The Labyrinth Raids of the Ultimate Tank

If I was excited about my new buddy, I'd be banished.

Someone new comes to my party.

Wouldn't many feel joy when they heard that?

At least, I was.

A new buddy. A man or a woman. I wish I could have a woman, or something.

Wouldn't it be strange to think that as a man?

He came to the tavern to attend a welcoming party for his new companions.

The party leader I was waiting for at the entrance - Kiglas, known as the brave man, laughs at me.

I didn't know what a smile meant.

There was already a line of party members next to him.

Labyrinth rules, up to six parties at a time.

Including me, five now.

One more. I've been looking for you.

"Hey, Rude."

"Sorry, are we late?"

"No, it's on time"


The moment I lined up next to Kiglas, his grin grew darker and darker.

Was there anything interesting about it?

His smile is not of the kind to show people much.

I think we should refrain for a moment because we are in a position to be respected by the brave and everyone.

It was when I tried to teach him.

"Shh, sorry I'm late!"

"Ki, Master Kiglas! Thanks for waiting!"

Two women were coming this way.

They both look a few younger than me.

Are they new people?

Wait a minute.

There will be a total of seven......

Kikurakura turned to me.

Now I know why I'm laughing.

"It's a welcome party and farewell party. Rude, you're fired today."

Kiglas moved his arm to cut off his neck.


How long have I been solidifying?

Kiglas exhaled, as she cut the numbness.

"So you're fired. If these two new people join us, we'll be seven, right?"

"... I know that, but you're fired, right? Why not?"

I can't find the verse that comes to mind.

But the question seemed bad and Kiglas frowned further between his eyebrows.

"Like you, you don't need a tank just to be attacked by enemies. Where's the guy with the big shield right now? It's just dodge-oriented tanks, right?"

"Sure, but..."

"Plus, I'm consuming a lot of potion because I'm here. If you have healer nin, why are you scraping your skin with so much momentum?"

We have God's protection.

That's the skill and the outer skin. The outer skin is also said to be God's armor and strength, and unless it is shredded, it will not die.

My exoskeleton is 9999 and the best number I've ever seen in my history.

Kiglas, the most powerful adventurer known as the brave, is about 4,000.

Seeing this difference, it would be obvious.

... but I do get my skin sharpened a lot.

Before I know it, the outer skin is shredded and I use potion each time.

So I did spend the most money at the party.

"I always protect you with a shield without attacking you. Without me and Lilia, we can't defeat one of the demons!"

Lilia... this is the attacker for this party.

I'm talking to my twin sister Lily, friendly.... because they're always drawn to their world.

He's not going to get mixed up in our story.

"My role is in tanks... the attack doesn't matter, does it?"

"You're just attracting demons, you're going to be working. Check out the other parties. You're fighting back with enemy attacks!? Hardly ever, before you know it, you're getting more and more attacks, and you're using the potion like an idiot! Only the outer skin boasts of physical idiots!!"

If you can't say it back, Nin came forward.

It's our party healer.

He holds up his jade eyes and stares at Kiglas.

As the daughter of the Duke's family, the Virgin of the Church, she had her beautiful brown hair tangled around her fingers.

It's a trick she does when she's frustrated.

"That being said, I can't think of suddenly letting someone new in. Rude has an excellent skin as a tank. What if we put someone new in there and we don't get along?"

Kiglas seemed to anticipate the objection, and said so with his shoulders flattered.

"At least you'll be stronger than Rude. One is an attacker, the other is a tank. This tank belonged to an A-rank party before... Originally, that party was only capable of B-ranking. But thanks to this guy, I was able to get an A-rank. I just have the power to give you one rank, this guy has it."

As Kiglas turns her hand around the woman's shoulder, the woman grins as she clasps her cheeks.

"Rude, do you have an opinion?"

"... no"

If that's all a good tank, I can't say anything back.

I'm like the baggage for this party.

I was at a party because of the amount of skin I had.

Besides, they're adventurers, too.

To go up there, it's natural to let good people in.

If you had a better tank than me, you'd take turns. That's what we do.

"That's what fires you."

"... Okay, I get it"

Adventurers choose a job to suit them.

If you want to go above, pair with the adventurer above, and vice versa.

When this neighborhood breaks up, I wonder what.

I was worried about my sister leaving me in a border town, and I was thinking it was time to go back once.

So, just fine.

It was then, Nin grabbed my hand.

Two years younger than me, she just moistened her eyes a little and looked at this one.

"I can't do this party without Rude."

Nin is cooperating with the brave at the behest of the Church.

At her will, she cannot choose to leave.

That's why you wanted me to stay close.

"Whoa. This incompetence just falls out and the stronger guy joins his people. You can count on me more than this guy standing in front of a demon."

"... you're not just rambling on your own"

"How many demons do you think I'm taking down? Well, you'll find out soon enough. Without him, we'd be able to attack the labyrinth more easily."

... That's what you were thinking.

I thought Kiglas was one of us.

I'm sorry to hear that.

"Sorry, Nin. I can't stay here any longer than the leader has decided."

"... it"

"... then I'll go home"

Is there anyone in this air who can attend a farewell party?

At least, I don't feel that way anymore.

It just makes the air worse even when you're there.

So I tried to go home...

"Whoa, wait. You can pay for the potion you've been wasting."

"... how much do you want?"

"That weapon is fine. Demon Sword, right?"

"... Okay, I get it"

I was lucky enough to pick it up in the labyrinth.

Removing it from his waist and passing it to him, Kiglas's grin darkened.

Kiglas takes his sheath out of his sword and looks at it like a razor.

"Hey, hey!"

Nin grabbed my hand. It's a rare, crying face.

"What's wrong?"

"Are you sure you want to go?"

"The organization of this party is up to Kiglas. If I'm no longer needed, I'll have to give up."

"You're a brilliant tank... until now, I think we've all been able to fight because you were there"

If it sounds like Kiglas, he's going to say something.

But he's talking to the two new entrants.

You don't seem to be hearing this conversation.

"I'm honestly glad you appreciate that. That's just too much."

"That's not true.... I know exactly what you're doing to protect me... I can't believe you lost your back like that..."

Her voice gradually dwindles and makes her face bow.

What's the matter, I just tried to glance at her, and she gives her face up.

He must have had a tight look.

A face that seems determined to do something about it is a little uneasy.

"I made up my mind. I'm gonna miss the party."

"How did you...?"

"I'll tell the church. He said if he failed his next labyrinth attack, he'd let me leave the party. I don't think the Church is going to let the brave work with me if I'm in danger. If you can't do that, don't do it at the church."

"... right"

He's a pretty powerless guy, but he's not without a thought.

She is a Virgin, not an Adventurer.

If you give this reason, even the Church will not be forced to cooperate.

I just kind of miss that a powerful person like her stops being an adventurer.

I'm leaving on my own.

"Bye, Nin"

"Are you still an adventurer in this city?"

"No. I have a sister once. I'm going back to the town of Avancia"

"Okay. Do well, my dear."

"You too."

I won't even see him again.

She's a Duke's lady, so make her a nobleman, Virgin.

I'm a shitty civilian. The world you live in is different.