The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1684: Successful

“Qin Yi, Sister Mai! ”

Seeing Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, Ling Yu, the face of Yang Shiqina's demise, suddenly emerged a strong joy, and shouted. Since the last time they separated in the Hastan Empire, they have not met. Today, we finally meet again.

Blood girl beside her, also slightly happy, toward Qin Yi, Yanmei, Lingyu three, gently her head.

“Haha, Qin Yi, Yanmei, it's good to finally see you again! ”

The dragon flame that just ended a wild war was also a joyous laugh, “What do you say? You just saw my fight. I've grown up pretty good these days, haven't I? ”

“It's really good! ”

Qin Yi nodded with a faint smile towards Dragonflame.

The Silver Snow Holy Lord, who was split out by the palm of Ling Feng, saw Qin Yi, Femme Yu and Ling Yuer appear here. The delicate face immediately appeared in a horrifying colour.

“Grass, Qin Yi boy, you dare to come here, when you are not really afraid to die, eat one of my heavenly painting trite! ”

Down in the square, a roar came.

Only the wind and thunder of the holy lord took out the trident of Fang Tian, not the seven killings of the holy lord in the distance, the seven blood knives, also suddenly appeared in her chest.

The hatred between Qin Yi and the two of them was simply pouring out the water of the river. They couldn't wash it. They immediately had no delay. Both of them rushed up, and they were going to kill Qin Yi wildly.

“Wait! ”

The silver snow saint in the silver robe suddenly had a cold drink and stopped the wind thunder saint and the seven killer saints.

The Lord of Wind Thunder and the Seven Killers stopped in the air, bewildered to look at the Lord of Silver Snow, who had stopped flighting, walked in the air, the wind was extinct, and the space was squeezed directly under his feet. In two or three steps, he came to the side of the Lord of Wind Thunder and the Seven Killers: “Do not recklessly. ”

Later, the Holy Lord of Silver Snow looked at Qin Yi and Feiniang from a distance: “You two should not be here, you should have crossed the corpse in the northern realm. ”

“But we are here now. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly, all over his body, with a perfectly compelling smell: “In other words, we have killed Nine Roughs. Otherwise, we would not have appeared here. The words of Dragon Flame just now are true. Nine Roughs killed Kowloon Prince with their own hands during the last war with us. Then Nine Roughs directly sucked Kowloon Prince into a dry corpse, and Nine Roughs' strength was directly doubled, but unfortunately, he was still killed by me, Mei Ma and Yu jointly. ”


“The Bishop is really dead! ”

“Kill them and avenge the Bishop! ”

In the square below, suddenly there was a sound of anger and drink, a Japanese and Moon Muslim, all of whom instantly took out their weapons and tried to rush them up.

Yet Qin Yi in the sky suddenly swung his hand, a golden and brilliant palm print, suddenly appeared over the square, lenient thousands of feet, directly covered the Sun Moon Gods and Muslims below, all inside.

“This is…”

The Sun and Moon gods, all Muslims, sent a shock, looking up at that quiet golden palm stamp suspended in the sky, very shocked.

“Nobody get excited! ”

Still Silver Snow Holy Lord is the calmer, ignoring the golden palm print above his head, overlooking the followers of the Sun and Moon Gods below, said: “Sun and Moon Gods, was founded by the Nine Desolations. Now, once both the Bishop and the Kowloon Son die, the whole Sun and Moon Gods become the dragonless. The four words of Sun and Moon Gods have disappeared with the fall of the Nine Desolations, we have two choices, first, to accept the peace of mind of the bathing gates; second, each from this point on, or join other forces. ”

The words of the Holy Lord of Silver Snow are cruel, the sentence is a direct poke at the heart, but the truth is, once the Nine Wastes and the Kowloon Son die, the entire Sun and Moon Divinity will also be declared dissolved, if not forcibly dissolved, it will only bring other forces into the vanity.

It is the best protection for the followers of the Sun Moon and the Moon.

The Sun and Moon Divine Muslims present, for a time, were difficult to accept this fact. Sun and Moon divinity passed down endless years. Originally one of the three peak forces of the Xuanhuang Great World, it is now said that dissolution will dissolve, making it difficult for anyone to accept.

However, they will not accept it and will accept it.

“I'm willing to join you in the bathing. ”

The Silver Snow Holy Lord took the lead in expressing his position. His figure shook and turned into a silver glow. Between his blinking eyes, he came to the blood girl and Qin Yi's side.

Very well, finally, the head of the four holy lords of the Sun Moon God.

Blood girls, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Qin Yi and others, all smile.

“I would also like to join you in the bathing. ”

The Seven Killers, dressed in red robes, also rushed up and came to the side of the Silver Snow Holy Lord. The Seven Killers themselves are an extremely intelligent woman, and in the current situation, she is naturally able to make the most advantageous choice quickly.

The choice between Silver and Snow Holy Lord and the Seven Killers opened a gap at once, and the followers of Sun, Moon, and God began to make their own decisions.

“I also chose to join the bathing gates. ”

Naked in the wind and thunder, the Holy Lord rushed to the side of the Silver Snow Holy Lord and the Seven Killer Holy Lord, their three great saints, naturally impossible to separate.

“I also chose to join the bathing gates. ”

“I also chose to join. ”

“I chose to join the Everlasting Pilgrimage! ”

“I also have to join the Everlasting Pilgrimage, which is more promising. I'm going to the Everlasting Pilgrimage. ”

“I chose to join the Immortal Palace! ”

“Throughout the years of Sun and Moon Theism, I have been fighting and killing. I have long been tired of this life. Now that Sun and Moon Theism is dissolved, I can live in seclusion. ”

“ …… ”

A single Sun Moon Muslim makes his own choices very quickly.

However, in a moment, there were hundreds of Sun and Moon believers willing to join the Bath Blood Gate. After all, the Silver and Snow Holy Lord, the Seven Killer Holy Lord, and the Wind and Thunder Holy Lord had some influence in the Sun and Moon Divine Church. A number of people followed the three of them and joined the Bath Blood Gate.

It can be said that this peacemaking operation, quite a success, the beautiful face of the bloody woman, is an irrepressible joy.

After a while, the number of people joining the bath door has increased to more than a hundred people. As you can see, no one is joining the group anymore. The bloodgirl waved: “Okay, we'll go back to the bath door and discuss this. ”

After listening to her tone, obviously more than 100 people were greeted this time. After returning to the bathing gate, she was afraid to send Silver Snow Holy Lord, Seven Killer Holy Lord, Wind Thunder Holy Lord and other people out to lobby, and attract as many experts in the Sun and Moon Theology as possible.

“Haha, Qin Yi, Mei Ma, it's been a long time, as if you've become strong again. ”

I finally met Qin Yi and Yan Meiqi again. Dragonflame and Yang Siqi were not in a hurry to return to the bathing door with the blood girl. Instead, I intend to stay and talk to Qin Yi and Yan Meiqi.

“The two of you seem to have grown well in the bathroom. ”

Qin Yi can feel the smell of dragon flame and Yang Shiqi. More powerful than before, he was satisfied to lighten his head.

“Oh, for so long, Brother Feng has been giving us the task, during this time, we are all here in battle, can we not be strong? ”

Yang Shiqi naturally lifted Qin Yi's arm, raised her elegant little face and smiled shallow at Qin Yi.

Regarding Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, the actions of Qin Yi and Feiniang at the bathing gate are known. Dozens of people on that assassination list have been slaughtered by them. Those who assassinated are all too ancient exiles. They have quite terrible strength. It is only strange not to grind Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame out.

“By the way, Qin Yi, this is the Jade Spirit Beast that Brother Feng mentioned to us before. It is truly amazing. ”

Yang Shiqi looked at Lingyu with amazement.

Obviously, Luo Feng had told Yang Shiqi and Long Yan about Qin Yi's acquisition of a spiritual jade.

“I've met Sister Shiqi, I've met Brother Long Yan! ”

Lingyu is a perfect work, and the personality is quite pleasing, and the smile immediately salutes Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame.

“Ha ha, great, Yu, you are just as cute as Yun. After that, I will be your own brother. If anyone bullies you, you tell your brother that he will teach you a lesson. ”

Long Yan suddenly laughed happily.

He has a sister. He is still in the War Dragon family. His name is Long Yunye. Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi have met. Long Yan usually has more love for his sister.

“Okay, thank you, Brother Dragonflame. ”

Yu was delighted.

“Oh, Yu, if anyone bullies you in the future, you can also tell Si Qi sister, Si Qi sister can help you find a place. ”

Yang Shiqi stretched out her fair hands and rubbed Lingyu's hair in a drowning manner. Let alone Lingyu's own personality, it was quite pleasant. Even if she loved the house and Wu, Yang Shiqi was quite pleased with Lingyu.

“Well, thank you, Sister Siki! ”

Lingyue-sweet responded.

Looking at this delightful melting scene, Qin Yi's heart felt a little emotional at a time. In this great world of Xuan Huang, there is going to be a great catastrophe, and he feels good to see such a scene.

He doubled his hand, opened the ring, and exposed the black source soil inside like a hill: “Before coming here, the three of us went to the Casino of Everlasting Night. I now tell you two news. First, the person in charge of the Casino of Everlasting Night is Qiushui; second, this time we went to the Casino of Everlasting Night, we got a good harvest, we got 300 cubic meters of black source soil...

“On my way here, I have distributed 150 cubic metres of black sourced soil to Luo Feng for distribution to those divine guards who need to be improved as soon as possible, and 150 cubic metres of black sourced soil. ”


Three hundred cubic meters of black soil!

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame are two people, directly petrified.

This number is so appalling that they ignored Qin Yi's first message.

The two of them finally came back to God. Naturally, they rejoiced in this great harvest.