The Golden Age

Chapter 269 Report

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The little master groaned, Wei Waya seemed to expect that the little master would not simply agreed to Qin Xiao: "Lord Qin, is it willing to join forces with the miscellaneous family, and give you a day to consider it.

If you have no wishes, you advise you to leave the Tang Palace as soon as possible.

The miscellaneous family bluntly stated that in the face of Hong Tianji, it is impossible to set off any storms at all, and it is impossible to rescue Shen Wuyou and others from Hong Tianji. Instead, there is a danger of life. "

He laughed and said, "Hong Tianji already knew that Mu Ye Ji was lurking in the palace. The disciples under his door really did not know how to be blessed. Do n’t really meet Hong Tianji. You, he wants to kill you, it is not difficult than killing ants.

Qin Xiao frowned slightly, but knowing that Wei Waya's words were not good, but it was also true.

Although she and the younger master are both six -grade realm and their strength is not weak, when she meets a major master, she has no work.

"If you are willing to join forces, when you are tomorrow, the people of the miscellaneous family will wait for you here.

Wei Waya said: "The miscellaneous family can promise you that if you are willing to join forces, the miscellaneous family will not guarantee you, but there are two things to do.

As long as Shen Wujun and others are still alive, then the family can ensure that you will leave Kyoto safely. In addition, the miscellaneous family can bring you back to the first level of two people.

Qin Xiao a little: "First level?"

"Didn't the disciples of Jiangu not want to find Linghu Changle's bones for many years and bring it back to Jiangu to bury?"

Wei Wuya said: "After the incident is completed, the family will tell you that the fox Changle buried the bones, and you can retrieve his bones.

In addition, you can also bring back the first level of Hong Tianji. He participated in the killing of Linghu Changle that year. It is your enemy of your sword valley.

After pause, you smiled faintly: "You already know the truth of Linghu's death. After returning, the disciples of Jiangu can continue to practice. At that time, you can still avenge several other masters, including the miscellaneous family.

The little master naturally understands Wei Waya's meaning.

In the current situation, even if the little master wants to kill Wei Waya avengers for the sword god, it is impossible to do it at all, so Wei Wuya's meaning is clear. If the little master really wants to get revenge, the two sides are for their own purposes. After joining Hong Tianji, after the incident, everyone was still an enemy.

Wei Waya no longer said more. After carrying his hands behind him, he always bowed in front of the sage, but at this moment, his waist was straight, walking slowly from Qin Xiao and Xiao Shi, when Qin Xiao turned around, Wei Waya has gone.

The young master walked slowly to a stone beast, sat down, his expression was dignified, and he looked down at him with a dignified look.

Qin Xiao knew that the little master was in a complicated mood now. He walked over and sat down beside her. He wanted to say a few words, but hesitated, and he didn't say a word in a word.

After a while, the little teacher said: "What is the real thing he said?"

"I can't be sure.

Qin Xiaodao: "But one thing is definitely not false.


"Hong Tianji must have participated in the surrounding sword god that year.

Qin Xiaodao: "And he must be seriously injured.

The little master nodded slightly, and said, "Dongji Tianzhai suddenly retired from Penglai Island for nearly two decades during its heyday. Then explain it.

"The sword god is killed, and there is no longer the ambition of Hong Tianji in the world. If he is not due to the last resort, he will definitely not retreat suddenly.

Qin Xiaodao: "The reason why he can force him back can only be injured, and he is worried that other masters will take the opportunity to kill him.

And what can be given to him in the world can indeed only be the sword god, so Wei Waya should have no falsehood in this matter.

The little teacher said: "The Queen of the Demon and the Xia Hou family has always wanted to cut off the sword valley, and after learning about the purple box, the people who sent the purple coat supervisor would take the purple box, which also proved that they were really afraid of that sword. Essence

Turning his head slightly, watching Qin Xiaodao: "The Queen of the Demon and the Xia Hou family can know the power of the sword, naturally because even Hong Tianji was under that sword.

That sword could make Hong Tianji dare to come back twenty years later.

Qin Xiao nodded: "Little Master, what should I do next? Do you promise to join forces with Wei Wuya?"

"I have no idea.

The little master sighed lightly: "Is this a trap set up by Wei Waya? Wei Waya is a dog behind the demon. For the 20 years after the demon, she always wants to destroy the sword valley. Knowing that they have a murderous heart about Jiangu, we still have to obey the arrangement of the dog eunuch. Once we really fall into the trap, will we look too stupid? "

Qin Xiao smiled bitterly: "What he said was right. To save the master and the other people of Jiangu, he had to control Hong Tianji.

Neither you and me can threaten Hong Tianji, and it is impossible to capture him. It is only Wei Waya who can only be resistant.

The little master didn't speak, and silently got up, and suddenly got up, walked to Bi Fang, ordered a few times on him, and naturally solved the acupuncture point for Bi Fang.

Soon, I saw Bi Fang's body movement, and then woke up, sat up, and saw Qin Xiao and Xiaoshi stared at himself coldly. Enter your hands, you want to kill, and to listen to respect.

"Don't look like a righteousness.

Qin Xiao said faintly: "If you want to kill you, you can easily do it, depending on whether you really want to die?"

Bi Fang snorted, but the little master had asked, "Where is Shen Wuyou?"

Bi Fang smiled weirdly and said, "Do you think I will tell you?"

"Know you won't.

Qin Xiao laughed: "So I have long thought about it.

Xiang Xiaogu said: "He was so angry.

Bi Fang's face changed, but the little master was shot like electricity, and a few swords were hitting Bi Fang's acupuncture points.

The little master is also practicing the inner sword, but unlike the red heart and true sword, the sword qi of the red heart and true sword can be killed directly. Perhaps the sword god saw that the little master was a girl, and intentionally taught Zebing Zhenjian to her. Bing Zhenjian's sword qi cannot kill the enemy directly. It is necessary to use liquids such as drinking and beam into the opponent's body. Without hurting the life of the opponent, the opponent can be tortured and yielding.

Although Ze Bing's Zhenjian's sword cannot be killed directly, it is not difficult to seal the acupuncture point of the opponent.

Bi Fang was sitting on the ground, not only was he blocked, but his body could not move.

What do you want to do? "

"Don't even be afraid of death, what are you afraid of?"

Qin Xiao used a small stone beast and returned to Bi Fang. He smiled and looked at Bi Fang and asked: "People like you are full of bones and never yield. I appreciate it.

I want to know how hard your bones are, how hard you are than stones? "

But the stone beast was placed directly on Bi Fang's straightened leg.

If the Qi Qi is not blocked, Bi Fang Wupin's strength can be easily affordable even if a hundred pounds of stones hold your legs, but he cannot work at this moment. The difference, and Qin Xiao intends to put the stone beast on the knee of Bifang, which made him feel pain immediately.

The little master knew that Qin Xiao had been a jailer in Guicheng Jiazi at the beginning, and he punished the punishment in the prison. Some of his means were interrogated from Bifangkou, and he did not go to the side. Whether to cooperate with Wei Waya.

"You look at the more stones and beasts in it, big and big, small and small, I chose one of the smallest, you can't stand it. If you change a big one, then Did you have it? "

Qin Xiao watched Bi Fang said: "Next, let's do a transaction. Every time I ask you a question, if you can answer honestly, and after I judge that it is not false, I will move the stone beast, but if you refuse to confess confession You can't blame me, I will change a big one until you are crushed.

Bi Fang's eyes were twitching, but he was pretending to be a calm way: "The palace has been controlled by us, and we are everywhere. If,, if.

If you dare to hurt me, you will definitely be broken after being caught.

"Then they want them to seize me first.

Qin Xiao coughed and said, "Let's start. The first question is where Sword Valley's first disciples and other Sword Valley disciples are now?"

Bi Fang snorted, closed his eyes, and did not answer.

"Bone qi.

Qin Xiao didn't talk nonsense, looked around, walked to a stone leopard, lucky on his wrist, and moved the stone leopard.

The stone leopard said that there were more than two hundred pounds. Qin Xiaoxiu Xiu made it.

He put down the stone leopard, moved the small stone beast on Bi Fang's leg, and laughed at Bi Fang: "Are you sure not to say?"

Looking at more than 200 pounds of stone leopards, Bi Fang was even more horrified and angrily: "You.

You do n’t want Hu Lai 1 Qin Xiao, but he rushed to a thumbs up, and then moved the stone leopard. There was no mercy and pressed directly on Bi Fang's legs. The face was instantly congested, and the forehead was almost sweating in an instant.

Qin Xiao had already held his mouth and held his mouth. Bi Fangli couldn't make a pain scream. Qin Xiao looked at his face that was distorted by pain and laughed: "Don't shout. Yes, you have to wake them up, isn't it impolite? "

In fact, this underground stone room is at the bottom of the rockery, and it is a bit distance from the ground. The road to this basement room is still twists and turns. It really wants to shout here, and it is almost impossible to hear.

"There is also a stone cow over there, and I guess at least four or five hundred pounds.

Qin Xiaodao: "If you are still so hard, let's try it with stone cows.

The stone leopard pressed her legs, and had made Bifang feel that the knee bone seemed to be broken and painful. He heard Qin Xiao said, glanced at the stone cow, and trembled: "Zihuan Hall, Jiangu.

Sword Valley, including Shen Wuchou, was all. All. All.

Both were imprisoned in Zihuan Temple 1 little master and aunt immediately turned his head and asked in a hurry: "Are they still alive?"

With joy.