moment of kung fu, he killed three heads, such a force can only be described as‘ God ’! ”

“Ancient Phoenix, what kind of family is it? Their people actually have such a strong fighting power. ”

“This Qin Yi now demonstrates the power, in our entire Fire Nation, only a few can be found, pairing can break into the top ten of the Fire Emperor's list! ”

“Top 10 Fire Emperors? Even the top five Fire Emperors will never have a problem! ”

Uncle Ming and other young hunters, there can be no peace in their hearts, and there is much discussion about Qin Yi.