The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1655: Anti-surveillance

“Jeppen! ”

Once he saw the divine nong ding, with tremendous pressure, he suddenly printed it from the sky, and once he did, he printed Chiaki water into the ground several times deep.

Since Qin Yi's cultivation, after breaking through to the middle of the Eight Realms of Emperor Dao, the power of Shennong Ding has been much stronger than before.


Shennong Ding came out of that big pit, burst into Qin Yi, Qin Yi big hand bounced, grabbed it in his hand.

“Mai Mai, go! ”

After a cold drink, Qin Yi grabbed Fei Fei's slender hand and shook her figure. The two disappeared directly in place.

The next moment, they were tens of thousands of feet away, standing on a mountain peak.


Femme flamed the pink mumps on both sides, drumming lightly and exhaling slowly: “Finally, I got rid of the chase of Qianqiu Shui. ”

The "Five Steps of Extinction" of Qianqiushui water, when the power is really horrible, only three steps are taken, the two of them are already a little irresistible.

Of course, no matter how powerful Qian Qiushui's "Five Steps of Extinction" is, after five steps, it is unlikely that Qin Yi and Yan Meiwen will be killed.

Let's not forget that the two of them, the King of Kyushu and the Seven Zeniths, were reincarnated and were much stronger than ordinary practitioners.

However, once Qian Qiu Shui's "five steps of extinction" had been taken, both of them, even if they were immortal, would be seriously injured. Yi, Qin Yi, instead of letting Qian Qiu Shui take the fourth step, chose to attack suddenly and then flee quickly.

The fourth step of Qianqiu Shui, they can't be safe and will be traumatized!

“Though Thousand Autumns did not intercept us this time, now that he knows where we are, he is afraid that in the future our lives will not be too peaceful. ”

Qin Yi said slightly bitter.

The Sun and Moon Theocracy are still frantically hunting down their own two people. Now, Chiakishi, a powerful enemy, has emerged again, and this situation has left them helpless.

“As long as we completely build the Jade Spirit Beast, and with the power of Qianqiu Shui, we can no longer do anything about it, so our priority is to enter the Aristocratic Jedi of the North as soon as possible and find the Aristocrats. ”

Maiden said.

Their current position, only tens of thousands of people, Qin Yi's spiritual knowledge, can easily cover Qian Qiu water from the place just now where Qian Shui intercepted them.


Within the scope of Qin Yi's consciousness perception, the huge earth pit printed by Shennong Ding, Qian Qiu Shui turned into a silver flash and swept out.

He doesn't have any scars on him.

“That bronze dick is good. It can actually print me underground. It's a couple of lengths deep...”

Chiakiushui stood there, that show beauty to the ultimate face, but there was no slight annoyance: “I can't believe this kid Qin Yi, there is such a baby. No wonder the god guards who sent him to kill him before, let him kill back. ”

Qian Qiu Shui glanced at the place where Qin Yi and Feiniang had fled. He sighed for a while and exhaled softly: “Forget it, you run away. Now that you have mastered your whereabouts, you will not be able to bungle for a few days. ”

Yan Bi, he slowly stepped away and shrunk into inches, as if traveling in space and time, stepping out, appeared directly hundreds of feet away.

“Mai Ma, quickly, let a spiritual whale follow Thousand Autumn Water and grasp his whereabouts. ”

At the top of the mountain peak, Qin Yi perceived the departure of Qianqiu Shui with his consciousness and hurried to say to the flaming lady around him.

Master the whereabouts of Thousand Autumns?

Rumor has it, the flaming lady had to flinch, and the face came up with a thick color of delight: “This caution, indeed, is good to think of, which is called reactivity. ”

She flipped her hand and took the map of the animal soul out of the Na Ring. As soon as it was displayed, one soul whale came out of the map of the animal soul.


Lingwu rushed to the sky, a long whistle, his body quickly grew bigger, the sound of “Peng” burned, the broad wing spread, hundreds of feet, hard work under the fan, the room was plundered to the sky, disappeared into the sight of Qin Yi and Fengmei.

“Well, even if Thousand Autumns found this ghost, it's impossible to associate it with us letting him go and watching him. ”

Looking in the direction of Lingwu's disappearance, Qin Yi gazed.

“Oh, take 10,000 steps back and say that even if Thousand Autumn Water knows that this Lingwu was released by us, it can't be killed even if Thousand Autumn Water's power is stronger. ”

Femme smiled happily shallow and waved: “Come on, let's keep going. ”

Without further delay, each of the two men swung and swung and swung towards the northern realm.


A stone thousands of kilometers from them.

The three Lord Kowloon, the Seven Killers, and the Lord Wind Thunder stood there, and the dozens of masters of Sun and Moon God in black robes stood behind them, each of them in a divine manner, and dozens of others stood there without a sound.

“Pfft! ”

In the sky in front of them, a little blue light suddenly appeared.

The blue speeds swept towards them, like a meteor, between blinks, over their heads, circling twice over them, diving down sharply and falling on the shoulders of Prince Kowloon.

“Lord Kowloon, look, what news did Langji bring back? What's the matter with that boy Qin Yi now? ”

Lord Feng Thunder rubbed his hands with some excitement.

The Seven Kills of the Holy Lord beside him is also a gaze of anticipation, looking to Lord Kowloon.

After Lord Kowloon took Lange off his shoulder and touched the blue feather, he drew a little spirituality and penetrated into his eyes to browse the images he had ingested.

After a while, the Kowloon dude retrieved his spiritual knowledge and then returned the Blue Eagle to the air.

“Lord Kowloon, what's going on? ”

The holy lord of wind thunder asked eagerly.

“There was a fierce battle in Xingzongcheng, and Xingzongcheng owner Austin, as well as Ice King, were both killed by Qin Yi and Feiniang, but they did not massacre the thousands of beast knights. ”

Lord Kowloon said.

The Seven Killers and the Feng Thunder Lord did not intervene and listened carefully.

“Austin and Ice King will be slaughtered by Qin Yi and Yanmei, which is expected, and their strength is too wide. ”

"However, after Qin Yi and Yan Mei-wen left Xing Zongcheng, something happened that confused me quite a bit. ”

“What is it?”

The Lord of Thunder asked.

Dressed in a red robe, the colorful Seven Killer Holy Lord showed a slight interest in the show's eyes.

“The two of them encountered the interception of a young man in a silver robe. The strength of the young man was very strong. I was definitely no longer under the Holy Lord of Silver Snow. Qin Yi joined forces with Feiniang, neither was his opponent, only his part in the escape. ”

Lord Kowloon frowned: “I'm sure that the man in the silver robe is not from our Sun and Moon Divinity. Then, the identity of the man in the silver robe is only three possibilities. Either he is the one who bathes in the blood, or he is the one who has the everlasting pilgrimage, or he is the fourth most powerful person to emerge. ”

“In addition to us, are there others after Qin Yi and Yanmei? ”

The Lord Wind Thunder blinked his eyes and got a little excited: “That's a good thing for us. The enemy of the enemy is our friend, Lord Kowloon. In my opinion, why don't we immediately find the trail of the silver robe man and join hands with him. So, killing Qin Yi and Fei Mei Qiang would save us a lot of trouble? ”

“Friend, you're paralyzed! ”

As a result, the voice of Lord Feng Thunder had just fallen. The Seven Kills of the Holy Lord was quite a show. He was very cold and “hummed”: “Stupid pig, just because your mother is an ultimate pig, it is intolerable! ”

“Seven kills the Holy Lord, you dead bitch, how many times have I told you, don't call me stupid pig, don't call me stupid pig, are your ears made of wood? ”

The Lord Feng Thunder is furious, his lungs are going to explode. He immediately turned his hand and took out Fang Tian Painting Trident. He severely slashed the Holy Lord in the seventh direction. “Dead woman, I won't let you eat one of my Tian Painting Trident today. I, the Lord Feng Thunder, will give you your last name! ”

Seeing that the heavenly trite of the Lord Thunder fell, the Seven Killers did not dare to slacken, hurriedly fluttered the aura in his body, and his feet suddenly slipped, between them, he retreated to dozens of lengths to open.


The heavenly trident of the Lord of Thunder strikes the ground, immediately striking the ground and striking out a giant crack, stretching forward like a web of spiders.

The huge air wave swept away, couldn't escape the Kowloon Prince, and suddenly the shock flew out, fell to the ground, grey face, wolf.


The Holy Lord of Thunder was shocked and couldn't help but laugh.

“Pfft! ”

Looking at the dusty son of Kowloon, the seven holy lords in the distance, he couldn't help but cover his mouth and smile.

“Lord Wind Thunder, are you sick? ”

Lord Kowloon's lungs are about to blow up. "I said you two, don't move or you won't make it? ”

“Lord Kowloon, as you can see, it was the Seven Dead Ladies who killed the Holy Lord, who first called me a stupid pig. ”

The Holy Lord of Thunder cracked his mouth and spread his hands quite innocently.

“Lord Wind Thunder, I've said it hundreds of times. Think about everything. Seven kills the Holy Lord to call you a stupid pig. There's really no mistake! ”

Lord Kowloon was angry: "And seven kills the Holy Lord. You too. If you know he's stupid, give him a little patience, will you? ”

“I'm sorry, I really can't afford to be patient with someone so stupid. ”

Seven kills the Holy Lord with his seductive little red mouth, without hesitation.

“This damned bitch is still saying I'm stupid enough to eat my trident! ”

The Lord of Thunder is furious.

“Enough! ”

Lord Kowloon drank cold and stared heavily at the Lord Thunder.

The holy lord of wind thunder suddenly had to lift the just raised fangtian trident, and let it go again, afraid to build it again.