The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball

Night Entrance and Wishes

That was about a beautiful winter night.

On the balcony of the Night's Eve and Misty Rain building in the Royal Palace of Farsital, the plump white rose buds filled with petals dusted and were now just about to blossom.

White roses, which for some reason grew only here in the royal palace, are rare to dwell in white, a precious color.

The colour of the plump leaves is bright, and the neck-dropping buds glow with night dew.

Once, a magician who visited to examine a rare white rose told me that it was a rose of winter and night genealogy, and it was indeed always at night that flowers blossomed.

It doesn't even reach a balcony made of pale grey green forest crystals, but the garden under your eyes is wrapped in mist.

The sky is still clear, and the brilliant stars scattered gems in the night sky like a pitch-black velvet.

The flowers of the winter genealogy are blooming, but there was already snow in the garden of the royal palace.

"..................... you're Ibmeria in a few days, but you couldn't even wait a few days"

If you squirm so poorly without patience, your heart is annoyed by loneliness and anxiety.

I think it's so miserable to snort my throat and swallow that pain and be abandoned unharmed.

Ibmeria is one of the most glamorous winter festivals in this country, which has a long winter as well as night.

At the end of the late autumn harvest festival, people hang beautiful ornaments on the palm trees they cut out and leash the doors of the houses decorated with the red fruit of the inspiration.

And on the day of Ibmeria, light the candles that have been blessed at the Church Mass, and spend the night surrounding the feast with the families and the close ones.

Already in the courtyard of the royal palace it stands a beautiful and spectacular decorative tree, not only a large leash in front of the main gate, but also a cute little leash on doors everywhere.

Most people will be ready for gifts.

Such, just a few days later, before the festival day to visit, Dia suddenly became alone.

“I'm sorry, Dia. Would you let me dissolve your engagement?”

Earlier, Dia had just been divested of her engagement by the first prince of this country.

It was only a dialogue made in the body of dissolving under each other's consent, but nothing more than a sorcery contract in their engagement having already been turned down.

Besides, isn't one of Dia's fiancées and asylum-seekers for thirteen years already deciding on a new engagement with the woman she loves?

The night they met, Dia fell ill and fell asleep, and her fiancée went out to the ball alone.

When she saw the two of them, more than ever, discussing border defense while walking side by side in the garden of the Royal Palace, Dia found out that her fiancée would be gone within a short distance.

What can I say about the day when I am so sure?

When I first saw the woman, I remember her chest hurting more than the anxiety of being deprived of her fiancée, because of the irrationality of a beautiful and intelligent woman with no scratches on her way to destiny to get the good fortune she deserved to smile and wisdom.

(Those people already have a lot of stuff...)

So again tonight, what makes you healthy is like a natural right, even taking a few promises from Dia.

There's no such thing as spending Ibmerian nights together in a family-free dia.

Until now, with my fiancée, Ricardo, I wonder how we can spend that night surrounding dinner with his family this year.

Of course, the servants will take care of more than this is a painting of the royal palace, and now I don't want to spend time with my ex-fiancée who thinks of other women.

But I wonder how it would be acceptable to think that Dia, who seemed to have been covered with a beautiful festive day she was looking forward to, and whose chest was about to crush by that misery, would not have put up with me a little more.

I know she looks like a child at this age, but Dia loves Ibmeria, even though she thought she was left with enough luxury to have a delicious dinner with someone.

"That was a slightly uninteresting engagement wreck."

Sighing so much at the words, Dia glanced at the neighbor.

Apparently, something called bad luck pushes slightly without even taking into account people who have just been divested of their engagement without being close to them.

One tall man stood next to Dia standing on his own balcony in a shivering and chilling evening.

The pitch-black cape, rocking in the first place and in the wind, melts from the middle of the night into darkness, as if to claim that his noble knightly outfit is not from the realm of man.

The long, loosely curled, water-colored hair conceived the light as spinning the Blessing Stone of the Night Mist, which, depending on the angle, also appeared pale.

Unfortunately, this person is not a gentle neighbor who visited Dia after her engagement had just been broken, but a mean person who came to observe a pathetic person who had lost all that was in his hands.

When I looked at this one, I praised the vibrant night purple eyes, lifting the edge of my lips all the way up and smiling glossy, and the smile had no plush shards.

"I'm not having a good time, so please bear with me. And even if you're here to see me, I can't afford to give it to you tonight, can I?

"... every time I think, do you even think of me as a forest beast or something?

"I'm coming all the way out of the woods to see if there's any delightful events, so there's no slight difference..."

Somewhere far away from Dia's words, the beauty outsider sighed.

I didn't think it was this one who wanted to look like that. But they're not human in the first place, so let them do what they want.

"Nevertheless, did you deliberately dress only to be struck down? Humans are insane."

"That one was the prince of this country, and until recently, he was my fiancée, not to mention superficially. This is how I pretended to be necessary in my position."

I don't know how outsiders live, but there is a sequence in human society.

Even if you know your fiancée's visit is to break her engagement, in Dia's position, you have to get dressed as you deserve.

But it was also true that if the hem of the skirt of the dress worn for this purpose made a rubbing sound, the beautiful dress would feel like a stinging disaster.

The fingertips exposed to the winter night breeze were completely cold, but it is this cutting cold that clarifies the thoughts that cloud me with anxiety and disappointment.

In the few moments left from here, Dia had a lot to do.

"If we keep this up, you'll be killed by the people of this country at a ball in the royal palace the day after Ibmeria?

To the low, sweet voice of those who laughed so joyfully, Dia gripped her fingertips tightly.

The odd neighbor with a terrible smile when he looked at this one has no fine dust or grief where Dia's tiny life has been screwed up.

(... Still, what a beautiful creature to preside over this night)

He is an outsider who presides over one end of the night, known in this country as the king of the kingdom of night.

That is why, as brutal as it may be, the evening possesses a nightly beauty and luster, and is nestled in a luminous glow because of the edges of winter.

It's quite luxurious to be able to see such a privileged creature from this position, but if it was too close, it also distinguished my misery, which had just been abandoned as unnecessary.

(In my hand, emptied)

There is no one to help, protect, love, or lean on, and I wonder what I will do now.

My eyes got hotter all the time, and if I closed my eyes in the guise of a trick that delayed my thoughts, I could see the beautiful prince dancing directly beneath the crystalline stone chandelier of a glittering big night on the back of his lid.

There were dressed people dancing happily in the hall, and he was also dancing with someone in the center of that circle.

Plenty of dresses that flutter and spread into graceful steps that spin around.

The ceiling I looked up at was incredibly high, the music played by the orchestra and the brilliant shprit in a glass of toast.

I guess Dia still loves him because it hurts her chest just to remember that smile of someone who was blinded then.

She sighed what a foolish thing to have fallen in love with, and Dia turned her face away from the outsiders with terribly blinded eyes as to what she had drawn from this look.

"I can't believe it,...... you're going to bed tonight"

"... what?

"Now, I feel so tired and miserable.......... Even if those people are trying to kill me, I still have a few days of respite. And because they only have a few days, they won't do anything now either. Because then I'll only be asleep tonight. Ning Ro, even if you stay awake, you're going to sneeze, so you just have to go to sleep."

"... as always, you don't give a shit about your life"

Dia chuckles in her heart when she turns a chilling glance at the person who shrugged, saying that the maiden is going to bed.

There's no way a man so greedy could be so abnegate.

However, Dia's only secret was her pathetic wish, which she firmly pushed into the depths of her heart.