The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1681: Angry Qiushui

“Brother Qin Yi, who is this deep in chaos? ”

Lingyu was very shocked and turned to ask Qin Yi.

“Don't know. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and frowned tightly. “Maybe this ancient wind formation was arranged by this man. ”

At this moment, the hearts of both of them are unstoppable, giving rise to a chill and a creepy feeling.

Above the chaos zone, all of a sudden, there was a rolling cloud, which quickly condensed into a giant head, the head of a bald-headed man, suspended there, as high as a thousand highs, above the sky.


The clouds of blood gathered in the head growled, the sound was loud, shaking people's hearts, and then his basket of eyes, slowly spinning, looked down at Qin Yi and Lingyu: “Two little ants, disturbing Hon Zheng Qing, dead! ”

Later, he saw the thousand-tall blood cloud head, slowly fell down, opened his big mouth, towards Qin Yi and Lingyu below and swallowed it.

“Damn, what the hell is this! ”

Qin Yi instantly felt a strong breath of death, suddenly shocked, hurriedly grabbed Lingyu's slender hand, and quickly fled.

However, over that chaotic region, there seemed to be some kind of strong restraint, and just halfway through the bloody cloud head, it suddenly burst into a bloody mist.

“Ah, damn...”

In the void, there was a very unhappy growl.

Qin Yi and Lingyu lived in the shape and turned to look at the bloody fog in the sky, all to the point of confusion. They didn't understand who the people deep in the chaotic area were, but why didn't they say anything? They wanted to eat them.

Even less do they understand that in this region of chaos, there is such a terrible restraint, that even if it does not move, it causes that terrible blood-cloud head to explode directly.

“This ancient wind is really not easy, it seems to be hiding secrets that the world cannot know...”

Qin Yi glanced at the chaotic region in the center of the great swirl of the hurricane, frowned and pondered, and his heart was very uneasy.

Obviously, this permanent night casino is definitely more than just a casino. There must be something else. That head was too scary just now. As soon as it appeared, Qin Yi and Lingyu's heart was unstoppable to breed a chill.

“That's a bald middle-aged man. Who is that man? ”

Qin Yi frowned and contemplated. Obviously, he could not contemplate one, so he shook his head. He turned his face and smiled at Lingyu. “It seems that the blood cloud head is scary, but the restrictions that exist in that chaotic area do not seem small. We are safe. Jade, we don't care about it. Let's go! ”


Lingyu nodded.

Without further delay, the two men took an entire 300 cubic metres of black soil and left the great swirl of hurricane and rushed towards the dragon-like wind wave.

Outside the ancient winds.

Meizu, Qianqiu Shui and more than a dozen other practitioners are still waiting quietly there.

Many hours have passed now, and the ancient winds in front of us still have no movement at all.

“Grass, these people, can't really all hang in the ancient wind, it's been so long now, still no movement, not even one person out, it's not normal! ”

“What's wrong? Don't forget, the center of this ancient wind array, but there is a lot of black soil, when those people go in, inevitably there is a fight, so long has not come out, reasonable. ”

“It makes sense, if they're all dead, why are we standing here and not even seeing one of their bodies? ”

“ …… ”

More than a dozen practitioners, all talking, all lying.

“Are those people still alive? ”

Not far away, Qiushui, his heart laughed: “To enter this ancient wind, or to be able to come out alive, it is a miracle in the miracle. ”

His gaze swept away the flaming woman who could not sweep far away. He only saw that she had always been idle. She stood there quietly and waited. She seemed to have absolute confidence that Qin Yi and Lingyu could come out of the ancient wind battle alive.

“What an innocent woman, Qin Yi and the little girl, by now, have been crushed to pieces, it is impossible to even clean up. ”

Thousand Autumn water sighed in darkness. The face was filled with shady beauty like a woman, and she gently smiled with a pleasant slight smile. You don't have to think about it. At this time, his heart is about to turn.


Right now...


But suddenly, from the dragon-like wind wave, they rushed out and swept towards it.

How is that possible?

In the first glance, Qianqiu water recognized those two flushes. Horan was Qin Yi and Lingyu. His long body was suddenly struck by lightning, and he trembled violently. His cheerful slight smile on his face was suddenly fixed, his mouth corner was violently smoked.

“Am I blind...”

Qianqiu water blinked hard.

However, his heartbreak found that he did not have eyes, and those two streams had come to everyone's eyes. Indeed, they were Qin Yi and the young girl called Yu!

Chiaki water is completely petrified!

He heard his own heartbreak.

Not far away Femme Flame, the eyes of the show flowed, a faint glance of Qiu Shui, looking at that, almost “Pu” a smile sounded.

With her intellect, how can you not see Chiaki's mind? She forced it to burst out with a smile, holding it to death, and then appeared with a delightful and charming smile on her face. She ran to face Qin Yi and Lingyu: “Qin Yi, Yu, how is it, how is it in this ancient wind? ”

“Vicious, Sister Mai, it's really dangerous. ”

Qin Yi hasn't opened his mouth yet. The spiritual jade beside him is already a delicate hand. He patted the two quite full seats in front of his chest and looked scared behind him.

“What about the other practitioners? ”

Ask beside the practitioner.

Others, too, looked at the curiosity and looked over.

Not far away, Qianqiu Shui breathed heavily and tried to calm down his emotions. He also looked over.


Lingyu shook his head. "All these people died before us, and the death was quite harsh. They were torn to pieces by the wind waves. ”

Rumor has it that everyone here is forced to rush along with those who are fortunate enough not to make a mistake. Otherwise, they will definitely end up the same way.

“Qin Yi, why aren't you two dead? ”

Not far away, Qianqiu water, can no longer be held up, cold drunk and asked, face terribly blue.

“Oh, because I'm strong enough with Jade to resist the tears of those wind waves. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said with a smile.

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible! ”

Thousands of autumn water cold drinking, muscles on his face, constant fluctuations, he has completely lost his temper, as the first divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, he still disregards the temper of identity, it is really rare to see.

“Yo, Chiakishi, we're not dead, you seem very upset, I'm sorry, not as you wish, you know, I used to step on super big shit, take super shit luck people, get into this ancient wind, I also took super shit luck, didn't die in there, is that an explanation satisfactory to you? ”

Qin Yi stared at Qian Qiu Shui without moving and smiled slightly: “Oh, by the way, none of the strange stones that existed in the ancient wind formations were priced, so you don't have to give this money, do you? ”

After Yan Bi, he stopped ignoring Qiushui and turned to wave at Maiden Yan and Lingyu: “Maiden, Yu, let's go. ”


Yanmei and Lingyu both echoed each other. Don't ask Yanmei to know that this time Qin Yi and Lingyu entered the ancient wind formations, absolutely super rich harvest, all the black source soil in the ancient wind formations, by now, has been incorporated into Qin Yi's Na Qing.

The three men no longer ignored Chiaki Shui and the other practitioners and turned to go outside the casino.

Qian Qiushui stood there, quietly staring at Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai and Ling Yuer leaving the shadow, lost his soul. He failed and lost a mess. He thought he could use the ancient wind to kill Qin Yi Pit and crush his bones.

But the end result is that Qin Yi and Lingyu not only came out safely, but also the black source soil in the center of the ancient wind formations, and took them all away.

Holding back, anger, shame, the whole body of Qianqiu water, so that he was about to explode directly.

“Qin Yi Boy, I swear to God this time, I have to break you to pieces! ”

Qianqiu water was too tedious, roaring from the sky, pounding imperial power, “Pong” burst suddenly, knocking all those practitioners who had not yet left.


His mouth sprayed with blood, a ravenous, almost falling to the ground, the beard spreading, as if he were a madman.


Qin Yi, Yanmei and Lingyu rushed out of the casino at night. Yanmei blushed and waved at Qin Yi and Lingyu hastily: “Oh, no, I can't hold it anymore, please let me laugh for a moment, hahahahaha! ”

Femme Femme's very unimaginable madness made her laugh, her laughter twitched, and the two seats on her chest were quite large, running up and down for a while, shaking a tempting and wonderful ripple.

I finally stopped smiling, and Maiden's beautiful eyes still delighted me: “Tell me, how much black soil did you get in the middle of that ancient wind? ”

“More than 300 cubic metres of black soil. ”

Qin Yi said.

Femme flash petrified, completely silly, pointed snow and white chin, directly smashed the ground.

“By the way, the Forever Night Casino isn't as simple as it looks. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and continued: “In the center of that ancient wind formation, it was a chaotic area, but before that, Yu and I saw a huge head in that chaotic area, and that head tried to eat me and Yu directly, but there seemed to be some kind of strong restraint in that chaotic area, so that it didn't succeed in the end, Mei Ma, you analyze what is going on? ”