Introduction to characters

- Abeno Fai Night

"... disappear - you bizzy son of a bitch"

"It's probably hot to say you haven't moved your body at all on the phone. No, apparently my body is on fire. No, you're not, I seem so excited. Hey, Morishita? Are you familiar with the term" telephone sex "?

Senior year in high school.

One of the main heroines of the book.

Sleek shape but boasts huge f-cup boobs.

In high school, he has so much beauty that he even exists in a fan club, but he has no friends.

They think it's a cool beauty that's quiet and hard to get close to from around.

but it's actually a terrible poisonous tongue & self-proclaimed: a virgin bitch yandere and has a very unfortunate personality who loves the bottom story.

The identity is an exorcist of the Shinto system, what a witch.

At first, it was a great strength in a dark society, but it gets levelled by Daiki Morishita and goes out of the public.

The Love Knife is a foreman ship and uses symbolism.

The basics are super strong of the dos, but as soon as they get cornered, they cry.

- Leila-Sakaguchi

"Follow me because it's good! This is my statute, my jurisprudence.

"Me too! Seriously, I don't believe it! Oh, for God's sake!

An Italian-grown Finnish in his sophomore year of high school. One of the main heroines of the book.

She is a little girl with a luxurious system and a height of 142 cm.

Not even a critical elementary school girl wears clothes with quite a few children's faces.

It's a high-flying tundelle and a very unfortunate character to keep a few of my classmates who are m into slavery and domination in a week of transfer.

Its identity is a demonic angel sent by the Vatican: a member of the Dominions and powerful enough to own the spear of Longinus, a sacred relic.

She is a gifted and beautiful girl with a Ph.D. in flying class while studying in the United States.

Yet in the dark world there has been a degree of strength from the beginning, but the only and greatest weakness is that of Ibo hemorrhoids.


"Hawawawa-diki! Your mother is panicking!

"Minasa! Murder roasted noodles are ready!

The protagonist Daiki Morishi's mother.

A mind-bending, unfortunate Nice Mrs., who looks like a nine-year-old toddler but whose reason was all convinced by that explanation after being finished with a violent argument that there was a mother of Lanobe's protagonist.

He is a user of chemical kitchen based mesimums, where hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid are always placed as condiments on the table.

Good at cooking murderous grilled noodles with plenty of tricabuto and death sauce.

By the way, if you don't mean it, you're usually a good cook for a mess.

-Morishita Daiki

He is the brave man who saved the other world and is in charge of the scratch against the unfortunate heroines.

Proximity is the strongest, but it can handle the greatest magic of all nuclear weapons as a decisive move.

He is the most powerful but virgin of modern mankind in Buchigiri.

As the three main goals of life, they are usually sketchy with witch concoctions, kings games, etc.

An unfortunate Nice Guy who blows away all the firepowder that gently descends on his mind and surrounds him.

It is a recoil that seriously overdid the brave in different worlds, and lives yuku in Japan.

I like big tits.