The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1653: Encountering Chiaki Mizu

“Jeppen! ”

A big shock!

Imprinted from the sky, Jin Guang Huge Palm was photographed violently. The whole Xing Sect City was followed by a tremor. Hundreds of beasts and knights below, had not yet returned to God from the forced force of the upper hand, and had been severely photographed on the ground with one hand.


Qin Yi in the high altitude glanced down, but couldn't help but frown. He could only see the hundreds of knights and beasts down there. After bearing the hands of the two annihilated creatures, there were traces of tortoises.

“After my cultivation broke through to the middle of the Eight Realms of Emperor, the power of the heavenly creatures was much stronger than before, and the power of these beasts and knights was not terrifying, so I could destroy them with the hands of the heavenly creatures alone. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose: “In that case, everything is fine. ”

He turned to look at the flaming woman beside him: "Mai Mai, this battle, you can rest while I give you everything. ”

At this time, Femme Flame also discovered the following beasts and knights, already showing signs of tortoise cracking, and smiled shallow: “No problem, this battle seems to be enough for you alone. ”

Yan Bi, her figure flashed and turned into a white light. In the blink of an eye, she was plundering thousands of feet away, standing in the air and watching from afar.

Qin Yi's hand in the annihilation of all beings is very clear. If it is fully implemented, it will definitely be enough to cover the entire Xing Patriarchate!

“This is ridiculous. I can't believe I'm trying to pick thousands of Beast Knights on my own! ”

Austin, who is a thousand feet away, has made a gesture of watching. He snorted and whispered once again, waving the long knife in his hand: “Give it all to me, and step on this boy into the mud! ”

In the talking room, he had already prompted the snow-white beast underneath him. One horse first, waved a long knife and rushed towards Qin Yi.

The beast beneath him, also peculiar, had no wings, but was able to fly in the air, and was fast, turning into a huge white light, rushing towards Qin Yi.

The beast knights next to him followed him and rushed to Qin Yi at great speed.

At the same time, the hundreds of different beast knights who had been killed by the hands of the two heavenly extinctions underneath also rushed up at full speed.


Thousands of Beast Knights, led by Austin, turned into two flood streams, quickly killed to Qin Yi, the whole void, were unstable, as if they were going to collapse at any moment.

Qin Yi stood proudly in the air, wearing a white robe, hunting sounded, full of dark hair, madly dancing,

His eyes curled slightly, looking at the flow of two beast knights rushing towards him at great speed, his handsome face suddenly appeared with a delightful slight smile: “Okay, let me witness the true power of the hands of the godless creatures. ”

Yan Bi, his right hand swung, a huge false palm imprint clustered with his palms, as wide as 10,000 pieces, as if cast in gold, a golden piece, the whole Xing Ancestral City was reflected in a golden color.

Kwanda's golden palm imprint covered thousands of beast knights below.

“How many times bigger is this golden palm print than the two that just appeared? ”

“What kind of magic work is this? The golden palm imprint that punches out with one hand and gathers together with one hand actually covers thousands of our beast knights, all of them. ”

“ …… ”

Knights of the Beasts, a shout, the unstoppable heart breeds despair.

“Boom! ”

Just as they were stunned, the golden palm of Kunda Wanjong was stamped, the wind rolled with it, and the whole Xing Ancestral City was shaking violently.

Thousands of beast knights, including Austin, the owner of the city, were all photographed on the ground, and their brains were buzzing and they were stunned.

Qin Yi stood at high altitude with a slight smile on his face, but the eyes in his eyes were cold. For the people of the Sun and Moon Divinity, he could not have any compassion.

“Qin Yi Boy, I don't believe you really are a god. I also want to pick on thousands of beast knights alone. Look, I'll destroy you now! ”

Austin's cultivation, a lot higher than those of his beast knights, was also the first to return to God. He immediately drank loudly, held a long knife against the sky, and rushed to Qin Yi in high altitude.

However, he just rushed up--


A giant blue sword, with an awesome sound of emptiness, split from afar, blinking, did not enter his body.

Austin's tall body, suddenly stiff in the air, the center of his face, appeared with a tiny red line that divided the entire face into two pieces.

“Mai Mai, aren't you telling me to deal with these beast knights alone? ”

Qin Yi suddenly turned around quickly and looked at it. All she could see was Maiden carrying her blue sword. She rushed over quickly.

Maiden Yan had come to Qin Yi's side and exhaled softly: “These beast knights cannot be killed. ”


It wasn't until then that Austin's body suddenly split open into two valves and fell to the ground.

Qin Yi looked down, Austin's two flaps glanced at his body, confused and frowned: “Aren't they from the Sun and Moon gods? For us not to kill? ”

Lifting his hands, he customarily touched the beautiful, glossy forehead, and the flaming woman shook her head: "They are not necessarily people of the Sun and Moon Divinity, who want to control this Xing ancestral city, just control Austin. And these beast knights are the guardians of this city. If we kill them all, this city will be in disarray. By then, we will be afraid of many innocent people and will have their lives cut off. ”

"Now that Austin is dead, I'm sure the capital of this Xingzhengcheng will soon introduce a new city owner to lead these beast knights and defend this Xingzheng city. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but shine, twirl, and lift his palms again. He gently touched the cheeks of the flaming maid. He smiled slightly: “Not bad, I really don't see it. The seven best women of the ancient era, with a pair of bodhisattva hearts. ”

“That's natural. ”

Appreciated by Qin Yi, Femme Femme instantly rejoiced, will have two large seats on her chest, arrogantly light and straightforward.

When Qin Yi heard the words of the Emperor, Qin Yi couldn't help but slightly smile. He found out that the physique of the Emperor after being modified by the drop of blood of the Emperor, his mood, also unwittingly, changed. The former Mai Qin would never say such words, let alone stop himself from killing these beast knights.

“Let's go. ”

Maiden Yan waved at Qin Yi.

Ignoring the thousands of beast knights below, Qin Yi and Feiniang, the double champion Xingzhengcheng's gates, stormed off.

The Ice King and the owner of this Xingzhengcheng city are both dead. It is impossible to have any more masters to stop them. After a fragrant hour, they both, in the gates of the Xingzheng city, swept out.


As soon as he emerged from the city, it was a long whistle coming over his head.

Qin Yi and Feiniang were both forced to live in their shape. They looked up and saw only a small blue dot in the sky, where they kept spinning.

After a few laps of that little blue dot, it swept toward the sky behind them, swiftly, blinking, and vanished into their sight.

“It's the Blue Eagle of Kowloon again. ”

"Master Kowloon has been watching us closely all the time. ”

“This feeling of being watched at all times is very uncomfortable. ”

Qin Yi sighed.

He has been watching people, and now he is being watched, which makes him feel naked.

“Otherwise, why don't we just stop and wait for them and have a good time with them. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said slowly.

Femme sighed slightly and shook her head: “No, there are seven killers of the Holy Lord and the Holy Lord of Wind Thunder, two of the peaks of the Sun and Moon Divinity, in addition to the forty and fifty masters, our mending, although it has reached the middle of the Eight Realms of the Empire, but I think that if we really started with them, there is no 100% certainty of victory, in case we are not opponents, wait here for them or find our own way to die. ”

“That makes sense, too. ”

Qin Yi agreed with the nod.

Next, without further delay, the two men proceeded towards the north and stormed off.

Qin Yi's spiritual consciousness has not been retracted, covering the range of one hundred thousand yards. Once an enemy enters this range, he can immediately detect it.

And the six spiritual whales of the flaming lady, she always puts them outside to find out everything.


The shadows of the two men, ravaged in the wilderness.

The next day, Qin Yi's spiritual awareness was covered, and a figure appeared, a young man, who stood quietly there, as if compatible with the heavens and the earth.

To be precise, this is a figure familiar to Qin Yi.

When the powerful spirit, this familiar figure, directly in the form of a picture, was reflected in Qin Yi's mind, Qin Yi plundered his body, suddenly a beating, where his chin broke the ground: “He...”

In his mind, a figure dressed in a silver robe stood still, full of silver hair, floating with the wind.

This figure is very much like Xuanyang in Tianxing Mansion in the past.

Although I've only seen it once before, it turns to ash and Qin Yi knows this figure.

“Who is it?”

Yanmei Nachana's touching delicate body was also suddenly paused. Turning her face, she looked confused at Qin Yi.

“Thousand Autumns! ”

Qin Yi's mouth spit out these three words.


Rumor has it, Femme Flame also suddenly stunned, that's quite a tempting little red mouth, stunned one, snow white pointed small chin, broken the ground.