The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

Characters in the story (with rattles)

◎ Name

○ Race/Gender

○ Affiliation/occupation

○ Reference or something like biographical information up to the appearance of this part

Main characters related to the branch

◎ Ilia Schultz

○ Elves and women

○ Reception and kitchen operations manager...... that's all it should be.

○ Elves born in the mountains.

Both men and women are not eligible for paedophilia due to reincarnation circumstances (flag crusher). I hate elves because they have been betrayed. In the case of physiologically impossible insects and accidental encounters, good and faint. The worst case scenario is to further the perimeter.

So I personally assume that the previous life was eaten to death by insects.

Common elves are always careless, so their ears are often suspended horizontally or above. but she's generally unmotivated so she's always in a downward mood.

The black part stands out in the author's deliberate manipulation of information, a pity, or poor child.

◎ Haku

○ Dragon God's Child

○ Mascot

○ A dragon that can also be described as a dragon god's division.

If the dragon god gives birth to a dragon child who will be the next principals, he needs to gather his own dragon factors to produce them as nuclei and continue to pour magic into them.

However, since Ilia interfered just at the time of nuclear production, a nucleus containing factors of Ilia origin arises. Her magic, which had remained with the factors, had been poured out with the magic of the Dragon God, so she was born as a union between the Dragon God and Ilia.

The other is a purely dragon god-derived egg, and the colors and abilities of the body resemble dragon gods.

It has not only dragon factors, but also divine and ghost factors, because it also has factors from Ilia in its nucleus. In a way, the expression Ilia's child may also be incorrect.

◎ Frank Deshan

○ Universal/Male

○ Luneville Branch and Branch Manager

○ He is the brother of the deputy general manager of the Alliance General Headquarters and offers to take up his position in the Luneville branch, which is a remote area because he hates factional strife within the General Headquarters.

Upon taking office, the current situation was captured by raids by local bandit guilds hired by the General Directorate. Drive this away with the Lord's Ectre.

I care about the recoil that has pulled itself off, or the Luneville branch that could have been built regardless of the house, and I have no mercy for what I try to break or take. At the same time, it is the seeds of concern that are becoming more adamant and craving than they were before they took office as branch managers, due to the increase in what they consider important.

◎ Rear

○ Beast Man (Cat)/Female

○ Reception and service personnel

○ The youngest daughter of a family who has fled the border countries where universal supremacists have risen as a result of the revolution.

Flexible thinking and, at that time, no hostility toward the common people because they were young, rather they are open to families who tend to keep the common people away.

Basically, they have good relationships within and outside the branch in order to treat each other individually.

I just have a habit of unconsciously making distance about whether I still have the memory of persecution I saw when I was a child, and I've never had more relationships than friends.

◎ Elise

○ Beast Man (Fox) - Female

○ Reception and service personnel

○ From a small village on the outskirts of Lüneville, he is earning money in urban areas to support a house that is not wealthy or his younger brother who will succeed him.

When I first got a job in the branch, I was very comfortable with the amount of encounters, but gradually I realized that it was only a temporary emotion for the other person, so that it seemed to lighten up. However, we only had someone who meant each other once, and now that we have been out of communication for a while, I'm just a little worried about whether or not we should blow it off.

I have noticed Darren's anomaly, but I can't stop seeing things.

◎ Backpack

○ Universal/Male

○ Receptionist

○ He was a boxed son from a famous family in a certain kingdom and didn't even know that an act by a parent was a crime.

He's the tenant who created the cause of his parents being imprisoned, but he's grateful to the elves who joined him in the case. But even though I knew the evil things about my parents, I disliked the half-elf I had seen and pretended not to see for the sake of later national interests, and I disliked the species Half-elf so much that I just heard it was a half-elf that I would beat him up.

Work in a branch studying law and administration thinking that taking over a family name while in danger of falling and not knowing is no excuse for self-defense.

◎ Rachel

○ Universal/Female

○ Reception and service personnel

○ She is the daughter of a three-generation dining room in Lüneville, but got a job in the branch early on from the devastating taste of her second generation, her parents.

I'm quite out of taste myself, but I can never eat regular dishes, I just can't cook. I do not resent the fact that Ilia came and the dining room was crushed, the use of the purchasing route built by my grandfather and the inn started by my mother is good, rather grateful.

Having a popular boyfriend but not being able to cook handicrafts is a recent problem.

◎ Darren

○ Beast Man (Wolf) - Male

○ Receptionist

○ Formerly worked at the Union headquarters in Wangdu, Rondville, but my boss and sleigh did not match and I moved.

He was turned and infidel by Lüneville, who was insecure at the time, but met people like Frank and Ektor who would rather accept the status quo as lucky.

Stiff enough for the job to say it in the face with her lover, but in front of Elise it gets a lot of way. A shift has been made to avoid wearing as much as possible with her on his own application, which takes a heavy look at the situation, but a few people who know the circumstances look at him with pitiful eyes.

◎ Clarice

○ Birdman (Negotiating Birds) - Female

○ Receptionist

○ A spinner from the main mountain of the commercial guild, he plays a role in disseminating information on the bizarre technology (culture of previous life) put out by Ilia.

but the branch was too cozy to abandon its mission early. Rather, he informs Ilia to that effect and circulates the technology he asks her to spread it.

The only married and oldest woman in the branch except for kitchen work. Consequently, she only undertakes consultancy matters that cannot be neglected by Ilia in terms of romance, and she has become like a sister. I don't admit to being like my mother.

◎ Cynthia

○ Universal/Female

○ Reception and service personnel

○ Daughter of a farmer living in Luneville. Since she is the eldest of two daughters at once, she realizes that her parents want to have a son-in-law adopted, but she herself hopes that her parents will work harder to have a son.

Because parents' expectations are considered due to the aforementioned circumstances, they also often consider the convenience of the other person and hesitate to fall in love. Singles are also responsible for the slightly tougher eyes on men, as branch-related men were only able to rely on them.

Sometimes the recoil is hard for me to fall in love with, or I get intrigued by other people's love and paranoia runs wild.

◎ Kati

○ Beast Man (dog)/Female

○ Person in charge of supply services

○ Former Bandit Guild member. When I was a child, I was caught by a bandit guild and educated as an operative.

Sometimes I used to steal the teachers' eyes and encourage each other with Bardo, surviving the days of training and elimination of the weak. No brainwashing was performed that threatened to degrade because he was also obedient to training and orders.

After breaking up with a few other synchronisms, Bardo and others, as women, are beaten into assassinations that take advantage of their ability to have high attraction values, wearing their spirits to such an extent that they can barely put their emotions on the table in a non-acting vegan state.

The reunion with Bardo, who thinks of each other as brothers and sisters, shows a slight recovery, but becomes dependent on him as a price.

After the reunion, the assassination mission alone will be reduced, so as to hit Baldo's support mission.

◎ Bardo

○ Beast Man (Black Leopard) - Male

○ Receptionist

○ Former Bandit Guild member. Sold to the Bandit Guild in his childhood, he survives his days of training and weak eating.

Kati and several others, after breaking up with their synchronization, were sometimes beaten into assassinations by high covert actions and were simply happy to have their arms up, so that they could ripen their requests without any doubt.

But seeing her break in reunion with Kati makes me question myself and the actions of the Bandit Guild.

I increase my mission instead of keeping Kati away from the assassination mission, but I am given a Dragon God egg recapture mission to my boss who sensed his stray. Knowing that he was dumped as a pawn at the end of his mission, he decides to go through the Bandit Guild with Kati.

◎ Digire

○ Beast Man (dog)/Female

○ General and General Affairs Affairs Officer

○ I was a clerk who worked for the former commercial guild, General Hongshan, and resigned after all the crap rushing executives.

I will be present at the rebuilding of the Luneville branch by Frank when I was stuck with the caravan and wandering the country, and I will remain employed.

I find myself realizing that the identity of the girl elf I have heard in various countries is Ilia, but I pretend not to know that there is a reason to keep quiet.

◎ Claude

○ Universal/Male

○ General/Accounting Affairs Representative/Examiner

○ Clerk who has worked for the Luneville branch since before Frank took office.

He owes it to the bias that the management did not fail due to the internal affair of the branch, which was devastating.

Formerly a knight of the Kingdom of Rondville, he was wounded when he participated as a mercenary in the war between the Rondo Filea Union and the Union of Filealemis Nationalities. I am disgusted by the tragic battle for blood with blood, and after resigning, I get a job at the branch in my hometown of Luneville.

I was close to Ektor, who fought with me, and I also brokered Frank when he took office.

Frank gets as close as his brothers, but rarely meets them at work because he's unwilling to get involved in a political story.

◎ Amabel

○ Universal/Female

○ Person in charge of appraisal and assessment

○ He is not close because he is a child captured by a bandit guild who was nesting in Luneville.

He had to be killed because he was originally highly capable, and his eyes are fattened because he was acting as an appraiser for his former lord and performing an appraisal of the stray goods.

He's about to be fired if he doesn't need an appraiser when he takes office in Ektor, but he keeps being hired if he can't banish her without close attention.

I will be working as an appraiser during the rebuilding of the branch by Frank, but the city's people can hardly get out of public as a result of pulling cages in the back when they don't have a face to match.

Ektor, who saved me from my predicament, is a prince.

◎ Caron

○ Beast Man (Horse) - Male

○ Responsible for non-negotiable business

○ From Guilderport with General Headquarters of the Union.

Frank and I used to travel around the world as adventurers, so we have pipes to various places. Frank was told the story and accepted when he rebuilt the branch.

Combat ability is not that high, so as adventurers I often act with a few of my companions, to the extent that I have made several near misses with Ilia who preferred to act alone.

I'm thinking of the girl elf with the odd anecdote as Ilia, but I try not to sneak up on the untouched God.

◎ Cecilita

○ Female

○ Kitchen Operations Manager

○ Former general of the tavern. He decides to close the shop when the branch cafeteria flourishes, and begins to work in the branch's kitchen in the form of listening to Ilia's plea, which he listened to.

Formerly a liquor store service, but developed into a relationship while working. After his marriage he made two children money, his son went to training in a commercial guild to succeed his husband in his job after closing the liquor store, and his young daughter is studying general education with materials made by Ilia while working in the dormitory.

◎ Liddy

○ Female

○ Kitchen Operations Manager

○ Former general of the dining room. He was the son of a cafeteria. Makes money for his three children after a romantic marriage to childhood tame. My husband was in the other world at the same time as my oldest daughter went to work.

My grandmother had a weak ankle and cut up the dining room by herself, but she starts thinking about folding the store every day that the deficit persists. My grandmother convinces me that I don't need to continue the store until I've eaten up the money my second daughter earned from working downstairs in the hall, and I fold the store in the form of employment at the branch.

I am grateful to Ilia for the employment opportunities of favourable treatment, including the fact that she inherited the dishes devised by her grandparents and husband.

◎ Dennis Gala

○ Universal/Male

○ Luneville Branch and Deputy Branch Manager

○ From the orphanage of the Holy Reikhand Empire.

When the orphanage is demolished by a campaign to exclude non-universal races, he moves to Guilderport with a director who relies on Tsute. A so-called elite who grew up in an educational institution of the general headquarters and remained in the general headquarters.

After the transfer to the research department, the transfer to the Luneville branch is said.

◎ Ectr

○ Universal/Male

○ Luneville Territory and Lords

○ He was one of the knights sent by Rondville as reinforcement in a war in which the Filealemiss' country flipped an anti-flag.

Captured the Grand Admiral by an ambush he set up as a guerrilla. In the conflagration, which was turned shortly after the neglect of merit, he rescued an isolated Philealemis general, as well as other achievements such as cutting off the rebel supply route by summing up the will of the cities of his country, which were opposed to the war.

As a result of the slate of expressions of intent to the noblemen who dislike the rise and the filealemiss honoring him, he receives an ordinance to assume the Lordship of Lüneville, where the problem had become a mountain dwelling.

He was attacked by a bandit guild in the same period as Frank's branch chief took office, and at first he suspected Frank's leap exactly as his raider's employer aimed, but settled after talking to each other with his fist. Hands together and eradicate the bandit guild that had long spread to Luneville.

The acquaintances who strayed from the regular track of Ilia

◎ Lula

○ Dark Elves/Female

○ Magic Alliance Affiliate

○ He kills after being nearly raped by his father by the mouthpiece of charm he was unconscious, and is about to be killed by a mad mother with jealousy and hatred.

Even on the run, he falls into human distrust, exposed to desire and betrayal because of his origins as a dark elf, and indulges in the study of space-time magic in an attempt to redo the past.

He belonged to the Magic Guild from the suggestion that if he continued his research, he wouldn't have trouble with clothing and living, and has produced a number of magic.

I get injured trying to get the necessary catalyst and meet Ilia at the request I put out instead.

While thanking Ilia for buying the help of the catalyst collection instead of obtaining permission to view the Prohibited Book of the Magic Alliance, she continues to distance herself from the fear of betrayal.

Because the chores cannot be decent, the agony increases with the overlapping appearance of the mother when she was Ilia-friendly in baking her care in a worthy way, becoming more immersed in research than ever before in order to overcome trauma.

Eventually, we succeed in deciphering one space-time magic, performing experiments but failing.

Breaking the spirit in a traumatic hell that lasts until death is also rescued by Ilia. In doing so, he proves not to be crazy even with his mouth, and becomes inclined towards Ilia as the only being who does not betray himself.

After the experiment fails, the subject of the study is changed from a prohibition decryption to a decryption of the magic mechanism itself glimpsed in the accident.

I have encountered Yorke several times in the Magic Guild, but every time I meet him, he starts a fight where he introduces himself because he is not interested outside of Ilia.

◎ Chris

○ Universal/Male

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate (All Night Star)

○ From a small village in a weak country as close to the United Windia Chiefs.

Witness Gladys, brother of the Swordsmanship Dojo, destroy the village and embark on a journey with Serena while hiding the purpose of the enemy.

I can also be helped by Ilia in disguise, who is about to be killed by a brother I encounter on my journey.

Ask Ilia for a mentor, but she is run away and fails in a way that is pushed by a mercenary guild. As he ripens the mercenary guild request, he grows physically and mentally, and is seen by the mercenary guild GM in a matchmaking arena tournament.

As we ripen the request turned directly from GM, we meet Ilia, who was traveling with the rendezvous Serena (really reunited).

Eric's addition also increases the speed at which he ripens the request, defeating his brothers and enemies as a result of further growth.

Afterwards, she formed The Star of All Nights with Serena and Eric, the hometown's childhood familiar. We embark on a journey to discuss the demons who have been the culprits of all and the evil gods who can unite them.

◎ Serena

○ Universal/Female

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate (All Night Star)

○ After the complete annihilation of the village, we embark on a journey to find Gladys, Chris' brother, the real brother.

At first, I was searching for my brother with all my heart to make sure that my flesh and mother were safe, but the person I met on my journey asked me about the backdrop of the matter, and I decided to discuss my brother with my own hands after my anguish.

On the other hand, from this time on, the sense of justice, which could even be described as a swine rush, lurks the ringing and inadvertently becomes emotionally unstable.

Painfully leaving with a difference in strength between myself and Chris in the battle of the arena. He also loses to a group of bandits and meets Ilia when he is in despair in a prison put in with other slaves (reunion).

Reinforce your will with the crusade of the bandits and the liberation of slaves, joining Chris as he trains with Ilia.

Knowing the truth when defeating his brother, he embarks on a crusade against the Evil God with Chris and Eric.

◎ Eric Bridge

○ Male

○ Magic Alliance Affiliate (All Night Star)

○ He is a child of the Bridge family that unifies the village and a childhood tame for Chris and Serena.

Knowing that his own summons, which was going in secret, had triggered him to summon the devil, he moves to the Magic Guild General Main Mountain so as to escape after the village incident.

Even though he appears headlong early after affiliation with the Alliance, he is isolated by immersion in research because of his guilt and his sense of Satanic Crusade mission.

Reunited with Chris when he was turned as an adjunct to an Alliance member seconded by the Mercenary Alliance. Where we have been economically united after several journeys, sin is exposed by Gladys.

It triggers the rumbling and cancellation of the Summoner when he leaves to flee again, but as a result it is an opportunity to recall why he wanted power and to recover.

Determined to risk his life as redemption, but also the persuasion of Chris and Serena (?) to settle.

After being fully reconciled by Ilia by resolving the misunderstandings, I will focus on helping the two of them on their journey.

◎ Yolk

○ Elf/Male

○ Magic Alliance Affiliate

○ Genius child born in the spring.

From an early age, he shows his genius of hearing one and knowing ten, but because of his harsh personality to himself and to his opponent, he becomes contemptuous of the less able as fools who do not strive.

Although not even with the contract because the wavelengths do not match, the guidance of Undine, who lives in a fountain worried about his condition, adds more strength.

On the other hand, I become dissatisfied with the status quo, which prevents me from extending my talents, beating down the elders, who are the only powerful ones instigated by the devil to just stop me from getting out of there.

The result would be to allow numerous human and demonic intrusions into the fountain, but obtaining nothing by Ilia invited to Undine.

They vehemently refuse to disciple to Ilia, but they are given the condition of "if you defeat the elders, you will be allowed to disciple" for sticky merit.

but defeated by elders who had been resurrected in Ilia's care (Sparta).

Though he could not be discipled, the function of the inside was revived by an elder who regained his trust by beating him, and he was banished from the inside by the fact that he caused confusion, his wish to leave the inside indefinitely would come true.

Having considered it all part of Ilia's calculations, he continues to have a vision and respect for her, even as he hones his talents by belonging to the Magic Guild as Ilia put it.

It's no exaggeration to say that I'm deified, so while I acknowledge its ability, I get tangled up every time I see Lula in a magical guild because of the jealousy of having her help.

◎ Allen

○ Half Elf/Male

○ Bandit Alliance Affiliates and Executives

○ A half-elf picked up by a bandit guild in early childhood, he used his elf-neighborhood appearance and origins to sell half-elf.

but after being busted by Ilia and losing all his men, he was forced to unbrainwash and also busted by Ilia to commit suicide out of self-blame and failed.

As a result of Ilia's persuasion to take responsibility and then die (interpretation), he decides to change the bandit guild from within while hiding what the brainwashing has solved.

◎ Gene

○ Dragon God

○ Heavenly Palace, Lord of Dragon God

○ When the predecessor Dragon God was alive, he leaps out of the Ten Palace and descends to earth without curbing his curiosity.

Meet a guilder who was traveling, cultivate friendship with one, and have romantic feelings with another guilder.

but when power was no longer available due to the shock of accidentally killing his family, people who thought he was one of them only thought of using power, knowing that it was also a human ploy that caused his family to be killed, despair.

Returning in disillusionment, Tenmiya accepts herself as she flies out on her own, and tears herself, the next masters, at the relentless scolding of her relatives without fear of punishment.

If you don't trust humans, but you can love them casually if you're a child with yourself, the bearer of distorted affection who actively mates with those you like.

In order to blindly drown his family, he also loses the protection and control of the wind without realizing that the devil is taking in the anguish of his needy family at birth, allowing the fall of the temple and the encroachment of demons, but obtains nothing by Ilia.

I am heartbroken by the strength of not relying on dragon gods, the gentle relief of the distress of my family, and the appearance of Ilia (who seemed to) harshly teach me how sweet she is as an administrator. For the first time since I pulled the cage, I have a crush on others, but they refuse me without a nibble.

◎ Aureel

○ Kirin/Male

○ Family of Dragon God

○ Child of Dragon God and Horse Beast Man. The oldest relative Gene has ever given birth to.

Considering my mother, who had been neglected by others by what she was, I headed myself to Tengu.

I am sensitive to people's emotions, especially malice, but I just can't help but suffer because of the traits that someone hates hurting or fighting over.

I have a vision and admiration for Ilia, who has done flat out what I can't do, and I personally sincerely hope that she will stay in Tenmiya because Ilia will also fit Gene's sexuality.

◎ Parsha

○ Fairy/Female

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate

○ In addition to witchcraft, fairies are good at exercising sacred witchcraft.

If it is only magic, then other fairies will also have difficulty in handling it because they have also overtaken the Fairy King, and as a result of the increase in their native self, they will deplete the branch trees of the world tree that were serving as a junction and expel the fairy kingdom.

A sleeping pill-filled treat grabbed me by a bandit guild and forced me to auction off an unchangable monkey.

Pirates attack the bought luxury ships, and Gabriel and Ilia help all the sailors where they have been taken prisoner.

Interested in Ilia the elf, a distant relative of the fairy, he begins to tail him because he was refused to accompany him, but is taken over by the demon who was on board when he was imprisoned by the ship.

Gabriel, who was likewise taken over by the body, and his consciousness confused to know his past, empathizing with a feeling of loneliness that no one understands and guilt for sins that he wants to attract interest but has caused for. I'm interested for the first time as a heterosexual because you stood up and tried to save yourself.

After breaking up with Ilia once, he embarks on a journey to find a way to regenerate the branch trees with Gabriel. As a result of deepening bonds during the journey, he falls in love and also begins to look for the stone slabs he was told about.

Regenerate the branch trees of the world tree with the cooperation of the Great Spirit Gnome of the earth, and once again embark on a journey with Gabriel in search of stone slabs.

Interaction with the Gnome, the Fairy King, and the usual behavior of not wearing a kasashi without being able to do so are mistaken for “the lady's doing," so that Ilia is considered the ideal female portrait and worried about behaving in a manner that imitates her. but it also has a natural personality and can only be a weirdly high-flying thing to say.

◎ Gabriel

○ Ghosts and men

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate

○ He lived relaxed with his mother on one of the islands of the Union of archipelagic nations in the fall of God and the common people.

The goddess picks me up when my mother goes into the other world, but the first fury of my life for leaving my mother alone. He collapses the island but loses the bolt and is forcibly taken to an island inhabited by the gods.

Every time I try to fight, every time I try to fight, I spend my days in return.

I am stunned to see the sight of the city's humans killing each other one after the other on the island ahead that I couldn't bear to fly out, but I am forcibly repatriated without even having the strength to blade at the god who came to pick me up, knowing that the cause is the panic action caused by the ghost factor that flows to me.

By Ilia, who came to examine the causes of the killing of each other by the humans of the city, she learns that the Father, the god of the Gods, had withdrawn himself from making the Son feel lonely because the mother, who can leave the influence of the ghost factor with strong spiritual power, could also be insane under the influence of two.

After reconciling with his father, he is ordered by his father to embark on a journey of sight and hearing that combines training when he receives from Ilia, who was wearing the influence and hit of the ghost factor, a treasure that defeats his ability to panic (originally of a weapon).

I would have liked to have come a little sooner. I attach it to Ilia, which is recessed, and the teacher also mounts it, and I build on it with mechanics on my training journey.

Meanwhile, contact with people grows spiritually, as does the regret and guilt that one city has perished under one's influence.

There are also more actions that have stood up for themselves as unconscious sins, and at one point offer to replace fairies taken over by demons.

While empathizing with the loneliness and guilt of Parsha I learned when I was taken over, I am nevertheless attracted to my heart along with respect for how bright and pleasant I behave.

After Ilia leaves after reading the air (which could not withstand the sweet air), the training also takes place to cooperate with Pursha's purpose.

Rendezvous with Ilia again when he was to use the power of the Great Spirit of the earth as a way to regenerate the branch trees of the world tree. As a result of resolving the terms offered by Gnome, instead of attaching cooperation, we will be contracting.

After regenerating branch trees in the fairy land, he breaks up with Ilia again and resumes his journey in search of stone slabs.

◎ Nina Amaro

○ Universal/Female

○ Commercial Alliance Affiliate/Deliverer

○ Japanese, Amano new vegetable.

He was a regular junior high school student except that he had been turned around by relatives since he lost his parents in an accident, but he gets caught and lost by the voice of the Spirit of the Wind when the door opens. Fortunately for this, no words can be conveyed to try to sing the other worlds, and you will live as Nina Amaro, who was wrongly passed on.

With enough propriety to communicate with the Spirit of the Wind from day to day, he becomes famous as a weather forecaster among sailors while working for the Chamber of Commerce, but he can look to the ruler of a country belonging to the Union of Islands States.

It was Elias who snuck into the ruler's castle that saved her from house arrest before she could understand why.

Rising with an encounter that seems fateful and the flying magic taught by Elias to escape from the chase, he doubly suffers knowing that he is running a bandit behind it, that it is to look for a drug to un-curse a woman.

Pushing his heart into it, he himself flies everywhere as he persuades the bandits to stop, and meets Ilia ahead of him when he turns to hear about the medicine from the Spirit of the Wind.

Elias appeared reassured when he heard about the medication from Ilia and that this would eliminate the need to work stealing.

Know that being defended by the inhabitants from their work as fornicators is also considered a demonic possession and burned that is lost in the hearts and minds of the ruler due to his discretion.

I cry that if this is the case, I would have told him how I felt, but I question the behavior of the ruler, and I stand up apprenticing Elias, who kept doing what I could, and with the help of the Spirit of the Wind to uncover evil.

It is stopped by Ilia while making the square where the incineration is taking place, but with the awakening of Elias the eyes of the guards break in with Ilia where they turned towards Elias.

After uncovering the vices of the ruler, we make a confession that we could not tell him, and together we begin to run a family business of deliverymen.

◎ Elias

○ Birdman (Running Birds) - Male

○ Commercial Alliance Affiliate/Deliverer

○ From a small country in the Taekarel desert.

As a child, a princess intruded when she was playing with a friend's prince in an ancient ruin in the desert that was supposedly off-limits, wondering about her brother's actions.

They attract demons when they move around unattended, and they unseal the two demons at the end of their big stands.

The princess, touched by a demon slaughtered by the prince, turns every food into a weak poison. She is transformed into a physique, gradually subjected to a dying curse.

Though the death penalty was spared by the plea of his son and daughter, he embarks on a journey to find a way to break the princess's curse after becoming an out-of-country exile.

As he searches for clues while he is a deliveryman, he hears that the king of his homeland is distracted and tormenting the people, becoming self-satisfied and knowing but working as a forceful thief to steal.

Hearing about the medicine that works for all the diseases, I head to the Union of Islands Countries and meet Nina before I sneak in.

You start to distance yourself from the consciousness of sin while saving your heart by a naive girlfriend.

I hear from Ilia, introduced to Nina, how to make the medicine, and after collecting the ingredients, I entrust the medicine to Ilia, trying to redeem my sins voluntarily to the ruler who worked the last steal.

Awaken as a performer of fire who can accept sin and death in the fire and manipulate fire factors without sorcery.

Illia, who uncovers the sins of the ruler, who also tries to kill him, and cooperates with Nina, who hung him upside down, informs him of the truth of what happened in the ruins she found out when she went to give him the medicine.

I reveal my thoughts to Nina by being pushed back by Ilia because she died another time, right?

He dismisses all voices that push him in the election of the absent ruler and runs a delivery man with Nina.

◎ Reginald Fritz

○ Elf/Male

○ Fountain Ri/Elder

○ Superman elves in the fountain, who have shown their talent less than childhood.

I was absolutely confident in my abilities, and I reigned as a charismatic elder, except for my unaccommodating personality, my insolent words.

I had met Ilia, who was under house arrest, among the chiefs I visited when I took office as elder, but at that time I didn't even put it on my teeth with just a little girl.

He suffered his first defeat in life as a result of the Yorke rebellion, which uproots and breaks his self-esteem and hold, turning him into a living corpse.

Sudden self-defeating elders cause confusion inside, and a series of battles against humans and demons that target crystal columns that have emerged as measured timing also force struggle by disruptions in the chain of command.

Nothing was gained by Ilia, who was attracted by Undine, but the trust and dignity of the elders were utterly lost. Even though the rematch against Yorke was decided by Ilia, who took a heavy look at the matter (the sadness of Undine), he himself was heartbroken until he was just freaked out.

The hassle is regained in confidence by Ilia's dedicated care (candy and whip), which she tries to clean up quickly, while for the first time her mind grows more attracted to Ilia, who is perplexed by the emotions she has of the opposite sex and treats her unchanged even if it hits her colder than ever before.

Confession when he won the rematch by raising the level of Illia's emphasis on efficiency and regained his appearance as a dignified elder once again.

He sees the attitude of stubborn refusal as a disguise and proceeds to talk about engagement.

While working as an elder, he finds out that he has deposited the dragon god's child from a messenger from Tengu who came in a deal, where he manages to get Ilia, and can no longer be there or after.

◎ Luciano Conti

○ Half Elf/Male

○ Rondville Kingdom/Chancellor

○ Half elf born in a village on the border of Acradist.

The mother is an elf of slavery and gives him between him and the nobility of the Pu who bought him away. The deacon lets him escape and takes his life where he was about to be executed by his noble wife, giving birth to him in the acradist who arrived at the end of the voyage.

Because his mother purely loved the nobility who treated him without discrimination on top of his generous protection, and because the villagers who lived in the neighbouring villages also treated him like family members, he himself grows up without hostility towards a particular species.

Sometimes ears and other appearances are popular, and when I was out in the city and working, I saw differences in treatment by race, and as things stand, the same tragedy as my mother's is repeated, I decided to reform my consciousness.

Running up to the Akradist prime minister with the knowledge gained by the half-elf's peculiar lust for knowledge and the thorough utilitarianism of using others, good or evil, for his own ends, he discards all the racist bills.

He is invited to King's Capital as an advisor during his alliance with Rondville, and after his attribution he will be made to the Chancellor.

Though he struggled somewhat with the conservative Rondville consciousness reform, he uses it to complete the reform in tunnels that are longer than multi-racial, even if not as elves.

I don't need to stay in Rondville because I've achieved my purpose, but I keep sitting in Rondville because I don't grow up as far back as I think.

Other characters

◎ Fadele

○ Half and man of the common and the beast

○ Mercenary Alliance Member (Ethereal Sword) Representative

○ Representative of the "Sword of the Ethereal" based in Luneville.

As an individual, he has the strength to reach the A-rank, but he stays in the B-rank for each party because he becomes the subject of direct requests being turned around by the General Headquarters of the Union and the Mercenary Alliance GM.

An Alliance member who, in a sense, seems to be an Alliance member, who prefers a free position to honor or status, and is committed to exerting his or her power for whatever he or she likes.

A person who calls himself such a personality, but who has a high degree of control and a strong sense of trust from around him and a strong sense of responsibility to respond to it, such as being a leader in caravans and mixed parties.

◎ Grace

○ Universal/Female

○ Mercenary Alliance Member (Zhu's Double Knife) Representative

○ Representative on the table of "Zhu's Double Knife" based in Luneville.

Since he can behave like the most commonsense of members with strong habits, such as those who have extreme hatred for combat fanatics and demons, he has a role in one hand, such as registering orders for requests.

Nevertheless, she is also a mutant with only a few ghost factors, with the disadvantage of rampant panic effects on herself if she does not regularly ingest the fluids of others to get human information.

I love the smell of Ilia because there is always a lack of ghost factor as the blood to consume.

◎ Elivia Grinca

○ Beast Man (Tiger) - Female

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate

○ A beast from the Windia Chiefs Federation, he has a father who takes the last seat of a federal officer.

Since he has been trained in martial arts from an early age, he also has considerable combat abilities combined with the high physical abilities characteristic of the Beast Man.

Even reuniting with Katia, a childhood trainer, when she graduated from the training center, is furious to learn about her current situation. When a Federation of strong male social colours is unable to use its power, it invites them to leave the country on the journey originally planned.

◎ Katia Myski

○ Universal/Female

○ Magic Alliance Affiliate

○ A Pu from the Confederation of Windia Chiefs, he returned home after studying in Misrelage to become a magician of the Confederate Army with a woman he admired.

But the parents' sidelines make the exam unsuccessful, and furthermore, they decide to flee because they have been brought to terms with military officers.

Running out of the country with Elivia, an ancient friend. I'm looking for my place as I ripen my request on my trip.

◎ Fabio

○ Universal/Male

○ Luneville Lords' Hall Work/Deacon

○ A civilian from Lüneville, he worked as a youngest when his former lord took office.

When Ektor took office, his predecessor was not breathing, and he was promoted to servant as someone who knew the inside of the hall. With a high level of memory and personal effort, it grows to a high level of management work.

Luneville is entrusted with the deacon who will calm down and expand as well as oversee servants and maids.

◎ Civil

○ Beast Man (dog)/Female

○ Luneville Lords' Hall Work and Maid

○ Former member of the Knights of Luneville, former subordinate of Ektor.

Ever since Ektor helped me in the Civil War of Philea Remis, I have become obedient to him. Plead Ektor to resign from the Knights when Ektor was appointed lord and hire him as escort and servant.

After Luneville settles down, he starts working as a maid on the surface and in the back as an escort in the hall.

I don't like illias who may not be good at it.

◎ Boris

○ Universal/Male

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate

○ Originally a fistfighter who had earned a prize in team fights as a fighter in the Orbwhite arena, he was tranquilized in Luneville to heal the injuries he sustained in a game that had become a cut-off for his buddies to quit.

I fall in love with the heart-soothing city air, which was rougher than the treatment of my injuries, and decide to work as a Luneville-based swordsman.

There is an observational eye cultivated in the arena, and the eye that sees the power of man is certain.

◎ Javier

○ Beast Man (Hyena) - Male

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate (Red Flag of Barankbar)

○ He is a bowman and the guardian of the party.

When I was a junior apprentice attending the educational institution Barankbal of the Union of Islands Countries, I was only able to practice bowing and studying alone without taming my surroundings due to my small physique and cowardly character.

Going up to the high ground, he also grows tall and has had friends who have invited him to the party in anticipation of his archery arm, so that he can melt into his surroundings.

After graduation, I'm partying with the pavels I put together while I'm in school, and I'm traveling the world while expanding my sights and ears.

◎ Oretta

○ Universal/Female

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate (Red Flag of Barankbar)

○ Swordsman serving as avant-garde in the "Red Flag of Barrancbal".

He was in a position like a guardian of two other fellow women, and gained more popularity from girls than boys during school because of his well-looked after personality.

One of his companions was in love with his leader, Pavel, who initially became hostile to him because of Pavel's thinness as a bad man who scorned his friends, and hostile on something.

After reconciling on a field mission, he admits to making friends with the two of them, proposes to name the party the red flag he used as a mark on a field mission, and establishes an intimate relationship to act together even after graduation.

◎ Gaul, Ruben and Kawauso Beast Man

○ Beastman, Birdman and Beastman (all men)

○ Mercenary Alliance Affiliate

○ From Civare Miss of Philea Remis.

A childhood training threesome whose family business passed to their eldest son, he has no ambition to earn fame or honor or want to be stronger than anyone else. I wanted to be rich, I wanted to get married, and I spent every day earning money for my life that day with my buddies, funny and crazy.

◎ Sullivan

○ Dwarf Male

○ Industrial Alliance Affiliate

○ A raw dwarf from inside the dwarf.

For a dwarf, the aptitude for fine work is low, and the broken gate leaves the interior in the same way. Sometimes there were no other dwarves in the flowing Luneville, demonstrating a higher level of fine workmanship skills than the others.

Since Lüneville expanded, other Dwarves have migrated, fearing they would lose their own jobs.

In practice, however, the artisanal dwarves are reluctant to store anything Sunday carpenters, and they are put in an important position against their will because they can only work with each other with his adaptability, polished in their lives in Luneville.

◎ Effie Mansell

○ Universal/Male

○ Demon Institute/Director

○ Pu was born in the King's Capital of Rondville.

Never less capable, but continued to lose in all sectors to other races around him when attending Wang Du's educational institutions, thus losing the solicitude of the anti-prime minister of universal supremacy and staining him with a doctrinal colour.

Did you have a losing habit, or even after serving as a civilian in the castle, you were assigned to the Demon Institute, where you were idle. After continuing his research with a fine but innate sense of loss, he goes up to the director.

The result of gaining power, albeit marginally, as a director, is that tyrannical behavior becomes more prominent in the illusion of one's abilities.

◎ Beaulieu

○ Birdman (ringing birds) - Male

○ Commercial Alliance Affiliate

○ Merchants who mainly used the street connecting Acradist tradeists with the King's Capital of Rondville as a trade route.

He originally lived on the island of Akradist, but suffered an injury to his arm (feathers) that prevented him from carrying out the hunt and set him ablaze.

Therefore, as a Londonville merchant, I am a newcomer, but because I am ears fast on my own information network, I will pick up a money-making story ahead of my peers.

◎ Paulo

○ Birdman (ringing birds) - Male

○ Commercial Alliance Affiliate

○ A birdman from the Union of Islands Countries, he was formerly predominantly delivered within the Union.

On the way home for delivery to Luneville, he escaped the difficulties as a result of following Ilia's advice, so he will somehow continue to receive requests from the Luneville side and consequently move his base to Luneville.

Though it is not combat power, the ability to fly has an eye-catching, sincere and serious character in the request to build trust and track record, and rise to A-rank.

◎ Euripides

○ Dwarf Male

○ Industrial Alliance Affiliate/Sculptor

○ He operated blacksmiths of knives and tools in the King's Capital of Orbwhite, but was distracted by statues of creatures he had never seen before found in the free market where he visited to change his mood, and aspired to be a sculptor.

He undertook sculpture work to visit Luneville as he moved to the boarding town and settled there as he was.

He reasoned that he liked the air somehow, but it was due to his unconscious perception of the same air as the statue of Ayumu.

Not only do I feel the breath of life, but one day I dream of creating a statue like the statue of Ayumu that has lived my life.

◎ Mr. Arnault's family

○ Orc Man (Bull), Fishman, Orc Man (Buffalo), Fishman (Sea Beast)

○ Agricultural guild affiliates and farmers

○ A family that has long lived in Luneville, a contract farmer who produces rice in partnership with branches.

Formerly, Rondville also operated a common triplet-style farming, but the fact that better quality wheat became brought in as branches flourished, and the lack of feed made it difficult to keep livestock in winter, makes it difficult to manage.

Therefore, rice production was carried over from the branch side, which was buying out wheat, and began to produce rice with soil improvements (cheats in Ilia).

In collaboration with farmers who were working on varietal improvements (with Ilaria cheats), he became a rice farmer in Luneville.

◎ Gray Bridge

○ Universals, men and women

○ Commercial Alliance Affiliate/Accommodation (Gray Bridge)

○ Inn run by Pu men and women who have participated in the transition to Accommodation Town and moved to Luneville.

An inn with a heterogeneous atmosphere even in Luneville, such as a husband with an oligarchy but gentle atmosphere and an impressionable dame somewhere out as a decoy, an employee of a rusty long girl and a hard-working, positive little girl, and an unfathomable and silent suspicious living boy.

The service is solid, so the store itself has a good reputation.

◎ Belmady

○ Universal/Male

○ Servant of Lord Luneville's Hall of Work

○ Stables taking care of horses in the Lords' Hall.

People who are less able to push side by side but are also trusted by horses because of their attachment to horses and consequently heavily used.

He was from Rondville and worked as a servant of the same town's merchant, but was dismissed as too unusable. Fabio, who happened to be watching, felt sorry for him and tried to take care of the stables on an experimental basis, and he was hired because the horse was in good shape.

◎ Kivel Branch Leaves

○ Pu Man/Beast Man (Ra)

○ Commercial Alliance Affiliates/Pharmacists

○ An established pharmacist in Luneville.

Since the loss of its function as a fortress, pharmacists dealing with restorative drugs and the like were also valuable to Luneville without church or health care providers.

Since the Bandit Guild disappeared, it has basically ceased to hurt, but as the branch flourishes, so have more guilders, forming a partnership to wholesale medicines with the branch because of the increased demand for medicines that they can carry.

By also generating the formulations that Ilia has turned around saying it is branch information, it becomes recognized as one of the leading pharmacists in the city in terms of quality, although inferior to other pharmacists on a scale.