The Golden Age

Volume One Sunrise East Falls West Mountain Chapter One

Biquge, the fastest update of the latest chapter of Sun Moon Fenghua!The tall Changling Mountain Range stretches for hundreds of miles on the ground of Xiling. Although the winter in Xiling is long, the snow on the mountain has melted after February, and the snow flows along the ridge into the river below the mountain. One of the tributaries winding through the mountain range Guicheng, less than thirty miles from the east, has become the most precious water source in the city.

As the sun went down, the setting sun shone on the roof of Guicheng Prison, but it could not bring a ray of sunshine through the roof to the prison.

The prison is located in the northwest corner of Guicheng. It is sparsely populated, but the guards are very strict. It is divided into three prisons of A, B and C. Among them, the prisoners with the word A are the fewest and the conditions are the most comfortable. Not only does each prisoner have an independent cell , And three meals a day is absolutely full.

A handsome young man is coming out of the A-shaped prison at the moment, humming a minor, but at the age of fifteen or sixteen, with a clear eyebrow, a blue jail guard, a wine gourd hanging around his waist, and a spring breeze on his face.

"Hey, Qin Xiao, how is the harvest today?" The middle-aged jailer at the door saw the teenager, and immediately greeted with a smile.

"It's not good, come in an iron rooster, but when you enter the prisoner of the Jiazi prison, there will be no bleeding." Qin Xiao's eyes smiled like a crescent, and he reached over and stuffed a piece of broken silver into the middle-aged jailer In the hands: "Good brothers, loyalty, blessings and sharing, difficulties and beings."

"Hahaha, then I'm welcome. But your kid is born with joy, even if he is confiscated, as long as he looks at you, everyone will be in a better mood." The middle-aged jailer smiled and kicked the silver into his arms.

Qin Xiao laughed and said, "Cry is also alive, laugh is also alive, naturally it is better to live with a smile."

Qin Xiao is engaged in special services in the Jiazi prison. It is either a prisoner or a death sentence. It is always better to think about it in the dying or for a long time in the future. Qin Xiao calls these people prisoners. Qin Xiao will try his best to meet the demand for precise service. The service is comfortable, and of course the charges are not very cheap.

Without money, Qin Xiao does not bully, just to ensure food and clothing.

The labor service fees received are shared by the jailers of the Jiazi prison, so although Qin Xiao's qualifications are shallow, his popularity is not bad. Everyone is willing to share with Qin Xiao any new things.

The middle-aged jailer looked around, and then mysteriously moved closer to Qin Xiao's ear and said, "You'll go back sooner, and there's something serious happening in Yamen."

Qin Xiao was startled and asked softly, "What's the matter?"

"I heard that Meng Shutou was arrested by Zhen Fu, and now everyone is trying to find a way." The middle-aged jailer sighed in a low voice: "But this time it is Zhen Hou Fu, that is not something we can afford, you Don’t know, just go home and don’t go to the muddy water...!”

What happened to Meng's head?

Qin Xiao's head buzzed, before the middle-aged jailer had finished speaking, and dashed toward the front yard of Yamen.

A few years ago, there was a plague in Zhenling County of Xiling, and many people died. Qin Xiao was sick at the time and almost died on the roadside. Fortunately, Meng Moutou met him and saved him. He later came back. He looked for miscellaneous work in Yamen, and it was considered to have survived in Guicheng.

Qin Xiao's brain was flexible and he worked diligently. Han Duwei looked at him and transferred him to the cell to become a jailer. He took care of him very much, but he didn't want Qin Xiao to enter the Jiazi prison. The income is quite rich, and now the A-character Jail has been handed over to Qin Xiao as a small prisoner.

Whether it is Meng Shutou's life-saving grace or Han Duwei's care, Qin Xiao has never said a word of "thank". He feels that sometimes the words are too light and do not need to be exported.

At this time, he heard that Meng Shutou had an accident. Of course, he would not stay out of the matter. Mo said that the opponent was Zhenhou Mansion. Even if he was the emperor, Qin Xiao was not afraid.

When Qin Xiao ran to the front yard of the county government, there were already twenty people gathered in the yard. Qin Xiao frowned. The two catches in Guicheng City added up to only forty people. Half of them had already gathered. Here.

The crowd arrested and talked in a low voice, and suddenly heard a coughing sound, and then saw a tiger-backed trapped waist quickly raise his hand and said: "Be quiet, don't quarrel." Glancing at everyone, I said: "Everyone knows that last night , Meng arrested the people to patrol the street and kicked a dog. It was only afterwards that the evil dog came from Zhenhou Mansion."

Qin Xiaodao has heard about this matter.

Meng Shoutou is Ma Kuaishoutou. He took a routine patrol last night. When he passed by Zheng Tuhu’s butcher shop, he saw a evil dog biting Zheng Tuhu. He was fierce and abnormal. Meng arrested his head in order to save people. By the neck of the evil dog, he knew that the foot was full of strength, and it happened to be the key to hitting the evil dog, but actually kicked the evil dog.

"Wicked dog hurts, Meng catches his head... Well, save his feet, that is naturally a matter of course, but after all, it is Zhenhou's dog who kicked to death, we persuaded Meng to head to the door and thank him. It's a big thing and a little thing." Huo Xiongyao's swift look is serious: "After today's lunch, Meng arrested his head and thought about it, or went to Zhenhou Mansion. In principle, he apologized to the mansion and didn't need much. It’s been a long time, but it’s been dark now, and Meng Shoutou hasn’t come out of Zhenhou Mansion,’s probably not a good thing.”

This is talking about Bu Kuai, head catcher of Lu Hong. After he finished speaking, many people changed their colors.

"Lu Shutou, Zhenhou Mansion is the Hall of Kings, Meng Shutou did not come out in the afternoon, I am afraid that there are many evils." Some people worried.

Another person said: "In the first two months, Young Master Zhen's son was riding a horse on the street. Chen Tiejiang couldn't dodge and was hit. Afterwards, he went to Zhen Hou Man to apologize. He was thrown out all day long in Hou Man. Has been interrupted and can never get up in the rest of his life."

Qin Xiao frowned slightly.

Of course, where Zhenhou Mansion is, he knows it clearly.

In the three counties of Xiling, Zhen County, where Guicheng is located, is named after Zhen, and Changxinhou is the owner of the Zhen family. In fact, it is also the master of the entire Guicheng. Being in Guicheng is actually under the rule of the Zhen family. If there is one exception, it can only be the dubious arrest of Duwei Mansion, which is directly affiliated with the court.

But as early as a few years ago, even the fast catchers in Guicheng were no different from Zhen’s house slaves. They always acted on the face of Zhen Hou Fu until Han Duwei came to work and took charge of the two classes of arrests. Soon, the situation has changed.

However, in this way, Du Wei Mansion became the eye of Zhen Hou Mansion. After all, in the eyes of the Zhen family, there was an agency under his eyelids that was not under his control, which always made them very uncomfortable.

The atmosphere in the courtyard was unusually depressed. After a while, it was said: "Meng Moutou is a court man. Zhenhou House is serious...Do you dare to do anything with Meng Moutou?"

"The Zhen family is a marquis." Someone immediately said: "In the land of Zhen County

On the plate, what are they afraid to do?"

Lu Hong looked up at the night and frowned: "Master Du Wei has left the city and hasn't returned yet. If we keep waiting, Meng catches his head...!" Hesitated before saying, "Let's Go to Zhenhou House and ask what is the situation?"

Immediately said: "Shutou, where is Zhenhou Mansion, and where can we get in?"

"Shall we just wait like this?" Lu Hong clenched his fists. "Meng Shutou is not thin to everyone in ordinary days."

"Head catcher, if someone is embarrassed with Meng head catcher, you don't say, we also have to copy the knife, but this time Meng head catch is offended by Zhen Hou." Someone said with a bitter smile: "We are just a small catcher, Most of the family members of the middle are here. If they ran to Zhenhou Mansion, the people who turned back to the Zhen family accounted for it, let's... Who can we run? Lu Shutou, your wife and children are also in the city Here, if you offended over there, then...!"

As soon as this remark came out, many people could not help but nod, but Lu Hong also showed hesitation.

Mo said that it was a small catcher, that is, the master of the county guard, and the people who saw the Zhen family were also respectful. If he went to Zhenhou House for Meng Shutou, and annoyed the people of the Zhen family, it was a big trouble.

Suddenly heard someone say: "Master Duwei is back, Master Duwei is back."

Upon hearing Master Du Wei's return, the crowd arrested and raised a lot of eyebrows, and the crowd flashed a trail. A thin Tsing Yi man walked from the crowd and went to Delu Hong. He opened the door and asked, "Meng Zimo came out what's up?"

"Master Du Wei, Meng Shutou went to Zhenhou Mansion after lunch, and he hasn't come out until now. I'm afraid I'm in big trouble." Lu Hong immediately replied: "Everyone is discussing how to rescue Meng Shutou."

Tsing Yi Han Duwei said in a deep voice: "Don't act rashly. I will go to Zhenhou Mansion and make clear what is going on."

"Sir, are you going alone?" Lu Hong said anxiously: "That's not possible, Zhenhou Mansion is not a good place, and... and the people of Zhenhou Mansion have always had opinions on you, you are now past, only afraid......!"

"They still can't eat me?" Han Duwei sneered, swept around, and asked: "If there is any situation later, I will send someone back to say, who will go with me?"

The crowd caught up and looked at each other. When they saw the companion's gaze, they immediately lowered their heads. Lu Hong's lips moved, but there was no sound.

The huge yard, catching fast on the dozens, no one dared to make a sound, no one knew what would happen when they entered Zhenhou Mansion, even if they could get out of Zhenhou Mansion, I was afraid that they would be regarded as a nail in the future by Zhenhou Mansion To survive in Guicheng, no one wants to offend Zhenhou House.

"Sir, let me go!" A clear voice rang, and the silent Qin Xiao stood out from the crowd.


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