The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1 A Drop of Allure

ADX, a desert prison located on Rock Island, Colorado, is considered to be the most heavily guarded prison in the world. According to legend, no one can escape from here.

In the silent night, the cold wind was blown over and over again with sand and dust, and the temperature in the desert had reached minus five degrees.

No one found that by the dim moonlight, the girl in a pure white tights dexterously passed through the 3.28 meters high barbed wire and quietly entered the prison called the "criminal cage".

The girl's name is Héxi, who is only nineteen years old but has become a gold medal killer in the dark world.

A drop of poison she can destroy a city; her silver needle can turn a dead person to life with a silver needle.

The copper wall and iron wall in the eyes of mortals, but she is just a slightly more difficult game level.

An hour later, Xu Xi passed through the densely-woven laser wall and finally came to an inconspicuous prison door.

"Puxi, you really came to my rescue!" After the prison door opened, the handsome young man rushed out and hugged her in surprise.

Feeling the man's slightly trembling body and tight arms, Suxi's cold heart radiated a trace of softness.

From an early age, Xu Xi's heart was firm and arrogant, but this man, Leng Ye, was different for her.

The two were trained together as partners in the organization and completed the task together. The swords and fires supported each other and came over. They were not lovers, but their friendship was deeper than their lovers.

Hu Xi gently hugged him, his voice soft: "We are partners, you are in danger, why would I not come to save you?"

"Puxi, Puxi!" Leng Ye's voice was hoarse and trembling, but she didn't relax even holding her hand. "I really hope to be with you all my life, it's a pity..."

Suxi just wanted to ask what a pity, suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen.

She shoved away from Leng Ye, staggered back a few steps, looked at the knife in her abdomen incredulously, and looked at Leng Ye again: "For...what..."

Under the dim light, Leng Ye's face was ugly, but a crazy smile appeared on the corner of her mouth: "Puxi, you are all blamed... You blame you for not loving me, and not accepting me as your man...Since I can't get it You, it would be better to kill you according to the order of the organization!"

Suxi was shocked, watching the man's eyes full of sorrow and anger.

She did not love Leng Ye, and rejected his proposal. In her eyes, Leng Ye was just her brother, the best partner.But are the friendships between the two of them all false?Do not love, so it is necessary to obliterate.

Moreover, why should the organization get rid of her?

Suxi felt the numbness spreading from the wound that made her suffocate. The dagger was poisoned!And it's the poison that sees the blood and seals the throat!

"Organization...... Why should I kill me?" Suxi's forehead crystals of sweat dripped down, her pale face more beautiful and beautiful, "I think I have never done something that is sorry to organize, why in the end... …"

"It's blame that your life is bad!" Leng Ye stepped forward and reached out to gently lift up Suxi's jaw. Now Puxi gives him a soft and harmless illusion, which makes his coveted heart stupid. , "Sacred Gabor predicted that you have the power of curse, and one day it will bring disaster to the organization and even destroy the world. Organizations give you the opportunity to give this mysterious power three or four times, you But he refused to follow him, hum, how can the organization allow you to survive?"

Suxi was shocked, and the whole person seemed to be sluggish.

Just because of the prophecy of a god stick, she will be killed!

And Leng Ye, who said she loved her, how many times did she save him in the mission?Now it is not cruel to put her to death for great benefit.

In this world, no one can believe except yourself!

Suxi pushed Leng Ye violently and suddenly laughed wildly: "Because I am afraid that I will destroy the organization and the world, I will kill me? Then, you should open your eyes and see clearly. My death will give the organization What a disaster it will bring!"

As soon as the words fell, Su Xi pulled out the dagger in his belly and inserted it into his heart.

Leng Ye was also taken aback by her behavior, and found that she only committed suicide in the end, then she was relieved: "Huh, Suxi, you will always be so ignorant, if you have followed me..."

Leng Ye's words weren't finished. Suddenly, there was a violent explosion in his ears, and then he only felt the pain of tears all over his body. He couldn't even scream, and the head and limbs of his limbs were instantly torn apart.

"Boom------!!" The whole prison collapsed into a dust in a deafening explosion.

No one knows that Suxi has a body space inside her body. Her body is the carrier of space. Once Xu Xi dies, the space will explode exploding, leveling the surrounding 10 kilometers to the ground.

At the same time, Xu Xi's self-made poisonous "Allure City" stored in the space, accompanied by an explosion, silently mixed in the air and spread to the whole world.

The so-called "dumping city" can be used to drown out the souls of a city. This is the real curse and destruction!

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