The Marquess’s Amnesia

My first night alone.

"I married you because it was more convenient."

It was after the wedding that I, Liliana Catherine de Alwyn, heard the words, on the bed of the first night we were supposed to spend together.

Today, my samurai, who had just been introduced, wrapped around a thin material night outfit that would undoubtedly make my body lines and skin clear, and I looked up to the person who had just become my husband to follow the words told, wearing the gown that the samurai had prepared for me, which was half crying with shame, confusion and fear.

Slim, tall, even-handed, masculine figure, and beautiful amber hair with long cut double eyes, bright blue. The masculine, neat face, as if it were a crop, clean and only shade lamp lights depend on. The dim room highlights the shade on his face, and I feel myself freezing when something cold mixes there at all.

The person who became my husband is - Master William Ignacious de Lutherford, the Marquis of Springfield, famous for being a hero in the war five years ago.

My husband stood before me with a cold look on his beautiful face.

My husband stays in a tight knight's uniform and doesn't even loosen his chest tie perfectly. After all, I couldn't say I was going to sleep slowly. It was an outfit.

I made myself smaller trying to disappear from my husband's sight as much as I could because of the horrible cold face of my husband and the surrounding air.

"Don't cry. I hate crying women."

I shrunk. You thought I was gonna cry. A voice came down from the top like I was terribly sick of it, and more and more I shrunk. My husband was heartbroken and tongue-in-cheek at me wishing to disappear.

I am fifteen years old, who has just welcomed an adult. My husband is twenty-five years old. Ten years apart, and this was the second time today that we had a wedding that we had seen each other like this since we met in church to sign an engagement letter, a sign of our commitment to marriage before marriage. The engagement only lasted a month and in the first place I was not informed of anything until the day I signed the engagement. Even today, I was pushed into the carriage without knowing anything, leaving behind a house that was born and raised in one of the bags that had been prepared in advance. Naturally, I don't know anything about your husband. So I was hoping we could get to know each other a little bit from now on.

But that's what happened when I was engaged, but even at today's wedding, I never saw my husband. There was no swear kiss, no lowered vale could be given, there were few attendees because it took place at a time when it was not a social period, and the liturgical wedding just went on pale. My husband then went straight to work when he went back to the church holding room and changed into a knight's uniform, so I came to the Marquis family, where I was dowry in a carriage that had been prepared at the back door by myself.

"I am not willing to have children with you. The Marquis and the Lutherfords will let my brother succeed them."

I looked up in surprise at the words that followed.

There was still a husband standing there with an icy cold look on his face. When my eyes met, I got just a few shaped eyebrows and I panicked and leaned down.

I have also known from a young age that it is one of the most important duties for the nobility to leave a child, to connect blood. Besides, there's no way I can give a verbal answer to the husband who gave me this. I could not speak any words, I was just silently listening to my husband.

"As I said first, I married you because it was convenient for me. I was not willing to come from marriage or anything, but from a standpoint, I was surrounded by May flies. But by chance, I've heard rumors about you. When the Counts had a daughter who was sick and unable to go outside... I thought that a sick daughter would be able to convince herself that even if she married her for a short engagement period, she wouldn't have to go out to a social meeting later because she was sick.... Your father was trying to push my older daughter, but Count Ayton also offered you a debt of 30 million lil he made in gambling."

"... Sa, 30 million lil?

I did raise my face as I heard the sound of blood pulling from my whole body.

My husband was staring down at me with a thin, gruesome grin.

"Speaking to the House of Lords Inquiry Committee, it's the amount of title and territory, confiscation of private property. … but this is cheap if you don't think it will ever go against me"

I looked up at my softly narrowed blue eyes and I was unconsciously putting my hand on my left dovetail. Blue eyes chased my hand and narrowed it more and more sharply.

There's a big, tough scar underneath this hand.

"You don't have to fulfill your duties as a wife as one. You don't even have to go to nightclubs or tea parties. Rumor circulates that you're not very sick but you can't socialize.... Nevertheless, you can buy whatever you want, whether it's a dress or a gem, than tying fifteen and a young man in your life. Don't take any trouble instead. If you need anything, tell your samurai Elsa or your butler Arthur."

You see, the husband who closed the end turned his back and spinned nothing more than that when he saw me nodding, and he left the room. Batan, and the door closing sound slowly dropped loudly into the room and disappeared without a scream.

I buried my face with my knees in my arms trying to do something about my empty heart, biting my lips and tears.

I didn't know what was anymore, whether it was sad that you were rejected or regrettable that your father was in a lot of debt.

I remember your father asking your husband about this wound at the church where he signed the engagement. Because your father wanted his drowning sister, not me, to be daughter-in-law of Springfield, a hero and great nobleman of the Kingdom of Creacion.

My husband just said one thing to my father's words when he proclaimed, 'I'm a clumsy daughter with a sign of an ugly monster, but still okay, my older daughter is better. It's beautiful and sober'. "I'm good with that daughter," he said.

I was about to cry that I was going to get married because I was wanted, and warm emotions that I had never felt in my chest came away.

I realized now that I had only a few expectations and hopes for this marriage. I realized I was hoping that you would love me a little bit. Warm emotions then must have been "happy".

"... you're an idiot, Liliana. There's no reason for me to be loved..."

The words I spit out myself fell into an empty mind, and it fitted perfectly.

It was good of me to be hassle-free and convenient in getting married.

But I didn't know your father had an uninterrupted amount of debt of 30 million lil. My husband is so sweet that he can replace me with just one daughter.

I was determined to be alone in my bedroom, or at least the wife (ornament) that my kind husband wanted me to be.

That was what happened to me and my husband the first night of our marriage.