The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1703: Overturning


The bloody half-moon curved knife, hundreds of feet wide, spinning quickly to kill the past, between which, like harvesting straw, a skull was cut off.

“Ha ha, kill them all! ”

Dragon flame laughed, the whole person has entered the state of dragonization, a piece of silver dragon scale appeared on his body, he and Yang Shiqi, Silver Snow Holy Lord, Seven Killer Holy Lord, Wind Thunder Holy Lord and so on, he rushed wildly to the thousands of everlasting pilgrims.

It's a hell of a place where the earth is broken, the bones are scattered, the rivers are flowing, the air is filled with intense bloody smells.

One day after the raging war, the saints on the first level of the divine domain, have been slaughtered, and of course there are a lot of casualties on the side of the bathing gate.

Hanoul, king of eternal night in this first divine domain, although he has been killed by the three former Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu together, these pilgrims of eternal night pilgrimage also have quite a good manipulation.

In particular, there are also a number of rudder owners, chief rudder owners, who are very powerful.

Such a massive war, no horse casualties, that's impossible.

After sweeping the first layer, the Blood Girl leads the strong and then kills to the second divine domain.

Obviously, the fifth layer of this divine domain also has a high and low division. When people deal with the saints of this second divine domain, they immediately feel that the saints of this second divine domain are stronger than the saints of the first divine domain.


Another batch of horses, from the glow of the sun, rushed in. This batch of horses is small, there are only a few dozen people, but everyone has an unparalleled momentum, and the many days of flaming beauty, Horan, is also in this batch of horses.

There is no doubt that this is the Holy See of Kyushu, formerly inhabited by the Phoenix.

“The Eternal Night Pilgrimage must be the history of the great world of the Xuan Huang. From now on, withdraw, do not kill, leave immediately, resist, kill without forgiveness! ”

Femme Yan has already merged with the Seven Zeniths, and her breath is almost twice as powerful as before. She drank it and spread almost all over the five layers of the divine domain.

Immediately, the saints who remained on the first level of this divine domain, some of whom immediately indicated that they would be permanently removed from the Everlasting Pilgrimage and quickly withdrawn from this divine domain.

However, there are also some who remain faithful to the Everlasting Night Pilgrimage and are faithful to the evil gods, vowing to follow the evil gods.

Naturally, these obsessed stubborn men, Maiden Yan, and their guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, will not be slaughtered in the slightest.

Three groups of horses, the front and rear layers, no doubt, this is a great havoc of the Eternal Night Pilgrimage, bathing the blood gate and the Divine Guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, who came from the outside world, is the iron heart to uproot the Eternal Night Pilgrimage and completely eradicate it in this great world.

The supreme ruler of the Everlasting Pilgrimage is the Evil God.

And the evil god, once again, is an extremely evil being. If the Everlasting Pilgrimage is not completely eradicated, one day, it will harm this great world.

And how could the Holy See of Kyushu tolerate the power of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, a human spark left over from the immortal years, the space-time earth, to scourge this spark world here?

At this time, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu were still in the third level of the divine domain, fighting separately with the evil gods.

The evil god is a super-yin and yang master, and this split is a bit difficult to kill for a while.

I just don't know why, the next few layers of the divine domain have already killed the fire, even the first layer of the divine domain has been completely swept away, but the evil gods present on the fifth floor are not moving at all, the whole person is completely silent, as if Bath Blood Gate and the Divine Guardian of Kyushu Holy See joined forces to kill so many everlasting pilgrims, he doesn't care at all.


Suddenly, the evil spirits present in the fourth divine domain turned into a green smoke and quickly rose to high altitude.

“Come on, intercept him. The evil gods are taking this split back! ”

Luo Feng shouted, holding a hundred-length pitch-black battle knife, rushed quickly towards the green smoke.

Green smoke and Jade were also afraid to be lazy. They walked behind Luo Feng and kept up.

“Boom! ”

The three attacked together, bursting apart at high altitude, the pounding pressure, compressing the air into a circle of space ripples, almost shattering the entire third layer of the divine domain.

However, the green cigarette was not damaged in the slightest, and it continued to rise after spreading violently, forming a huge blue cigarette head at high altitude.

That green cigarette head is really huge, covering the day, that's a middle-aged bald head, Horan is the look of evil god.


Green cigarette head looked down, snorted cold, loud voice, like Hong Zhong Dalu: “Three small ordinary human beings also want to kill their own dignity. When it is really ridiculous, kill the fifth floor. Come on, your own dignity is waiting for you on the fifth floor! ”

After Yan Bi, the green cigarette head quickly dissipated and eventually disappeared completely.

Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu three, stunned inside each other.

“Obviously, this split is a round with the true prince of the evil gods. Divinity and dignity, the power of evil gods, will be stronger. ”

Yu Er Xiu mei slightly condensed and looked up at the fifth layer of the divine domain, where there was no movement.

The fifth divine domain, quietly suspended above the four divine domains, a dead silence, the entire fifth divine domain hidden a dark blue light, appeared very mysterious and cold, no one knew what was present in this fifth divine domain, in the highest level of the Everlasting Pilgrimage.

Whatever there is, there is one thing, Qin Yi they can be sure of, that is the true dignity of the evil gods, there must be a fifth level of divine domain!

“The evil god, the most evil of all time, really wants to see how powerful he is! ”

Qin Yi looked back and looked at the hidden blue light, a dead and silent realm on the fifth floor, smiling faintly, but in those eyes, Xu Xu slowly ignited a tremendous war will.

In other words, he looked down again. The first and second divine domains below were all a mess, standing at the height of the third floor looking down, only those who saw the second layer became dwarves, and the first layer became only fist-sized, unable to see the fighting movements of the people in the two layers, but only hidden shouts of death.

Qin Yi is well aware that the people currently killed on the first level are Maiden Yan and the more than twenty Jiuzhou Holy See divine guardians, who are thoroughly aware of the remnants of the first level of the divine domain. This time, it is imperative that they uproot the Eternal Night Pilgrimage and that none remain faithful to the Eternal Night Pilgrim.

At present, in the second level of the divine realm, the bloodbathing gates led by the Blood Girl are strong, including his contemplative Yang Shiqi, as well as Dragon Flame, Silver Snow, Seven Killer, Wind Thunder, etc.

“It won't take long, Master Yang and Long Yan et al., will come from the second level of the divine domain to kill this third level of the divine domain, and the first level of the divine domain of Meizu et al., will soon also be the remaining saints of the first level of the divine domain, completely cleared and then killed into the second level. ”

Qin Yi looked over the movement on the lower two levels and touched his chin.

“Didn't the evil gods put us in the fifth realm, where he waited for us? So naturally we can't let him down, and I'm going to break the ban on the third floor to the fourth, and then we're going to kill him. ”

Luo Feng hey, smile, no more delay, with Qin Yi and Yu, rise to the sky, kill to exist and the prohibition between the third and fourth floors.


As Luo Feng waved the knife, the prohibition that existed on the third and fourth floors, it burst apart, a white jade channel, in front of the three of them, slowly emerged.

Qin Yi threesome didn't say anything, quickly rushed into the passage, but in a moment, they had reached the fourth floor.

“Kill him! ”

There was a loud shouting.

Hundreds of thousands of Everlasting Pilgrims, rushing forward like a tide.

In the face of these everlasting pilgrims who rushed from the front, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu three people, stood in place, the top of the three people hunted and shouted, the dark hair danced, not only not without a little fear, but a fanaticism appeared on their faces.

“Hee-hee, Brother Qin Yi, leave it to you! ”

Yu smiled.

“Yu is right, Qin Yi, it's up to you. ”

Luo Feng, beside him, grinned and patted Qin Yi's shoulder with his hand, spinning without further delay, and retreated to the side with Yu.

“Leave it to me, collect the killings just in time! ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and said nothing more. Step forward and flash his right hand. At a moment, a golden palm stamped with a concentrated hand suddenly appeared in the high altitude. The golden glow was brilliant and there was a golden cast.

The golden palm is unimaginably large, more than 100,000 yards wide, covering the day, as if it were full of heaven and earth, covering most of the everlasting pilgrims.

“What a horrible golden palm print! ”

“What kind of work is this? The stamps of the palms gathered together are so big, when it's really rare! ”

“ …… ”

The Pilgrims of the Everlasting Night below made a shout.


With a golden palm print of more than 100,000 feet wide, the wind rolled up and slammed down toward the perpetual pilgrims below. With one hand, half the saints were shot on the ground.

However, the saints present in this fourth level of divine domain are obviously stronger than the saints on the following levels. Qin Yi's hands on the day of annihilation were shot, but not many saints were killed.

Fortunately, Qin Yi's hand in the heavenly annihilation of all beings can be taken continuously. Only he was seen standing in the air. His right hand swung again. With a huge palm print of more than 100,000 pieces of gold, he suddenly appeared again and repeated it with one hand.

The next scene, it can already be imagined, Qin Yi stood empty-handed, manipulated the hands of the world's extinction, and repeatedly slapped.

After five or six consecutive palms, the Pilgrims of Everlasting Night below have been shot almost halfway down.

“Humph! Three despicable human beings dare to wave in my everlasting pilgrimage to death! ”

An angry drink, coming from the sky.

The next moment, there was just a head gathered in a cloud of blood, rushing from the sky, looking down at Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu.