The Last Creator

Chapter 77

After returning to the Shiya, Jin Yu has a little low in the emotions, and the sound of the road: "How, can't be reluctant?"

However, Chen Xi did not be blinded by Jin Yu's calm tone, almost immediately, then hugged the golden arm, puff it into Jin Wei's arms, "No, how can I be reluctant, my favorite Dear, how can I be reluctant to be else? "

Just kidding, ignore no one can ignore the signal of vinegar king!

If one does not pay attention, he just gave the perfect ending to Karo, it might be overture.

However, although the vinegar likes to eat vinegar, there is a little better, that is, it is very good, after paying a few kiss, the face of Jin Wei is slow, obviously no longer in the things of Valoro.

Chen Xi was taken by this, the original part of the emotions were all dissipated. He looked at the beautiful and strange star scene shown in the stars, and retracted to Jin Yutao: "Go back, I have a little thinking Home. "

Jin Wei heard the words, and the eyes revealed in an instant distressed. He gently bowed his head and parents, and poorly loved: "Well, we will go home now."

Because Chen Xi's words wanted home's words, the huge star of the back journey, once again enabled the highest speed, with the speed of the same time, the slings of the moon are all of their star farmers.



Three months later, Chen Xi has returned to her home for more than two months. After returning home, Chen Xi found that it is the best, whether it is a space base, or his own residence, or people around, how to see how like.

It is the so-called small residue, especially after this loss, Jin Wei is just a pet to Chen Xi, I don't know how to pet, and the two people have gone a step.

Happy time is always too fast, Chen Xi almost feels not how long it is, and it is time to upgrade the main brain.

Jin Yuguo said that this is very serious, and it is also hidden in the golden eyes.

In fact, it is not to change the new main brain to go to the stage. If you will take the morning, Jin Wei wants to remove the main brain, so you can stay with him every day, and you will leave.

Chen Xi touched Jin Yan's eyes, of course, I was worried about Jinshen, he picked up his feet and kissed the lips of the king, said: "You can rest assured that when you upgrade the accessories, I don't go out, I am Stay in the base, waiting for you to come back. "

Since I know how small in the normal space, Morning, Chen Xi also got untrust to her magical luck, so it is nothing to run, still waiting at home.

After receiving the guarantee of Chen Xi, Jin Yu reliably, he took his head and kissed the forehead of Xia Xixi, gentle road: "This day, a little tolerant, the Entertainment Development Department has also developed a lot of new games, you can see See if I like it, I really want to play, wait for my accessories to upgrade, take you. "

"Okay, let's go, don't leave, I don't want you to go."

I heard Chen Xi's donor's whisper, Jin Yu helplessly smiled, and hugged Chen Xi into her arms, and finally turned and left.


After Jin Yi upgraded the accessories, Chen Xi didn't feel emptiness, but he still remembered what to say to Jin Yan, and the space fluctuated is too terrible. This time is a red tide, who knows the next time What, still can't return it, so even if you have a little pity that once again encounter space fluctuations, he still stays at home, and even hears Golden Suggestions, try to play the latest entertainment development department. The game developed.

When Chen Xi played games, the door of the bedroom was gently ringed, and the Bundland was coming into the dining plate full of delicate snacks.

I looked at the dessert in Bundeland, and Chen Xixin flashed a helpless. If he remembered is right, this is the third afternoon tea this afternoon this afternoon.

However, hey, his previous things must be frightened, so he endured!

In this way, in the time of the Jinli upgrade accessories, Chen Xi is a thousand days of ten meals, send some heart, send afternoon tea, send fruit platter, wait until the next few days, Jin Wei finally the accessories is upgraded, Chen Xi It's almost a tearful, you can finally come back.

I am obviously quite very suitable for Chen Xi's survival. His eyes are full of smiles, "I miss me?"

Chen Xi nodded, "I want! I really want to!" You don't come back, you will see a two hundred pounds.

Jin Yizhen knows that Chen Xi sees you so excited, he deliberately induces: "How is I don't have time, have you encountered anything unhappy?"

Chen Xi shook his head, "no."

The golden heart is disappointed, and it is impossible to take this opportunity to turn the Billand from Chen Xi.

It seems that the idea of ​​the main brain, the brunette orange eyes are cool, and when I move back to the morning, I changed back to the gentleness.

And Jin Wei's cold eye in Bingland, completely ignored it, um, although let Bundeland will look at Chen Xi during the main brain accessories upgrade, there is also his omission, but it does not hinder what he wants to take this Lan is kicking from Chen Xi.

Excluding the absence, it is not necessary to speak.

After the stay in Berland, the room was restored in the room, Jin Wei, Chen Xi Road: "Stretch it out, I will send you something."

Chen Xi ... how to feel this faintly familiar.

No more thinking, Chen Xi's handle stretched out in front of Jinli, and the white and tender hand is well looking, it is delicate.

Waiting for Jin Yi to take things to her, but did not see Jin Yi has any movements. It is strange, and only the long blond hair of Jin Yizhen is as if it is blown like a wind, and slowly flying. Then some hair floated to themselves, climbed their wrists, intimate wrapped around the wrist.

Chen Yizhi is afraid of itching, I want to collect my hand, I am afraid to pull Jin Yan's hair, "" Do you do ... "

The voice did not fall, Chen Xi's eyes couldn't set up, because the hair wrapped around his wrist, suddenly silent breakage after the entanglement, a short-term hair is rerouped back. After the golden body, the hair wrapped in the Morning Hand wrist, then gathered together and became a beautiful gold bracelet.

Chen Xiwan is touched the bracelet of his wrist, and found that although it looks like a bracelet, it is still the silky touch of Jin Li, and it is sliding on the wrist, And Jin Wei's hairdry , there is a feeling of comfortable and mean.

"this is?"

"This is a spatial stabilizer, this new function upgrade this accessory." Jin Yan touched the hair of Chen Xi, and kneadly kiss. "With this, you can lock your space around you, no more You suddenly disappeared. "

Chen Xi heard such a small bracelet, actually a spatial stabilizer, can't be horrified, and how big he knows, after all, he knows, since he returned, the entire space base is all over. Spatial stabilizer, that is, a spatial stabilizer that needs to move in large equipment. At this time, it was concentrated into this small bracelet, which can be carried, it is too incredible.

But thinking of this bracelet is a change in the hair, that is to say, the main brain accessories, Chen Xi couldn't help but worry, he was nervous: "Then you don't have a problem with this, this is not your hair. ?"

"There will be no problem, this time the main brain accessories are upgraded, mainly to upgrade this function, after all ..." Jin Yan said, gentle look at Chen Xi: "Only you are by my side, I can play with peace of mind The role of the main brain. "

Under the gentle sight of Jinli, Chen Xi's face could not live red.

Jin Qi is near Chen Xi, reached out to Chen Xi, put the head of Chen Xi's head in his chest, whisper: "I will never leave me, I will never leave me? This time, I It's really scared. "

Listening to the solemn words in Jinyu, and the rare fragility in the words, Chen Xi also seriously said: "Well, I promise you, I will not leave you, I will always wear it, I will always wear it. Never pick it up. "

When I heard Chen Xi, Jin Yan's face finally showed a smile, moment, full room.

Chen Xi's heartbeat can't help but speed up.

He leaned his beloved, listening to the heartbeat of the beloved partner, suddenly can't help but said: "Jin Wei."


"I have said to you, I love you so much."

Jin Yuli suddenly bowed, it was originally beautiful golden, blooming.

Seeing Jin Yu's surprise, Chen Xi can't help but smile, once again: "I love you!"

"Bao, baby, you say it again!"

"Don't, you are."

"I love you Chen Xi, I love you, I love you love you ..."

Chen Xi couldn't help but smile in Jin Yutong. Finally, he buried his head in Jinyu, listening to the heartbeat of him, heart: Thank you, Jin Wei, thank you for letting me have a home in this strange world. Feel, let me no longer feel lonely, let me know the beauty of love.

Thank you, time, let me meet you.



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