The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1700: Prince Hammuki is gone!

Heavy mixed warfare, the earth blooded into rivers, the bones filled with bones, the air filled with mist and blood.

Faced with hundreds of eternal pilgrims in front of him, Luo Feng could not have any compassion. He lurked in the eternal pilgrimage for so long and planned for so long that he was waiting for the day to come.

His hand of a pitch-black battle knife had soared to a hundred feet, waving with his hand, a dense black knife, as if it were a demonic light coming out of hell, with a strong death scent, rushing forward to the everlasting pilgrims of the night.

At this time, Yu showed remarkable fighting power, but she was a spiritual jade herself, together with the institutional defensive spirit with fire demons, her whole person seemed to be an indestructible sword, randomly punched, can directly punch the Saints of the Everlasting Pilgrimage into a bloody mist.

As for Qin Yi, he has been eroded by the demonic nature of the heavens and the devil. There is nothing else in his heart but killing him. He is also a bare-handed fighter. He did not sacrifice a Yan Yun long gun or a Skull Divine Soldier to fight. He punched out, he can almost smash everything in the world. These pilgrims of the Everlasting Pilgrimage could not fight him at all. Either a punch was smashed in the head or he was punched through the body.

More than ten minutes later, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu three people, had long since become three living blood people, from the center of the break-up of Xia Guang, rushed in.

Luo Feng is not unfamiliar with the Everlasting Pilgrimage, but Qin Yi and Yu are the first settlements to enter the highest power of the great world of Xuanhuang.

At first glance, they discovered that the five layers of the eternal night realm, like five layers of heaven, go up one layer at a time, and each layer is quite vast, with tens of thousands of square kilometers.

This place is completely self-contained, a strange Xuan realm with five heavens.

Every layer of the eternal night divine domain, you can see a lot of people in the activity, and surprisingly, these people didn't show too much concern for Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu who suddenly burst in.

“Ro Feng, do you know what will happen if you betray the Everlasting Pilgrimage? ”

A loud voice suddenly swept down from the void.

Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu looked up and saw only a huge bloody man's head, as tall as a thousand feet, suspended above the cloud, from above overlooking.

This is a bald head with a slightly blushing face, a thin lip like a blade, a tall nose, deep eye sockets, a vulture in the eye. This person, clearly, is an evil god.

Besides, it's definitely my honor.

“What happens to me? I can tell you very clearly that nothing will happen to me! ”

Luo Feng looked up, facing the existence of this powerful evil, without any fear, grinned and smiled: “But it was you, in the ancient years, who committed heinous sins in the Xuanzheng world. Finally, he was joined by the Xiong of the ancient group to break into the lock of evil in your body, and then exiled into this great world of Xuanhuang...

“And after being banished into this great world, you will remain dead, maiming innocent people everywhere, raising them in tens of thousands of circles, inputting Yin Yang Soul spells into their bodies, nourishing your Yin Yang Soul spells with their bodies, and brutally killing them and removing Yin Yang Soul spells after your Yin Yang Soul spells have grown completely. You're such an evil man, it's not enough to die 10,000 times! ”

“Ha ha, Luo Feng. Looks like you've been investigating me very well all these years? ”

“But then what?" cried the devil. Do you think the three of you can overthrow my everlasting pilgrimage and kill me? Don't you think this is the best place to laugh? Are you Luo Feng, the most self-indulgent, the stupidest man in the world? ”

“I'm not on my own? The stupidest man in the world? ”

Luo Feng smiled and suddenly took off the battle knife on his shoulder. He broke into hundreds of pieces of pitch-black knife. He went up against the sky and slashed the evil god over the sky.

However, the hundreds of lengths of pitch-black knives quickly fell into the void, disappeared and did not stir up a little wind wave.

Obviously, the five heavens in the realm of the Everlasting Night, between each layer, are forbidden.

“Ha ha, Luo Feng, how stupid of you to be the head teacher of Luonette for so many years! ”

The evil god above the sky, laughing wildly.

“Am I stupid? You'll find out soon enough! ”

Luo Feng didn't have to smile: “Anyway, you evil exist, sin is terrible, dong! ”

He waved his hand at Qin Yi and Yu: “Ignore the bird man first. As planned, we will kill the king of eternal night in the five heavens of eternal night, each floor of eternal night, and leave the rest to them. ”


Immediately, Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu were transformed into three shadows and rapidly looted forward.


Countless Pilgrims of the Everlasting Night appeared in front of them, and the tide came towards Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu.

These saints, headed by a middle-aged man in a blue robe, only heard him cry out: “Who dare disturb my everlasting pilgrimage, damn it! ”

This man, Horan, is the Prince Hammuqi, whose father, Hanoul, was the king of the everlasting night of the first heavenly day of the divine realm of everlasting night, who in previous years had fought with Qianqishui. He is naturally also the guardian of this heavenly day.

Prince Hamqi's eyes are strange, a blue, a red, and glowing like a gem.

His palms snapped and took out a three-inch long rectangular piece of wood, which quickly grew and grew and eventually became an ancient harp.

Prince Hammqi put the ancient piano pillow on his knees, stretched out ten respectable white fingers, on top of it, a beautiful set of beautiful and beautiful sounds, it was from the ancient piano, flowing out, clear hearts and eyes, intoxicating.

“Prince Hammuqi, I can tell you very clearly that your yin and yang technique, in front of me, is nothing but a sculpture trick, you just have to do it. ”

Luo Feng smiled.

Qin Yi and Yu were standing on both sides of Luo Feng, Yu's delicate little face, slaughtered, his eyes were like blades, staring dead at Prince Hamqi.

Qin Yi, however, has always withered well waveless, a pair of Wangu magic eyes, quietly stared forward, ancient and deep, its pulled out demonic body, constantly flourishing a dark ancient magic.

“Luo Feng, I know you're the head of Luo Neng, very strong! But I had to fight! ”

Prince Hammuqi had a cold drink.

“You, you don't deserve to fight me, get the fuck out of here and tell your father to die! ”

Luo Feng smiled slightly, nearly a hundred length pitch black war knife, raised his hand, Yao pointed at Prince Hammuqi.

The corner of Prince Hammuqi's mouth was smoked lightly and his face was obviously overwhelmed with defilement: “To see my father, beat me first! ”

He wiggled his fingers quickly on the ancient qin a few times, a huge golden ray, suddenly behind him, burst out, glaring, like a golden sun, stabbing people's eyes open.

Immediately afterwards, a huge golden man of hundreds of husbands descended from the sky, glittering with gold and an inch of muscle drumming, full of power.

The giant golden man held a hundred-length golden sword and stood proudly there. There was a golden mountain standing there, and the momentum was dramatic.

Prince Hamqi, on the other hand, is already embedded in the chest of a giant golden man, still sitting on his legs, the ancient piano pillow on his knees, one red and one blue eyes, full of killing intentions.

“Anu, kill me! ”

Prince Hammuqi suddenly drinks cold, his ten fingers keep swinging on the ancient qin, and plays a wonderfully smooth note.

With the ancient qin of Prince Hammuqi playing, the giant golden man seemed immediately given life, holding a hundred-length golden sword, step forward, rocking the mountain, instantly rushed to the front of Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu, when it was really raw.

Prince Hammqi sat on the chest of a giant golden man and suddenly drank: “No Killer, Chapter 5, Kill! ”

Prince Hammuqi's ten fingers, dancing wildly on the ancient qin.

There are three major chapters of Hammuqi's Killer Song, the lower Killer Song, the medium Killer Song, and the upper Killer Song, No Killer Song.

Each time, there are five chapters. One chapter kills the tune. It is the battle force of 20% of the fire. Five chapters kills the tune. It is the battle force of 10% of the fire.

Now, Prince Hammuqi, the shooter is the premier killer song, "No Killing Ceremony," or Chapter 5. See how much he attaches importance to Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu.


With a hundred-length golden sword, the giant golden man struck down against Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu without a face. When he was truly mighty, his intentions were outrageous.


“Psst! ”

Always silent, Qin Yi with no waves in the dead well, but suddenly burst into the sky, punching at the hundred-branded golden sword that the giant golden man had fallen.

The hundred golden swords split on Qin Yi's fists, as if they were on steel, creating a sparkling star fire.

At the same moment, Yu moved, his body swayed and turned into a white figure, rushing to the chest of a giant golden man.


As her slender jade slashed, the ancient qin on Hammuqi's knee, the strings were all broken and played indiscriminately.

Luo Feng also took his hand, the pitch-black battle knife in his hand threw, turned into a black ray, rapidly shooting a huge gold man, and Luo Feng's entire people also followed the battle knife and went to the storm.


With a black knife flashing, Prince Hammuqi's big head flew suddenly from the chest of a giant golden man and rolled to the ground.

Black swords penetrated through the chest of a giant golden man and burst forward, Luo Feng's big hand peeked and grabbed the black sword in his hand.

When he looked back, he saw the giant golden man behind him, suddenly the inches burst, Prince Hammuqi's headless body, rolled down, no more slight moves.

Kill Prince Hammaki with one face!