The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1643: Thoughts

“Kill these two! ”

His mouth screamed like a beast, and the black robe on his body had already been stained red with blood, as it swelled with pounds of brimstone, like a giant stump.

As he ordered, the hundreds of black market killers around him instantly assembled again into a flood stream, following behind him, single-handedly carrying the ink sword, rushing towards Qin Yi and Feiniang in the sky.

Such an attack can be unimaginable!

The spaces within hundreds of feet of each other are heavily distorted as if they were going to collapse at any moment.

Looking down, hundreds of black market killers rushing up like waves, Qin Yi and Fei Mei Niang in their slightly coarse eyes, killing intentions appeared, clothes hunting and sounding, chest burning fierce warfare intentions.


Qin Yi suddenly had a cold drink and had a long gun in his hand. He greeted Maiden Yan bipolar quickly.

“Heh!” “Heh! ”

The two of them attacked, the black market rudder master could not resist. Between that, Qin Yi's long gun of smoke cloud, and the blue sword of Yanmei, stabbed the black market rudder master at the same time.

Later, they grabbed the arms wrist and worked hard at the same time. On the black market rudder master, two big holes appeared and fell straight from the air.

And the hundreds of black market killers who followed him closely were also so tough that they didn't even look at the black market rudder master, still holding the ink sword, Qi Qi stabbed Qin Yi and Feiniang.


Qin Yi drank cold, quickly grabbed Fei Fei's arm, and suddenly rose.

“Hooray! ”

A flood of hundreds of black market killers, running under their feet, just one line away, stabbed them right in the face.

So many black market killers, if they get stabbed, will be instantly stabbed as a sieve, only afraid that Luo Feng such existence, will be instantly killed.


Qin Yi was in constant shape, grabbing the delicate arm of Femme Flame, expanding the speed, and rushing towards the front.

And the hundreds of black market killers behind them, like waves, suddenly rolled up, blinked, and headed forward towards Qin Yi and Feiniang, stabbing fast.

Hundreds of black-market killers, not making a single sound, attacked neatly, and the battle alone was striking.

How could the black market killer of the Sun and Moon gods be nameless?

As these hundreds of black market killers stabbed together, Qin Yi and Feiniang only felt the pounding intent to kill coming from behind, as if to tear them directly. On the backs of the two, instantly emerged the acute pain of density and numbness.

“Get out of here!”

Qin Yi quickly turned around in anger and drunkenness. Dozens of long smoke cloud guns in his hand swept out, sweeping out a dense and numb gun shadow, rushing towards the hundreds of black market killers behind him.

“Ping-pong! ”

The shadow of the dense, numb gunshots swept the black market killers straight up, and suddenly, a single black market killer was swept over and over and out.


Windy and flaming woman, followed by the blue sword, the sharp sword blade, burst out an arc-shaped giant blue sword, with an awesome broken voice, crushing those black market killers behind.


The black-market killers, unable to escape, a single head, were instantly torn to the sky and then rolled down.

With one sword, more than a dozen black market killers were killed directly.


The three black market rudder owners have been killed, the purpose has been achieved, Qin Yi and Yan Meiniang are not in love with each other, the two go to speed, turn into two shadows, plunder away, between that, disappear into the sky.

So far, the black market's assassination of Qin Yi and Yanmei Mai, this announces failure!

These hundreds of black market killers, it is no longer possible to catch up with Qin Yi and Fei Mei, live in Qi Qi, one by one standing there, face to face.

The three black-market rudder owners are dead, and this organization is basically disintegrated. The Sun and Moon Divinity is going to rebuild the black market for a moment and a half, only it will be hard to do.

Of course, the Sun and Moon Theocracy itself does not attach great importance to the black market, otherwise they will not be allowed to make headlines.

You know, the black market was originally an independent existence, but it was later subjugated by the Sun and Moon Divinity.



Qin Yi and Feiniang harvested the natural qi from the sky. Both of them fell on a mountain peak. The whole mountain peak was a slight shake.

On both faces, there was still a killing intent, and there was a hidden surge of pressure, pressing the air around them to float slowly.

“The first assassination of us by the Sun Moon God has been declared a failure! ”

I used to lift my slender hands and smile delightfully shallow.

Ever since the cultivation of the Eight Realms of Imperial Dao, she has obviously felt that her fighting power is much stronger than before. How can she be unhappy?

“This is just the beginning. ”

Qin Yi shook his head slightly with a smile, and his drowning scratched her nose. “If we can't even handle the black market, how can we reach the northern realm and find the goddess? ”

Now, he has not only another jade from the third generation of the Phoenix elders, but also a letter from the Fire Demon, a gold rag, embroidered with a word "fire” in the middle of that gold rag.

So far, Qin Yi has enough letters on four people.

In addition to the jade of the ancient Phoenix chiefs of the third generation, and the fireman's golden rag, there is also a fragrance bag with the first iron curtain of the Empire of the Great Leung and a golden sword of the Great Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe.

Of course, poetic incense bags and beautiful Khan's golden sword, to be exact, are not believers, but objects of love.

Thinking of both of them, Qin Yi had to probe into his arms, take out the incense bag and the golden sword, and grab them gently in his hand. For a moment, Qin Yi just felt as if he had touched poetry and beautiful Khan's skin.

“This incense bag is given to you by poetry, so whose is this golden sword? ”

Looking at the golden sword on Qin Yi's hand, she gently appeared with a shallow smile of unknown meaning on her beautiful little face.

The incense sachet given to Qin Yi by Poetic Rhyme is naturally clear, but Qin Yi has never spoken to Qin Yi about the golden sword given to Qin Yi by beautiful Khan.

“This golden sword? It's from Khan, a tiger wolf tribe in Yulan. ”

Qin Yi lifted the golden sword and shook it gently. On the golden sword, a chill broke out from time to time, causing the cheeks of both of them to have a hidden feeling of pain: “On that day, I went to Yulan mainland to see the end of the wooden snow and Aunt Holy Snow, just at the time the end of the wooden clan joined forces with the Fengyue clan, and there was a massive war with the tiger wolf clan...

“Mai Mai, you know my personality, Tatemu Snow is my fiancée, I have no reason not to help, so I led the elite of the Mu clan and the Fengyue clan to attack Bano, the old capital of the Tiger Wolf clan, at that time, the Khan of the Tiger Wolf clan, has not yet moved to their new capital, Hasa, I led 20,000 elite, to engage the Khan tiger wolf soldiers...”

“So the Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe fell in love with the enemy's commander? What about romantic love stories? ”

Fei Mai smiled and looked at Qin Yi with a straight eye. She saw that Qin Yi's heart was a little hairy. She waved her hands in a hurry: “Fei Mai, I can swear to God, I didn't make a sweat that seduced the tiger wolf tribe in the first place. Everything was wrong with Yin and Yang. Now, I look at this golden sword in my hand and it all feels like a dream. ”

“You don't have to explain. Haven't you heard that explanation is a cover? ”

Yet Femme lifted that pointy little snow and white chin slightly, her nose was good and she hummed softly.

“Mai Ma, listen to me, I really didn't seduce her, I just did what the general was supposed to do, and then... somehow I fell in love with the tiger wolf tribe Khan. ”

“As I said, explanation is a disguise! ”


Qin Yi stunned, his mouth stunned Zhang, not knowing what to say for a while.


Seeing him like this, Yanmei's hands covered her mouth. She couldn't help but scream out loud and her eyes fluttered. The style gave Qin Yi a glance: “Fool, I'm kidding you. Do you think I'm such a cheap person? Besides, will you have fewer lovers? I can tolerate even the witch of Aunt Snow and care about the Khan of one more tiger wolf tribe? ”

There has always been something wrong between her and Aunt Holy Snow. From the first moment we met, it was the sword facing each other.

In a whirl, she sighed again and looked away. The ghost said: "Qin Yi, I don't know if I should be happy or sad with such a man's ticket...”

For a moment, her shadow was a little bit of a Shawther.

Qin Yi's heart moved slightly. He came behind Femme Yun, opened his arms and gently hugged her into his arms. His chin topped Femme Yun's head. Femme Yun's silk uploaded a faint fragrance, which suddenly came to his face.

Feeling Qin Yi's strong chest on his back, the delicate body of the flaming maid shivered in obscurity, his head gently pillow on Qin Yi's chest, the two people held each other so quietly, no one spoke.

Leaning on Qin Yi's chest, she felt Qin Yi's powerful heartbeat. Femme Yan had a strong sense of security.

“Mai Ma, to be honest, sometimes I feel sorry for you. Sometimes I wonder, how can I let a woman who looks like a flower throw herself in her arms like a jade? ”

After a while, Qin Yi sighed softly and said softly.

All he said were heartfelt words, not fantastic words for girls, and in many cases he was guilty of his fiancées.