The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1704: Honor of the Evil God

This division of the Evil God is the same as the one that Qin Yi used to break in the deep of the Everlasting Night Casino. It is a skull that gathers directly in a cloud of blood and looks very evil.

“Go to hell! ”

The devil's split drinks cold and suddenly the blood clouds flourish around him, quickly condensed into a bloody hand that laid the heavens and earth, quickly photographed from the sky, and a wind rolled up.


Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu were three people, directly unfolding in a transient motion, shaking in shape, directly disappearing in place, the next moment, they appeared tens of thousands of feet away.


The blood hand that laid the heavens and the earth was taken from the sky, the entire fourth layer of the divine domain, a violent tremor, the ground instantly like a spider web, the tortoise cracked a huge crack, constantly extending forward.

The pounding wave swept away and swept to all sides like the ocean.

However, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu three people stood in the air wave, and the tattoo did not move.

“Grass, this division of the Evil God seems to be stronger than the one deep in the Casino of Everlasting Night. ”

Luo Feng grinned and blinked incredibly.

“Destroy him quickly, or he will soon be joined with the true prince of the Evil God! ”

Qin Yi shouted and rushed over.

Luo Feng and Yu dared not be lazy, but followed closely.


The three men rushed to the front of the devil's body without any delay and immediately joined forces to attack.

The evil god's body couldn't resist the three of them attacking together. The huge head burst open and turned into a cloud of blood.

In the next moment, that bloody cloud flared up again, agglomerating a whole new head.

However, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu were iron hearted to break this division of the evil god at the fastest speed. The skull had just gathered, and the three attacked together, and it was here again.


A loud bang.

This splinter of the evil gods exploded again.

The next scene, you can already imagine, the bloody clouds are constantly pouring, the skull agglomerates once and again, but each time just agglomerated, it was broken by Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu jointly.

“Damn it, three humble little humans! ”

The roar of the evil gods came from the blood cloud and seemed very impatient.

Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yuer joined forces to break the evil god's split skull seven or eight times in a row, and it finally slowed down a lot.

“Come on, we'll kill him soon! ”

Luo Feng held a hundred-length pitch-black battle knife in his hand, grinning, his face appeared excited.

“Huh, three humble little humans, trying to kill me too, when it's a dream! ”

Blood clouds quickly congeal into a giant head, overlooking and sniffing.

The Yin and Yang technique from the Xuanzheng world, when really powerful and mysterious, once practiced to the peak creation, it is extremely difficult to be killed, almost indestructible.

Yin and Yang technique, great and deep, includes Heaven and Earth Xuantology, Yin and Yang, Illusion, etc.

Illusion alone gives people extreme headaches, falsehood, truthfulness and indistinguishability, maybe for half a day, it's just an illusion, I'm still intact in the distance.

“Kill him! ”

Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yuer went up against the sky and hit their heads in high altitude.

With a loud bang, the head burst open again.

This time, however, the bloody cloud did not once again congeal itself into a skull, but turned into a giant dragon shadow, rapidly rushing towards the sky.

“Three humble little human beings, who have the courage not to play with you anymore, go to the Fifth Divine Domain. I will wait for you in the Fifth Divine Domain. ”

Loud voice, coming from the sky.

“Quickly, this body is about to combine with the true dignity of the evil god, intercept it! ”

Luo Feng shouted.

The three men dared not be slightly lazy, unfolded rapidly, rushed to the sky, and suddenly rushed into the huge blood dragon that the mist had accumulated, but the huge blood dragon was fading and fading, but soon, it disappeared completely.

This fourth layer of blood cloud has completely disappeared, and the sky has revealed its original color.

Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu were three people, staring at each other.

“Obviously it is impossible for us to intercept the Divine Divine Divine Divine Divinity, which exists between substance and illusion, in order to combine it with our own dignity. It is obviously impossible to see it disappear on this fourth floor, enter the fifth floor, and there is no way. ”

Luo Feng held the hundred-length pitch-black battle knife and smiled at Qin Yi and Yu.

“So what do we do now? Is that how you're going to kill the Fifth Priory? ”

Qin Yi turned around and glanced at him. Then again, the everlasting pilgrims came crazily like the tide, exhaling softly: “On the fifth floor, we must definitely want to kill up. The first name on the list of assassinations is Evil God, and now, only Evil God has not been killed by us. This is the will of the Qing Emperor, Evil God must be! ”

He looked down again at the lower layers of the divine domain, and found that at this time, the Blood Girl had led a group of strong men such as Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Silver Snow Holy Lord, and had been killed from the second to the third layer, and was in a frantic battle with the saints who existed on the third layer of desire.

Yet Maiden Yan, Lonely Thousand, Taku Zhenxiao, Xiaoyao, Zongzhengqingzi and other groups of the Supreme Divine Defense of the Holy See of Kyushu have also swept away the remnants of the first divine domain completely, and have already killed the second divine domain.

“The divine domain of this fourth divine domain is strong, but it has died a lot before, so leave it to Master Yang on the third level. ”

Qin Yi turned his face and looked at Luo Feng: “Brother Feng, break the ban between this fourth and fifth level. We will now kill to the fifth level, it will be a while for the true dignity of the evil gods. ”

The conversation room, in his eyes, had already ignited a tense battle.

“Okay, you follow me! ”

Before Luo Feng was the head of this everlasting pilgrimage LuoNet organization, the position of the forbidden support points between the five layers of the Divine Domain is well known.

Next, he led Qin Yi and Yu quickly to the forbidden support point between the fourth and fifth floors, which is a huge black cliff, the black on that cliff to the extreme, as if it can absorb all the light, the cliff within thousands of feet, all day dark and cold.

Luo Feng stood in the air, his hands held up a pitch-black battle knife, drank loudly, one knife fell, hundreds of lengths of pitch-black knife, broke out, severely smashed towards the black cliff.

“Boom boom! ”

The black cliffs trembled violently and slowly separated from them.

A white jade channel emerged in front of Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu.

The White Jade Channel was tortuous and extended into a faint mist of blood. There was no end in sight. A cold wind blew from the side of the White Jade Channel, causing Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu to all have to go for a while, and instantly there was a feeling of falling to hell.

“This fifth divine domain is not as simple as the four divine domains below, and it makes me uncomfortable. ”

Looking at the white jade channel in front of him, Luo Feng raised his eyebrows: “What is in this fifth level of the divine domain? ”

He was the head teacher of Ronette and only went to the first four layers of the divine domain. As for the fifth layer of the divine domain, it was a forbidden site of the Eternal Night Pilgrimage. No saint dared to cross the minefield halfway, otherwise he would be punished by the Eternal Night Pilgrimage.

Saints of the Everlasting Night Pilgrimage only know that the Evil God has been living on the fifth floor, never going down to the lower floors, out of the Evil God, no one knows what else exists in the fifth divine domain.

“Evil gods, after all, are a very evil being, even where they live, full of evil. ”

Qin Yi sighed and glanced firmly. "Even if the fifth level of the divine domain is really hell, we have to go in and kill the evil gods. ”

Without further delay, the three men set foot in the White Jade Passage and killed the Evil God, which is their primary task in entering this great world of Xuanhuang. Even if the Evil God is so powerful, they must kill him.

Soon after, however, the three of them passed through the White Jade Passage, entering the fifth floor.

At first glance, all three had to breathe cool air. Only in this fifth layer of the divine domain, there were thousands of sarcophagus suspended in dense numbness.

These sarcophaguses are arranged in a large circle, floating and sinking in the air at a rhythm that's a bit peculiar, like a heartbeat.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ”

Thousands of sarcophaguses float and sink.

And in the center of these sarcophaguses, a naked, bald man sitting on a suspended tray, his eyes lightly lit, if sitting normally motionless.

This man had a tall nose and a deep orbit, two thin lips like a blade, identical to the skull of the evil god they had encountered before Qin Yi.

Undoubtedly, this man is the true master of the evil gods!

Now, in this evil god's own body, two identities have been merged. As for the third, he can never be merged. He was completely broken down by Qin Yi deep in the casino the other day.

At first glance at the true dignity of this evil god, Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu, all eyes stirred together, in the chest, instantly burned a tremendous war will.

This man, their greatest enemy, is also the highest being in the great world of Xuanhuang.

“I feel like killing...”

The evil god, surrounded by thousands of layers of sarcophagus, still sits quietly in the air, not even opening his eyes, the words spoken in his mouth, the sound is unusually loud, there are like Hong Zhong Dalu, shocked by the air and blood shaking in the human body, extremely uncomfortable.

“Three humble little humans, you've really stepped into this fifth level, bravery! ”

The evil god slowly said, "Do you not know that in the eyes of the world I am a murderous demon?" These five floors have always been a restricted area, so you broke in and I will kill you. ”

“Evil God, next year today is your anniversary. ”

Luo Feng Yang knife, pointing far away at the evil god, grinned: “Do you know that we entered the great world of Xuanhuang to kill you? ”

“In that regard, did I have any idea, the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See? You look amazing! ”

The evil god slowly said that there was no wave on his face, as if everything was under his control.


This evil god knew that he was the guardian of the Kyushu Holy See!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Luo Feng, but they couldn't help but stare at each other. It was so surprising that the evil gods guessed their identity!


But all of a sudden the evil gods swept up in the sky without warning, looking up and laughing: “Qing Emperor, after you have banished me into this great world, you won't let me go, but do you think you can kill me with just a few guards of the Holy See of Kyushu? Innocence!”