The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1629: Convergence

At this point, they were no longer fighting with each other, but were searching madly for the dark soil.

And a quick piece of black soil scattered around these people.

“A piece of black sourced soil, right in front of them, they're blind, but they're searching like headless flies. Are these people, like, pigs? ”

Seeing such a scene, Qin Yi and Fei Mei stood there staring at each other, incredibly blinking her eyes, almost laughing.

The essence of black sourced soil is actually a kind of wonder stone. After endless years, this wonder stone will gradually change inside, so the black sourced soil that has just come out of the soil, the surface is a layer of substance, which looks like ordinary stone.

Cutting the surface stone of a strange stone gives you precious black source soil.

Only those who recognize such stones know that the interior of such stones is black soil.

Speaking of which, it is necessary to mention that, in the great world of Xuan Huang, there is a place called the Casino, which is opened by some very business-minded people who, according to the native ecology of the black earth, have made a living fortune by hiring professionals to buy these wonder stones everywhere, put them in the casino, and get people to buy them.

The reason to say that gambling is because the qualitative transformation of the wonder stone is related to the year, the longer the year, the more the stone in it turns into black source soil, the better the quality.

If you are lucky enough to buy a wonder stone long enough for a year, you will be rich. If you are not lucky enough to buy a wonder stone short enough for a year, you can only consider yourself unlucky.

“Fortunately, we have Lingwu, who learned about the scene earlier, and analyzed the stones, the black earth, or else we would be searching like them, headless flies. ”

Qin Yi gazed, staring dead at the black earth scattered across the ground, Junyi's face was full of fanaticism.

“Who says no? ”

On the face of the flaming woman, there is also a strong and delightful color.

These people don't even know that the scattered stone inside is black source soil, so that's fine. These black source soils, no doubt, will be in their bags!

The two of them showed up here, and the practitioners who had come here were busy searching for black soil, including Lord Kowloon and Lord Wind Thunder, and none of them found their arrival.

“Qin Yi, this situation is only temporary. After these people have searched all over the place and still haven't found traces of black source soil, they will slowly focus their attention on the scattered black source soil. ”

Femme Yan touched her forehead and turned her face to Qin Yi and said: “So be sure to remove those black soil as soon as possible, and then quickly get out of here before you have too many nightmares. ”

“Makes sense! ”

Qin Yi agreed with the nod.


And at this point, in the huge cave behind them, a red light came out, and it was the Seven Killers in the Red Robe.

Seeing Qin Yi and Fei Mei Niang, they stood there, killing the eyes of the Holy Lord, suddenly froze, passing the color of vigilance, the seven blood knives, also in their chest, suddenly emerged, a strong killing intent.

When he sensed the movement behind him, Qin Yi and Feiniang turned back and found that the Seven Killings of the Holy Lord had washed out of the cave. Both faces appeared with a faint smile.

“These people are so busy looking for black soil, why don't you go? ”

Qin Yi pointed to Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Thunder in the distance: "Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Thunder, that stupid pig, see? And there it is. ”

The Seven Kills of the Holy Lord took a glance, and it was true that the Lord Kowloon and the Lord of Wind Thunder were also trying to find the black earth.

“Lord Kowloon! ”

The Seven Kills the Holy Lord, far away from the Prince of Kowloon in his purple robe, delighted to drink.

When Lord Kowloon smelled and looked at this place, he immediately saw Qin Yi and Fei Mei Ma. He was immediately overwhelmed with tremendous earthquakes: “Qin Yi Boy, it turns out you came to this mountain of geese too! Seven, Holy Lord, are you with these two? ”

“Seven Kills the Holy Lord, you traitor, when you see a little white face, it is spring-hearted, paralyzed. I didn't expect you to rely on it for a long time. Now you are with this boy Qin Yi, you betray the divine religion! ”

The Holy Lord of Wind Thunder roared and instantly took out Fang Tian Painting Trident, far away from the Seven Kings to kill the Holy Lord's finger: “I am now in the service of the Holy Church's portal of reason! ”

“Lord Wind Thunder, you stupid pig, blinking and stupid to a whole new height! ”

Seven Kills the Sacred Lord in anger: “Which eye did you see me betray the Sacred Church? ”

Speaking of her delicate body, she turned into a shadow and rushed towards Lord Kowloon and Lord Wind Thunder. In a few breaths, she came to them.

“Seven Kills the Holy Lord, what's the matter, how can you be with that boy Qin Yi and them? ”

The Kowloon Prince frowned and looked at the eyes of the Seven Holy Killers, becoming a little sharp: “Explain yourself. ”

The wind and thunder lord beside him also held Fang Tian Painting Trident tightly. He looked vigilantly at the Seven Killings Holy Lord. He was a faithful believer in the Sun and Moon Divinity. As long as Lord Kowloon gave the order, even if he was crushed to pieces, he would kill the Seven Killings Holy Lord.

“I met both of them in that cave when they attacked me, who thought that their attack was fake, rushing in here was true, and I couldn't react, and they were rushing toward it very fast. ”

Seven Holy Lord's face looked back far away and looked at Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai. Xu Xu said: “At the time, I thought it was strange. It would not be difficult for them to join forces to kill me, but they gave up this opportunity, instead they rushed to this place quickly. Later, I suddenly realized that the black earth that exists in this geese mountain, should be here. Now it looks like it. ”

Lord Kowloon's vulture's eyes, watching the Seven Kills the Holy Lord, seemed to judge the authenticity of the Seven Kills the Holy Lord, a moment later, nodded his head: “I believe you! ”

“Now that it has been determined that the woman who killed the Holy Lord did not mutiny, let's kill the boy Qin Yi next! ”

Like the heavenly trite in the hand of the Holy Lord Feng Lei, he pointed remotely at Qin Yi and Feiniang, a face full of transverse flesh, instantly became a killer, and drank coldly: “Before in the wind tunnel, fortunately, the Holy Lord was smart enough, otherwise it would have been a corpse! ”

The Lord of Kowloon and the Seven Killings beside him also looked at Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai. In both eyes, a little war spirit was quickly ignited.

“We don't mind fighting you here. ”

The fiery woman in the wind, holding up the blue sword in her hand slowly, a strong killing intent, instantly from the sword body, sends out: “It's just that if we fight you to death here, if I live, then the black earth here exists, it could fall into the hands of other practitioners. ”

Rumor has it, Lord Kowloon, the Seven Killers of the Holy Lord and Lord Feng Lei all had to calm down quickly, and the Seven Killers of the Holy Lord Xu Xu nodded: “Lord Kowloon, this Qin Yi is telling the truth. We killed each other here, so we cheapened the other practitioners here. ”

“Exactly! ”

Rarely did the Lord of Thunder agree with the words of the Seven Sacrifices, "Lord Kowloon, we should learn from the lessons of the ancient Emperor Peak, where our group of practitioners killed each other in darkness, but eventually let Qin Yi find a great deal of cheap. ”

“But this boy has pitted us so many times, I have long decided to smash him into pieces once I meet him, and then pull his soul out and seal it in my weapon. Now, I didn't expect to meet them both in this mountain of geese. ”

Prince Kowloon's breasts, a fierce rise and fall, hateful fire in his eyes, staring dead at Qin Yi and Fengmei in the distance.

Remembering the scene before, Qin Yi pitted him, he was reluctant to immediately jump over and tear him to pieces.

“Lord Kowloon, but now, indeed, it is not the time to find the black earth that exists here, anyway, these two will not live long, we will have a great chance to kill them in the future. ”

Or seven kills the Holy Lord, the calmer.

Hearing the words of the Seven Holy Fathers, the fierce fire of hatred, forcibly suppressed, paused, and said: “But it's not right, all the practitioners here are looking for the black source soil in the same crazy way, only the two of them, always standing there in a glorious way, there is no point in looking for the black source soil, don't you think, this is weird? Are they playing some kind of conspiracy or something? ”

“It's kind of weird, but in a situation like this today, they can't seem to do anything about it, can they? ”

The Seven Killers of the Holy Lord frowned and waved: “Don't delay any longer. It is only right to quickly find the black earth that exists here. If someone finds it first, it will be difficult. ”

The enemy was right in front of him, but he couldn't kill each other in pain and happiness. The Kowloon dude was about to break his heart, but he couldn't help it. After staring at Qin Yi and Yanmei, he and the Seven Killing Holy Lord and the Wind Thunder Holy Lord started searching here for black source soil madly again.

“Good, these three didn't kill us. ”

Qin Yi relieved herself.

If the three Kowloon princes had just killed it, it would have been really hard to do. Although both of them had refined a drop of the blood of the Emperor, and their strength had been further improved, they still had no certainty of winning in the face of the alliance of the three strongest Sun and Moon gods, Lord Kowloon, Lord Seven Killer and Lord Wind Thunder.

Besides, it's hard to say if we can get those black soils in our hands.

“Ignore these people for now and let them look like headless flies. ”

Femme Femme customarily touched her forehead with a delightful color on her delicate little face.

In their conversation room, a few more practitioners rushed out of three huge caves, saw the scene here, immediately “understood” what, and quickly joined the search for black soil without saying a word.