The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1720: ninety-nine stone steps

He quickly stood in front of the visionary mirror and said with some excitement, "Look at my mighty Emperor of the Great Dragon. How will there be a visionary life? Hey, hey!”

As he stood in front of the mirror, the mirror immediately began to appear, but the images appeared too quickly.


The image flipped quickly.

In less than ten seconds, without what the Great Dragon Emperor has been through in his life, he has been turned over. At such a fast pace, he cannot see clearly.

“I... wipe! ”

The dragon flames stood there, and he couldn't help but burst into his mouth.

“What's going on? ”

Qin Yi and others have come to the side of Long Yan, Qin Yi asked.

Yang Shiqi, Luo Feng, Yanmei and others are also confused looking for dragon flame.

“Grass, what kind of past life mirror, the distinction is the pit man, the image is too fast to be seen at all. ”

Dragonflame said angrily.

“Really? Let me see. ”

Ji Shi Xuan Hanxin half-heartedly walked to the mirror of past life.

The Emperor, one of the most mysterious Immortal Emperors, has little record of this Immortal Emperor in history. The only record is that she possesses a Hongmeng flag and has used the Hongmeng flag to stir up countless other powerful people.

Ji Shi Xuan has stood in front of the former mirror in a playful way, except that the scene she saw, the same as the previous scene of Dragon Flame, was.


The images experienced by the Emperor in his life are immense. They are all presented on the mirror of a past life and quickly turned over.

It's still less than ten seconds, and it's over.

“I see only one big bloody flag...”

Ji Shi Xuan stood there, seductive red mouth, stunned open, can not laugh.

“Well, since the gates of previous generations and the gates of the future are not easily accessible, and the mirrors of past generations and the mirrors of the future are pit people, let's not waste time here. ”

Femme Yan touched her forehead and turned to look at the ninety-nine huge stone steps in the center of the square, "Well, let's go up through the stone steps. However, I have the feeling that these ninety-nine steps are not as simple as they look on the surface, and we have to be careful when we get up there. ”

Once upon a time in the great world of Xuanhuang, only, Fei Mei has merged with the emperor body of previous generations, the seven heavenly women. She stood there, all over her body, has hidden a great emperor's momentum.

“Makes sense. ”

Luo Feng nodded: “We try to be careful. ”

Without further delay, they went towards the ninety-nine stone steps.

But in a moment, people were already standing under 99 stone steps.

Regarding the stone steps, Qin Yi and the others have broken into much more. Back in the past, at the time of the Divine Demonic Garden, there was a central emperor on every level of the garden, which had to pass through the central ladder in order to enter the higher level, and the existence of the central heavens and earth of the Divine Demonic Garden was also 99 stone steps.

But these ninety-nine stone steps are obviously different from the central ladder that exists in the Divine Demonic Garden. Standing under these ninety-nine stone steps in front of you, there is a shady breath, which comes up, making people's skin feel cold, as if these ninety-nine stone steps lead to hell.

Ninety-nine stone steps, quietly presented in front of the people, ancient and mysterious, on the stone steps, bloodstains.

The entire hilltop of the Emperor's Mountain seemed to wither for endless years without a sound.

“It's really not easy. ”

Looking up at the top, Qin Yi exhaled softly at the extraordinary ninety-nine stone steps: “At first, I thought that the existence of these ninety-nine stone steps was nothing but the force of space gravity, and now it seems, obviously not! But no matter what happens on these ninety-nine stone steps, we must go up there. ”

He retracted his eyes and turned to the people and said, “Why don't you stay here? I'll go up first and take a look at the 99 stone steps. What is there? If there is nothing, then you don't have to go up there. I'll take the Emperor's seal by myself. If there is anything, it would be easier for me to escape alone. ”

“Okay, so be it. ”

Fei Mei nodded: “However, Qin Yi, you must be careful. If something goes wrong, retreat immediately. ”

Now, not at the time of correction, Femme Flame and Qin Yi even lovers, she immediately agreed.

“Got it. ”

Yang Yu raised his head and looked up again at the ninety-nine stone steps above him. After that, he stopped his mother-in-law and his mother. He sacrificed Shennong Ding and hung over his head.

The faint Holy Fai, sprinkled down from the divine Nong Ding, covered Qin Yi, and made his whole person look a little holy.

Next, in the eyes of everyone, Qin Yi overthrew Shen Nong Ding and stepped onto the 99th section of the world. One step at a time walked up the stairs.

There is really no common space gravity on these ninety-nine stone steps, and they are no different from ordinary stone steps.

But as one step up one step, Qin Yi felt the cold breath around her, and it grew more intense.

He even had the feeling that he was walking one step at a time towards death, into a trance, and he even had the illusion that his life, little by little, was constantly pulling itself out of the body.

“Although nothing happened, it was really hard to feel that way. What exactly are these 99 stone steps? Why do I feel like I'm dying step by step? ”

Qin Yi's heart was very uneven. At this time, he had reached more than 30 stone steps, of which he had encountered nothing.

But he felt himself, one step at a time, towards death, and that feeling was extremely real.

He was already unconsciously sweaty, and his clothes were all wet.

Stop, Qin Yi turned his face and looked down. Only Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Yanmei, Luo Feng and others were looking up. Everyone's face was full of worries.

“Qin Yi, how do I feel about you completely wrong, how are you now? Are you all right? ”

The wind was extinct, and the dust appeared as clean as nine days of fairy Yang Shiqi, worried shouting.

“It's okay. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly and tried to calm herself down. "On these ninety-nine stone steps, there doesn't seem to be anything that could directly threaten people's lives. It's just this feeling. It's so uncomfortable. I feel like I'm walking to death step by step. ”

“I don't think you're feeling well either. Your clothes are all wet with cold sweat. You've never looked like this before. ”

Dragon flame beside him shouted: “Qin Yi, why don't we come up together? ”

“No need.”

Qin Yi shook his head: “On this stone step, there doesn't seem to be anything that directly threatens people's lives. Even if you come up, it won't help. ”


However, Qin Yi's voice had just fallen, and a subtle and awesome voice of emptiness came from above.

He looked up in shock and suddenly saw a huge black light coming from above to himself.

It was a huge black sickle, quickly spinning down towards Qin Yi, with a strong sense of killing and death.

“This is… the true Sickle of Death! ”

Qin Yi was stunned.