The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1621: Determination to Kill Qin Yi

“Shut up, don't make a scene, don't look at this place, can you make a noise? ”

Lord Kowloon had a cold drink.

Seven kills the Holy Lord and the Lord of Wind Thunder shut his mouth and dared not say anything more. The breasts of the Lord of Wind Thunder still rise and fall sharply. Seven kills the Holy Lord with a stare, obviously not lightly angry.

The nine-wilderness on the beast leather chair is always indifferent, eyes light, extremely deep and unpredictable.

Lord Silver Snow and Lord Shuro stood silently beside Prince Kowloon without a word.

After a moment of silence, Nine Desolations Xu Xu said: “It is obviously not right to strike the fire domain again. The Fire Nation is not so easy to strike down. Otherwise, it was already attacked by us more than a thousand years ago. If we strike again, we will only be able to increase casualties. ”

“Father said extremely well! ”

Lord Kowloon nodded in favor and said, “Father, the second thing I want to report to you is that this time Emperor Coffin appeared, that Qin Yi also went forward, and at that time, he had a number of masters in alliance, so we couldn't beat them...”

“That Qin Yi, he also appeared on Gudi Peak? ”

Nine wilderness eyes opened lightly, obviously no longer calm: “Tell me carefully, what is going on? None of your top five masters of the Sun Moon are rivals of Qin Yi? ”

“The thing is, that day the Emperor's coffin appeared from the ancient peak, and at the same time nine drops of the Emperor's blood appeared. ”

The son of Kowloon came to the scene on the ancient Emperor's Peak at the time. “Hundreds of masters came to the ancient Emperor's Peak at the time to obtain the nine drops of the blood of the first emperor. The Bath Blood Gate and the Everlasting Pilgrimage were also sent by masters. The whole ancient Emperor's Peak was a mess. Hundreds of masters were killed into groups. The scene was extremely harsh...

“Ultimately, the rest of the masters died and fled, leaving only the men and horses of the three major forces of Sun Moon, Bath Blood Gate, and Everlasting Night Pilgrimage. Just after our tripartite horse killed the strong crossbow, that Qin Yi, the ally who led him appeared. They were extremely powerful. We tripartite horses could not be their rivals at all. If we fought them hard, we were afraid that they would kill them all. ”

The dry, thin breasts of the Nine Wastes, a fierce rise and fall, appeared very uneasy. It took a while before slowly exhaling: “A good mantis hunted the cicada yellow bird at the end of the plan, almost without the power of blowing gray, to compete for the blood of the Nine Ancestors. ”

“Father, it was the child who was foolish and conspired against the boy Qin Yi. ”

Lord Kowloon's face was shameful, and he went forward to say respectfully.

Nine wild heads shook: “It's not that you're stupid, but that Qin Yi, it's just too cunning, not just the five of you, even the everlasting pilgrimage and the people who bathe in the blood, he has fooled you? In fact, at that time, the whole situation of Gudi Peak was firmly under his control, and you were doomed to fail. This Qin Yi, is so terrible. No wonder he could easily kill the Great Prince, and then easily kill the owner of Yingsheng Qianzhuang. In Grasswood Holy Mountain, he also played you as monkeys. ”

Speaking of Grass Holy Mountain, Kowloon Prince's mouth was a light smoke. Obviously, what happened to Grass Fairy Domain and the subsequent pursuit of Qin Yi was an eternal pain in Kowloon Prince's heart.

“Father, what shall we do next? After all, the child is unwilling! ”

Lord Kowloon bites his teeth and says: "No, not just to get rid of it, I have to tear him to pieces, then pull his soul out, seal it in my weapon, and make him part of my weapon forever. ”

“Dragon, when you face a terrible enemy, sometimes strength is second only, calm down, is the main thing. ”

Nine desolate glances at the son of Kowloon and a slight indulgence: "If you want to completely create a Jade Spirit Lion, you must have all kinds of spiritual charms, and there are two known spiritualists in the great world of Xuanhuang, the Fire Demon of the Fire Domain, but the desolate god of the ancient Jedi. ”

After a pause, Nine Wilderness continued: “That is, the next action of Qin Yi is to go to the ancient Jedi to find the desert god, please give him the spirit charm...”

Rumor has it, Kowloon Prince suddenly rejoiced: “Father, the child understands, this is the way to Gudi Peak to the ancient Jedi after all, where he ambushed Qin Yi's boy! ”

“I was just saying, how could you forget that calm is more important than strength when you meet an extremely terrible enemy? ”

Nine rough eye curtains lifted slightly, staring at Lord Kowloon.

Lord Kowloon hastily turned his back on the Nine Wastes: “What my father taught me. ”

“Ambushing that Qin Yi is naturally necessary. But first, you must understand the situation and not act recklessly. It was you who acted recklessly before, and you suffered greatly. ”

Nine Roughs said: "First, you have to recognize two things. ”

“Father, please. ”

Lord Kowloon's attitude is respectful and he dares not show any more recklessness.


Nine wastes stretched out a thin finger, wearing a giant emerald diamond: "That Qin Yi, has refined at least one drop of the blood of the Emperor, in other words, when you meet him again, his strength must be stronger than before. ”

It is said that Lord Kowloon, Lord Silver Snow, Lord Shura, Lord Wind Thunder and the Seven Killers of the Holy Lord all had a slight face.

Qin Yi's strength, they still know a little bit, very powerful, now he has refined at least one drop of the blood of the Emperor of the Hereafter, to what extent it is already frightening, imaginable.

“The child understands that the next interception of Qin Yi, the child will do everything in his power. ”

Lord Kowloon respectfully said, "Father, what's the second thing we need to know? ”

“The second point you need to understand is that this is the last chance to kill Qin Yi. If you can't kill him this time, you will never have a chance to kill him again. ”

Nine wild words.

Hearing about the Nine Falls, Kowloon, Silver Snow, Shuro, Wind Thunder, and Seven Kills, all had to show confusion, and for a moment, they were standing there staring at each other.

“Father, the child is a little confused about this. Why is this our last chance to kill Qin Yi? Even if we don't kill him this time, we have a next time, and the next time, we can hunt him down indefinitely, and one day we'll kill him. ”

Lord Kowloon said.

This time, the Nine Falls have not yet spoken, the Silver and Snow Holy Lord in a silver robe, is a shallow frown: “I understand, this time Qin Yi went to the ancient Jedi, if we did not kill him halfway, wait for him to find the desert god, implore the desert god to succeed in the creation of the Jade Spirit Beast, the Jade Spirit Beast will fight with him, for the fighting power of the Jade Spirit Beast, back in the day when Grass and Wood Holy Mountain, we have all taught, true and immortal existence, very headache. ”

That's true!

Lord Kowloon, Lord Shura, Lord Wind Thunder, and the Seven Kills of the Holy Lord were suddenly enlightened.

The Nine Wastes looked at the Silver Snow Holy Lord and said: "So, this time, it's not just the ambush, but the killing of Qin Yi at all costs! ”

Then, the Nine Wastes began to arrange the ambush in detail: “The five of you continue to ambush in addition to the 30 good saints, and a hundred black market assassins of gold medal rank on the black market. ”

Thirty good saints plus a hundred Gold Medal Black Market Killers!

The five Kowloon sons, all of them secretly inhaled the cooling air, which is a massive operation. Such a force is enough to trample an empire. Even a thousand years ago, a great attack was launched on the fires, and the masters of the Sun, Moon, and Shinto denominations were nothing more than that.

Now, Nine Deserts has sent such a force sufficient to level an empire against Qin Yi!

After that, Nine Wastes flipped the dry, skinny hand, a golden flash. On his palm, a thin gold sheet had appeared. On the gold sheet, you can see that there are some symbols flowing.

“This gold contains my spirituality, and at the same time incorporates a kind of divine talent called the 'Thousand Dolls World’.” I've refined two pieces of this kind of gold, Dragon, and you carry it with you. ”

Nine wilderness throws the gold randomly, the gold is turned into a golden ray, directly towards the Kowloon Prince, the Kowloon Prince hurriedly lifts his hand and continues: “Thank you father! ”

Nine Waste waved his hand and said: "Wherever you go, whatever happens, I can learn about you through this gold on me, and you can keep me informed through the gold on you. ”

It can be completely seen that the gold of the Nine Wastes is much more intelligent than the Yu Jian given to Qin Yi by the Maiden of the year. Yu Jian crushed it, and its owner can perceive it within the range of 10,000 yuan.

The charm, on the other hand, is directly visible to the other party and there is no distance limit.

Nine Deserts went on to say, "If I find something wrong with you on the charm, I will come to you first. ”

Hearing about the Nine Falls, Kowloon, Silver Snow, Shuro, Feng Lei and Seven Holy Men, all completely let their hearts go. This time, Qin Yi was killed. Although the Nine Falls must sit in the town Sun and Moon Divinity and cannot go there together, he could always be around them, save them in danger, or kill Qin Yi with them.

Even the Nine Wastes themselves are ready to strike at any time. See, this time, the Nine Wastes are iron hearted and want to remove Qin Yi.

“Okay, you guys hurry to heal the wounds before, after the wounds are healed, act immediately, this time intercepting Qin Yi, only succeed, don't fail! ”

The Nine Falls waved at the Nine Dragons, Silver Snow, Shuro, Wind Thunder, and the Seven Killers, all of whom were severely wounded in the fierce battle over the ancient Emperor Peak.

Prince Kowloon nodded without further delay and turned away from the palace.