The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1671: Precursors of the Holocaust


Lord Kowloon screamed, his body trembled unrestrained, looking into the eyes of the Nine Wastes, confused, frightened, desperate, painful, all.

He never dreamed that he would suddenly kill his father, who had always treated him like a treasure.

At this moment, the deep eyes of Kowloon were so cold that they didn't say a word. They just strangled five dry and thin fingers to death in the head of Prince Kowloon, completely disregarding his pain and despair.

This Nine Falls, when it's really cold and cruel, even his own son can be killed like this without blinking!

Far away, Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, Ling Yu, Blood Daughter, the five desolate gods can all see and breathe cool air. No wonder this person is so harsh, he can become a goddess of the Sun and Moon.

Soon, the five fingers caught in the head of the Kowloon Prince became transparent, and then, seeing the Kowloon Prince's head, a red blood, was sucked up by the five dry and thin fingers of the Kowloon, through those five fingers, into the body of the Kowloon.

“Ah, ah...”

Lord Kowloon was in great pain and screaming, his body was constantly swinging, his eyes were coloured, his fear reached the extreme, his whole person was even absorbing blood with the Nine Desolations, and a little shrinking.

Ignoring the scream of Kowloon, Nine Wastes still silently caught five fingers in Kowloon's head, constantly sucking Kowloon's blood. His five fingers, like five tubes, were red.

“It's a trick. ”

Maiden Yan immediately made a judgment after watching the eyebrows: “Nine wilderness will kill the Kowloon prince, definitely to enhance his own fighting power, the Nine wilderness, must have cultivated some extremely evil method, I can conclude that this method must be father-son blood, the Nine wilderness will bring the Kowloon prince around to hunt us, in case he fought with several of us, once he can not fight, directly kill the Kowloon prince, to implement his evil taboo method. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and others all had to blink their eyes. This Nine Wastes, when it was really scary to the extreme, had long been in their hearts to kill Lord Kowloon and enhance their fighting power.

Soon after, Kowloon had absorbed the blood from Kowloon's body clean, while Kowloon had become a dry corpse with a horrible face, enough to see how much pain and fear he had endured when he died.

Lord Kowloon, a proud figure who ended up being killed by his own father. It's disgusting!

And the blood of Kowloon Prince, all drained of the Nine Wastes, the appearance has changed dramatically, the original dry and lean body, a piece of muscle appeared, looks unusually healthy, and, is almost translucent, a blood coffin with congestion in the body, swollen up, clearly visible.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In the body of the Nine Wastes, the sound of bone transformation, healthy body, constant surge, until it burst to nearly a thousand feet before stopping.

Nine wilderness of almost a thousand feet, standing there, there really is a sense of the highest heaven and earth.

“Ho ~”

The voice of the Nine Wastes has become like a beast, roaring, gasping the mountain river, the clouds in the high heavens, they are all overwhelmed.

And his sturdy body, with a strong and violent atmosphere, the air around him within ten feet of each other, is constantly pressing and floating.

“The strength of the Nine Wastes has doubled! ”

The desolate god stood at the top of the gourd giant peak, slowly said, although his face could not be seen clearly, it could be felt that her heart was very uneven.

“Yeah, what a surprise, this half-human, half-human monster, there's one more trick! ”

The bloody girl next to the desert god, on the beautiful face of the delicate, is also full of shock. Then again, she called to Qin Yi three people: “Qin Yi, it's up to you! ”

Qin Yi glanced back at the blood girl and didn't say much. She turned to look beyond the thousands of fathers again. Now that her appearance has changed dramatically, she exhaled softly: “Mai Ma, Yu, are you confident to kill this monster? ”


Without thinking about it, Yu put two large seats on his chest on a fairly large scale, gently stretched out, a fine little face, slightly raised, and appeared arrogant.

“Very good.”

Qin Yi nodded satisfied and turned his eyes to look at the flaming woman on the other side: “Mai Mai, what about you? ”

“Didn't you promise to kill the Nine Wastes the day before in the Fire Domain? Promising something to others is naturally beyond words. ”

Femme Yan slowly said that the pair of beautiful eyes to suffocating eyes, the refracted eyes have become a little sharp.

It's obvious what she means. Either way, Nine Wastes must die today!

“Humph! A few small descendants who do not know the thickness of the heavens and the earth want to stir up the wind waves in front of their lord, naive! ”

Nine desolate hum, extremely loud voice, shocked the blood in the human body, all shocked, quite uncomfortable.

At the next moment, he suddenly caught Lingyu with his big hand. The unusually thick arm was stretched out at great speed and crossed the void. In between, he caught Lingyu's eyes: “You belong to me. Give it to me! ”

“You want to die! ”

In the delicacy, faced with the huge palm of the Nine Wilderness rapidly caught, he couldn't escape, suddenly turned into a white light, towards the huge palm of the Nine Wilderness, and rushed away.

“Boom! ”

Lingyu is like the most vibrant weapon in the world, under its full impact, the huge palm of the Nine Wastes, the instant crumbled open, turned into heavenly meat.

“Really strong! ”

Seeing this scene, not far away Qin Yi, incredibly blinked his eyes, and spinning was rejoicing.

“Indeed, Jade's power seems to be much stronger than that of the Jade Spirit Lion in Grasswood Holy Mountain. ”

The flaming beauty beside her, on her delicate little face, is also an intense color of delight.

Obviously, they were quite satisfied with Lingyu's fighting power, and it turns out to be one of their super helpers.

However, the Ninth Waste itself is quite a horrible existence, and after taking the blood of Kowloon dude, his strength doubled directly, only to see that his hand was smashed into a massive palm of meat, between which a new palm was grown.

This scenario is the same as the bloody ghosts they encountered in the Mausoleum.

“Strong, I like it! ”

Seeing Lingyu a spurt, he smashed his giant palm into pieces. Not only did the Nine Wastes not see a hint of anger, but a thick fanaticism appeared on his face. He didn't say anything, and his big finger grabbed Lingyu, very directly.

“Mai Mai, let's go! ”

Qin Yi had a cold drink, and the smoke cloud long gun in his hand was a piece. With Femme Yan, it turned into two shadows, and rushed to the near-thousand heights of the Nine Wastes.

“Ping-pong! ”

Between the hectares, Qin Yi, Yanmei and Lingyu were in a frenzied battle with the Nine Wild Ones. Qin Yi and Yanmei were both armed with their own weapons. The weapons of the two men were already integrated into the Nature Avenue. Each attack directly touched the heavens and the earth, surrounding the space, and was volatile.

Especially Qin Yi, he has long been demonized. At this time, he, in all seriousness, is a wangu demon head. Each time he strikes, he brings a strong magic.

And Lingyu, the newly created Jade Spirit Beast, also has incredible power, she has no weapons, but the palm of the jade is like the most powerful weapon, randomly chopped out, is a stacked huge crystalline jade stamp, the giant wave towards the near-thousand heights of the Nine Wilderness, rush.

With the fierce battle of the four, like the ocean, it swept to all sides, and everything within the circle was shattered by this pounding air wave.

Nine wilderness is strong, but Qin Yi, Feiniang and Lingyu joined forces to attack. That terrible destructive power can raze vast mountains directly to the ground. It was only a while after the onset of the wild war, the Nine wilderness fell into the wind, the festival was defeated, and the wolves were overwhelmed.

On the gourd giant peak besides 10,000, the wild gods and the two bloody women stood there and watched this millennium of miserable world war far away. Both hearts were very uneven.

“The young girl named Lingyu, I know it is a Jade Spirit Beast. Qin Yi and Feiniang came here this time, just ask you to help them build this Jade Spirit Beast, and the old pimp of Nine Wastes, also to compete with the Jade Spirit Beast from their hands. ”

The colour of the goddess on the bloody woman's face is mixed with shock and confusion: “I just don't understand, what are the identities of the two of them? This kind of power, compared to the legendary four holy masters of the Sun, Moon, is only weak. ”

“With regard to their identity, when this war is over, Qin Yi will naturally tell you, and he should have a lot to tell you. ”

The wild god slowly said, spinning, sighing again: “I can't believe we're here to witness the fall of the Ninth Waste. Yeah, the Great World of Xuan Huang, it's time to do a full shuffle. ”

“Fully washed...”

Bloody goddess, getting confused.

“Exactly. ”

The wild god nodded: “The dozens of strong men who were assassinated before you were bathed at the door of blood are the precursors to this comprehensive big wash of cards. A bloody storm has already gathered over this great yellow world. I really don't know how many trendy characters there will be this full wash of cards, which will become a pile of white bones...”

The bloody woman looked at the desolate god, her heart rolled up and shook up. She was completely shocked by the words of the desolate god. The masters who died in her door were a precursor to a bloody storm. The whole great world of Xuanhuang Huang seems to be about to come a havoc!

Wild god, you know so much!