The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1730: Laughing Milk Pain

Rumor has it, Qin Yi was slightly stunned. He did not expect that the King of Kyushu would suggest to himself to go alone with the lovers.

“So the world's number one madman is not heartless. ”

He touched his nose and sighed in Qin Yi's heart: “You're right, he should really say goodbye to the poetry. ”

Immediately after he nodded without further delay, he said goodbye to the King of Kyushu and left the Emperor's Mountain.

His first place to go was naturally the Spirit Feather Gate in Phoenix.

Ling Yumen, not only is he on his way to practice, taking the first part, but also his parents' place.

In the past, he left Ling Yumen and went to Tianxing Mansion, where his parents stayed. At that time, the soju, who came from Green Water Town with him, volunteered to be the maids of his parents to take care of them.

Ling Yumen, after so many years now, has changed a lot, the disciples have doubled, and the original regular snow, Guangyonggao, Qiushao leisure and other people are already practitioners of the five or more realms of the road.

However, Qin Yi knew that no matter how painful they were, giving them more time to practice, they would not be able to break through to the Imperial Path because of their qualifications, which limited their height.

“Wow, am I blinded? Qin Yi is here! ”

“Oh, my God, this is a legend! ”

“My idol! ”

“Wow, it's been years, he's still so handsome, man, look here! ”

With the emergence of Qin Yi, the whole Ling Yu Gate went up and down and suddenly blew up the pot.

Often snow, Guangyonggao, Qiushao leisure and others, all rushed out quickly, looking far away at Qin Yi.

The eyes of Qin Yi touched these people, Qin Yi's heart was also a slight day. In the past, these people always wanted to suppress themselves and make a very unpleasant scene with themselves. Now after so many years, the resentment in each other's hearts has long dissipated. Now we meet again, we can only find a touch of affection in each other.

“Qin Yi, it's really you! ”

A stunned figure, from afar, rushed to a position about thirty yuan from Qin Yi, and suddenly stopped. The delicate little face was filled with stunner and excitement, and his eyes were even wet.

“Giorgio, it's me. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly at the shadow of the shadow. “Thank you. After all these years of caring for my parents, are they okay? ”

After leaving Ling Yumen, the emotion between Souqin and regular snow was also over. Souqin finally realized that he loved the wrong person, broke off from regular snow, and took care of his parents.

“Fine, the body of my uncle and aunt is great! ”

Souqin slowly came to Yang Yu's side and strolled alongside Yang Yu on the martial arts field, as if they were a couple of lovers.

However, they will never be lovers again, and Zouqin knows that, when she chooses the wrong person, she has to bear all the consequences.

Yes, the two seemed intimate, but there was always a hint of desolation.

Time cannot be reversed, nor does it exist in this world. If, by, the way you choose, you can only walk on your scalp, as anyone else does.

“My parents are in great shape, thanks to you. ”

Qin Yi turned his face and smiled lightly at Soqin: “Soqin, you know what? I really appreciate it. Thank you. ”

“Qin Yi, you've said thank you several times. ”

Souqin smiled and paused: “Didn't we come from Greenwater together? I remember when I was in Green Water Town, my uncle and aunt took great care of me. Anything delicious would definitely be sent to my house to eat. ”

“Yeah, back then, it was really nice to think about it. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and gently touched his head.

However, Soqin suddenly paused, lifted up his delicate little face and set his eyes on Qin Yi's handsome and smothering face: “Qin Yi, do you really think that time was wonderful? ”

During that time, she and Qin Yi Qingmei Zhuma, in the eyes of all the people of Qingshui Town, they were just a couple.

“Of course!”

Qin Yi nodded for sure: “Every time I went through, I would think he was wonderful. ”

Soqin's delicate body, slightly trembled, looked at Qin Yi so still, for a while, his face slowly blossomed with a brilliant smile: “Qin Yi, I'm really happy to hear you say that, there's no regret in my life! ”

Qin Yi didn't know what to say, he just nodded, paused, and shifted the subject: “Zoqin, after I entered the Holy See in Kyushu, I encountered many things and discovered many amazing secrets. Frankly, this time back, I came to say goodbye to you, because, soon, I was going to participate in a wild war, and I wasn't sure if I could survive that wild war. ”

“What war? ”

Souqin stood still and shocked his face: “If you are not as strong as you, will you come back alive from that war? ”

“Yes, it's not just me, all the strong humans, who can't be sure they'll survive that war. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly: “In order not to worry my parents, I won't tell them about this when I see them later. ”

Qin Yi turned his hand and took out a thin piece of white jade and gave it to Juqin. "This jade is my identity card for the Holy See in Kyushu. If you notice something is wrong, you take my identity card and lead everyone to the Holy See in Kyushu. Take as much as you can. After you get there, let the top level of the Holy See in Kyushu open a door to the world. All you have to do is light up this jade and the top level of the Holy See in Kyushu will do it. ”

“What door to the world? ”

Giorgio Chido.

“The fourth world in the heavens and the earth, also a hidden world, is called the Great World of Xuan Huang. ”

Qin Yi said.

He looked carefully at Qin Yi's face and didn't dare to ask any more questions. He just hid Qin Yi's identity card.

In her heart, there was an unknown emotion, able to give such a big thing to herself, indicating that Qin Yi trusted herself, or very much.

“Well, now, take me to my parents. ”

Qin Yi waved his hand.

“Well, follow me. ”

Nod your head.

Qin Yi's parents lived in another courtyard attic, built very noble and luxurious. All the characters related to Qin Yi, Ling Yumen will not be slightly lazy.

“Kid, I've been in Kyushu for several years. The shelf is huge. I heard you came to Ling Yumen, but this is the only time I can think of us. ”

Qin Yi had just entered another courtyard building where his parents lived, and his father, Qin Mu, glanced at him and shouted.

Rumor has it, Qin Yi suddenly awkwardly touched his nose and smiled: “Father, the master gate has replaced you with such a magnificent other courtyard attic. I couldn't find it in a moment. I only brought her here with me to Soqin. ”

Souqin beside him was also a luxurious person. “Uncle, this is so true. Qin Yi didn't know where you guys lived at first, I brought him here. ”

“Don't you know where we live, don't you? Excuses!”

Qin Mu glanced at Qin Yi again.

“Father is still so harsh, even if he is now an emperor, his attitude towards himself remains unchanged. ”

Qin Yi sighed at himself. However, he liked this feeling. On the contrary, such a father felt very kind. If even his father, he was a compliment to himself, would he still be a father?

“I said you were a real person. Yee would come from the Kyushu Holy See, but you yelled at him. What is it? ”

Qin Yi's mother, Qin Lan Fiber, was unhappy. After waiting for Qin Mu to say, she pulled Qin Yi around and sat down beside herself. A happy smile appeared on her face: “Yee, tell me, how is your relationship with that Shiqi now? You can't bully people, Mother can see that Shiqi is a good girl. ”

It is true that the mother's greatest concern for her son is always the matter of his marriage!

Qin Yi sighed at himself and smiled. “Don't worry, Mother, me and Shiqi are fine. ”

“That's good. ”

"" But then again, you can't bully her, but you can't be too honest in front of her. "When it's time to do it, it's time to do it. Your father and I are waiting to hold our grandchildren. ”

Qin Yi suddenly burst into tears.

The jujitsu beside him also made a big blush.

“By the way, Yieh, I remember, you're not an honest person, I remember the last time you brought back a beautiful girl. ”

Luan Lan Fiber suddenly looked straight and said to Qin Yi: “Tell me, have you bullied Shiqi or not? Have you been with other girls besides her? ”


Qin Yi stunned, he didn't think that his own mother had been complaining about the matter.

“Ah, what? ”

Pulang's eyes glanced: “Say, do you have any? ”

“Also, there is one, Ma Mai, Mother, I remember you seem to have met her, she has come to this Spirit Feather Gate before. ”

Qin Yi didn't dare to hide it, he had to tell it honestly.

“Good boy, you really bullied Shiki. Alas, I don't know what to say about you! ”

Pulan's helpless breath sighed and his eyes glared again: “Beyond the flaming maid, is there anything else? ”

“There is also a Royal Iron Guard of Daliang called Poetry. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and had to explain the poetry too.

“Anything else? ”

“... and Aunt Holy Snow. ”

“Anything else? ”

“There's also... wooden snow. ”

“Anything else? ”

“Also... and the Khan of the Tiger Wolf Tribe...”

“Anything else? ”

“No, no, that's it. ”

“That's it, don't you think? ”

Souqin beside her had already heard her gaze, it was difficult to blink her own eyes there, she could not have dreamed. Turns out Qin Yi, there were so many lovers.

Luan Lan Fiber was already angry. He took a broom and shot Qin Yi in the face with no head: “Good little bastard, look at how you bullied Shiqi, you big carrot, see if I won't kill you! ”

“Mother, don't hit me. I have to deal with so many wives. Is it easy for me? ”

Qin Yi hurried out of the courtyard attic with his head in his arms. He shouted, "Don't you want to hold your grandchildren? I'll be right back, the rain is stained, and they'll give you a hug with a bunch of little fats. ”

“Ah, you little bastard, you're so angry with me, you dare say such shameless words! ”

Pilan Fiber is furious to drink.

Meanwhile, Qin Mu behind her, staring at Qin Yi's wolf and running away, muttered: “This kid actually got so many girls, heroes, I have to worship you. Why didn't you and I have such a good life...”


In the end, his voice went down, and a broom shot him with no head and no face: "You old bastard looking for death, still worshipping your son? Not as good as your son? Look, I'm not gonna kill you, and you're not gonna piss on yourself. You got a handsome son? ”

“Ah, don't hit, don't hit, I was wrong! ”

Qin Mu held his head and ran around the house.

Souqin beside him, already laughing on the floor, his hands covered his chest: “Jiao Jiao, my mistress is laughing...”