The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

A new book, "Charming Doctor Allure: Baby Black Belly"

Introduction (1)

Jun Muyan's hard work in the past life, the miserable death, the child in the abdomen was robbed and refined into a panacea, and even his own flesh and blood became a stepping stone for others to advance.

In the resurrection of life, she has a cold face Mengbao.

"Xiaobao, the woman who wants the contract holy beast is the mother's enemy."

As a result, the top-level holy beast became Xiaobao's spiritual pet.

"Xiaobao, the inheritance of this Kagura Master is so powerful!"

With a light push of a small hand, the inheritance enchantment opened, and Jun Muyan became the only heir to the Kagura master.

"Xiaobao, this man always haunts his mother!"

Xiao Bao waved it out and drove the people away... Hey, can't you leave?!

Are you my dad?What is dad?Can you eat it?


Introduction (2)

In her previous life, she was blind and blind, treated the enemy as a benefactor, and ended up dead.Opening his eyes and returning to ten years ago, Needy's relatives were about to dig up the child in her abdomen and send someone to make medicine. The cold light flashed and the enemy fell to the ground.

Four years later, the fame of the alluring doctor of the city is unrivaled.The panacea she made is hard to find; her voiceless voice is absolutely loud, which makes the world crazy; her amazing talents make the major colleges scramble to solicit.The threshold of the family is even more broken by the bereaved.

She pulled Lengmian Mengbao forward and said seriously: "I only love Xiaobao's father, but it is a pity that he died early!"

Someone: "Who said that the monarch is dead? But since you are also pleased with the monarch, that's better, we'll be in the cave tonight!"


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