The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1702: Full Offensive

Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu were forced to smile at each other in the air.

Prince Hammuqi, whom they had previously slaughtered, was the son of Hanoul, and now that Prince Hammuqi is dead, it is indeed time for Hanoul to come forward.

In front, a giant suddenly appeared, as high as thousands of feet, rushing fast from afar. Every step taken, the earth trembled. In that footsteps, there was a strange power. With the sound of footsteps along the same road, Qin Yi and Luo Feng's body, a strange power was constantly expanding, almost bursting their body, directly rising to tear them apart, making them extremely distressed.

You don't have to think about it. This giant, who's thousands of tall, is Hanoul.

“Before being banished into the great world of Xuan Huang, this Hanur was a powerful yin and yang master of the Xuan Sect world, whose yin and yang technique was certainly more powerful than that of Prince Hammuqi. ”

Luo Feng smiled with a smile on his face and danced with dark hair. He carried a pitch-black battle knife on his shoulder and felt stiff.

“No matter how powerful his technique of yin and yang is, he will surely die. ”

Qin Yi smiled, Shennong Ding was always suspended above his head, and the faint holy light fell down, covering him, making him look powerful and mysterious.

Hanur has rushed to the front of Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu. Thousands of husbands' bodies, tops the sky, eyes look down from the clouds: “Luo Feng, as the head of LuoNet, you betray the Everlasting Pilgrimage, when! ”

His voice was loud, and there was Ruhong Zhong Dalu.

Of course, the real Hanoul couldn't have been this tall, because he used Yin and Yang.

“Hanoul, you're just a faithful dog next to the evil god. I don't even have a bird for the evil god. Will you see your faithful dog? ”

Luo Feng smiled and stopped talking nonsense: “Kill him! ”


Immediately, Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu three people rushed to Hanur.

“The three little ants want to stir up the wind waves in front of their honor, too. It's ridiculous. ”

Hanur's mouth sprayed a bite of blood, which immediately turned into a huge river of blood, and the blood waves stormed, roaring towards Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu.

“It's just a sculpture trick! ”

Luo Feng smiled, holding the broad pitch black war knife in his hands, standing and falling, hundreds of lengths of pitch black knife, straight out, as if to divide the area of heaven and earth into two parts.

“Hooray! ”

The pitch-black knife swept up against the huge, rapidly gushing river of blood and broke it apart.


Hanoul was shocked, and his body, thousands of tall, could not help but stand still.

One knife, the blood river that sprayed him, was all divided into two parts, how powerful this knife is, unimaginable.

The giant black knife split the river into two pieces and did not disappear, but split it it straight on Hanoul.

That unparalleled impact, the thousands of heights of Hanoul's body, all flew across and fell to the ground.

“Kill him! ”

Qin Yi had a sip of anger, the top of his head, Shen Nong Ding, along with Luo Feng and Yu, quickly rushed to Hanoul.

“Boom! ”

In the tremendous noise, Hanoul's body of thousands of people could not resist Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu jointly attacked, and suddenly burst open, turning into the fluorescence of the sky, all floating down, some as beautiful as dreams.

A generation of peak yin and yang masters, this crashed.

Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu 'er, the three peak strong people, joined forces, and there was nothing to stop them.

“Qin Yi, Yu, you follow me, I will break the prohibition between this first and second layers of the divine domain and kill the second layer. ”

Luo Feng's dark hair danced wildly, and his chest was filled with war intentions, like the gods of war who came here.

Then he swept up and stormed out.

“Oh, kill the second floor! ”

Yu Er Nai is a Jade Spirit Beast, born for battle itself. The belligerent nature is not much weaker than the dragon flame.

With Qin Yi, she walked behind Luo Feng, rushed to the sky and killed to the second level of the divine domain.

The news of the eternal pilgrimage of war between the three of them soon became plague-like, spread out almost overnight and spread to every corner of the great world of Xuan Huang.

Everlasting Pilgrimage is the most powerful force in this great world, how can the world not be shocked by the fact that three people have now killed directly into the heart of Everlasting Pilgrimage, stirring up a bloody storm of Everlasting Pilgrimage?

“Where did the news come from that just three people, killed into the heart of the Eternal Night Pilgrimage and stirred up a bloody storm throughout the Eternal Night Pilgrimage? ”

“Certainly reliable, now the entire Everlasting Pilgrimage is in a state of blockade, and masters scattered throughout the great world of Xuanhuang Huang have been recalled. ”

“My God, the three of us challenged the entire Everlasting Pilgrimage. This is so fierce. Who are those three? ”

“Ever heard of the fourth power? ”

“What fourth force? ”

“In addition to the Everlasting Pilgrimage, the Bath Blood Gate, and the original Sun, Moon, there is a fourth power in this great world. I've heard that this fourth force comes from the outside world, and the usual actions are extremely mysterious. It's been coming out for so long, you don't even know it yet. I heard that the three men who are now directly in the Heart of the Everlasting Pilgrimage are members of the fourth power. ”

“Three people, stirring up a bloody storm of everlasting pilgrimage, this fourth force, is terrible! ”

“ …… ”

The world talked about it. It shook Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu three people directly into the heart of the Everlasting Pilgrimage. At the same time, they admired the five bodies of the field.

The world dares not imagine what kind of three men would dare to kill directly into the heart of the Everlasting Pilgrimage.

Just as the world was shocked by Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu, and killed directly into the heartland of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, the bathing blood gate went out, under the guidance of the blood girl of the main gate, leaning out into the nest, killing the divine domain of the Everlasting Pilgrimage with havoc.

After the dissolution of the Sun and Moon Divinity in the past, the Bath Blood Gate leveraged the influence of the Silver and Snow Holy Lord, the Seven Killer Holy Lord, and the Wind and Thunder Holy Lord to attract many of the original Sun and Moon Divinity masters, plus the original members of the Bath Blood Gate, this leaning out of the nest, when the momentum was truly dramatic.

“Ha ha, Evil God, your time is up! The Eternal Night Pilgrimage, these four words, will become history in this great world! ”

Silver-haired dragon inflammation, caught in the battlefield at the bath door, his head laughed.

He was born a great dragon emperor. He was born a mad warrior, but the more chaotic the world is, the more he likes it.

The whole great world of Xuan Huang was shocked. Only then did the world realize that the Bath Blood Gate had a premeditated plan for the Everlasting Pilgrimage. From the current situation, Bath Blood Gate and the fourth power that existed in this Xuan Huang Great Century, in fact, had long covertly joined forces and planned to defeat the Everlasting Pilgrimage.

The Bath Blood Gate will do this, but it is understandable. Since the fall of the Sun, Moon, and Sun Divinity, the Bath Blood Gate and the Everlasting Pilgrimage have become the two greatest forces in this great world, the Bath Blood Gate will conspire to plan the heart of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, completely in reason.

And just when the world was in shock, the ancient Phoenix race rushed out a horse and slaughtered into the everlasting pilgrimage.

“What, even the ancient Phoenix were involved in this plot to destroy the Everlasting Pilgrimage? ”

“I really don't see it. Although the Phoenix ancient tribe is a great ancient god, for such forces as the Everlasting Pilgrimage and the Bathing Blood Gate, there is still a difference between clouds and mud. I can't believe I dared to take the idea of Everlasting Pilgrimage. ”

“You are wrong, it is said that the strong men who came out of the ancient Phoenix are not Phoenix, but the people and horses of the fourth power, which is usually only closely related to the Ancient Phoenix, even temporarily residing in the Ancient Phoenix. ”

“So, I said," How dare a little ancient god of the Phoenix come up with the idea of an everlasting pilgrimage? ”

“ …… ”

The whole Xuanhuang Great World, completely exploded, the world was completely shocked, they could not dream. Peak forces such as the Everlasting Night Pilgrimage will one day be plotted until the direct attack of the bright and bright light, and the evil god's first master of the whole Xuanhuang Great World will not be in sight.

This is a perfect conquest, with Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yuer in the first place, striking straight into the heart of the Everlasting Pilgrimage - the five divine domains, one by one, killing the strongest of each layer.

In this way, we can minimize the casualties of our own people and horses, while Luo Feng, Qin Yi and Yu joined forces, and in this world, hardly anyone can resist, as if it were a sharp blade until Evil God, the supreme head of the Everlasting Night Pilgrimage!

Immediately afterwards, the master of bathing blood, together with the guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, as the second and third batches of power, respectively, dramatically drove into the Eternal Night Pilgrimage, sweeping the Eternal Night Pilgrimage.


With Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Silver Snow Holy Lord, Seven Killer Holy Lord, Wind Thunder Holy Lord and other master bathers, the Blood Girl rushed into the first floor of the Divine Realm in that glow.

At this time, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu had already killed Yan Xiaotian, king of eternity and night in the second level of the divine domain, as well as other people who existed with this second level of peak masters Hams, Jerus hiding blood, wood sky and so on.

And these people, they're all people on the assassination list.

Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu Er have been killed to the third level of the divine domain, and are fighting alongside the evil gods.

“Ha ha, Qin Yi, come on, fuck the devil! ”

As soon as Dragon Flame rushed in, he looked up at Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu on the third level. He was waging a fierce battle with the devil's body. He couldn't help laughing.

And Yang Shiqi, standing around, looked at that familiar figure, the orbit was also hot, and instantly became a little wet: “Qin Yi...”

Kill him!

The remaining Pilgrims of the Everlasting Night on this first level, roaring like a tidal wave, rushed in.


A bloody woman in a red robe, with a broad bloody half-moon curved knife behind her, smells like a sickle of death.