The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1630: Black Origin Stone in Hand

But in a moment, there were dozens of practitioners, all undoubtedly in the wind tunnels above, fortunately not assassinated.

“It is a miracle that there has been no mutilation here. ”

Looking at these maniacally searching black soil practitioners, Qin Yi touched his nose and sighed.

“At this time, all they think about is black soil, nobody dares to provoke killing, climbing cheap people,

Femme Mommy's eyes swept slowly throughout the scene. She couldn't help but cover her little mouth. “Pfft," she smiled.

Soon she stopped smiling again, lifted her hands, slammed a string of turbulent blue silk in front of her forehead behind her white ear, "They didn't kill each other now, but if anyone found the black source soil, absolutely everyone would immediately pounce over it like a wolf, instantly killing it and competing for the black source soil. ”

Obviously, Maiden Yan is stating the fact that the black earth is too precious, and once they do find it, it will be a big mess.

“Exactly! ”

Qin Yi concurred with the nod: “Everyone is searching wildly for the black source soil for a time to be safe, but once the black source soil appears, the fierce war will flash, and with the strength of Lord Kowloon, the Seven Killers of the Holy Lord and the Lord of Wind Thunder, they will probably be the final winners. ”

“Yes, to put it this way, we took away the black soil, and in fact saved the lives of these practitioners and saved each other from killing each other. ”

Femme smiled happily and then shifted her gaze to those scattered black stones, and a rave of fanaticism appeared on her face.

These black stones, on the surface, are no different than regular stones.

They quickly lit a dozen black stones of varying sizes, three or four cubic metres in size, and less than half a cubic metre in size.

“We just walked over and took away these black stones, and the practitioners here were busy looking for black earth, and nobody noticed us. ”

Qin Yi waved at Yanmei.

Therefore, the two people walked to the black source stone so generously, Qin Yi bent over and reached out and grabbed a black source stone of four cubic meters. Lifting up, they actually felt quite a bit of weight. The inner part of this fast black source stone seemed to turn well and contained a lot of black source soil. ”

Without saying a word, he doubled his palm and put the black stone directly into the admission ring.

At this time, Maiden Yan also put away a black source stone. She was walking toward the second black source stone, blinking, the second black source stone, which she received into the Na Qing, and then smiled and walked toward the third.

Seeing her like this, Qin Yi couldn't help but laugh out loud. The scene here is really too weird. Prince Kowloon, they are waiting for a practitioner, they are looking for black source soil madly. However, what they do is useless, real black source soil, but they are put together by the two of them, walking in the idle courtyard, one by one, into the holding.

Of course, all of this is thanks to the six spiritual whales. If the six spiritual whales hadn't taken the situation here in advance and showed it to them through their eyes, they could definitely not deduce these scattered stones, which are black source stones, which contain a lot of black source soil.

“Sixth block. ”

“Seventh block. ”

“Eighth block. ”

“ …… ”

Qin Yi and Feiniang, one by one, put the black stone, income into the Na Qing, fairly relaxed.

However, after a while, they had collected 11 black stones and only the last two were left. At this time, however, the Kowloon dude who was trying to find black earth finally sensed their trick and couldn't help but scream: “Qin Yi boy, what are you doing? ”

Qin Yi grabbed the palm of the twelfth black source stone and was forced to stifle slightly, frowning slightly.

Hearing the call of Lord Kowloon, Seven Kills the Holy Lord, Lord Feng Lei, and other practitioners, all stopped searching for a moment and turned away to look at Qin Yi and Fei Mai.

“Hey, these two are actually collecting rocks! ”

“As soon as I came in, I saw them, not looking for black earth, but standing there idly chatting. ”

“These two are a little weird! ”

“ …… ”

For a moment, practitioners on the field, who had to talk about it, all looked at Qin Yi and Fei Mai incredibly.

Qin Yi flipped his palm and put the black stone into the ring. This made him stand up straight. He picked an eyebrow at Kowloon Prince with no shame: "Lord Kowloon, what do I want to do? Do you care? There are so many practitioners here, but the black sourced soil has never been found. Whether there is black sourced soil here or not, one has to wonder, why am I busy with you? I see the stones here are good. Take a few pieces back to the sculpture. Do you care? ”

“Damn, sculpture! ”

Lord Wind Thunder next to Lord Kowloon smiled and shook his head: “They are all dying people, there is still a mind engraving, really two angry strange. ”

“Stupid pig! ”

As a result, his voice had just fallen, and the Seven Killers beside him had glanced at him with disdain: "If these two were two angry strangers, could they have made us so miserable before? ”

“Seven kills the Holy Lord, you bitch, you said not to call me a pig! ”

The Holy Lord of Thunder was furious at the scene and his chest rose and landed sharply.

“Both of you, shut up! ”

Lord Kowloon drank furiously, staring at the Seven Lord and the Wind Thunder Lord, respectively: “Noisy noise, my head is going to be blown up by you! ”

Seven slaughters the Holy Lord and the wind thunder the Holy Lord shut his mouth and said nothing more.

“How many stones did you take out to sculpt instead of searching for black earth? ”

Lord Kowloon no longer cares about the Seven Kills of the Holy Lord and the Fenglei of the Holy Lord. He turns the gaze of the vulture to Qin Yi and Fengmei.

Obviously, at this moment, he, undoubtedly in his heart, is confused to the extreme. Qin Yi and Feiniang's behavior is obviously wrong, but what is wrong with him, he can't figure it out for a while.

“Can't you take a few stones out to carve and practice? ”

Qin Yi touched his nose: “Even if you can find the black sourced earth here, it's also a lot of porridge monks, I'm not rare. ”

He glanced at Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, put that stone away. ”


Femme responded with pleasure. She leaped to the last black stone, flipped her hands and put it directly into the ring.

So far, thirteen black stones, they've all been put into the ring!


Qin Yi and Fei Fei looked at each other and breathed out a breath of darkness. It was good, no mistake was made. They had collected the black sourced soil that existed in this geese shaking mountain without traces.

“Mai Ma, let's go and let these people slowly find the black earth here. Hope they get lucky and won't be busy for nothing! ”

Qin Yi waved to Maiden Yan.

“I don't think the news can be false. There must be black soil here, but there are too many people here. Once we find black soil, we can't avoid another tragic war. ”

Don't forget to put a smoke bomb on these people before Maiden says goodbye.

Next, they returned to a cave and left without further delay.

“They just left? ”

Everyone on the field, including Lord Kowloon, Lord Seven Killers and Lord Wind Thunder, was standing there staring at each other.

“Looks like the two of them, far more immune than the old man, have so simply abandoned the black soil here and left. ”

A young man in a robe sighed.

“Something's wrong, something's wrong...”

The Kowloon dude in the purple robe was the huge cave that always frowned and stared dead at Qin Yi and Feiniang entering: “I have a bad feeling, these two boys are just playing with something?” What did Maiden Yan just say? After we find the black earth, there will be another tragic war here... ”

Lord Kowloon's eyebrows tightened and thought carefully: “Obviously, what she said was the truth, that is, there are few people here who can eventually survive...”

His vulture's eyes softly lit up, and he thought of a possibility, turning to look at the seven killing holy lords around him: “Seven killing holy lords, do you say there is such a possibility, after Qin Yi and Feiniang go out, will be ambushed in darkness, waiting for those who eventually seize the black earth, after getting out of here, then suddenly jump out and kill them? ”

Obviously, between the Seven Killings and the Wind Thunder, he still believes more in the Seven Killings.

As for Lord Wind Thunder, as the Seven Killers said, he felt like he was all over himself, writing two words —— stupid pigs!

“You mean they're playing mantis hunting cicada lark after this one? ”

Seven kills the Holy Lord with a slight frown: “The same trick, they can't play continuously, can they? ”

“Why is it impossible to play continuously? ”

Lord Kowloon said: “As long as we can compete for the black earth, I believe that Qin Yi's absolute and indiscriminate means will make it out. ”

“I don't think that's a big possibility...”

The Seven Killings Holy Lord pondered: “If they were really doing this kind of reckoning, how would they explain it if they took away those stones? ”

“Take those stones away, perhaps as Qin Yi said, just for carving. Don't forget, the weapon of the flaming lady, is a sword of war, in the sculpture to understand the sword method, this phenomenon is not without. ”

The two of them carefully analyzed the motives of Qin Yi and Feiniang. The wind and thunder lord beside them may have self-knowledge of their intelligence. At this time, it was quiet, but only listened carefully, without interfering.