The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1608: Coming Dead

“Tomb dust senior, let's go, I'll take you to see my companion. ”

Qin Yi waved at Dudust Twilight and Xuan with a smile.

Without further delay, each of the three men fluctuated their inner qi and swept up into the sky, turning into three extremely faint shadows, rapidly sweeping away.

However, for a moment, the three men had swept over the great bluestone and slowly descended from the sky as the three men took away the air from each other.

The sound of ”Peng”, the foot of the three people, has been slipped on the big blue stone, the whole big blue stone, is a slight shake.

“Oh, good! ”

Seeing that Qin Yi succeeded in bringing Dusty and Xuan, the grandchildren, here. The three of them were all happy in their faces: “Welcome our allies! ”

“Yo, there are three sisters, I like them! ”

Xuan obviously stayed in a tomb with two people in the tomb dust. She was lonely for too long. At first glance, the three lovely ladies were delighted and cheered. She quickly struck a scene with them.

“Tomb dust seniors, we actually already have a plan to take control of the situation here, and alliance with you is just part of that plan. ”

Looking at the four people, Qin Yi asked them to make a scene on their own. The three women were in a play. He was clear. He pulled up the graves and dust and walked aside and sat down.

“What are you going to do next? ”

Grave dust eyes peeled, revealing the colour of curiosity.

From Qin Yi's mouth, knowing the whole situation of this ancient emperor peak, it is also natural to realize that alliance with Qin Yi is the wisest option, so he also takes this alliance between the two sides seriously.

“Now, the three forces of everlasting pilgrimage, sun and moon, and bathing the blood gates are not yet aware of each other's existence. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “Then, we will let the wind out and let them know that each other exists, so that the whole situation will become wonderful. The existence of these three forces will never be allied, and will only be the existence of adversaries, while other practitioners will choose alliances to deal with these three powerful people, etc., such a delicate and tense situation, seniors, so what do you think will happen next? ”

Gravedust eyes curled, contemplating, for a moment, their eyes lit up: “They will surely slaughter each other! ”

“Exactly. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “At first, all three forces must think that they can take control of the situation here, but when they learned that there were two other forces here, they definitely couldn't calm down, so the only possibility is that they had already killed each other before the first coffin appeared! ”

“Tall, really tall! ”

Grave dust thumbed up the book towards Qin Yi, and sighed: “I can't believe you guys, turning out to be so despicable. I love how you think of ways to let these people kill each other! ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi suddenly awkwardly touched his nose and his heart darkened: once again, this ancient antique, indeed, is a comedy invited by the monkey.

After a pause, Qin Yi glanced at the graves and dust and said: “Seniors, now, it is a distribution problem between us. If that first emperor's coffin really exists, how should we distribute it? ”

Qin Yi talked, he was always straight and had nothing to say.

“The treasure that exists in the coffin? ”

Grave dust shook his head gently: “On this issue, I really didn't think that I and Xuan came to this ancient emperor's peak to see the true face of the first emperor's coffin. Well, if there really is a chance in the first emperor's coffin, we don't want it. It's all yours. Isn't it just a word? If it doesn't, even if the baby is in your pocket, it will fly. ”

Qin Yi couldn't help but stand still when he heard the words of the tomb dust. He didn't think that the eyes of this ancient antique were so high that everything came to an end.

However, it would be best if he had such an eye, but if there were any treasures in the first coffin, there would be a dispute between them.

“Yes, thank you again that evening! ”

Qin Yi thanked the tomb dust archer.

“Don't do this, I'm uncomfortable. ”

Gravedust waved.

This is how things are settled. The emperor's coffin will be set first. If it can really bring future generations, what opportunities will it bring? The graves and dust will not belong to them.

The purpose of their visit was simple, simply to see the true face of the first emperor's coffin.

Next, according to the previous plan, Qingmeng Meng will leave the people and spread the news of the three forces of eternal and night pilgrimage, sun and moon divinity, and bathing the blood gate, creating a chaotic situation here.

“Hee-hee, now you're watching my show. ”

Qingmeng adored the crystalline jade cheeks on both sides. Two exciting redness appeared. Yan Bi, she rose into the sky and turned into a shadow. She went on to plunder. That one disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

“The greatest feature of adoration is her incredible figure, and she will complete the task in a very short time. ”

Murong Fiber looked up and looked in the direction of the adorable disappearance, slowly said.

Everyone nodded.

Qin Yi's consciousness locked Qingmeng up and watched her move, so that even if she would be attacked by others, several of her own people could rush to rescue her at the first time.


Qin Yi's spiritual consciousness was covered, only Qing Meng Meng actually fell directly from the sky and fell in front of the five Kowloon sons.

“Looks like he's dead! ”

The Holy Lord of Thunder immediately drank a loud drink, his palms flipped, and Fang Tian Painting Trident instantly appeared on his hand.

Lord Kowloon, Lord Silver Snow, Lord Shuro, and the Seven Killers all looked cold and adorable, but did not speak.

“Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to fight. ”

Qing Meng Moe waved her hand in a hurry. “I'm just here to tell you one thing. ”

“What news? ”

The Kowloon dude in the purple robe, one eyebrow tip, the spoken words in his mouth, still quite cold, can not feel any friendliness.

In this regard, Qingmeng did not care, but shrugged the delicate incense shoulder. "I am here to tell you that the Seven Ghosts of the Bath Blood Gate and the two peak masters of the Everlasting Pilgrimage have also arrived here, please do not fall lightly! ”

- What? - What?

Lord Kowloon and others, suddenly stuck, staring at each other, each other's faces, all over a horrible color.

“Hee-hee, let's go. Good luck! ”

Qingmeng smiled delightfully and then rose up and left.


Returning from the disgrace, Lord Kowloon's face was filled with anger and held his fist: “Damn, I thought we could sweep the practitioners here, but who thought that Bathing the Blood Gate and Everlasting Pilgrimage, there were also masters here! ”

Obviously, they're in trouble, and the previous plan, the chances of achieving it, are almost nil!

“What the fuck, is that a lie? How did you blink, the Seven Ghosts in the Blood Gate, and the two masters of the Everlasting Pilgrimage arrive here! ”

The temper of the Lord Thunder, the fiercest, immediately drank with anger.

Behind him, he attacked the silver and snow holy lord of the silver robe, like a sheathed sword, standing still, gazing at the ancient Emperor Peak in the sky, Xu Xu Xu said: “The news, don't even think about it, is true, just that we began to ignore the two forces of bathing blood gate and everlasting pilgrimage, just think about it, we sun and moon gods have come, bathing blood gate and everlasting pilgrimage, how can it be indifferent? ”

The son of Kowloon beside him also nodded in favour: “This news can never be false. What I am now perplexed by is, why did the woman come suddenly to tell us this news? ”

“The simple purpose of the woman was to see us slaughter each other, and then she could take advantage of the fisherman. ”

The Silver Snow Holy Lord, faintly, said, with a delicately engraved face, could not see any emotional fluctuations.

It is perfectly clear that this person, too, is a terrible actor with considerable talent.

“Now that we know the motive of the woman, we don't want to hit her full set. She wants to see us kill each other, we won't do it, let her sit in the fisherman's luxury dream and turn into a shadow! ”

"Damn, I should have let her eat my trident! ”

“Say you're a stupid pig, you're a stupid pig! ”

Not far away, the Seven-Killer Holy Lord in a red robe will disdain his red lips: “Do you think she will only tell us this news? No, she's going to look for the eternal pilgrimage and the Bath Gate, and tell them that we won't do it. Can you make sure they won't do it either? Besides, if, according to you stupid pig, we don't move here, if there's a real chance in the Emperor's coffin first, what do we get? ”

“Seven kills the Holy Lord, you are paralyzed, can you not talk to the stupid pig and shut up the stupid pig cursing me, believe me, I let you draw a spear? ”

The wind thundered and the Holy Lord shook and roared at the Seven Killers.

“What are you so ashamed of? I am merely stating a fact. ”

The Seven Kills the Holy Lord raised his beautiful little face slightly and raised it with pride.

“And the truth is, it really pisses me off! Kill the Holy Lord, you fucking bitch! Eat my trident! ”

Wind thunder Holy Lord's lungs were all angry, roaring, and the sky trident in his hand was about to slay the Holy Lord in the direction of seven.

In response, both Silver Snow and Shura, just looked at each other coldly and didn't say a word.

Though the four Holy Masters of the same Sun, Moon and Moon, their status is a little higher than that of the Seven Sacred Masters and the Wind Thunder Holy Lord.