The Golden Age

Chapter 264 Culminated

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Qin Xiao was shocked, but his expression was still calm, and he laughed: "When did General Wei come back?"

"When it's time to come back, naturally come back.

Wei Waya sighed: "I arrived at Xiling and found that Jiangu was waiting for it, but I found the sword valley. None of the Sword Valley six appeared.

Shock his head and said with emotion: "I stayed for too long in the palace, and when I got old, my mind was confused.

The young master laughed: "You really went to Jiangu.

"You do not have to worry about.

Wei Waya laughed lightly: "If it was twenty years ago, I ran for nothing, and always had a hundred people to vent their heart.

It's just getting older and softened. I didn't kill a Sword Valley disciple.

The little master was relieved, but he didn't know whether Wei Waya said was true or false.

Of course, she knew the terrible strength of the master. Don't look at Wei Waya's calm look now, a harmless look of humans and animals, but once the big master shot, his aunt knew that he and Qin Xiao would die.

She was careful in the palace and avoided Dongji Tianzhai, but never expected that she had encountered the inner palace.

Qin Xiao's heart also flew quickly. Wei Waya was waiting here. Naturally, he was in the hands of himself and his aunt. He had been in the archive library before, but I don’t know if the old eunuch was followed to the wine together. Library.

He was ambiguous with his aunt inside the wine tank. If such things were also known by the old eunuch, it would be really embarrassing.

It was just that he also knew that if Wei Waya really wanted to kill himself and his aunt, he would not talk nonsense for a long time. Since he did not do it, he also proved that at least he had no plans to kill himself.

He simply walked to a stone carving on the side and looked down at Wei Wuya: "Generally, General Wei, what happened in the palace, you should always be clear.

Now the palace has been controlled by Dongji Tianzhai, and the night of Tantai has used the name of the saint to eliminate dissidents and control the court. If it is not surprising, in a short time, Dongji Tianzhai will control the entire Gyeonggi. At that time Datang was almost dead.

Wei Waya just looked at Qin Xiao and didn't speak.

"Since you are back, why are you hesitant.

Qin Xiaodao: "The saint is controlled by the night of the night, why don't you rescue each other? As long as you rescue the saint from the night of the night, the situation can be reversed.

Wei Waya sighed: "Do you think the master is omnipotent?"

"Of course.

Qin Xiao nodded: "At least rescue the saint in the court, it is not difficult for the master.

Wei Waya smiled lightly: "Under the general heaven, there is no place where the master can stop the master.

The people in the martial arts mentioned that the grand masters only felt that they were unpredictable and thought that the master was omnipotent.

He shook his head and sighed: "It is just that they forgot that even if the martial arts is high, the body is still the body of flesh and blood, and the grains are born from the grains.

Turning his head slightly, looking at the younger master, he said lightly: "At that time, the cultivation of the teacher was the first person in the world. He had already stepped out of the nine -quality realm and entered the world without heaven. There is no difference, but he has died like that.

The young master's flowers changed color, raised his hand to Wei Waya, and said sharply: "The eunuch, the master is hurt by you. Even if you die today, I have to avenge Master.

"Eggs touch the stone?"

Wei Waya laughed: "Sword Valley six, Mu Yeji's talent is one of the best. Unfortunately, when you are young, the sword god is no longer in the world and cannot get his pro -pass.

I sighed and said, "If you get your qualifications, you should have broken through the Great Heavenly Realm if you get it yourself.

The little master sneered. Although she couldn't wait to crush the veteran's corpse in front of her, she knew that the other party's cultivation was not acting lightly.

"Manager Wei is afraid of death?"

Qin Xiao suddenly laughed: "You dare not save the saint, are you afraid of Dongji Tianzhai?"

Wei Waya laughed: "The East China Sea Penglai Island, Dongji Tianzhai planned for many years, recruited 800 disciples. These 800 disciples were confused by Dao Zun, just like the eight hundred walking corpses. Go to the fire.

In the change of Kyoto, the Tantai Hanging Night planned Tianzhai disciples into the palace. Nowadays, there are 400 and 500 disciples of Tianzhai in this palace.

After a pause, he continued: "The saint was held up by the night, and at least hundreds of disciples were deployed around them. These people were unpredictable to defend the palace guard, and even the flies could not enter.

"Can't the manager Wei get in?"

Qin Xiao laughed: "You just said that there are no places where the big master can't go in this world.

Wei Waya glanced at Qin Xiao and murmured: "The saint said that you are smart. From the perspective of the family, it is foolish.

If you want to go in, it is naturally easy to get back, but it is not easy to leave the saint.

How can I get the saint's body, if they are frightened? "

Qin Xiao understood, and said, "You always say, you have a way to go in, but there is no way to come out?"

Wei Waya just sighed and didn't speak.

"Old eunuch, I ask you, in addition to you, who else participated in the murder of Master?"

The little teacher asked sharply.

Wei Waya smiled weirdly, and said, "You don't even know who you kill the sword god, and Zhang Luo will take revenge for nearly twenty years, it is really ridiculous."

"I'm asking you now.

"You know that from the moment Linghu Changle stepped into the sky, he was destined to not live.

Wei Waya said faintly: "He is the only talent that has broken through the great world in the past century and entered the heavens.

As long as he lives, there is a sword hanging above the other big division, and the sword will fall at any time.

Shock his head and sighs: "Become a great master, almost exhausted the talent and wisdom of everyone's life. This road is extremely difficult. Will you pay for Dongliu, who do you think can be reconciled? "

Qin Xiaoxin was stunned, remembering the words of Su Baoping.

Although the Grand Master is high, the pressure in their hearts is not that ordinary people can think of.

If there is an eight -grade realm and a step away from the great master, the big master is afraid that the new major master will be threatened by his own. Cover the secret, practice secretly.

Especially when entering the eight -grade realm, the masters of the eight products did not dare to show their strength outwards. Before becoming a master, do it low -key and not even let people know their existence.

It's just that the eight -product realm really wants to enter the great master, which is difficult and difficult, and not to mention that the eight -grade realm is already a rare existence. Even if there are one of the few masters in this world, I really want to enter the Grand Master. Can't reach.

If the eight -person realm is just an unknown threat to the master, then the unparalleledness is a nightmare for the big master.

The Grand Master wants to stifle the master of the eight grades in order to solve the post -trouble once and for all. In their hearts, once there is no heaven, no heaven can also remove all the great masters, once and for all, and to solve post -trouble once.

It is not important how to think about it. As long as it exists, it is a nightmare that the master must erase.

"You murder Master because of fear.

The little master said coldly: "The behind the demon is not a martial arts, why should she plan to murder the Master?"

Wei Waya laughed at the strangely: "The sage murdered Linghu Changle? Where do you know? You are not wrong. The sage is not a martial arts. What motivation is to murder the sword god?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you understand.

Wei Waya sighed: "Planning to murder the master of Linghu Changle is not a saint, but another person.

Qin Xiao shook his head and said, "No.

After the death of the sword god, the sage issued the will, regarded the sword valley as rebellion, and told the world to kill the culprit of Jiangu. Is that will not be promulgated by the saint? "

"If I say that the saint is uncomfortable, I am afraid that you will not believe it.

Wei Waya shook his head and said with emotion: "Many things are not as simple as you look.

"President Wei, you say that the culprit is not a saint, who is that?"

Qin Xiao asked.

Wei Waya said calmly: "When Dao Zun Hong Tianji came out, the young master laughed immediately:" It is ridiculous, it is ridiculous.

Do you say that the mastermind is Hong Tianji, don't you feel ridiculous? The Queen of the Demon is now controlled by Tao Zun. You are a loyal dog under the feet of the demon.

The big hat that is now murdered on Hong Tianji's head is really simply.

"At that time, two major martial arts were in awe of the world, Dongji Tianzhai and Xizhou Sword Valley.

Wei Waya said calmly: "Before Hong Tianji became a master, he had founded Dongji Tianzhai. After he became a master, Dongji Tianzhai naturally did not dare to mess with, and the forces became increasingly strong.

For Hong Tianji, who became a master, Dongji Tianzhai was a fine -handed quality of him. Such boutiques can only make him satisfied only by ordering the rivers and lakes.

Looking at the little master, he said slowly: "But Jiangu is the sacred place for all swordsmen.

At that time, you were still young and unknown. Anyone who practiced swords was the biggest wish is to go to the sword valley to worship.

Moreover, the world's swordsman feels that there is a sword god existence in Jiangu. He is the protector of the swordsman of the world. Therefore, although Dongji Tianzhai is strong on the rivers and lakes, many martial arts worship it, but most of the swordsmen do not buy at all at all. Dongji Tianzhai's account.

Qin Xiao and Xiao Shi looked at each other, only to hear Wei Waya continue: "More than 20 years ago, the disciples of Tianzhai were afraid of everyone on the rivers and lakes. They had Hongtianji to do a mountain, and naturally they were arrogant.

Hong Tianji is really talented on the martial arts, but he can't control his disciples.

He shook his head and said, "If you remember correctly, a disciple named Zhao Tu under his door conflicts with the Wushan Sword School. Relying on the strength of Tianzhai, the Wushan Sword School is full.

Originally, this kind of rivers and lakes had never been intermittent. It was not a big deal. At the heyday of Tianzhai, in order to stand in the rivers and lakes, it was not just the Wushan faction that killed it.