The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1628: Giant Caves

At present, Maiden has an accurate understanding of the practitioners present throughout Mount Goose.

I have to say, Lingwu, when it's really an intelligence spy, it works pretty well.


Qin Yi concurred with the nod: “This time, Sun and Moon Divinity only feared to lean out of the nest. The three princes of Kowloon, the Seven Sacred Killers and the Wind Thunder Holy Lord temporarily left, and came here to look for the black earth, which would not have much effect on the plan to ambush us. ”

“And here's the structure inside this geese mountain...”

After the constant prying of the six spiritual whales for such a long time, the structure of the whole geese mountain is also known as: “These vertical and staggered wind tunnels will converge into three small wind tunnels after a certain degree. These three wind tunnels are long. At the end of these three wind tunnels, there is a lot of space, and there is a fast stone in the space, but no black source soil is seen. ”

After a pause, Femme continued: “That little space is the end of these wind tunnels, there is no trace of black source soil, the mountain body of the whole geese mountain, no black source soil was found. ”

“No black soil found? ”

Rumor has it that Qin Yi's eyebrows had to be slightly stirred up. He found it somewhat incredible. "It's impossible, you know, this news was revealed to us by Luo Feng. With Luo Feng's ability, the spying news, there can be absolutely no false news. Besides, this generation of geese mountains, the cultivators came to the rear, which is enough to show that there must be black source soil in the mountains of this geese mountain. ”

“If you think so too, the news cannot be false, then I have a bold inference. ”

Femme smiled happily: “A piece of stone that exists in that space must be black earth. ”

“Exactly! ”

Qin Yi's eyes lit up softly and his fanatical color appeared on his face. When his hands were about to wave: “Go, we will rush down immediately, don't let other practitioners climb first! ”


Qin Yi and Feiniang spread their speeds and continued to storm through the wind tunnel.

When it is known that the wind tunnels in the mountains of geese will eventually converge into three giant stone holes, they will not have to carefully discern the direction, just go forward.

Of course, in the rush, Yanmei will continue to recall Lingwu to keep abreast of the situation here.

“No other practitioners were found in front of this wind tunnel in front of us, but several followed. ”

“There are many practitioners who still understand that in these intersecting wind tunnels, killing each other, and quite a few of them, like us, march fast. ”

The two men were making rapid progress, and Maiden Yan kept explaining the situation to Qin Yi.

“Once again, the figure of Lord Kowloon, Lord Seven Killers and Lord Wind Thunder was discovered. “

After viewing the image taken by a Lingwu, the flaming maid smiled slightly bitterly: “They're actually faster than us...”

“Mai Mai, what's going on? ”

Qin Yi's heart suddenly had a bad feeling.

“The three Lord Kowloon, the Seven Killers and the Lord Wind Thunder, with their strong fighting power, have already killed each of those three huge caves, and will soon enter the cave. ”

Maiden said helplessly.

Rumor came, Qin Yilin shrugged. "What cave is this wind tunnel leading to in front of us? ”

“Seven kills the cave in front of the Holy Lord. ”

Maiden replied.

“That is, before us, the Seven Kills the Holy Lord. ”

Qin Yi was very decisive, when his hands were about to wave: “Hurry up, catch up with her, don't let them get to that space first. ”

Where did the two dare to be slightly lazy, rushing to move the aura inside, rushing forward rapidly.

Speaking of which, it's really strange. Every time they take treasure, in the end, they confront the Kowloon Prince, it's just a natural wrongdoer.

Only a natural wrongdoer can meet so strangely every time. The narrow road of the wrongdoer is truly true.

Under the speed of two people, but a moment later, the cave just described by the flaming lady appeared in front of me. The cave was really huge, with dozens of feet cut across it, and I didn't know whether it was built by hand or formed naturally.

Obviously, by this time, the Seven Killings had already rushed into the three holes, and it was good that in this long cave, for a moment and a half, the Seven Killings could not pass through it.

Qin Yi and Feiniang did not have any delay, their bodies were shaped into two shadows. In a blink of an eye, they rushed into this huge cave in front of them, rapidly plundering forward.

Around the hour of a cup of tea, in their sight, the Seven Killers, dressed in red robes, appeared in their sight.

“Seven kill the Holy Lord, die! ”

Qin Yi had a big drink.

In the next moment, he and Feiniang, holding their respective weapons, killed the Holy Lord seven times in front of him, rushed away. The space surrounding him was suddenly subjected to pressure from the weapons of the two men, and he floated.

The seven slaying holy lords in the front heard Qin Yi's scream. He hurried back and looked at the two Qin Yi and Feiniang behind him. With their respective weapons, he blinked and stabbed them inside Hundred Patriarchs. He was suddenly shocked and angry: “How are you again? What the hell are you doing here? ”

Where did she dare be slightly lazy, seven blood knives instantly appeared in front of her chest, seven extremely sharp killings followed by a sudden appearance.


The seven blood knives, prompted by the seven killings of the Holy Lord's heart, turned into seven bloodstreams, and went towards Qin Yi and Feiniang in the rear and stabbed seven terrible voices of emptiness.

Looking at the seven pieces of blood knife stabbed at extremely fast speed, Qin Yi and Feiniang glanced at each other, and the weapon in their hands suddenly swung, striking hard at the seven pieces of blood knife.

Knock, knock! ……

Four of them were instantly struck by a mist of blood, while the remaining three, which had not been struck, were still stabbed at their speed.

It was too late to break the three blood knives again. The two men had to go one point to the speed of both sides, dodging the three blood knives. The soles of the feet were simultaneously on the walls of the caves on both sides, slipping and stabbing the seven holy masters forward again.

And the three blood knives, under the control of the Seven Kills Holy Master's mind, drew three arcs, toward Qin Yi and Fei Fei, and rushed after them.

“Damn it! ”

Seeing a blow down, the Holy Lord of the Seven Kills couldn't help but scold, facing Qin Yi and Feiniang simultaneously, he only felt the killing intentions emanating from the weapons of the two men. He came running like a giant wave. His blouse was hunting, his hair was full, and he was shocked backwards all the time.

Qin Yi and Feiniang attacked too quickly. Between blinking eyes, they stabbed within 30 lengths. The sharp tip of the gun and the tip of the sword were all taken directly from the head of the Seven Holy Fathers.

The Seventh Holy Lord, even a strong man at the height of the Sun Moon, faced Qin Yi's joint attack with Femme Yunnan, did not dare to be strong at all his sharp, shaken body, turned into a bright red light, rapidly sweeping towards one side.


Qin Yi's long smoke cloud gun, as well as the flaming blue sword of war, struck the ground at the same time, making a loud noise, rocking the mountain, the whole huge cave, almost collapsed.

As soon as the blow went down, Qin Yi and Feiniang did not continue to attack the Seven Killings Holy Lord. Instead, by means of the pounding air wave launched by the two men, they rushed forward at great speed, and between blinking eyes, they rushed out a thousand fathers, but soon, they completely disappeared into the sight of the Seven Killings Holy Lord.

“What do you mean? ”

Looking in front of the cave, the Seven Killings Lord stood in the middle of the cave, clear eyebrows slightly, the heart was really confused, muttering to himself: “This is a perfect time to kill me, and with their strength, it is not too difficult to kill me together, but they did not do so, why? ”

By this time, the remaining three blood knives had returned to the Seven Killers, suspended there quietly, “buzzing” and trembling.

Her delicate arms swung and three blood knives burst apart, turning into a bloody mist.

The Seven Blood Knives that killed the Holy Lord did not exist in their own right, but in their own minds. This is a superior martial arts, the Seven Blood Knives that killed the Holy Lord.

“Why didn't they kill me? That doesn't make any sense...”

Seven Kills The Holy Lord thinks this is so strange, he frowned.

After a moment of meditation, she suddenly realized: "There is only one possibility that they will abandon me, that there is something in front that they want so badly, undoubtedly, this thing is the black earth! ”

With this in mind, the blood of the Seven Killers all boiled in an instant. Where dare there be any laziness? Then rush to speed and sweep towards the front.

They came this time looking for the black earth!

Seven kills the Holy Lord while fanatically confused, she doesn't understand why Qin Yi and Feiniang know that the black earth is ahead? By what means did they find out?

In the front, Qin Yi and Yanmei Lady were both rapidly looted. They must hurry to the large space in front of them and take away the black soil there. If those practitioners behind them are waiting, they will all pour in, and a mad slaughter is inevitable.

The depth here, already underground, is unimaginable in the length of this huge cave in front of us.

It took a fragrant time to fly at full speed before the two of them came out of the cave and appeared in the space previously detected by Lingwu.

With the feet on the solid ground, the eyes of Qin Yi and Feiniang both swept quickly. It was found that the space was circular, the face was positive and large enough to reach the diameter of kilometers. There was a hint of extremely ancient smell in the air.

And surprisingly, more than a dozen practitioners have come here one step at a time.

Lord Kowloon and Lord Wind Thunder are among them.