The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1685: Marego Wall

Dragon inflammation is a special physique, black soil has little effect, it is based on constant breakthroughs in combat.

Spirit Jade, a Jade Spirit Beast, makes it clear that she is just a jade with all the functions of human beings. She does not need any black earth, but her power is clearly still above the current Qin Yi.

Next, Qin Yi divided one hundred and fifty cubic meters of black sourced soil into herself, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiyi, each gaining fifty cubic meters of black sourced soil.

This amount of cultivation resources is enough for the three of them to break through a whole new step.

“Dragon inflammation, how is the blood vein activation in your body now? ”

Qin Yi asked the dragon flame.

The flaming lady beside her will also look at the curious eye and look at the dragon flame.

Dragon inflammation is the rebirth of Emperor Dalong against heaven. 100% of the body inherits the dragon blood, while dragon inflammation is strong and weak. It completely depends on the degree of activation of the dragon blood vein of the civil war.

“In this time of bathing the bloodbath, constant fighting with the super masters, the activation of the Dragon Blood is also ideal. ”

Dragon flame grinned and revealed a white tooth, giving a very sunny feeling: “Now the blood of the war dragon in my body has been activated about four-fifths, only a small part of it has been activated, and it has not been activated. The last time you asked Xiao Yao to send the blood of the great emperor, it also had an incredible effect, which allowed me to break directly into the half-longarized state. ”

Hearing about Dragon Flame, Qin Yi looked at the blood of the Great Emperor obtained at the ancient Emperor Peak. The faces of both of them were some strange colors.

The blood of the Great Emperor, during the ancient years, was the blood of the seven heavenly females, and the blood of the previous generations of the Lady of Flame. I couldn't imagine how much help it could have given to the dragon flame as a warrior.

Dragon inflammation, running the internal war dragon blood vein, all the skin exposed to the outside, quickly emerged a piece of silver dragon scale, a powerful dragon, and then spread.

“How's it going? ”

Dragonflame smiled and asked Qin Yi and Feiniang Yan.

“It's pretty good, I can feel it, and now your strength is nearly double what it was when you first entered the great world of brown yellow. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

For the time being, they did not tell Dragon Flame and Yang Shiqi about the birth of Feminine Fire. The Seven Dead Daughters are the strong ones of the ancient years. The distance is too far away. There is also a fairy ancient era in the middle. Neither of them, surely, has heard of it. It is the same thing whether to tell them or not.

“Shiki, what about you? ”

Femme Yan habitually touched her beautiful forehead and asked Xiqi Yang curiously: "How is the power of the sealed 'sword’ in your body now unsealed? ”

“Oh, the power of that ‘sword' in me has almost broken out of that seal. ”

Yang Shiqi smiled: “Now, not only must I help the power of the ‘sword' break through that seal, but I must also apply it to my sword, so that my sword can play more power. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yan Mei Mai are both naturally. Yang Shiqi was reborn as the Immortal Sword Emperor. The weapon she now uses is the Sword Emperor's legacy during the Immortal Ancient Years. When they were in the Holy See of Kyushu, they found two truncated gold swords.

In Yang Shiqi's body, the power of the sealed “sword” is most likely, the power of the Immortal Sword Emperor. The Immortal Sword Emperor is a super master of swords, and climbs the edge of the sword. If her power can be perfectly integrated with the Golden Sword, it is natural to be able to use the power of the Golden Sword to the maximum extent possible.

It's a wonderful phenomenon that all four of them have their own past lives, previous lives and present lives, that they are the same person as previous lives, but they are also, arguably, two completely different people.

“Well, when you get back to the bathing gates, I suggest that Siki stop the assassination mission for a while, completely close the cultivation, refine and digest the 50 cubic meters of black soil. ”

“The assassination mission, let Dragon Flame go," said Fei Mai. "By the way, you can take the Silver Snow Lord, the Seven Killer Holy Lord, and the Seven Killer Holy Lord. The Silver Snow Lord and the Seven Killer Holy Lord have not only super strong fighting power, but also extremely intense minds, and the Wind Thunder Lord is reckless, but the Seven Killer Holy Lord is his star. If she is present, he will be able to kill the Wind Thunder Holy Lord, and no mess can be broken out. ”

In previous treasure raids, they met with the Seven Killers and the Lord of Wind Thunder many times, and they knew each other very well.

For Silver Snow Holy, they meet less, but give them a rather stunning, unpredictable feeling.

“No problem. ”

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, all nodded.

“Malgobi, how can I hear someone saying bad things about me? ”

Suddenly, an angry drink rang from afar.

Holy Lord Wind Thunder, who had already left with the Blood Girl, only saw him holding the Fong Tian Painting Trident and rushing from afar. He shouted in his mouth: “A few kids, eat my side of the Tian Painting Trident! ”

The rear trident of the sky in his hand had already soared to a hundred feet. He turned to Qin Yi several people without a face. He smashed it down. A few people couldn't even think about it, so it spread suddenly.


The heavenly trident of the Lord of Thunder and Wind struck the ground like a spider web. The tortoise cracked open a path and crossed a huge crack. The huge air wave impacted and hit Qin Yi several people severely.

At the same time, the Silver Snow Lord and the Seven Killers also appeared, stepping in, shrinking the space, winking a few times, and came to them.

What the hell is going on?

Qin Yi and others were all confused. Why did these three people come back all of a sudden? Did they return to join the bathing gate?

“Stop the wind, Thunder Lord, you stupid pig, and I'll ask the Silver Snow Lord, what the hell is going on? ”

Qin Yi commanded him to turn to the Silver Snow Holy Lord and the Seven Killer Holy Lord.

“Damn, Kid Qin Yi, even you are called the Holy Lord's Stupid Pig, I think you are tired of living! ”

Wind Thunder Saint's lungs were about to explode. Lifting the hundred feet of square trident, he strove hard to split towards Qin Yi. However, at the same moment, Femme Yang, Siqi Yang, Dragon Flame and Spirit Jade were all there. A pound of air wave rushed towards Wind Thunder Saint. The Wind Thunder Saint could not resist, and the whole man flew out.

Ignoring Lord Feng Lei, Qin Yi has come to the front of the Silver Snow Holy Lord and the Seven Killings Holy Lord: “Are you... repentant of the decision you just made? ”

“Qin Yi, are you kidding me? How could I possibly regret my decision to kill the Holy Lord? ”

Seven kills the Holy Lord is quite a show, Jong-nosed, chilling, on the delicate little face, the divine color is a little cold, they are together dead enemies, repeated confrontations, now, all of a sudden, the Seven kills the Holy Lord just feel the world, it's like dog blood to the extreme, it's hard for her to accept for a moment, still can't help but face Qin Yi coldly.

Qin Yi relieved herself and asked: “What do you mean by suddenly returning? ”

“Qin Yi, here's the thing, we're confused. How did you guys get mixed up with the bath door? If we're right, you should be from a fourth party. ”

Silver Snow Holy Eyebrow said that she had barely fought with several Qin Yi before, so her attitude toward Qin Yi was also obviously much better than killing the Holy Lord seven times and being much better.

“Someone from a fourth party? ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly: “Frankly tell you that we do have a wave of people, but we are not the fourth power in your mouth, the fourth power, in fact, does not exist, and I can also tell you that our wave of people are not actually people in this world. ”


The Holy Lord of Silver Snow looked at Qin Yi slightly.

The Seven Kills of the Holy Lord beside him, he also couldn't help but look slightly surprised.

“We come from the outside world, the outside world, there is a supreme power, called the Holy See of Kyushu, and we, the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu...”

Qin Yi approached the place of a few of his own, roughly speaking aside.

Listen, Silver Snow and the Seven Killers' faces show curiosity. Obviously, they've heard of the outside world, but they don't know what kind of world it is.

At this time, not far away, the natural warrior Dragon Flame has fought with the wind Thunder Holy Lord, while Yang Shiqi, Yanmei and Lingyu are watching the battle without meddling.

“Our mission this time into the great world of Xuanhuang is to assassinate some people, and why we are now mixed up with the bath door, because the people we are going to assassinate are mainly concentrated in the bath door, so we can only enter the bath door. ”

Qin Yi glanced at the face of Silver Snow Holy Lord and Seven Killer Holy Lord, Xu Xuyi swept away, "I can now tell you very clearly, in fact, you chose to join the Bath Blood Gate, the most correct decision. ”

“What do you mean? ”

The Silver Snow Holy Lord frowned.

The Seven-Killer Holy Lord beside him will also look at curiosity and look over.

“Because of the bathing gates, it will soon be one of the highest forces in the great world of Xuanhuang. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said faintly.

“What about the Everlasting Pilgrimage? Where do you place the Everlasting Pilgrimage? ”

The cold-blooded Seven Killers finally couldn't help but talk.

“The Everlasting Pilgrimage will soon disappear completely in this great world. ”

Qin Yi's tone is faint, as if he was talking about an extremely ordinary thing, but the eyes reflected in those eyes have become a little tenacious.

But the effect of this, compared to the Silver Snow Holy Lord and the Seven Killer Holy Lord, is no different than the heavenly thunder, the delicate body of both, both trembled and stayed there.

The two large seats on the chest of the two were quite nice, constantly rising and falling, shaking a series of attractive ripples.

They are all extremely intelligent women, Qin Yi would say, they naturally know what this means.

The news was too heavy to smash them both straight.