The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1732: Don't be so thin on each other

For generations, the Tiger Wolf tribe relied on hunting for their livelihood. It was almost impossible for them to integrate into the Tuanmu tribe at once. This forced union would certainly be problematic after a long time.

“Mother Night Fork! Mother Night Fork! ”

At this time, the wooden marks were screaming at the end of the wooden snow on the battalion.

“Wooden marks, you idiot, I'll cut you, see if you call me Mother Night Fork! ”

Snowflake's temper was still so hot, he immediately drank angrily, grabbed a long knife on the horse's back, and turned to God.

However, the next moment...

“Dang! ”

The knife in her hand fell to the ground.

Only next to the end of the wooden mark, a young man with a strong figure and a handsome appearance is looking away at himself and smiling.

“Qin Yi...”

Sitting on the back of his horse in a snowflake, she shuddered slightly.

“What are you doing standing there? Come here and give me a hug. ”

Qin Yi smiled and waved at the end of the wooden mark far away.

“Oh, yeah, hugs! Hee-hee!”

Drawing the snow back to God, he smiled more and more, his strong legs, his crotch, and the horse from the war pushed hard, and the horse from the war flew over.

Seeing that Qin Yi had slowly opened his arms to himself, he flew on horseback with wood and snow, and a series of silver bell-like pleasant whispers in his mouth: “Ha-ha-ha...”

“Oh, no, brother-in-law, you haven't done this for years. Shouldn't this mother-night fork cut you with a knife...”

The end wooden marks around Qin Yi saw the end wooden snow running over. He blinked incredibly.

“Actually, I'm wondering too...”

Qin Yi also sighed, it was too surprising. This mother night fork didn't actually cut herself with a knife this time. In fact, he was ready to be chopped psychologically.


Dragon snow hurried the horse so fast that he couldn't help but rush into Qin Yi's arms.

Dozens of meters away from Qin Yishang, she was already on the horse's back, suddenly jumped up and pounded toward Qin Yi.

“Grass, this son of a bitch is dying! ”

Qin Yi was surprised. Where dare he be slightly lazy? Hurry and rush an arrow step to rush over. Hold the snow tight.

“Qin Yi, is it really you? Did you really come to see me in Yulan? I'm not dreaming? ”

Tamyu grabbed Qin Yi's waist dead and didn't want to let go for a moment. He trembled with excitement.

Qin Yi lifted a finger and scratched it gently on the john's nose, which was quite showy. “Of course, aren't you holding me tight now? Aren't you afraid to merge with me? ”

“Hee-hee, I just want to blend in with you so we'll never be apart. ”

With a happy smile of wood and snow, he raised his curtains and looked at Qin Yi pulsatingly. Then, he gently patted his cheeks on Qin Yi's chest and listened to his heartbeat.

The two met again, Qin Yi's was also very emotional, holding the snow tight in their arms, and the two held each other in silence.

“Oh, Mother Night Fork, no, in your temper, shouldn't you have cut your brother-in-law with a knife? In this way, you can show the nature of your mother's night fork. You are so afraid of me and mine, it makes people break their glasses. ”

They came to them with wooden marks and said in astonishment.

When carrying Mu Shelton, he made a big red face, let Qin Yi go, and kicked his foot on his wooden ass: “You idiot, get away from me. Don't stand in my way. If I want to treat my fiancé, I can treat my fiancé any way you want. Do you mind? ”

Traces of wood were kicked down on the ground with a foot of wood and snow. The wolf climbed up and burst like thunder: “Mother of the night fork, dare to kick my ass, I am angry! ”

“I'll kick your ass. What can you do with me? ”

With his hands forked on his barbarian waist, he looked provocatively at the end of the wooden mark.

“You, you, you...”

I can't speak with a wooden mark.

“You what, you? Get as far away from me as you can. Get out of my way! ”

With a sigh of anger, he twisted that seemingly dead ass again, and plunged it back into Qin Yi's arms. He raised his delicate little face and smiled. “Qin Yi, ignore that idiot. Let's continue to look down on me. ”

In front of others, it's the mother night fork, but in front of me, it's the tender little sheep!

Qin Yi suddenly enjoyed watching. Even if she gave me a golden mountain, I wouldn't change it!

Two people have been gone for many years. This hug, the two hugs are about to suffocate. This is the only way to do it. Ignoring the martial arts field, the staring soldiers directly lifted Qin Yi's hand and walked back: “Qin Yi, you come this time, my father doesn't know yet? It's not easy for you to come from Kyushu Mainland. You'll have to stay a while before you leave. ”

The two returned to the headquarters of the Tuanmu clan, and the father of the Tuanmu Snow Tuanmu Tuanmu Tuanmu, naturally had a pleasant time and immediately held a solemn ceremonial reception.

While it was difficult, Qin Yi could only temporarily reside in the Tuanmu clan. Meanwhile, Tuanmu snow drained two fast horses, one to the Tiger Wolf clan, notified the beautiful Khan, and one to the Wind and Snow Empire, notified Aunt Saint Snow.

“Qin Yi, are you satisfied with Cher's arrangement? ”

According to the customs of the Tuanmu clan, Qin Yi and Tuanmuxue have not yet been married in the chapel, they cannot live together in one room. Therefore, if Tuanmuxue wants to make out with Qin Yi, he can only go to Qin Yi's room. After two people made out, Tuanmuxue asked Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was going to live in this end of the Mu clan for a day, then go to the Tiger Wolf clan for a day, and finally go to the Wind and Snow Empire for a day. At that time, he directly carried out a quick trip to visit the three fiancées, three days would be enough.

But now such an arrangement takes a certain amount of time. Whether it is the Tiger Wolf tribe or the Wind and Snow Empire, it is a constant journey and takes a lot of time to get back and forth.

“As long as you arrange it, I'm satisfied. ”

In order not to sweep the joy of the tree snow, Qin Yi rubbed the hair of the tree snow and showed a warm smile to her.

Feel Qin Yi's share of drowning, in the heart of the wooden snow, sweet has to be desired.

Three days later, the Holy Snow Aunt arrived from the Wind and Snow Empire. When she saw Qin Yi, she was all kinds of eating and smiling: “Little brother, isn't that woman with you? Tell me honestly, did you two go to a wonderful place together? ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi suddenly cried. After all these years, this witch is still worried about this matter.

Side by side, the end of the snow was also made a big blush, darkly self-sipping, bam. What is shy is that the witch can also say it generously.

“Aunt Saint Snow, no, we've all been busy. Since the last time we split up, there's basically no chance of us being alone. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said positively.

“Really? ”

Aunt San Xue took a step forward and looked at Qin Yi without blinking.

“Really not. ”

Qin Yi definitely nodded.

Seeing Qin Yi's eyes clear, it doesn't look like a lie. Aunt Saint Xue just lightened her head and put her mind completely down. Suddenly, she smiled again: “Good, so I can grab the fox with you before she goes to life. ”

Her style has never been bold and rare. Immediately, regardless of whether or not Yuzu was present, she slowly snuggled into Qin Yi's arms, and the two super-sized seats on her chest were pressed against Qin Yi's chest.

Qin Yi's fiancée only counted the two largest in front of Aunt Sheng Xue's chest. As she slowly pressed on, that soft and wonderful touch suddenly made Qin Yi play a spiritual, even on her belly, and instantly there were signs of a rise in evil fire.

“Little brother, do you want to go to life with your sister now? ”

Aunt Sheng Xue raised her beautiful little face and said to Qin Yi, winking her eyes. More importantly, the two large seats with super size in front of her chest were slowly rubbing against Qin Yi's chest.

Qin Yi had not yet had time to suppress the evil fire on her belly. With her friction, and a “artifact” stood up quite shamelessly at once, crushing against the flat, non-redundant belly of Aunt Saint Xue.

“Oh, little brother, so raw. Oh, hey, hey! ”

Feeling the masculine artifact on her belly, Saint Snow's aunt smiled, her cheeks were red, and there were peach blossoms, so moving.

“This dead witch, every time she meets, she has to make the scene such a heartbeat. ”

Qin Yi sighed helplessly in his heart, but he had to admit that he liked the feeling.

Of course, as long as you're a man, you'll love it!

Side by side, the end of the snow, already ashamed to find a sew to drill in, cheeks almost dripping out of water.

However, she finally drummed up the courage to put the two seats on her chest that also had quite a large size, without traces of light and strong, and came to Qin Yi's side, tearing his pockets apart, with a voice that was almost only she could hear herself, and said shamelessly: “Qin Yi, you can't be so thin with each other. ”

Qin Yi stunned.

“Yo, I'm sorry, I forgot my sister's here for a while. ”

Aunt Holy Snow smiled more and more, holding on to Tamchi: “Tamchi, let's go together, so that we won't be too thick and thin with each other, okay? ”


In broad daylight, do these niggas want to play double-fly?

Qin Yi was stunned and blinked slightly there. In his heart, he had to breed a glimmer of anticipation...

Yet another few days later, the beautiful Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe arrived. She was still wearing gold and silver jewellery, just like when Qin Yi led the army in attacking the Tiger Wolf tribe.

“Qin Yi, where is my Qin Yi? ”

The luxury carriage hasn't stopped yet, and the beautiful Khan has jumped out of the shed, carrying a skirt and rushing to the palace.

“Beautiful Khan. ”

Qin Yi sniffed out and saw that Maria rushed towards herself, clanging in gold and silver jewellery. Even the hat fell to the ground, and his heart was also moved for a while. He opened his arms slowly to Maria.


Maria took a wild wind and poured it into Qin Yi's arms. She embraced Qin Yi in a dead end: “Do you know, my strong man, if you don't come again, your Khan will die because he misses you too much. ”

Beautiful Khan climbed tightly into Qin Yi's arms, two lines of tears clear, and fell.

“My fiancées, one of them is a master of love, one of them is more beautiful than the other! ”

Qin Yi sighed indefinitely: “It's worth it, I, Qin Yi, can have so many beautiful and attractive fiancées in my life. Even if the next war with the opposite race is going to end, it's worth it! ”

Next, Qin Yi lived in the Tuanmu clan for another three days, which was a farewell to Tuanmuxue, Aunt Holy Snow and Maria.

During these three days, the three colorful women, seemingly gentle, spent this last time with Qin Yi, but Qin Yi still did not break through the last line of defense of the three of them.

He himself could not tell what kind of psychology it was, perhaps out of a responsibility, not to be sure that he would come back alive in the ensuing war with the opposite race.

Perhaps he was reluctant to destroy something beautiful, and he knew very well that once their last line of defense had been broken, his relationship with them would change qualitatively, which was a pity.

But many times, unfortunately, the beauty would be even better, and he wanted it to last forever, or at least, he would have to be able to come back alive from a war with the opposite race to break through it.

Three days later, Qin Yi said goodbye to the three of them, and returned to Kyushu mainland...