The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1611: Green Robes for Women

Five people were frightened and angry. When they turned their heads together, they saw a young woman in a green robe, standing quietly there with a slender blue sword in her hand.

On that elongated blue sword, a drop of red blood, is slowly slipping silently.

“Who is this green robe woman? ”

Tens of thousands of feet away on the hill.

Qin Yi and others, the young woman dressed in a green robe and stabbed Kowloon with a sword, were all stunned. She stunned there and opened her mouth.

When Qin Yi first arrived at Ancient Emperor Peak, Qin Yi drew his spiritual awareness and covered his surroundings. He did not notice this person.

Now that the Green Robe woman has made a move, they discover that she exists.

The courage of single-handedly targeting Kowloon is admirable, and the sword he stabbed at Kowloon also shows his astonishing strength, strength, speed, and ingenuity.

The reaction of Lord Kowloon, if slightly slower, now he, has been directly pierced in the head by the Green Robe woman sword, even by the four holy lords close protection is useless.

“Strong fighting, great assassination skills! ”

Femme Yan returned to God from the shock. She was very uneasy. She turned her face to Qin Yi and got used to touching her forehead. “Qin Yi, haven't you noticed this person before? ”

Murong Fiber, Qing Meng Meng, Tomb Dust and Xuan are all confused looking to Qin Yi.

“Found out. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “It's just that she was alone at the time, and she shrunk her breath all over her body. I didn't expect that this person was also a top expert. ”

"This person is absolutely extraordinary," she said. "I don't know what kind of identity she is. ”

“Could it be the Bath Gate or the Everlasting Pilgrimage? ”

Murong Fiber, next to Femme Flame, said with a shallow brow.

“Impossible. ”

But Maiden shook her head: “If she is a man of the Blood Gate or the Everlasting Pilgrimage, she should be with those two forces, not alone. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, everyone here is in favor of nodding.

Obviously, with the advent of the Green Robe woman, the curiosity of the people was transferred, and they wanted to know what the identity was of the mysterious woman who had suddenly appeared.

If they can find out who this person is and find a way to bring her back, then they can say that they are 100% in control of the situation this time.

Just one sword from the woman in the green robe can tell, the strength of this person is no longer even under Qin Yi!

Gutie Peak.

“Who the hell are you? Everlasting pilgrims? ”

Lord Kowloon lifted his hand and touched a piece of blood on his forehead. He stared at the green robe woman in front of him in shock and anger.

And the four holy lords beside him stood on his right and left, and all four did not speak, but looked cold at the Green Robe woman, and the four of them were clearly stirring up an intense killing.

So long as the women of the green robe attack again, the four of them will surely surrender and besiege him.

With all four holy lords together, no matter how powerful this green woman is, she will never be able to resist.

“Everlasting pilgrims? Tsk..."

Rumor has it, the Green Robe woman whispered: “If only a stronger man appeared, you would immediately think of the Eternal Night Pilgrimage. It seems interesting, you are naturally afraid of the Eternal Night Pilgrimage. Just like that, you want to fight the Eternal Night Pilgrimage? It's a joke. You've already lost in the mood, you know? Five idiots! ”


Lord Kowloon usually in the Sun and Moon Divinity, has always been the existence of more than 10,000 people under one person. He couldn't allow anyone else to insult himself a little. He was furious on the spot and waved his hand: “Kill this man! ”

There are four holy lords beside him, and he is the master of this place. Let whoever wants to die die die.

With one of his orders, Silver Snow, Shuro, Seven Killer, and Wind Thunder, the four men, without any delay, attacked the green woman in front of them.


A four-person attack, powerful, imaginable.

The whole ancient peak was a fierce tremor, and the wave that struck out, when the tremendous waves swung to all directions, impacted practitioners within a thousand feet of each other, like leaves in the sea, without a trace of weight, flew straight out.

But unfortunately, the Sun and Moon Divine Church of the four holy lords together attacked, but only saw the figure of the green robe woman. When it was really weird, the green sword in the hands of the four holy lords at the moment of the attack was already a little on the walls.


A crisp sound.

The sword body of the green sword bent and bounced apart, the green robe woman had long turned into a stunning green remnant, lightning up against the sky, and then cleverly with the aid of the air wave coming up below, in the air a flip, the sword in hand a finger, directly pierced the pound of air wave, the meteor-like speed stabbed the Kowloon dude.

Lord Kowloon was still struck by the four Holy Masters. He was really a little furious, waiting for him to return to God. The Green Robe woman had held the sword of war and stabbed him in the eye. He only saw a beautiful little face with a charming shallow smile on it.

What a fast sword!

The Kowloon dude shouted in his heart, subconsciously picked up the bronze ancient spear in his hand, sweeping harshly towards the green robe woman, the momentum was terrible.

The woman in the green robe looked in her left hand and directly swept the bronze ancient spear from the Kowloon Prince. She grabbed it steadily in her hand. She was in constant shape and came straight with the green sword in her right hand.


A sharp instrument tears the slight sound of muscle tissue, on the ancient emperor peak of the battle sound, is so clear and delightful, as if, for a moment, it suppresses everything in the heavens and earth.

As Kowloon's figure lagged, he looked down and saw the Green Sword of War of the Green Robe woman, who had stabbed him steadily in the chest.

“I, Lord Kowloon, have been directly pierced by a sword today...”

Kowloon dude's mouth, lightly smoked, stunned there incredibly blinking.

The scene was as untrue as a dream for him.

Incredible, as the son of the god of the sun and moon, a supergenius of the sun and moon god, he would actually be pierced by a sword hole.

It seems that this scene, like a dream, is generally untrue. In addition to Lord Kowloon himself, there are of course four Silver Snow, Shura, Seven Kills, and Wind Thunder.


Looking at the green sword stabbed by the green robe woman on the chest of Prince Kowloon, all four of them, holding together, all stunned open their mouths.

Before the four of them reacted, the Green Robe woman was already smiling: “Son of Kowloon of the Sun and Moon God, that seems to be all, just one sword...! ”

After Yan Bi, she drew the sword of war and did not fall in love with the war. Shaking her body, she turned into a green light and quickly swept away. In the blink of an eye, she swept away a thousand people.

“Damn it, hurt the book, it'll tear you to pieces! ”

Returning to the Lord of Kowloon, he was utterly furious, ignoring even the sword wound on his chest, roaring, the bronze ancient spear in his hand swung, and rushed to the Green Robe woman at all costs.


A giant silver flare suddenly fell from the front of him, forming a giant silver screen, blocking his way.

When Lord Kowloon looked back, he saw that the Silver Snow Holy Lord was standing still not far away. The silver sword in his hand was still “buzzing” and trembling.

Obviously, the giant silver sword that blocked Lord Kowloon's way, she cut it out.

The Holy One of Shura, the Seven Killers, and the Lord of Wind Thunder stood there silently.

“Silver Snow Lord, what are you going to do? ”

Lord Kowloon drank angrily at the Silver Snow Holy Lord.

As the son of the Holy Father of the Sun and Moon, even if he was pierced by a sword hole, he would leave after stabbing a sword. He would not even be given a chance to return his hand. This is clearly to tease him with fruit and fruit, his lungs would blow up.

“Don't be impulsive, Lord Kowloon. ”

Yet the Silver Snow Holy Lord shook his head slightly: “Don't forget the purpose of our trip, let alone the master of the Bath Gate and the Everlasting Pilgrimage. You are so impulsive, you must be bad. ”

After a pause, the Silver Snow Holy Lord went on to say: “From this talent, it can be judged that she is definitely not a person of the Everlasting Pilgrimage or a person of the Bath Blood Gate. The identity of this person, very suspicious, perhaps her purpose, is to deliberately disrupt it. We cannot let the Everlasting Pilgrimage and the Bath Blood Gate get away with it. ”

That makes sense!

When I heard of Kowloon, he calmed down quickly.

For the purpose of this trip, I will endure!

Lord Kowloon held his fist and his heart was dripping blood, but he still had to endure it!

Especially on his chest, by the woman in the green robe, directly through a sword hole, an astonishing sword hole, red blood, constantly pouring out, looks a little harsh.

“Let's keep going! ”

Lord Kowloon waved his teeth in bite.

Tens of thousands more.

Qin Yi and others on the hilltop saw all the moves of the green woman as truly cut.

They are, without a doubt, full of shock and confusion at this moment.

Strikingly, the strength of the Green Robe woman not only easily avoided the four holy masters of the Sun Moon, but also blinked, and left a sword hole directly on Prince Kowloon's chest. Such a force is rare in the world, even if it is not far apart from Peak Luo.

They were puzzled by the move of the Green Robe woman, who stabbed Kowloon's son with a sword, but was not in love with the war. The blow retreated and disappeared without a trace.

The Green Robe woman did this when it was really confusing.

She obviously did not come for the first emperor's coffin, otherwise it would never have been possible.

So, what exactly is the purpose of her presence here?

“An extremely weird woman! ”

Femme lifted her hand and touched her beautiful forehead, pink mumps on both sides, drummed lightly and exhaled.

Obviously, with her talent, she couldn't figure out the identity of the Green Robe woman.