The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1625: Mount Goose

“Qin Yi, Yanmei Ma, from another world of Kyushu Holy See, just passed Seymour City. ”

Qin Yi gave herself and Fei Mei's identity card to the chieftaincy guard.

“Someone from another world. ”

The guard leader's eyes swept over the identity cards of the two men, showing a surprise on their faces.

Those other guards, too, looked incredibly at Qin Yi and Feiniang.

These guards, just ordinary people, have no idea that there is another world besides the Great World of Xuanhuang.

“Beyond this Xuan Huang world, there are three worlds: the Hongmeng world, the Great Waste world, and the Xuan Sect world. ”

Femme Yunnan's eyes were on the faces of the guards. Xu Xu swept and touched her forehead and said.

“Under this day, there are four great worlds, and today it is truly insightful. ”

The escort leader sighed, his attitude toward Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai immediately improved a lot: “So, you two are quite a visitor to heaven. Let go!”

The two guards placed a long knife in front of them with one hand and made a gesture to Qin Yi and Feiniang.

“Thanks! ”

Qin Yi and Feiniang nodded, entered Seymour City, glanced at it, and found this Seymour Imperial City to be abnormally prosperous. The tall buildings were more prosperous than any other pool they had ever seen before. The streets were large enough to accommodate thirty carriages and drive side by side.

Although the Imperial City is flourishing, Qin Yi and Feiniang are not concerned.

Because no man is allowed to fly in the city, they have to hire only two fast horses to continue west.

Under the whip of a fast horse, at dusk, they finally emerged from the mighty city of Seymour.

Fei Mai continued to release the six spiritual whales, constantly inquiring into the situation ahead, and Qin Yi's powerful spiritual consciousness was also always unrecoverable, covering a range of about 150,000 yuan, blowing all the winds in this range, is perceived to be true and true.

A day later, through Lingwu, Mai Yan saw the shadows of many practitioners and rushed towards a stone mountain.

That rocky mountain is a bit peculiar, like the Phantom Tower of the Great Fire, there are many wind tunnels on the mountain, but in number, it is far from as scary as the Phantom Tower.

And the shape of the whole stone mountain, if you look closely, is a little bit like a flying geese with wings.

“If I am not mistaken, the stone mountain that Lingwu ingested is the mountain of geese. ”

Mai Mai put Ling Wu back into the air, and described the situation of that stone mountain in detail to Qin Yi.

“It should be, black earth, hidden in those wind tunnels. ”

Qin Yi nodded and sighed again: “We rushed here quickly, but it was still too late. Many practitioners have already climbed in first. I just hope that those practitioners have not found all the black soil yet. ”

Black sourced soil, which is an extremely precious cultivation material in the great world of Xuanhuang, suddenly exposes the geese mountain to possess such precious material, and naturally practitioners will immediately come to acquire it.

In a little while, the cultivators of this area will flock.

“We'll be right there. If we're late, we're afraid we won't even see the dirt. ”

Maiden waved her delicate jade arm.

The two spread out in a flash, shaking, and disappeared in place.

The next moment, their figure, appeared tens of thousands of feet away.

Nowadays, like Qin Yi, Mid-Eight Realms of Emperor Dao, this height, even without the amazing speed martial arts such as "Praise Father's Step", can reach tens of thousands of students in one instant.

After several momentary shifts, Qin Yi's spiritual consciousness covered the area, and a mountain of geese appeared.

Seeing the sky, a stream of roads swept from all directions towards the mountains of geese, and stormed off, impinging on a slight sound of emptiness.

“Crazy, this place is completely crazy, how long has this been going on, there are many more practitioners in the wind. ”

Feeling that flow, Qin Yi exhaled softly: “From this scenario, there is no escaping another fierce battle. ”

“Black earth, in itself, is an extremely precious cultivation resource, don't forget that the Hastan imperial family, all more than ten cubic meters, precious, imaginable, now the news of the geese coming out of Mountain is undoubtedly equivalent to a heavy bomb, and the cultivators around this area, mad about it, are also normal. ”

Maiden said.


Qin Yi agreed with the nod, paused, and said with some regret: “It's just a pity that the black sourced soil exists in the interior of Mount Goose Shake. Otherwise, my consciousness will cover the whole mountain of Goose Shake. All that exists in the mountain, I am at a glance. In that case, I have 100% certainty, and I will compete for all the black sourced soil here. ”

Rumor has it, Maiden Yunnan's eyes are circulating. Some of them couldn't help but laugh. Qin Yi glanced at them. “Where is such a good thing in the world? Let us take control of the whole situation all the time? This time, if you can get the black sourced soil of Goose Mountain, you'll have to rely on luck. ”

After a pause, Femme Flame smiled happily and shallow: “But then again, it's not all about luck, we can still plot to control the situation. ”


Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but lighten up: “Mai Ma, have you figured something out? ”

“Then you'll know. ”

Femme lifted that beautiful little face up proudly.

In response, Qin Yi could only smile helplessly.

Next, without further delay, the two men moved for three consecutive moments, and the giant geese rocky mountain appeared in front of them, with a hint of antiquity.

There are hundreds of wind tunnels on the stone mountain in front of us, and every wind tunnel, from the outside, is pitch black, you can't even see what's inside.

Standing in front of Mount Yan, Qin Yi and Feiniang discovered that in some wind tunnels, there was a hidden sound of struggle for a while.

“Some of the practitioners who rushed inside this mountain of geese had already fought. ”

Qin Yi smiled helplessly when he heard the fighting noise coming from time to time inside.

Fortunately, the essence of this geese mountain is the toughest black stone, and there are so many wind tunnels, the waves that come out of the fight can be evacuated well, otherwise, so many strong people fight inside, this geese mountain can not bear, the whole mountain body will collapse completely.

“So many practitioners have gone in, it is not the case that there is no battle. ”

Femme Flame turned her hand and took out the animal soul map, slowly unfolded, then waited quietly.

About half an hour later, the six spiritual whales appeared from six directions. They quickly swept toward this place and drew a six-long fire shadow. They soon swept over the heads of Qin Yi and Yanmei. A dive, they did not enter the map of the beast soul, and turned into the shadow of the six three-legged birds.

“Mai Ma, are you going to take these six spiritual whales inside? ”

Qin Yi smiled and thumbed up at Feiniang Yan: “Surely this is a good way to get into the wind tunnel, my spiritual knowledge can not work, but we can release these six spiritual whales, and travel in these wind tunnels, as easily as we can do to understand the situation in the geese mountain. ”

“That's natural. ”

Appreciated by Qin Yi, Femme Yan's heart is feisty, will have two large seats on the chest, proud and light.

Qin Yi glanced, on the two seats in front of Femme Yan's chest, Xu slowly swept away, some couldn't help but laugh.

Just as Mae Fei recovered the six spiritual whales, several more streams swept from the sky and rushed into the wind tunnels of Mount Goose.

It can be deduced that Mount Geese are exposed to the presence of black source soil. The surrounding generations of practitioners are indeed insane. The entire interior of Mount Geese will come to an imaginary battle for black source soil.

“I was a little worried about the influx of cultivators going back and forth, and then this mountain of geese would be unbearable and the whole place would be crossed. ”

Looking at the huge mountain of geese in front of him, Qin Yi touched his nose, so that the two people could no longer delay. He chose a wind tunnel and the fish entered.

Though these wind tunnels look dark out there, when they get inside, at their current height, they can actually see everything in the tunnel.

After entering the wind tunnel, Qin Yi and Feiniang discovered that the wind tunnels were actually extremely spacious, enough to accommodate three or two carriages side by side.

Because it's weathered, the scenarios in these wind tunnels, oddly shaped, look amazing.

The wind tunnels in the mountains are staggered, just like a maze, an imprudent, easily trapped in it, difficult to get out, let alone find black soil.

There was constant fighting, coming from the wind tunnels in front, the whole huge mountain body, constantly sending a wave of tremors.

“This black stone, it turns out, these practitioners fought in it, and it didn't break down. ”

Qin Yi turned his hand and took out the Yan Yun Long Gun. He lit a little in the wall of the hole and lit a flame of stars. He sighed: “Such a strong substance makes the whole mountain of geese seem to be protected by a legal formation. ”

“That's nature. ”

Femme nodded: “The black stone is the strongest kind of stone under the day, no less colourful than steel. ”

Saying, she took out the animal soul map again, and showed it, and the six spiritual whales, it was the animal soul map that rushed out, rushed forward, blinking, did not enter the wind tunnels.

“Well, although your consciousness doesn't play much of a role in this mountain, with these six spiritual whales, we can almost control this geese mountain situation. ”

Femme smiled delightfully shallow and waved her fair hands: “Let's go. ”

After Yan Bi, she turned her hand and took out the blue sword. She held it tight in her hand and entered the state of battle. The two eyes emitted in her eyes also gradually became sharp.