The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1626: Mastering the Global

These wind tunnels contain limited space, and it is naturally impossible for practitioners who enter here to let go of the war, but this environment, if it is a sneak attack, is quite good.

In other words, entering this mountainous body of geese in search of black soil is actually a very dangerous thing, an inadvertent possibility to burst out of a wind tunnel, a practitioner and kill himself.

As the two went deeper and deeper, a faint smell of blood came from the wind tunnel in front of them.

“There's a body in front, let's go check it out. ”

At a certain moment, Qin Yi's eyes stifled slightly.

Not far in front of them lay a dead body quietly.

They rushed past, came to the front of the body, set their eyes on it, they all had to slightly raise their eyebrows, only to see the chest of the body, a large hole appeared, not even the heart.

“What a hard blow. ”

Looking at the corpse on the ground, the flaming face, slightly cold, his eyes looked around the corpse and exhaled a breath: “No sign of a fight on the ground, it is a deadly blow, only a sneak attack, or a mutilation between companions, can achieve this effect. ”

“Most of them are former, and there is little likelihood of self-immolation among peers until black soil is found. ”

Qin Yi frowned and made such a judgment.

Without staying on the body, the two men continued their journey. In the interest of safety, Maiden continued to retrieve the six spiritual whales and to learn about the situation in the geese mountain through the images they had captured.

Obviously, this mountain of Yandan, although not heavily fought, is far more dangerous than those fiercely fought.

Moreover, over time, there are still many practitioners outside, entering the mountains of geese and joining the massive assassination.

“There were two bodies in front, one with a sword hole through his throat and the other with a direct head cut off. ”

“In the wind tunnel on the left, along the way, there were five bodies, all killed with one blow. ”

“Two caves on the right, one with three bodies and the other with eight bodies. ”

“ …… ”

Through the six Lingwu, Qin Yi and Yanmei, the situation in the Tan Mountain was known.

Listening to the return of Femme Flame, Qin Yi's heart is getting colder and colder. The scene here, compared to the ancient Emperor Peak on that day, is still much more violent and dangerous.

The battle here, it's all done in a sneak attack, and even if you fix it any higher, you could be suddenly jumped out and killed.

“By discovering us, someone was rushing towards us from behind, two men, a middle-aged man and an old man. ”

Fei Fei noticed the movement behind them from the eyes of a spiritual eagle. After releasing the spiritual eagle, she swept over the slaughter intent in her eyes: “Hide and kill them! ”

“I'm not a bloodthirsty killer, but a lot of times, I can't help myself. ”

Qin Yi sighed softly. She stopped saying anything. She and Feiniang rushed into the wind tunnel on both sides and ambushed.

Sure, but later, a middle-aged man in a purple robe and an old man in a black robe appeared in their sight.

“What happened, the two of them escaped? ”

The middle-aged man in the purple robe stood where Qin Yi and Feiniang had just stopped, and his face was full of confusion.

“No one, but I have a strong sense of crisis. ”

The old black robe frowned and suddenly had a cold drink: "Bad, dangerous, get out of here! ”


Her voice just dropped, a blue sword flashed from the wind tunnel behind her, and suddenly pierced her heart directly.

Meanwhile, in the wind tunnel across the street, a long blue gun came out lightning, easily piercing the middle-aged man's skull hole.


Seeing from the two wind tunnels, Qin Yi and Feiniang slowly walked out, the old black robe and the middle-aged man, their faces appeared intensely horrified.

“Yes, I'm sorry, we ambushed you here. If we don't ambush you, you'll catch up with us, and you'll hurt the killer, too. In front of precious training materials like black earth, everyone is crazy! ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly and suddenly smoked a long gun of smoke cloud. The middle-aged man could say any word in the future, which was "Putong” fell to the ground and died of it.

“How the hell did you two find out we were coming after you? ”

The old black robe was full of confusion.

“Firebird. ”

Mai Mai is very frank.

The flamingo in her mouth, no doubt, refers to Lingwu.

“Firebird? ”

Black Robe: “You mean the firebirds in this wind tunnel that keep traveling, you let them out? ”

“Exactly! ”

Femme Nodded.

“Through the vision of the firebird, to understand everything in this geese mountain, so clever means, I think planting...”

The old black robe sighed.

Femme Yan no longer said anything, the blue sword in her hand drew, the heart of the old black robe had been directly smashed, as the blue sword drew out, the whole person fell silently on the ground.

“Let's move on! ”

A sword killed the old man in the black robe, the gorgeous color on the beautiful little face of the flaming woman, several distributions of cold, her long blue sword held tight in her hand, a drop of red blood, still slowly slipping silently.

“Although I am somewhat reluctant, in the present circumstances it is clear that we must kill in the mountains of Mount Goose. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly.

Although he has had countless treasure grabbing experiences before, he has not once, he has fought with all his heart, basically trying to win, killing each other wildly, is someone else.

But now, those mantis hunting cicada larvae at the back of the game are obviously not going to work.

Femme Yan walked in front, smelled Yan Tong's footsteps, looked back at Qin Yi, but could see the eyes emitted in Qin Yi's eyes. At this moment, it was as cold as a blade, and she couldn't help but snap: “The great killing ring in your mouth is the cultivator in the mountains of geese, killing them all? ”

“Obviously, we have no choice but to be killed by someone else. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly: “Unless, we withdraw now and do not participate in this battle for black soil. ”

“Kill it! ”

Maiden was able to grow into a high-end divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See and naturally had a decisive side to her couch, nodding her head.

The next scenario, you can imagine, because Maiden Yan has six Lingwu, is Yi, they basically know the situation here, of course, it is still far from easy for Qin Yi's consciousness to perceive.

“Around a thousand feet ahead, there's a wind tunnel to the left, and there's a practitioner in that tunnel, and we rush over and kill him. ”

“Around 500 feet ahead, there is a wind tunnel to the left, where there are three practitioners, and we rush to kill them. ”

“Around 800 feet ahead, there is a wind tunnel to the left, which contains two practitioners, and we rushed to kill them. ”

“The left wind tunnel is about a thousand feet away, there is a practitioner, and we rush over and kill him. ”

“At about 1,500 feet on the right, there are four practitioners, and we rushed to kill them. ”

“ …… ”

It's perfectly conceivable what kind of assassination scenario this is. Through the six spiritual whales, Maiden will enter this mountain of geese to cultivate the whereabouts of the strong, easily lock them, and then launch the kill.

In such a tragic assassination scenario, the two of them had never met before, and their faces were getting colder and colder as a practitioner fell under their guns or swords.

Apart from the constant assassination of the practitioners here by Qin Yi and Feiniang, the assassination between these practitioners has naturally not stopped.

Over time, the corpses in the mountains of geese, also more and more, are in the air, with a strong bloody smell.

Though there is no fierce struggle here, it has unwittingly become a hell of a human being.

“Qin Yi, did you notice the terrain of these wind tunnels? ”

With a blue sword dripping with blood, Maiden turned to God and asked Qin Yi behind her.

Because of the constant assassination, her face, long gone, looked a little scary.

“What happened to the terrain of these wind tunnels? ”

Qin Yi held a long gun with a smoke cloud and stared bewildered at Femme Flame.

“The terrain of these wind tunnels is slowly downward. ”

Femme Yan habitually touched her forehead and looked back at the wind tunnel behind Qin Yi. “We've been in this geese mountain long enough," she said. "For such a long time, we should have come underground by this time. ”

“That's true. ”

Qin Yi nodded and paused: “So what does this mean? ”

“This means that these wind tunnels are leading us underground. ”

Mai Fei frowned slightly, "If I'm right, there should be something underground, that is, if this mountain of geese really exists, it should not be in these wind tunnels, but underground. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi's eyes had to be brightened: “If that's the case, then it would be a lot easier. We don't need to be like headless flies. We can just run around in these wind tunnels and pick some downward wind tunnels. ”