The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1593: Wasteland

It was obvious that Sun Moon Shinto had also arranged a killer here to ambush him, but unfortunately, they underestimated the power of the Phage Tower and were caught by Huang Sha.

Nine Fire Xuan woman with a flaming sword threw the body of a middle-aged man in black and threw the yellow sand forward.

“Pull! ”

The body of a middle-aged man in black was suddenly torn to pieces.

“See? This is the power of the Yellow Sand Array, and the power in the Phage Tower is ten times that of the Yellow Sand Array. ”

Nine Fire Xuanzhen did not turn back. The words spoken in her mouth appeared somewhat indifferent. She could not hear any emotional fluctuations. "So, apart from the Fire Demon herself, other people caught in the Phage Tower by the Huangsha Array are basically dead. ”

Rumor has it that Qin Yi's heart could not help but breed a chill. At the same time, he was fortunate enough to hire a beautiful bodyguard such as Nine Fire Xuan Girls for himself. If he went alone this time, he was not at all sure and smoothly passed the Phage Tower.

Next, it took several tens of minutes, Nine Fire Xuan was carrying Qin Yi through that huge yellow sand array, and Nine Fire Xuan held onto Qin Yi's slender palms and hands. She was already a perspirant, enough to see her as a native of the fire, crossing this phage tower, is also extremely hard.

Qin Yi felt more like walking through the ghost gate.

After crossing the Phage Tower, the Nine Fire Xuan Girls did not let Qin Yi go, but grabbed him and continued to rapidly plunder.

Spirit Tower, come here. It's a desert ridge!

According to Uncle Ming, there are a number of fierce beasts in the wilderness.

And then the desert ridge passes, which is the peak of despair, the place where the Fire Demon lives.

“Nine Fire Blue Girls, when I saw you cross the Phage Tower, it looked extremely ruled. How can this be a way of avoiding the Yellow Sand Array? ”

Qin Yi had long noticed that the Nine Fire Xuan Lady had avoided the Huang Sha body method, and was very curious about this.

“The gossip array! ”

Nine Fire Xuanzhen was very frank, and then told Qin Yi: “In fact, the whole spiritual tower is a huge gossip shape, the eight parts of the gossip array, is the mouth of death, there will be a constant rise of yellow sand. To successfully cross the spiritual tower, you have to understand the eight parts of the gossip array, and then avoid them. Otherwise, even if your strength is stronger, you will not be able to fight yellow sand rushing out of the eight parts of the gossip array, you will be directly caught by the yellow sand array...

“Once caught in the yellow sand array, you basically pronounce yourself dead. Even if your physical defense is strong enough to resist the tearing of the yellow sand array, the yellow sand array will eventually involve you in the Phage Tower. Once caught in the Phage Tower, there can be no hope of survival at all. Each hole in the Phage Tower will release a tremendous amount of power, tearing your body apart, and you will soon be scattered in the Phage Tower! ”

Hearing the words of the Nine Fire Xuan Girls, Qin Yi couldn't help but breathe the cool air and turned to look at the Phage Tower behind her. Sighing: “That is a death tower. The Fire Demon is really a perverted and perverted being. He actually made such a horrible thing to torture himself. ”

Every hole unleashes a powerful force of tear, and the hole on the Phage Tower, millions of millions, is an undiminished hornet nest.

In other words, once a man is caught in the yellow sand array, he will immediately welcome millions of great tears, a situation that even the true body of steel will be unbearable and directly torn to pieces.

“Well, now that we've successfully crossed the Phage Tower, why are you holding me so tight? Addicted? ”

Going back to God, she found that Qin Yi was laughing and confused as she still held her hand tightly and rapidly forward.

Rumor has it that Nine Fire Xuan still has no emotional fluctuations, and she says softly: "Do you think we are too dangerous? ”

Oh, shit!

It's really too cold, such a cold colorful heterosexual woman, the feeling of pushing it down must be extremely accomplished, right? And Nine Fire Blue Girls were absolutely obedient to me within the last ten days of being my bodyguard, and she would have no resistance whatsoever to what I let her do.

So, the question is, do I have to push this cold-blooded woman down or not?

What a tangle.

Suddenly he came back to God and couldn't help but scold himself: I am getting more and more shameless, I really shouldn't!

He took a deep breath and sobered up his head. "Where we are now, we should be in the middle of nowhere, but didn't Uncle Ming say so? There is no danger in this wilderness, and even if there is a fierce beast, with our strength, it can be easily dealt with. ”

“This wilderness was not dangerous for us, but it is now a crisis. ”

“The bodies of the Sun and Moon goddess killers have appeared in the Phage Tower," said Nine Fire Xuan. "I don't believe they are all buried in the Phage Tower. There must be some smart killers who know the gossip array, escaped from the Phage Tower and came here. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi couldn't help but make sense.

The Sun and Moon sects came out to kill their own killers, and he had already seen them, with great skill, and with what he had seen in his life, he could not all be buried in the Phantom Tower.

As long as they flee the Phage Tower, they will then appear in this wilderness.


He darkened his left hand to elicit spiritual wisdom, covering the range of more than 100,000 square feet.

For a moment, all the scenarios in this range were reflected directly in his mind in the form of images.

“It turns out that there are more than a dozen killers of the Sun and Moon gods who have successfully broken through the Phage Tower and come to this wilderness, and these dozen killers of the Sun and Moon gods all have quite good manners. ”

Looking at the image in his mind, Qin Yi exhaled softly and his face slightly deepened.

He felt that the more than a dozen Sun Moon Theocracy killers who entered the wilderness possessed an absolutely horrific force and should have been present in the Sun Moon Theocracy killer organization at the gold medal level.

There is no doubt that Sun Moon Shinto does not want Qin Yi to leave the fire area alive and send a gold medal-level killer, which is perfectly sensible.

“How do you know there are more than a dozen Sun Moon god killers who have managed to break through the Phantom Tower and come to this wilderness? ”

The first time she turned her head, she looked at Qin Yi unexpectedly. For a moment, she felt that the handsome young man in front of her had become a little confused.

“I naturally have a way of knowing. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and did not say that he possessed strong spiritual knowledge.

Nine Fire Xuan woman frowned slightly. If she saw that Qin Yi was unwilling to say more, she would not ask more questions. She grabbed Qin Yi's hand tightly and continued to storm forward.

Yet Qin Yi heard behind it, but suddenly pulled Jiuhui Xuan woman hard, suddenly couldn't prevent it. Nine Fire Xuan woman's amazing delicate body fell into Qin Yi's arms at once. The two large seats with super size in front of her chest followed Qin Yi's chest severely and pressed them directly into two giant pancakes.

The wonderful touch from the chest was so refreshing that Qin Yi couldn't help but beat a spiritual spirit and just felt refreshed for a moment.

“Mm-hmm! ”

Suddenly fell into Qin Yi's arms. For the first time, she felt the strong chest of the opposite sex. Nine Fire Xuan women couldn't help but hum. Her heart was like a frightened deer for a few moments. Both sides of the jade cheeks also instantly emerged as a touch of pale red.

“What do you do, can you stop being so vulgar, what do you do first, don't make a sudden attack succeed? ”

Nine Fire Xuan woman was shy, near-transparent curtains lifted lightly, hidden flaming eyes, looked at Qin Yi.

Rumor has it, Qin Yi can't stop laughing. This little girl, she thought I was going to do something to her.

He couldn't explain it to her. He held the delicate body of the Nine Fire Blue Girls and rolled away.


A bronze antique gun, coming from one side of the spectrum, stabbed them in their original position at once, a long antique gun, did not go directly into two-thirds.

“Knock!” “Knock! ” ……

The pressure emanating from the ancient gun directly tore the ground apart, like a spider web, constantly extending forward.

At this time, the Nine Fire Xuan woman returned to God, turning out to be attacked.

She did not think about how Qin Yi perceived that there was a black market killer of the Sun Moon God who suddenly launched an attack on them. Suddenly she became angry. The eyes of a pair of eyes burned, and instantly, the sound of "Teng” burned.

“Go to hell! ”

After a sigh of anger, Nine Fire Xuan woman threw the sword in her hand, the sword suddenly turned into a flame, with a terrible intent to kill, and burst towards the left.


Burning a fiery blade, he stabbed a man in black who was rushing toward this place at great speed.

The blade pierced the body of the man in black and drew a beautiful arc in the air. Between the blinks, it returned to the hands of the Nine Fires Xuan woman.

The man in black was perforated directly by a fire sword and his figure stagnated slightly in the air before burning again.

Nearly on the line, she was poisoned by the man in black. Obviously, Nine Fire Xuan was completely furious. She jumped up and kicked her ass toward the bronze gun that was stuck on the ground.


Bronze ancient guns with a terrific cracked voice stabbed the head of the man in black, and the head of the man in black burst like a watermelon.

A face photograph, killing a Gold Medal level killer on the Sun Moon God Black Market, such fighting power, is truly extraordinary horror!

Qin Yi blinked incredibly.

Of course, the man in black did not expect, the angry Nine Fire Blue Girl will suddenly fight back, to die in one face. In case of preparedness, even if the Nine Fire Blue Girl is any stronger, it is impossible to achieve a face photograph, kill him, must go through a fierce fight.