The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1645: Good Plan

Speaking of business, the Seven Killings of the Holy Lord also put aside the temptation of the Lord Thunder. He frowned slightly. “So now, this Blue Girl, have you detected the whereabouts of Qin Yi and Fei Feng? ”

“Detected. ”

Lord Kowloon nodded: “They have three days to get to the north. ”

Seven Kills the Holy Lord lifted a slender jade finger, rubbed the temple, slightly sighed, "So now, our position, it's a little far from them, so if you go after them like this, you can't chase them. In this way, you will immediately inform the Bishop through the charm, and the Bishop will notify the Silver Snow Holy Lord and Lord Shura, who are ambushed on the edge of the northern realm, to lead the best men to intercept them. ”

After a pause, Seven Kills the Holy Lord continued: "Then we swiftly slaughtered from here. In this way, we can form a double-sided clamping force with the Silver Snow Holy Lord and the Shuro Holy Lord. By then, we will gather together the top masters of the Sun and Moon Divinity. Even if Qin Yi and Yanmei have three heads and six arms, they will be killed by us! ”

“Good plan! ”

It is said that both Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Lei were forced to kill the Holy Lord with a fresh look.

Feel the eyes of Lord Kowloon and Lord Feng Thunder falling on himself. Seven killers subconsciously put the two full seats in the chest, lightly stretched, beautiful little face, slightly raised, appeared a colour of arrogance.

“Okay, I'll let my father know right away and tell him what we're up to! ”

Lord Kowloon got a little excited, and when he didn't say anything, he turned his hand and took out that thin thousand statues of the world.

As he slightly fluctuated the gas in his body, the thousand statues of the world was above his palm, slowly rising and becoming larger, but for a moment, it was about a meter wide and two meters long.

Immediately afterwards, the nine wilderness appeared on top of the thousand likes of the world, slowly emerged, and he still had the whole person trapped in a beast leather chair, looking very lazy: "Dragon, what are you doing? ”

“Seen my father! ”

Lord Kowloon salutes the nine wilderness of the world.

“Meet the Bishop! ”

The Seven Killers and the Lord of Wind Thunder are also on one knee with both hands forward.

“Get up, we're hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart now, we don't have to do this. ”

Nine wastes waved the dry thin arm randomly, turning the vulture's eyes and looking back at Lord Kowloon: “Dragon, what is it? If you want to report the assassination of Qin Yi by the black market, you don't need to report it, I already know. ”

“The child knows, but the child is not reporting this to you, but something else. ”

The Kowloon Prince paused and said: "Father, this is how it happened. Lan Ji investigated the whereabouts of Qin Yi and Fei Fei. ”

“Where are they now? ”

The vulture eyes of the Nine Wastes became bright, and it seemed that the whole person, all of a sudden, had a lot of spirit.

“The two of them were not satisfied with the pace at which they were moving forward, and are now not far from the North, where they are expected to be able to enter within three days. ”

Lord Kowloon said.

“Then why are you still standing here? Hurry up and hunt. Don't forget, this is our last chance to kill Qin Yi. ”

In the thousand statues of the world, the nine wilderness drinks, swirls, and looks at the seven killers: “Seven killers, what's wrong with you? You know, I usually admire your talent, but why are you still here with the two of them? ”

The Seven Killers have not yet spoken, and Lord Kowloon hastily saluted to the Nine Desolations: “Father, don't blame the Seven Killers. In fact, we have just come up with a plot. I just want to say this plot to you so that you can confirm it. ”

“Tell me, what was your plan? ”

Nine wilderness showed a slight interest.

“Father, yes. ”

Lord Kowloon said: "Father, you immediately contact the Silver Snow Holy Lord and Lord Shuro, who are ambushed on the edge of the northern realm, and let them intercept Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai. Then, I, the Seven Killing Holy Lord and the Three Wind Thunder Holy Men, lead a large number of Sun and Moon Divine peak masters, so that we can launch a double-sided offensive against Qin Yi and Fei Mai Mai. Even if Qin Yi and Fei Mai have three heads and six arms, they will surely escape! ”

“Pfft, pfft! ”

Nine wilderness slap lightly, the dry and thin face slowly emerged a joy: “You are quite good at this plot, I have been worried, can you intercept Qin Yi and Feiniang, now it seems that my fear is superfluous, the three of you, together with Silver Snow, Shuro, and a large number of peak Christians, there is no escape between them. ”

With the praise of the Nine Wastes, the Kowloon Prince and the Seven Killers of the Holy Lord are all a joy.

“Well, the three of you move now and go to the North. I will inform both Silver Snow and Wind Thunder that in order not to get them to the northern margins too soon, I will send some more people along the way to drag them both, so that you will not catch up with them. ”

"Remember, when you catch up with them, don't rush to do it. Be sure to wait until you reach the northern edge. After the appearance of Lord Silver Snow and Lord Shura, you will do it again, so that you can form a double offensive with Lord Silver Snow and Lord Shura. ”

“The father is wise, the child must remember! ”

Lord Kowloon said respectfully.

“Go, you go now! ”

Kowloon waved his hand toward Kowloon, the statue slowly disappeared in the thousand statues world, the thousand statues world quickly became smaller, fell into Kowloon's hands, Kowloon's hands doubled, and the thousand statues world was reincorporated into the ring.

“Get out of here! ”

Lord Kowloon punches his hand.


Immediately, dozens of shadows, from the building beneath them, rushed up, blinking, fell beside the three princes, Lord Kowloon, Lord Wind Thunder, and Lord Seven Killers.

These dozens of people, both men and women, each with a hidden and unparalleled aura, can be judged solely from the momentum of these people, who are much stronger than the hundreds of leading killers on the black market who appeared before.

Obviously, these people, all of them at the height of the Sun and Moon divinity, can come together to flatten an empire with absolute ease.

Now, these peak Sun Moon goddesses are going to do their best against Qin Yi and Fei Fei!

“Let's go to the north, hunt down Qin Yi and Yanmei! ”

Lord Kowloon waved his hand with the wind thunder and the seven killers, and at the same time swept up towards the sky and swept forward. A few blinks disappeared into the sky.

The dozens of Sun, Moon and Shinto peaks dared not be slightly lazy, followed in the footsteps of Lord Kowloon, Lord Wind Thunder and the Seven Killings of the Holy Lord, towards the northern realm and rapidly swept away.

The shadow of a path, like a swarm of locusts, is constantly distorting the space where an awesome voices of emptiness are shocked through the air.



Qin Yi and Feiniang's figure, in a wild mountain ridge, constantly stormed forward. In order to be able to better observe the surrounding situation, they did not directly carry out the instantaneous movement.

Qin Yi's consciousness has not been retracted, covering a range of about 120,000 square feet. Once an enemy breaks into this range, he can immediately detect it.

The Six Spiritual Uglies of Femme Fire are also kept outside by her, and she sometimes retrieves them and browses through the images they ingest, so as not to fall into the siege of the Sun and Moon gods without knowing it.


At some point.

Qin Yi plundered his body and paused.

“Something wrong? ”

The flaming woman beside her followed her body shape and turned her face to ask Qin Yi confused.


Qin Yi nodded and touched his nose: “In the position of about 150,000 people in front of us, three practitioners emerged. They came to us in diameter, they should be from the Sun and Moon Divinity. ”

“The diameter is coming towards us? ”

Femme Yan frowned slightly, pink mumps on both sides, drummed lightly, exhaled: “As one of the peak forces of the great world of Xuanhuang Huang, the Sun Moon God is so terrible that it is so easy to grasp our whereabouts, now that they appear, let's kill them! ”

In the conversation room, her beautiful eyes, already slowly surged a killing intent, the touching delicate body of Nachana became like a sword out of the sheath, giving people a sharp feeling.

“Since these three Sun and Moon gods came directly to us, we naturally have to kill them! ”

Qin Yi Junyi's face revealed a confused color: “I just don't understand why there are only three people, Lord Kowloon and them? Why didn't you show up? Isn't he supposed to come after us with the Seven Killers and the Thunder? ”

“There's something strange about this, maybe, about their conspiracy. ”

Femme Yan customarily touched her forehead: “We haven't met Lord Kowloon since Goose Mountain, which is obviously a bit abnormal. ”

It has to be said that sometimes a woman's sixth sense is truly terrible.

“Forget it, kill the three masters of the Sun and Moon gods in front of you. ”

The spiritual consciousness locked the three Sun and Moon Muslims in front of him. In Qin Yi's eyes, there was also a hidden surge of killing intent. For the people of Sun and Moon Muslim, he did not have any fondness. If he encountered them, he would kill them!