The Last Creator

Chapter 1

In the strange star field, a silence, one should not exist in this starry star beast, which is mapped to the surrounding void, quietly float.

And more than a dozen Star, the forehead is full of cold sweat, but the screen is breathing, and it does not dare to move.

The eyes of all of them are all unfun, stare in a direction. There, in the universe void, a row of huge samples are quietly standing there, the silver cold gloss, the iconic look, is the intellectual tool.

All Starn's pupils are full of fear, and how can there be so much?

Where did the spatial cracks they have gave to where they got? !

Seeing the surroundings of the Star Ships, there are some small suspensors from time to time, and those who have raised red light can be glanced around, and all Stas have a chill, although they don't know why this will be so Many scorpion bats, these Star ships are also intended to do what to do, is it to attack and swallow and which star field or race, but all of them have a uniform unity, that is, escape!

Escape, hurry, escape!

The II is a famous cold and ruthless. It never won't be shaken for anything, and the most distorted people, if they find them this group, the absolutely destroyed slag is not left, let alone them hit So many star ships are definitely the secrets of the hijie, saying that it is what big action.

So all of the Stas, they didn't dare to come out, let the appearance of the beasts, quiet, movement, no moving, away from those fleets, this time, all Star people can't help but fortunate All the rare variation of the beast, if it is ordinary, it should be discovered.

I quietly away from until I can't see those fleets, they will be big and then move towards the direction away from those fleets.

At this time, all Stas who think that they escaped from the birthday don't know, they are not where they have the stars, the rare space crack, did not tear them into pieces, but sent them I entered a terrible place than being torn into pieces, that is, the nest of the Iza.

And the huge fleet they just saw, nor they did their own quiet collection, ready to attack which star field, which exist in this place, only for guardians.

Even, these luck strange Stas, they were sent in the spatial crack, nor is it outside the protection circle, but within the protection circle.

Therefore, they think that they are far from the II Fleet, in fact, to go to the core of the scorpion.

Time I don't know how long the past, the spiritual stars have been tired, while they have also received a signal that the beast wants to rest.

However, these Star people did not dare to train, after all, although they didn't sleep, the beasts had a long time, but the speed of the beast, and the scorpion of the Iza did not ratio, not to say that now they also Let the Star beast ran away from those scare days, which is to let the beasts run on dozens of Sta Day, as long as they are not perceived by the Issue, it is easy to catch up.

So I want to rest, but I definitely can't puncture directly in the stars, find a suitable bunker.

These Star people are preparing to find a suitable planet to make a bunker, suddenly their eyes are bright, because in their front, there is a blue, beautiful planet.

Sta National Leader is under the machine: "Go to the planet."

So, the beast is slowly swimped to the planet.

With the azure planet, these Star people are admired.

"God, this planet looks so gentle, there is no big wind, not far from the hot star, the temperature is just right."

"There is also a lot of clean water sources."

"It's really suitable for life, watching plants so much, there are many small animals."

"Is this a primitive planet? I haven't heard which race has such a planet, this level of planet, what is the main star level of a strong ethnicity."

There is Stais licking the lips: "Head, we remember this location, wait until those I know, we will report to the family, and then our Star is coming to occupy this planet."

The Star's leader did not speak, but the heart is also a movement. After a good time: "We are now too close to the Zhizhi, the advanced planet is hidden, and after a few days, the science is far away, we will say."

In this way, the starry beast is close to the blue planet, attracted by the gravity of the planet, slowly falling, and finally the beast sinks into the deep sea of ​​the blue planet.

In the deep sea of ​​the planet, there is another layer of barriers above, these daring stunned Starns finally have some sense of security, they began to rest, and feeding the beast.

After a trim of about a Staek, whether it is a Stas or the Star beast to return to the best state, but worried that the Issues have not yet far away, so they have not ran out.

In this waiting time, the Star's leader once again thought of yesterday, then he was brachie, after all, found such a livable star to serve, this kind of credit can also make them An aristocratic title and countless wealth.

And this is the secondary, the various races have always been cruel, after all, how to habit a planet, directly affect the quality of life of the entire race, and the Starn's life is good, but in each race, Obviously, this is not as good as the quality of the life of the whole ethnic group, becoming the hero of the entire race, and who is not willing.

So waiting for the scientific leave of the science on this planet, he decided not to be free, using the star beast to conduct a preliminary exploration of this planet.

To say that their mutual beast, can not be a million product, not only in the picture, but also the body, the body will really become a state in which there is no state, can pass directly through tangible substances, rely on tangible substance This ability, they take into account the treasures of the universe, but it is still happy.

It is also quite convenient to use the Star beast, and it is very convenient. Just keep the beast to the mode of motion, you can shuttle in the ground, and occasionally see the possible substances that may be valuable.

In this way, in a few days, Starn drives the starry, take some samples in this planet, most of them are some natural ore, and some growing plants roots in the ground, and there is still a nest in the cave, long Great small animals with long ears.

They don't know how long it is moving in this planet, until one day, they feel that they have a slice in the underground, how to say, gray, especially uniform, a bit like a person.

The Star of the various national treasures is not strange to this feeling, and I really penetrate the layer of substance, and came to a space.

When you see the things in this space, Starn's first reaction was stopped, and there was a self-escaped, because the things in this space were too clear, and it was a scorpion.

Finally, let them have no courage, or the thick dust in this space, as well as traces of time corrosion, it seems that there is no one who has been there.

A space that seems to have been discarded.

After realizing this, Star people relaxed and looked at this space seriously, especially those with a scientific style. To know us, they did not have this close-up to observe the information of the IT tool.

There are not many things in this space, which is a bit empty. In addition to some of the tops of thick dust, the Buddha is unusually delicate, but it can't see what the use of the table, the remaining most conspicuous, is the middle of the middle Sealed huge metal cylinder.

That metal cylinder seems to be the core in this space, because they find that other unknown things in this space, almost all with this metal cylinder, see all things in this space, are serving this metal cylindrical service, more Magical is that the metal cylinder seems to be working, because the front of the metal cylinder has a small point in a faint green light.

"This science can be used." The previous proposal to occupy the Star people who occupied the planet again, and lick again: "We developed."

Other Star people heard this sentence, he couldn't help but he hurriedly looked at the metal cylinder. They were a treasure house that had been taken into account many race, but the value of all things added. It is absolutely not worthy of the II product.

I don't know how many ethnic curious Izi is how to create those things that are ingenious to incredible, those things that have cleared Tiantong, that strong star ship, they are also urgent to study.

However, the II rarely left their products, so that all races did not have a study, and let their eyes closed, but they were stubged, so that all races were both forward and fear.

Although the things in front of you are not the Star Shil, the things made of the II must have a communication place, they bring this thing back to Star, even if they can't study how it is produced, they will be able to let them know more about the weakness of the Issue. a little.

However, when these Star people were excited, they had been caught in the first leader of Pensi, and suddenly, "But have you thought about it, why this place will have a thoughtful thing before leaving? ? "

Silence, a silence ...

Yes, why do you have anything left before this planet?

They are not a fleet that encounters a Zhixue, is the II not passing here?

Since it is an ignorant planet, since the science just makes a pass, then why do you have something left before?

Cold sweat, I don't know if I left from each Star.

The leader looked at the people who scared the atmosphere and did not breathe. It helplessly sighed, and didn't dare to scare them again. Forced comfort: "It is possible that the II did not care carefully in this, but this planet Can't stay for a long time, let's leave your East and west. "

All Star nods are like a green garlic, it is the leader not to say, they don't want to stay on this planet for a moment, this guess is too scary, this planet may be a scientific site, they There is a kind fertilizer in the end, it takes so many days on this planet.

However, since they have not been discovered so many days, it is possible that this planet is not important for the II.

At this time, Star people can only comfort yourself.

The beast listened from the Star's command, swallowed the metal column in the room, as well as unknown utensils connected to the metal column, and then retained the mode, and started to get from this planet.

The spiritual highly nervous Star people, the battle is surrounded in the Star beast. It's so, until they can see the stars through the rich fog, and have not seen the shadow of the Iza Star, all Star people Large tone.

They should be able to escape smoothly.

However, at the moment of the starry beast out of the atmosphere, it was swallowed by the star beast. It has already been forgotten by the Star people, and it is not looked for a small animal, and the signal continues to shoot, at the same time, the gladia Ray, instant, full of stars!

At the same time, those who were standing outside, as if Iron buckets guarded the star ship in this star field, sounded sharp alarm, "alarm! Alert! The original species of the earth-premium protected area were stolen, and now From the atmosphere, the coordinates 102.560745, north latitude 28.964958. "

With this sharp alarm, the exquisite face in all the Star Ships lifted at the same time, and the unified look at a position, and the countless double-dark red eyes smashed slightly, and looked at the eyes of the position.


The author has something to say:

Star people: Head, we occupy this planet.

Earth:? ?

Star: Head, let's take this metal column away.

Earthling:? ?

Machine: What is your TM say?