The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1729: Nine Divine Lights

“My disciple Xuan, complete! ”

Master Ji Xuan, carrying a blood flag, slowly came from the 100-story space-time tower.

Adjectives such as wind extinction, sunken fish geese, closed moon shy flowers, used on her, will only appear pale and powerless.


Hongmeng's blood flag swept against the wind in her hand, waving a strand of blood fog, causing an unstoppable breeding chill in her heart, just felt like a hell of a sacrifice in that Hongmeng's blood flag.

“My sword is nil, I'm out! ”

The handsome, steady sword drifts zero, carries the sword, slowly comes out of the 100-storey space-time tower, hands up, feet up, all hidden in a destructive atmosphere.

“I'm Luo Feng, full out! ”

Luo Feng rushed out.

“I, King Samroh, am fully cleared! ”

King Senroe rushed out.

“Lonely, full out! ”

“I have traveled to Zhenxiao, successfully exiting the gate! ”

“I wish Yao every success! ”

“I am a jungqing, full of customs! ”

“ …… ”

A single Kyushu Holy See divine guard, coming out of the 100-story space-time tower, broke through.

There is no doubt that their cultivation, after thousands of years of painstaking cultivation, has achieved great success in the empire and has become a true emperor.

Throughout the Kyushu Holy See, there was no sound, all of them staring at a practitioner, coming out of a hundred-story space-time tower.

So many emperors, appearing here, what a spectacular scene this is.

There is no doubt that the human cultivation world, after the extinction of the Immortal Age, reached a peak period once, even more than that of the Immortal Age.

And the Third World War between Humanity and the Fae is about to sound.

Mount Emperor.

On the big square at the top of the mountain.

Qin Yi still sits in the center of the game, listening carefully to the voice of the great thousand worlds, and feeling the real life.

Time was running out, but he was sitting there.


At some point.

Qin Yi slightly flashed.

He saw the heart of the Kyushu mainland, with nine dark yellow petroleum lamps, hanging quietly there, nine lamps like beans, as if they were going to go out at any moment, forever to illuminate the Kyushu mainland.

“Nine lamps in Kyushu, I finally see you. ”

Qin Yi touched his chin and was delighted.

He felt these nine divine lamps with all his heart, but found that they were incredibly subtle. The smell of each divine lamp was different, some full of life, vibrant, some dead, as if it were a world silent for endless years, and some even seemed to contain tens of millions of dead spirits.

“Nine divine lamps are inextricably related to the six ways that exist between heaven and earth. ”

Qin Yiran.

At the same time, he was very confused. The interior of these nine lamps was like nine worlds. His spiritual consciousness penetrated and he couldn't even feel the end of it.

“Are the first nine emperors of mankind eventually transformed into nine worlds? ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.

He could not find a definitive answer to that question.

He shook his head, stopped thinking about it, and then suddenly swung the magic knife of Kyushu.


The shadow of Kyushu's magic knife, instantly from his Dantian, rushed out and hung silently over his head, like the magic light rushing out of hell, through the intense breath of death, is desperate.


With the appearance of the Jiuzhou Demon Knife Shadow, the nine lamps that existed with the heart of the Kyushu mainland, almost in the hectare, were sensed and suddenly trembled slightly.

Immediately thereafter, the Nine Divine Lights rose slowly, floating out of the ground, surrounding the shadow of the Kyushu Demon Knife.


Qin Yi exhaled softly: "Nine divine lamps, finally summoned out. ”

He looked up and looked quietly at the nine lamps hanging around the shadow of Kyushu's magic knife. He could not feel the slightest smell of them.

They are too ancient and mysterious. Even if Qin Yi can see the six turns and see the true meaning of life, it is still impossible to see through the nine lamps.


Suddenly, nine divine lamps rushed into the shadow of Kyushu's magic knife.

With the entry of these nine lamps, the shadow of Kyushu's magic knife suddenly shook itself as if it were a sleeping life, awakened at this moment.

And a pound of killing intent, also with the shadow of the Jiuzhou Demon Knife, came on violently, more than twice as powerful as before the nine lamps did not enter.

“This is the true power of Kyushu's magic knife. It's perfect! ”

Feeling the shadow of Kyushu's magic knife, Qin Yi touched his chin with satisfaction.

And at this moment, in the Sansheng Stone Bridge, the sealed body of the Kyushu Emperor, a pair of ancient eyes, suddenly opened.

“Hundreds of thousands of loads a dream, that's long enough, but it feels good! ”

The King of Kyushu sat up and stepped out of the Sansheng Stone Bridge, wearing old clothes, hunting sounds, full of dark hair, no wind automatic.

The number one madman in the world is back!

He turned and looked toward the center of the square, looking up at Qin Yi, the shadow of Kyushu's magic knife in the sky, smiling faintly and walking past.

“My Voice of the Future has grown well, better than I expected! ”

Jiuzhou Wang and Qin Yi stood in the center of the square, and the two stared at each other. Qin Yi of the Jiuzhou dynasty nodded satisfactorily, grinning and laughing. His whole body smelled wild, completely different from Qin Yi's temperament.

“This is an ancient landscape where you set up endless years. Every step I take, you set it up. No matter how much I torment, I can't torment your layout. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said softly.

He met the King of Kyushu on the magical fairy ancient tour of Ling Yumen in the past, when he didn't know that the world's first madman was his past life.

Now that I know this, I stand here and look at him. Qin Yi's heart is always a little strange.

I can imagine how it feels to look at and talk to my predecessors.

“Not necessarily. ”

The King of Kyushu shook his head and said: “For example, you and the seven ancient heavenly daughters, had feelings, had feelings with the sword emperor, even the emperor, are all kindred to you, and there are so many other love debts, these are things outside the big picture. ”

Saying, the king of Kyushu sighed: “I can't believe that my future will be a kind of situation. It was too surprising. Until now, I still can't figure it out, but something went wrong. ”

“What a surprise. ”

Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders without a reason: “Although I talk about your future, you are my past life, but we are two independent individuals ourselves, what kind of person I am, is normal. ”

“Exactly. ”

Jiuzhou Wang smiled faintly, and he turned to the northern sky: “The Third World War with the Fae is about to begin. Should you, should you say goodbye to your lovers? ”