The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1616: Green Robe Women's Reproduction

“Holding a toy kitchen knife that can get bigger and smaller, you think you're invincible. This is ridiculous! ”

The Silver Snow Holy Master looked at the super golden kitchen knife that had been slaughtered at great speed, but he snorted cold.

The next moment, her beautiful body was a leap, and then the whole person was heavy, blinking, and that delicate toe was dotted on top of that super golden knife.

With a silver sword in her hand, she rode the super golden kitchen knife towards the everlasting pilgrims in front of her, stabbing her very fast, hunting with white robes, flying full of silk, like a fairy in the wind.

Around 50 cents from the everlasting pilgrimage, you can only see the Silver Snow Holy Lord suddenly at the tip of his toe on that super golden knife, the whole person turned into an extremely pale white shadow, holding a silver sword and stabbing it very fast.


Silver Sword of the Silver Snow Holy Lord, easily pierced the Saint of the Everlasting Pilgrimage.

“That's too fast! ”

The saint of the Everlasting Pilgrimage was stunned and blinked incredibly gently.

With his own strength, the Silver and Snow Holy Lord severely traumatized the two Peak Saints of the Everlasting Pilgrimage among the electric flames. The horror of his power is that his soul is truly trembling.

And the silver sword of the Silver Snow Holy Lord, the moment the holes penetrated the Pilgrim of Everlasting Night, the super golden knife, was also sharply cut back.

Feeling the sudden pound of slaughter behind him, Silver Snow Holy Lord did not dare to be slightly lazy, silver sword sucked, the storm sword swept away.


The great saint of the Everlasting Pilgrimage looked at the super golden kitchen knife and held it tight in his hand. He didn't even think about it, but he threw it again hard at the Silver Snow Holy Lord.

At the same time.

“Boom boom! ”

Another saint of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, holding the supermassive iron hammer, smashed it, even if the hands of the Silver Snow Holy Lord were better, could only hide the super golden knife, but was struck by a giant iron hammer the size of three houses.

The silver and snow holy Lord's body could not have fought the giant hammer, and suddenly, like a leaf in the sea, it flew out.


A bite of blood sprayed from the mouth of the Silver Snow Lord.

Flying backwards, only the Silver Snow Holy Lord could see the silver sword in his hand, suddenly stabbing behind him, with the aid of that extremely weak air resistance, the whole person burst up and stood in the air.

Her face, slightly pale, over the corner of her mouth, with a hint of red blood, was striking.

Obviously, that hammer just left her with internal injuries!

“As I said before, your Sun, Moon, Divinity, and Bath Blood Gate will always be for our everlasting pilgrimage. ”

The Everlasting Pilgrim with the giant hammer drank angrily and stepped forward to strike the giant hammer into the Silver Snow Holy Lord again, just at this moment, just in front of him, suddenly a piece of blood appeared, the hair lined up in a large circle, as if it were a brilliant summer flower in anger.

“What the hell is this? ”

The saint of the Everlasting Pilgrimage had not yet waited for him to return to God, and the blood burst towards him suddenly, with a wind, bound him firmly for a moment.


The tall body of the Holy Lord Shura appeared. One step, he stepped directly into the void and made a loud noise. On that very tall body, there was a trembling and intense killing, as if it were a true king of Shura.

“Huh! Saints of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, so what? Just two ridiculous jokes, trying to stir up the wind in front of us, that's ridiculous! ”

The Holy Lord Shura shouted cold: "Death! ”

As he suddenly fluctuated, the blood of the iron hammer saint was tightened quickly. In a moment, the iron hammer saint smelled death and felt that the whole person was about to be strangled.

Lord Shuro drank a loud drink, the strength of the blood hair, a few points stronger, the face of the hammer saint, suddenly turned pig liver color, even the tongue spit out.

Right now.


A super golden kitchen knife, golden and brilliant, with a windy wind, cut from afar and quickly tied the death of Lord Shura, the blood of the Pilgrim of Everlasting Night, cut off.

“You want to die! ”

The Pilgrim of Everlasting Night, who came out of the trap, roared, was just threatened with death, which caused him to be completely angry, lifted the giant hammer, and, without a head, fell hard on the Lord Shuro.

A giant hammer the size of three houses, with tremendous pressure, “burst" down from the sky.

Feeling the pressure emitted by the giant hammer, Lord Shura dared not be slightly lazy, and quickly began to evade, while the Saint of the Everlasting Pilgrimage had already gone mad, held up the giant hammer, constantly chasing Lord Shura and smashing it, the scene was quite funny.

The tripartite horses here have long completely killed the red eyes, even the cold silver snow holy master, at this moment, are like a mad leopard, with several eye-catching wounds, silver robe stained with blood for the majority of the red, the whole man, a beast of violence.

And the seven ghosts at the bath gate, the two have already fallen, and the remaining five are all colored, with varying degrees of injuries.

As a supergenius of the Sun and Moon Divinity, Lord Kowloon was naturally inevitable in the frantic struggle of these top experts. On his way to the top of this ancient Emperor Peak, he was once pierced in the chest by the Green Robe woman with a sword hole. Now after such a frantic struggle, he has had five or six deep visible bone wounds on his body. Once he attacked the purple robe, he was completely stained with blood.

And above the heads of these madly slain masters, the first emperor's coffin was always hanging there, and sometime it started, it was already over the ancient emperor's peak, slowly turning around the ancient emperor's peak.

Below the first emperor's coffin, nine drops of the blood of the first emperor, like nine drops of gold water, a golden glow, extremely tempting, every drop of the blood of the first emperor is covered with mysterious, ancient, obscure Orthodoxy.

“So far, this fierce battle has been going on for exactly two hours, as if these people were about to kill each other, hip-hop! ”

On the hilltop beyond tens of thousands of feet, Qin Yi and others have always watched this fierce battle from afar. The big eyes of the adorable water spirits fluttered, on the delicate little face, smiling like flowers, said Xizhi.

“Almost! ”

Qin Yi touched his nose, smiled slightly and lightly his head. He looked at the nine drops of blood of the Emperor beneath the Emperor's coffin. In his eyes, he gently appeared a rave of fanaticism.

The whole situation of the operation, from beginning to end, was entirely within their grasp, with no variables at all.

If you want to say a variable, it's the Green Robe woman who started it. The Green Robe woman came out unexpectedly. Until now, they still haven't been able to deduce the true identity of the Green Robe woman.

“These guys are really strong, paralyzed, and this time, I was really completely shocked. ”

Snuggling tightly next to the tomb dust, he drummed pink mumps on both sides of the drum and breathed out a long breath, returning from the shock.

She just walked out of an ancient tomb and saw such a thrilling battle, how could she not be shocked?

“Well, these guys are basically at the end of the crossbow, and now it's our turn! ”

Femme Femme customarily touched the beautiful forehead with a delightful shallow smile on her face, then waved her white hands: “Let's go! ”

Without further delay, each one of you will suddenly flutter and rush towards the ancient peaks in front of you.


The shapes of the people, in the air, burst out of the subtle voices of the lane.

The distance of tens of thousands of husbands under the speed of expansion is just a short while away.

Standing under the ancient Emperor Peak, Qin Yi looked up and saw only this huge stone peak in front of him, straight into the sky, the momentum pounded, the peak body, with a strong ancient atmosphere, at the same time, there is a clear flow of space in the air.

“This ancient peak is indeed protected by a formidable Falekaupule, and now endless years have passed without any damage and with a powerful protective effect. ”

Feeling the air, that fluttering airflow, Qin Yi suddenly.

Fortunately, this protective matrix has not been damaged much, otherwise, so many top experts will be fighting here, and this stone peak will fall apart.

“It's a mantis cicada. The lark is behind it. It's kind of funny! ”

A beautiful woman's voice suddenly sounded after herself.

Everyone had to turn around and see only the woman in the green robe, who had already appeared behind her. She was standing there, clapping her hands gently and smiling lightly.

This green robe stands right in front of you at this moment, people only see this, this person's appearance, is also extremely beautiful, compared to the flaming lady, is not bad color.

Though she stood there casually, her curved delicate body revealed a powerful aura, pressing the air around her slightly floating.

Turns out she is a horrible woman. You can feel it without having to fight. The strength of this person is still on Qin Yi!

For a moment, everyone's face was raised with a vigilance, their eyes blinking at the green robe woman in front of them.