The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1659: Death of the Holy Lord Shura

“Since you know that, what do you say about these two? ”

The exquisite face of the Silver Snow Lord doesn't see the slightest expression: “You mean, two ordinary people with sparse powers can kill me? ”


Lord Shura was choked by the Silver Snow Lord and could not speak.

Just at this moment, the flow of a road, also from the air, came towards this place rapidly, and between blinks, from a thousand feet away, swept here, and fell from the air.

These visitors, Horan, are the Lord of Kowloon, the Seven Killers, the Lord of Wind Thunder, and the dozens of Sun, Moon and God saints.

They had just landed, and the sky across the street, followed by a stream of speeds.

Obviously, those are the dozens of Sun and Moon gods who followed Silver and Snow and Shura before them.

At one time, the Sun Moon Divine sect came out to hunt down Qin Yi and Yanmei Feng, all of whom arrived, trapping Qin Yi and Yanmei Feng, the group.

“Ha ha, these two boys, they're so bound in the air by Lord Shura, it's funny! ”

Lord Feng Thunder laughed and suddenly raised Fang Tian Painting Trident. He rushed up and drank in anger: “Kid Qin Yi, eat my side of Tian Painting Trident! ”

It was just that he had just rushed up, a white, slender hand, and grabbed him again, and then he fell hard on the ground.

“Paralyzed, Seven Kills the Holy Lord, you fucking bitch, why do you always have to come with me? ”

The wind thunder lord had fallen to his face and his lungs were going to explode.

Indeed, the one who slammed him so hard on the ground was the Seven Holy Fathers!

The sexually aggressive Seven Kills the Holy Lord, but he is lazy. He is only born there, staring back into the air, Qin Yi and Fei Mai, bound by the blood of the Holy Lord Shuro, his chest, seven blood knives, suspended there silently.

At this time, Lord Kowloon also had no heart, ignoring the mad wind thunder Lord, looking at the two Qin Yi and Fei Mai in the sky, that miserable white face without a hint of blood, hatred and excitement:

“Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, you two boys, chase us so hard, cause us to become Sun Moon God, even lean out of the nest, but obviously, today, everything is over, hand over the Jade, I can leave you a whole corpse, but your soul, I will still pull it out, smell it in my weapon, make you part of my weapon for eternity! ”

Every time he met Qin Yi before, Qin Yi humiliated Prince Kowloon so he couldn't help but want to find a sewer to drill in. This scene, he must find it back.

Yes, even if Qin Yi handed over the jade, he still had to pull Qin Yi and Yanmei out and smell it into his weapon.

Around, Sun and Moon Shinto sent more than a hundred peak masters this time, has surrounded the group here, Qin Yi and Yanmei two, this time, it is difficult to fly with wings.

The strong peak of the Sun and Moon Divinity, gathered here today, even if there are evil gods at the peak of the great world of Xuan Huang, will be reckless, there is no chance of victory!

Of course, the power of Sun, Moon and Shinto is far more than that. There are still many masters, dispersed in various places, such as the thousand mountains and snows that appeared in the past, who are not here.

Qin Yi and Feiniang were bound in the air by the blood of the Holy Lord Shuro. Both of them fell into silence. The power contained in the blood of the Holy Lord Shuro exceeded their previous imagination.

Of the four holy lords, Lord Shura is above the Seven Killings, after the Silver Snow Lord.

“Something's wrong, something's wrong...”

The seven holy lords in red robes stared dead into the air. At this moment, Qin Yi and Yanmei, both of whom had been completely silenced, frowned sharply and tightly.

“What's wrong? ”

Lord Kowloon turned his face and bewildered his eyes toward the Seven Kills of the Holy Lord.

Wind Thunder, Silver Snow, and more than a hundred of the top Sun and Moon goddesses around them are all staring suspiciously at the Seven Killers.

“The blood of the Holy Lord Shuro is indeed terrifying, but it seems unlikely that Qin Yi and Feiniang will be bound so easily...”

Seven kills, says the Holy Lord.

She still knows the strength of Qin Yi and Yanmei.

The Silver and Snow Holy Lord in his silver robe beside him also lightened his head: “I have just dealt with these two, their strength can only be described by the word terror...”

“Poop! ”

As a result, her voice, in the high altitude, tied the blood of Qin Yi and Feiniang, the hair burst open violently and broke directly in inches.

This blood is connected to the Spirit of Lord Shura, this explosion, the Spirit of Lord Shura, suddenly severely traumatized, a "wow” sound, a bite of blood, erupting.

“Mai Mai, attack! ”

In the high altitude, in the scattered blood of the sky, only Qin Yi was heard to drink angrily.

Next moment.

Two shadows rushed down from the sky.


The blue flashed, and the great head of the Holy Lord Shura was cut at great speed, and the great head was suddenly cut into the sky.


At the same moment, a long blue gun of more than ten lengths penetrated the heart of Lord Shura. As the blue gun suddenly stirred, a large hole appeared in the chest of Lord Shura.

It's not over!

“Boom boom...”

It is printed from the sky with the heavenly pressure of Shennong Ding.


The many tall bodies of the Holy Lord Shura were directly and deeply imprinted underground by the Divine Nong Ding.

One photograph and the Holy Lord Shura will be killed!

The four holy lords of the Sun and Moon are now three!

It all happened so suddenly!

On the field, Lord Kowloon, Lord Silver Snow, Lord Seven Killers, Lord Wind Thunder, and more than a hundred Sun, Moon and God's peak strong men, all suddenly stuck together and their chins smashed to pieces.

Yes, the Holy Lord Shu Luo is strong, but his blood hair, it is impossible to really bind Qin Yi and Feiniang, and at the same time, they die tied together. The reason they are silent, pretending to be tied up is to wait for an opportunity to make these people think that they will bind them, suddenly both hands out.

Moreover, the plans of Qin Yi and Feiniang themselves are actually perfectly perfect. One person killed Lord Feng Lei, one person killed Lord Kowloon, defeated both of them, helplessly killed the Holy Lord and the Silver Snow Holy Lord with a keen mind, and I can see it.

Yes, they can only work together to kill Lord Shura.

Of course, the two of them did not give up on the killing of Prince Kowloon. While everyone was stunned, Qin Yi took a look and grabbed Shennong Ding in his hand, and then hit Prince Kowloon hard.

“Boom boom...”

From the moment Shennong Ding disengaged from Qin Yi's palm, he once again surged to a sight. With tremendous pressure, he made a harsh impression on Lord Kowloon.

“Kill him! ”

Qin Yi drank cold, in his eyes, the intent to kill appeared.

Together with Maiden Yan, he held their respective weapons and immediately followed Shennong Ding. He stabbed the Kowloon Prince forward at great speed.

“Boom! ”

Shennong Ding will be stunned by the Kowloon Prince. He will be printed and flied out in a flash.


Qin Yi's long smoke cloud gun, as well as the blue sword of the flaming woman, turned blue and blue into two streams, and took the flying Kowloon Prince directly.

“Save Lord Kowloon! ”

Still the quickest response of the Silver Snow Holy Lord, instantly returning to God to hold the Silver Sword, instantly rising to hundreds of brothers, splitting apart, large pieces of silver sword, like a silver river, rushing towards Qin Yi and Femme Yin.

At the same moment, the seven blood knives that killed the Holy Lord, the trident of the wind and thunder, and the weapons of more than a hundred top Sun and Moon goddesses, all attacked Qin Yi and Feiniang.

“Grass, such a fierce attack, if it is hit, it will be extinct in an instant! ”

Qin Yi was shocked and had to abandon the killing of Prince Kowloon. He grabbed Shennong Ding and suddenly threw him at the attack of more than a hundred weapons.

Meanwhile, he and Maiden spread the speed, one point to both sides.


Silver Sword of Silver Snow Holy Lord, Seven Blood Knives of Seven Killing Holy Lord, Fountain Trident of Wind Thunder Holy Lord... and more than a hundred other weapons, all struck Shennong Ding, Shennong Ding suddenly trembled, but did not crumble, not even crack one.

And the pounding wave swept away, like the sea of the ocean, thinking of the Quartet, Silver and Snow Lord, Seven Killer Holy Lord, Wind and Thunder Lord and more than a hundred other Sun and Moon God peak strong people, were struck and flied out all around.

The earth is fractured and the space is shaken violently, as if it were to crumble.

However, these people finally had quite an elite cultivation. Soon, they stopped flying and surrounded Qin Yi and Feiniang again.

At this time, the Kowloon dude in purple robe also rushed over. He was severely imprinted by the Shennong Dingfang. He printed his internal wound and put blood on the corner of his mouth. His face was already miserable and white.

He held a bronze ancient spear and drank furiously at Qin Yi and Feiniang: “It's this time of year, what kind of wind and wave do you want to stir up? It's ridiculous, Qin Yi Boy, don't you realize that at this time, you are still dying to struggle, even killing Lord Shuro, is a stupid act? Next, I will tear you to pieces, and your souls will suffer 36 melting fires! ”

Qin Yi and Feiniang stood on that shattered earth. The weapons in their hands were still silently dripping blood.

“You didn't kill Lord Kowloon. Looks like Lord Kowloon's life is hard! ”

Qin Yi sighed and his heart was full of regrets. Only then, as long as Silver Snow Holy Lord and their reaction slowed slightly, he and Feiniang got their hands on it. Prince Kowloon is now a dead body.