The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1741: Ultimate War I (9)

Quickly reconstituted Qin Yi, the war in his chest was terrible, his eyes were cold to the extreme, the last knife, can you kill the Chaos King, just look at this last knife.

He couldn't kill the Chaos King with eight knives in a row. The last knife, he didn't have much confidence. The Chaos King's strength exceeded all expectations.

However, he could only produce a knife, and once the Nine Stories of the Knife had been cut out, he could not stop.

"Nine Stories of the Devil's Knife" formed on top of Qin Yi's head, standing silently there, with millions of feet.

All of a sudden, he drank angrily: "The Knife, Chapter Nine - Chapter Nine! ”

A million-dollar magic knife shadow, silently and silently split him in half again, flying tens of thousands of kilometers across both sides, but the next moment, the Chaos King's is flying fast again: “As I said, you can't kill me, I am immortal. ”

Because Third Circle, after the nine knives were cut out, Qin Yi was safe and sound, only to see the scene, he was almost desperate, Chaos King is really immortal? Kyushu Wang worked so hard to cultivate the Kyushu Demon Knife that he could not be killed?

Will mankind once again face the scourge of extinction in this war?

“When the King of Kyushu said that the Kyushu Demon Knife still had 10, and that the 10 should be related to the Nine Souls of War...”

Qin Yi frowned and instilled the natural qi in his body directly over his head. That knife had reached more than 100,000 feet on the shadow of the magic knife. Nine light dark shadows emerged suddenly from the shadow of the magic knife.

Each shadow has an incredibly intense and ancient scent, with a dim little oil lamp, nine god lamps, suspended in the Dantian.

“Nine divine lamps are nine worlds. It is precisely because of the appearance of these nine divine lamps that humans are able to live forever...”

Qin Yi sat down and slowly closed his eyes, silently understanding the mystery of these nine divine lamps.

“Haha, Kyushu Wang, you are ridiculous, this is the time, you are still understanding your Kyushu magic knife! ”

The King of Chaos has rushed over, a big grey hand laying heaven and earth, meanwhile, he slapped Qin Yi hard, and one hand shot Qin Yi into the flesh of heaven.

But between them, the flesh of the heavens was reconstituted together, and the quiet plate legs sat in the air, conscientiously understanding the true meaning of the nine lamps.

Third round, immortal!

Far back, in Qin Yi's ears, he sounded the various voices of a thousand worlds, vibrant, as if he saw that flourishing thousand worlds.

“This is a voice that can only be heard on the Emperor's Mountain. Now, how did it also appear in these nine lamps? ”

Qin Yi was shocked and quickly condensed to realize the various voices of this thousand world.

“Ha ha, King of Kyushu, go to hell with Benjon! ”

King Chaos laughed wildly, struck out a gray giant palm, momentarily again photographed Qin Yi into heavenly pieces of meat.

Just the next moment, Qin Yi reorganized again, quietly sitting on his legs in the air, and continued to strive to realize the various sounds of the great thousand worlds emitted in those nine divine lamps.

The next scene, it can already be imagined, Chaos King continually smashed Qin Yi, just every time, the next moment, Qin Yi was reconstituted for a second, the tray legs were suspended in the air, and he did not do anything about Chaos King.

“The King of Kyushu, give it to me! ”


Qin Yi was shot to pieces.

Between them, Qin Yi reorganized again!

“King of Kyushu, go see King Yan! ”


Qin Yi was shot to pieces.

Between them, Qin Yi reorganized again!


After hundreds of successive beatings by the Chaos King, Qin Yi finally slowly opened his eyes and stood up: “Chapter 10, is that so? ”

Then he stepped forward and rushed towards the Chaos King, only to see the demonic knife in the shadow, nine divine lamps, as soon as it came out, turned into nine worlds, quickly covered the Chaos King in the past, the tearing power of nine worlds, instantly cut the Chaos King into nine sections.

A part of the world!

Then, the endless life, from the nine divine lamps, came out, and the chaos king's body, as soon as it touched that endless life, was rapidly crumbling.

“Ah, how did that happen? ”

Chaos King shouted in horror.

“This is how it is...”

Looking at the nine bodies of the rapidly crumbling Chaos King in nine worlds, Qin Yi was slightly stunned. There was some clarity in his heart. The Jiuzhou Demonic Knife condensed by the King of Kyushu, most importantly, was indeed the last knife, the attack by the Kyushu divine lamp in the Kyushu mainland.

It can be said that the Kyushu Demon Knife is actually used exclusively against the Chaos King.

Chaos, which belongs to the existence between life and death, and the nine lamps of the Kyushu mainland, which were meant to breed and breathe in the Kyushu mainland, are immortal and have an endless atmosphere of life. They happen to be the stars of the chaotic world.

And why the Chaos, no matter how powerful they are, cannot destroy mankind completely, and it is because of this!

With this in mind, Qin Yichang exhaled.

“Haha, Qin Yi, you finally got the 10th episode of Kyushu Demon Knife! ”

Long flame and long laughter.

“Oh, Qin Yi, I knew you were never the best! ”

Wearing a white robe, like the nine days of fairies falling into the dusty sword emperor, rejoicing, lifting up that beautiful little face slightly, appearing a colour of arrogance, as if saying to the world: "Humph, this is my male ticket!

“Oh, brother is awesome! ”

Cherry Emperor, who has lost his temper, is also smiling, clearly delighted.

“ …… ”

“What else can I say? The Chaos King has been slaughtered by me. The rest is yours! ”

Qin Yi looked back and smiled and sighed in his heart: “This time, I can finally go back. With my fiancées, I went to a wonderful place in my life. The rain is stained... I just don't know if my rain exposure is enough. Alas, this is a distressing question! ”

The immortal gods fought the 36-digit chaotic protectors, because the chaotic king has fallen, the 36-digit chaotic protectors are in disarray, and the immortal gods have taken advantage!

Farther afield, Naranjushui, the most intelligent woman in the world, is leading a large number of strong human beings to kill here in a frantic manner, like a broken bamboo...

It's been over two years, well, almost three years... and I've finally finished writing this book.

In fact, whether it's finished or not, I'm not sure, there's a mat in the foregoing. So far, all the content in this book has been a story in the lower realm, but also in the upper realm. I haven't decided yet whether or not to write a superior story.

Frankly, the process of writing this book was a pleasant, enjoyable one. So I also hope that my book will bring you pleasure and enjoyment.

The purpose of my book is to make everyone happy, to have fun after work, to have fun after learning, to relax and relax, so that after that, whether it's learning or working, it should be more efficient.

So, you'll find my book, slightly different from the general phantom novel that you normally see, it's not just a formal killer upgrade, you see enemies screaming in the face, you'll see a lot of funny pieces in my book, and in many details, you're basically happy. I will not let a protagonist, somehow invincible, wherever and whenever stronger enemies appear, as long as the protagonist goes up and ensures that rare shouting is done, I think it is not logical, people will not be unjustifiably strong, must experience.

In the language style of this book, walking is also an easy and humorous route. I personally don't like the narrative of Zheng Jing Xue, nor am I a person who likes to pretend to be forced.

Of course, in addition to the funny passages, there are also a lot of bloody fights, intellectually brave plots, and even a lot of large-scale wars.

I take this book seriously myself, and pay close attention to the readers' comments. The book was initially crazed by a significant proportion of readers, but for various reasons many of them ran away. Of course, whether you run or stay, I will stick to it and write it as well as I can.

The biggest disagreement with the book in the readers' comments is the typographical error!

Yes, there are a lot of typos in this book, and I usually type, and I use the search dog pinyin method, but I have to say, the search dog input method is really a bit of an asshole. Inputs are memorable, right? For example, after you use a word more than once, its position jumps to the first position, but the memory function of the search dog's pinyin input method is this, the word is clearly always in the first position, but at some point, it suddenly jumps to the back position somehow, and you don't notice, “Pfft”, typed the word in the first position, and then, I'm not used to modifying it... so, tragedy... I always wanted to change the search dog input method, but my tragic finding was that I couldn't change it on my computer, and I changed the other input method, and no matter what I did, it just didn't show.

There are also many readers who mention some details, the front doesn't match the back, it's not really a question of logic, it's a question of memory. In fact, it says here that I chose the stupidest form of writing, because I started to reveal what the protagonist was going to do in the end, and it was quite clear. I was trying to set suspense, but then I slowly realized that it was really stupid, because all the time I was testing my logical thinking and memory, slightly wrong, it was very obvious, at first glance!

So, the new book, I'm not going to take this stupid writing anymore, and of course, the lighter styles, the hot-blooded fights, the bravery, the large-scale wars, and so on, these elements, they will remain.

Well, actually, the new book has come out: Nine Days of Holy Emperor, almost 700,000 words, welcome support!

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