The man opened his eyes.

And I looked around.

‘This is · · ·. ’

It's a shabby place to call it a room. It's so narrow and dusty that you can't even stretch your legs.

“Ugh. ”

My head was swollen.

The memory was pushed in like a wave. If he were an ordinary man, his mind would have collapsed at this moment. However, the man frowned at the temples once.

“I · · · · ”

The man continued to speak with an unambiguous face.

“Frey Blake. He is the third son of the Blake family and a cadet of the Westroad Academy. ”

The man breathes once for a while, bearing his real name in his mouth.

“Lucas Trowman. ”

If there was someone other than a man here, he must have looked at him like a madman.

Lucas Trowman.

The name that was praised as the greatest cannabis in human history.

“Finally, finally, finally out of the way. ”

A smile blossomed on Lucas' face.

It was the moment when Jubilee's cannabis master, who had hidden his sudden whereabouts on the continent, was revealed in 4,000 years.