The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1706: God of War Evil

“Qin Yi! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu, he was trapped in that dense and numb sarcophagus. Yang Shiqi cried out, his beautiful little face was full of worry.

She held a golden sword and held it loose constantly, looking nervous.

“Sister Yang, we're fine, don't worry. ”

Yang Shiqi, who hasn't seen it for a long time, has already rushed to this fifth floor. Qin Yi's heart is also a joy. He shouted to Yang Shiqi: “Sister Yang, don't come here. There are countless mobile spaces here. Once you rush over, you will enter other spaces immediately. Rest assured, this space tears the power, and you cannot destroy us. ”

When Qin Yi said this, Yang Shiqi was relieved.

“Haha, Qin Yi, you're not so simple. In this great world of Xuanhuang, you were the one who stirred up the wind. ”

The dragon flame beside him was a joyous laugh. He was still more confident in the strength of Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu.

“That was the result of the integration of the demon with me, when the demonic nature of the demon completely suppressed my nature before that happened. ”

Qin Yi held Luo Feng in one hand, and held Yu in one hand, answering aloud to the dragon flame.

“Well, you've finally completely merged with the Vancouver head, and it looks like after you merged, your strength has improved a lot. I also heard that you went to the Casino of Everlasting Night before you killed this Everlasting Pilgrimage, and you killed the bastard Chiakishi. ”

"“ I can imagine the look on Huang Emperor's face after receiving the news of the death of Qianqishui, "said Dragonflame." Ha ha, that's so funny! ”

Yang Shiqi, Yanmei and others, their faces are also bright with joy.

The name of Qian Qiu Shui has been wrapped around them as if it were a magic spell since the beginning of the mausoleum in the northern part of Kyushu.

Then eventually, Qin Yi still chopped off this first divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See.

Dragonflame suddenly raised the ink gun in his hand, pointing far away, that evil god whose legs were always hanging in the air: “Evil god, you lay low, the whole Everlasting Pilgrimage, now you are all alone, you cannot have any skin jump! ”


Yang Shiqi, Fei Mei Mai, Blood Girl, Silver Snow Holy Masters Hung, all suddenly raised their weapons in their hands, pointing remotely at the evil god, for a moment, bursting with killing intent, surrounding the air, pressing violently floating.

The evil god slowly opened his eyes, the vulture's eyes, looking down from the sky: "Is it all here? Do you think that you will prostrate yourselves when you are overwhelmed? Ridiculous! I'll kill these three now, and then I'll kill you all! ”

“Five lines of yin and yang - the sky is falling apart! ”

The evil gods suddenly drank loudly.


The dense hemp sarcophagus that tightly besieged Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu, suddenly Qi Qi rushed towards the three of them, and each sarcophagus was under tremendous pressure.

The dense and numb sarcophagus suddenly crushed over without warning, as if to crush the heavens and the earth into pieces.


Qin Yi, Luo Feng and Yu did not dare to be slightly lazy, rushed to the sarcophagus rushed by the dense numbness, launched a wild attack, and did not let them crush over.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ” ……

The strength of the three of them is beyond doubt, and each time they strike, they can directly smash a sarcophagus.

However, after each sarcophagus was smashed, a corpse fell out, to be exact, as if it had just been salvaged from the river of Shura Field, and there was constant bloodshed on it, and the tickle dropped, and the scalp was numb.

Seeing this scenario, all the people in the place were shocked, their hands and feet were cold, and they poured in the cold air.

Thousands of sarcophagus here are thousands of blood corpses!

The fifth level of this divine domain is a hell of a world!

Without a doubt, these bloody corpses, they're all masterpieces of the evil gods, and he's been hiding here all day, making them!

“Evil god, you are so evil, I believe these people, who were all saints of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, are now all made into a bloody corpse by you! His heart is cruel, his soul is extinct! ”

Yang Shiqiyang's sword pointed at the evil god and saw so many blood corpses. At this moment, she was in shock, when she was really furious.

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

But the evil gods laughed with disdain: "Who do you think you are? They were saints of the Everlasting Pilgrimage, devoted to this respect, willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their honor, what do I want to do with them, it's none of your business? ”

“Since these blood corpses are nutrients that the evil gods have raised themselves to become, let's go up together, break these sarcophaguses, and then destroy them! ”

Mai Fei was very decisive and immediately shouted and waved the blue sword in her hand.


Suddenly, the crowd rushed towards the thick, numb corpse in front.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ” ……

A sarcophagus, under the onslaught of the crowd, kept bursting open and revealing the blood bodies inside.

And after losing the sarcophagus, the corpses suddenly lost their ability to attack, suspended in the air, motionless.

Evil gods floated quietly in the sky from the beginning to the end, looking at it coldly and not doing anything to stop it.

Soon afterwards, thousands of sarcophagus, completely shattered, a corpse, quietly suspended there, bloody, intense bloodbath, filled with every inch of space here.

The face of every corpse is frightening and muscular distortion, indicating that they suffer immensely at the time of death.

I can't believe how many saints have been killed by evil gods over the years of founding the Everlasting Pilgrimage.

Perhaps the whole Everlasting Pilgrimage is just a cultivar ingredient in his circle!

After smashing the sarcophagus, the crowd began to destroy the thousands of blood corpses, which did not have much defensive power in their own right. One blow, they burst straight out and turned into blood mist.

One hour later.

Thousands of blood corpses, completely destroyed by all, and the blood mist that the corpses blew apart did not dissipate, always suspended in the air, giving way to the fifth layer of the entire divine domain, was a cloud of blood.

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

At this time, the evil gods suddenly laughed wildly: “Nice, so many sarcophagus and blood corpses, my lord is sad to break them, how much effort will it take, who wants to, you helped me break them, just in time, thanks! ”


Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Luo Feng, Yu, Yang Shiqi and others all had to stop and stare at each other.

“No, we seem to have fallen for this evil god. ”

Luo Feng grinned, his face was a little helpless.

It was clear that they had broken the thousands of blood corpses, but the mist had not dissipated, but was still floating around.

These bloody mists are the nutrients of evil gods!

“A bunch of humble humans want to fight with this respect, don't you think you're too young? ”

The evil god stopped laughing, looked down from the sky, and the words spoken out of his mouth had become as if they were frozen: “When I absorb these nutrients, your time of death will come. ”

After Yan Bi, he suddenly opened his big mouth and suddenly sucked it. The thick fog of blood that thousands of blood corpses had turned into, immediately between blinks, was absorbed by him from his mouth.

“Pfft, pfft! ”

As the blood fog was absorbed, the body of the evil god, and consequently the sound of bone transformation, his body was rising.

10, 100, 300, 500, 800, 1,000...

Finally, the body of the evil god, rated at 5,000 feet, stood there, standing on top of the sky, the muscles of the body bulging together, like a hill.

“Dirty little human, dead! ”

The evil god drinks cold, just that voice, and the sky shakes for a while.

Obviously, after inhaling those blood mists, the whole person changed completely, as if unlocked into a state of wild war, that 5,000-tall body, with a strong and violent atmosphere, the expression on his face, has become very stiff.

Later, he patted his hand down and his palms were hundreds of feet wide, producing a tremendous amount of pressure.

Break it up!

Feeling the power of this clap of evil gods, Qin Yi and others also did not dare to support the great, hurriedly unfolded rapidly and spread out.

“Boom! ”

The giant applause of the evil gods struck down and shot down a mountain below, all directly collapsing, powerful and unimaginable.

Evil God himself is a strong man at the peak of Tai Ancient times, and in the endless years of exile into the great world of Xuanhuang, he is constantly accumulating and practicing. His strength is absolutely no less strong than that of Tai Ancient times.


One clap struck the sky, evil gods stepped in, chased Qin Yi and others, stepped out, the entire fifth level of the divine domain, was a violent tremor.

He was too big, Qin Yi and others were in front of him, as if they were really a bunch of ants.

“You all back off, let me do it! ”

Qin Yi suddenly shouted and stepped forward, quickly facing the evil gods.

“Pfft, pfft...”

With the Seven Hearts of the Heavenly Demon activated, Qin Yi's left hand, followed by a sound of bone transformation, the palm of the hand instantaneously rose to about the width, pitch black, and the magic surged.

The rhythm of Qin Yi as a whole also changed with it, becoming waveless in the dead well, a pair of Wangu magic eyes, pitch black, all over the body, rolling up a strong magic.


Heavenly Devil's left hand beats hard on the evil god and makes the evil god strong.


The evil god was photographed one step backwards and his stiff face revealed a slight horror: “Huh, looks good! ”

However, Tianjin VII, an unprecedented martial arts school, is the ultimate in superiority. Once it is implemented, the person carrying it out will be immediately controlled by the will of Tianjin VII itself.

The voice of the evil god has just fallen, Qin Yi demon hands a beat, the Seven Types of Heavenly Demons Type 2, has been beaten hard on the evil god.