The Manreb hero is coming back!

The Fourteenth Book

It was a moment when the situation turned upside down. Soldiers who once clashed with the huge, sacred firebirds that appeared to help themselves.

I no longer fear the space where white feathers fly as if I were seeing a miracle of God.

The old man, who used to be sarcastic, showed such great power that he has been working out for a long time.

"Oh, you bastards! Even if I die, I'm coming with you guys!"

The old man, who shouted and threw a helicopter at him, snatched the jaw of a huge dark wolf with his bare hands, twisted it to death, and swung the body of a huge dark wolf like a blunt instrument.

It was too overwhelming to be seen as coming from the old man's body.

But hundreds of white magicians activated in the sky made it possible.

"Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!

The boy, who became a mercenary at a young age and participated in the battlefield, roamed around as if he were cutting everything when he was caught in an overwhelming body-enhancing buff after his skillful swordsmanship, which he had been training to fill his deficiency.

The first wedge formation had long since disappeared.

However, the battlefield was already so chaotic that it was meaningless.

It was a disaster itself that many people fought with huge buffs on their backs.


The black minotaurs, who swept the human race with their hand-held blunt instruments with a huge cry, soon jumped up as if they had been fatally wounded and stepped back as if they were tired of the zombies.

Just a swarm of ants!

The result was obvious as long as there were far fewer numbers and each one was suspiciously human.

"Hey, this is... this is ridiculous..."

Moreover, the biggest problem was none other than the two.


Dozens of people are swept away in half if they lose in a single batch.

Reina, the hero at the forefront of the battlefield, was simply a terrible monster.

Her presence of covering up the golden-white oracle-blade on Unwoldo Island ended at once those who questioned whether she was so strong.


And so did the giant firebird, like her, who roamed the entire battlefield and shook off its great grandeur.

"Hey, this is ridiculous..."

Gorgon stared blankly at the bird of flame, flying in the sky and turning the eroded Wyverns into ashes in an instant.

It is not easy to kill each soldier. Their commander, the human woman, was a frightening strongman far beyond Gorgon's expectations, and the bird of fire, presumed to be an unidentified Phoenix, unilaterally burned Gorgon's army without harming humans at all.

No matter how weak it is as an advance team, it was still not this one.

Considering the level and number of powerful blood horse-riding and horse-riding monsters, it should never have happened.

However, humans created this situation as if they had been waiting.

"Hey, you guys!!!"

Outraged, he threw a nearby man's neck away.

I am getting goose bumps at the power of the damn recovery, but if I die immediately, there is no way to save the recovery magic.

"Dead! You punk!"

"You're dead!

Which means,

It was like saying that if you don't die, you'll surely survive.

Therefore, it was a natural result that soldiers' fighting spirit went up in real time.

Gorgon, who had been cutting to death at random, soon swept away the crowds of vampires and took a step back when he saw Reina approaching.

It's not a fight with that crazy-powerful human woman.

You have to run.

Instinct calls for retreat immediately, but reason held it.

He was the one who violated the order of the main force and made a first attack.

And not only were they defeated, but they also led to a significant increase in their morale.

Even if you live, the result of your return will be nothing but miserable disgrace and death.

Reina, who came slowly toward Gorgon, who had been hardened, pointed at the end of Longinus' spear at him.

Then he spoke quietly.

"That's what my silversmith said."


"The empty cart is noisy. You're pretty weak-kneed for a jaw drop."

"Hey, you damn X!"

Furious at Reina's provocation, Gorgon left both reason and instinct to anger and quickly penetrated into her.


Then he pulled out a huge sword and struck her and screamed like crazy.

"Four years! I will tear you to death with this hand! I will tear him to death and drink blood!"

Reina, who had taken his sword without saying a word at his onslaught, saw madness and pushed in, soon took a familiar step.

Then he quietly blew up Manna and pulled her up.

[Serious Prosecutor]

[Breaking mountains]


a sword of overwhelming weight

Although it was made of spears, not of a sword, the weight of Longinus' spear was overwhelmingly heavy, instantly cutting off Gorgon's sword and splitting his body in half.

It was so strong that there was a huge hole of several meters from where he was standing.

After the death of a man who led a large army of 150,000 people, it was in vain.

Of course, vampires who lost their heads had no choice but to be confused.

Even the lowest-ranked vampires are more powerful than humans.

But all of them could not withstand the power of the lunatic humans, who were engulfed in buff magic, and were swept away at random.

In the meantime, their conductor died. I couldn't help but feel hopeless.

Even so, there could not have been surrender or retreat for vampires who had the pride of the nobility.

Unlike the number of deaths and bloodshed, vampires eventually held out until the last one collapsed.

Sue was nearly three times the battle, but as a result of hitting each other without retreat, one side was completely destroyed.

Reina shook her head as she watched Longinus, who had been so ignorant and frightened that she couldn't breathe and shake her head.

It's really incredible durability."

Speaking calmly, she soon stood absentmindedly and slowly lifted the spearhead toward the soldiers looking at her.

a declaration of victory

At the same time, tremendous cheers began to burst from all sides.


The soldiers' morale soared as if they had been literally hit by drugs when the fight, which they thought would be absolutely defeated, became such an absurd victory.

It wasn't just a win, it was a plus for winning in an amazing way.

"Long live the warrior Reina!!!"

It was not long before there were some cries of praise from the soldiers.


Originally, the person who provided the buff should be praised the most.

As if to induce this situation on purpose, he only watched the situation as slowly as he could from the eyes of the soldiers.

* * *

Lady candidate Alice could soon feel how much he had done.

The divine magic he used was the divine magic of a line she had never seen before.

No, to be exact, I've seen the traces.

When the events of the Duchy of Felesti broke out in the past.

At that time, it was rumored to be a divine magic that broke out when the Iliana Empress Caldiras awakened.

Alice had a good feeling of how rubbish it was.

It was widely believed that the saint in front of him was a real exhaust monster.

"Oh, my God... what did I see in that short time?"

"Oh, God."

An intermediate priest of the Priya Church, who had participated in the war to treat the wounded, spoke to Alice with an incredible face.

"Oh, my God... I seeing a miracle from God?"

"What the hell is he..."

"No matter how much you're a saint, it's really shocking."

"I've been reluctant to follow Alice because she believes in her, but I'm really... ashamed of myself."

He did not participate in the war games himself, but he turned the tables of the war by himself.

The soldiers see it all as a miracle created by Raina, but the priests who were looking from the outside could tell.

The man who really ended this war.

It's not the warrior Reina, but the saint David who was watching the situation from afar.

How can he perform miracles that even the Pope of the Holy Land can't do at such a young age?


At that time, when Prince Davy slightly twisted his body, respect began to grow in the eyes of the priests.

"Oh, my God... he doesn't even take care of himself..."

"Ah... God's grace."

In fact, I sneezed because of the dust, but it didn't matter to the priests who were already wet.

Is this really the true face of the saint who was rumored to be on the continent?

I thought so, but there were also things I couldn't understand.

Leaving him alone looking at the war situation, the priests waited for Alice to lead them.

And Alice, the sex candidate who was watching the situation without a word, slowly opened her mouth.

"A saint is the recipient of God's man."


"And the more you love life, the stronger you are."

At the words, the priests dazed and soon opened their eyes wide.

Then he made a face that he was touched.

"Oh, my God... then from him..."

"How much do you love the world?"

Even the Pope of the Holy Land gave up the power he couldn't even imagine.

Priests did not understand how absurd the divine magic used by a man named Davy was because they had never used it or actually had never seen it.

I just thought it was amazing, amazing.

"But I was really surprised. I can't believe I'm going to reinforce every single one of those soldiers on this street."

"That's true. A saint who loves the world!

prefer the depth and sophistication of the divine magic

Focusing on the hidden mind, the priests began to kneel down and pray as if they had been touched by a god.

"Ah... Goddess Priest. Forgive me for being arrogant..."

"Thank you forever for your sublime..."

"God will be with you..."

Believe what you want to believe.

Alice thought so.

No matter how saint he was, his power was real and I could see how noblely he tried to be.

I'm saying this over and over again. The illusion is the freedom of each person.

"Cough, click"

Why do you sneeze like that?

"Someone must be cursing at me."

It's understandable. I'm sure by now she's been chewing on you.

They may be feeling betrayed and shuddering.

However, for Illinois, it was better not to participate in the war.

Because there's nothing good about revenge?

No way.

Revenge is sweet, and achieving it neatly and finding the next goal is also life's vitality.

What do you call counseling?

He meant that such words were not used as old words for nothing.

But this kind of ignorant war will be hard to come.

I can, but it was true that the more I was stranded here, the more advantageous that side would be.

Looking back at the ruined plains with the Allies turning back with the victory news, I reached for numerous vampires, bloodshed, and beasts of the horse world who had fallen dead in the blood.

If I had just moved in the name of a saint.

It's time to move as a black-and-white colonel.

Taking out a small reagent from the subspace, I poked the reagent into the affected parts of several hematopoietic beasts and reached out quietly.


A magic different from the Spiritual Resurrection Magic that brings the undead back.

It is an unfinished magic created before death by a commander who spent his life trying to save his dead wife.

After all, he couldn't use this magic to his wife because he had to live up to the expectations of his death.

I don't care what they look like to me right now.


As soon as the black mana penetrated, several blood horsehorses, which had become bodies like electronics with charged batteries, sprang up.

Then he moves about with a ferocious air. They gathered quietly when they found me.

"Go back to your homes."

Go, bite everything and infect them.

Don't regard zombie apocalypse as a disaster for humans.

I'll assist you with your, your, your, your abyss biological virus.

Originally, these viruses cannot exist in common sense.

Like a virus that only responds to vampires and related hulmasters.

Such a narrow-minded virus is something you can only see in movies, but it is less efficient and less practical.

Above all, the truth is that the world's rules can't just leave such unconscious things unattended.

But the life of the abyss I have is the life of the world behind the dog's disregard for such rules.

It was originally a method that I discovered while doing an experiment that I wanted to control at my own discretion by undetecting some of his flesh.

The problem was that the undetected virus turned into a zombie virus.

After collecting viral eggs in a reversed virus in the wake of extraterritorial forces, not the rules of the world, I transformed it into a surprise gift for vampires.

There are still a lot of side effects and a lot of risks.

It's none of my business.

With the rapidly disappearing hematoma behind me, I took out the crystal ball and tried to connect it.

Davey, that black dragon. Reina, can he handle this?

"......I don't know because I haven't seen it in person, but if he has real dragon-like power, it's not possible."

Like it or not, you're gonna bump into it.

"That's why the world's eggs are moving."

It's going to be a huge burden for Al, but it doesn't matter if she's there's a dragon doesn't matter.

Ignacil, who was extinguished by me, was also the only thing that eventually penetrated and attacked the only weakness of being young.

In this war, Reina should be praised as a leading figure throughout the continent. Her presence will receive the attention of all countries and every single one of her actions will have a great impact.

That way, you can often use her methods on this side by side.

Can't you lower yourself?

Monopoly of interest is an unexpectedly troublesome task.

It's a vicious and vicious way, but Reina has made every effort to be praised as a warrior.

They will only be rewarded accordingly.

"It's me, Davey."

[David] I've been waiting for your call.]

"We're all set up here."

[They're starting to move] We've put the virus in a surprise guerrilla operation in their path. Honestly, it feels a little strange.

He seemed skeptical about the somewhat inhumane way of war.

"The more effort you and the knights make, the more human beings on the continent can live. Then, please."


People on the continent don't know the name of the Rhinforce Alpha Knights. Therefore, the Knights decided not to reveal themselves to the world, but to prevent them from being hidden.

Moving in secret, interfering with their behavior. The virus is being introduced periodically by surprise.

As a result, none of them appreciate their services.

In the first place, it was their choice as a secret organization of the birth group.

Originally, in my case, I was thinking of revealing the existence of last whiskey to the world.

But I didn't.

It would be a moment for the noble Knights to be corrupted if material and political power began to intervene.

"Davie, you bastard!! How could she do this to me?!"

Illina, who was gazing at the empty cabin, nervously tried to swing a giant sword, not Caldiras, but stopped.

Oh, my God!

But her sword did not stop completely, so the tip of the luxury wooden table in her room was cut sharply.

Nevertheless, she was bragging about her anger.

Disposal of absenteeism and tardiness disposition

It was like a bolt out of the blue for Illina.

Suddenly, my brother released the prince from the palace and attacked the quiet cabin where Belial was.

Illina, who regularly dropped by the cabin to get Belial some medicine, heard the news late.

By the time she arrived, Belial had already fled.

There was no reason to keep him around in the first place.

When she first found him, she was in danger of dying right away, so she brought him in.

Even if the injury was not completely cured, she judged that she would not die anywhere herself as long as she had more than Sodmaster-class power.

However, he was a good friend of the story who listened to the story silently.

He was a man who could be a good friend in a different sense from Davy.

I didn't mean to kick him out like this. The furious Illinois went to my brother's to pick a quarrel with him about everything.

And I could hear it.

He visited Illinois after hearing that there was something disturbing enough to violate the imperial spirit.

And there he said he actually found Belial.

Illina rebuked the imperial dignity, and eventually she was imprisoned by the royal court.

Of course, even though she escaped, Illina's long experience with a psycho child allowed her to infer the true culprit of the incident.

Davy O'Loon.

This bad boy went to Saliban and told him everything about Belial.

It made her unable to get away from the palace.

Why did he do this?

I couldn't understand it even in retrospect.

No, I couldn't have known.

It's a device to get Belial to leave Illinois after the deal with Belial is made.

In addition

When I heard that the enemy was a vampire, I knew how she would turn out, so I tied her to the palace.

Illina was just a girl who thought in the normal human category to infer such facts without a clue.

Calm down, Illina. He was meant to leave anyway, wasn't he?]

"It's not Belial that I'm angry! Davy's son beat me in the back of the head. Why is he always so impatient with me?"

Caldiras answered the cry with a clear air.

I've heard it from Harres before. I have a preference like a child who likes to bully me.


The words hardened Illinois' body.

[Maybe that's what Davey is like?]

Illina blushed at the question.

Then he shook his head.

"Who, who accepted that you were interested in? I don't care about him anymore."



[I've told you lie is bad...]

At the words of Caldiras, who breathed a sigh, Illina blushed her face as if she were a child who had been caught.

She came carelessly, looked after her condition, and trained her lungs too hard, so in fact, there were some unpleasant things left in her body.

Davy is.

I noticed that right away.

I made an excuse to say, "I don't know what to do with my hands," and I solved it on the spot.

Honestly, how much help did you get from him?

He said no. She also shook her head when she tried to propose to him on the spur of the moment.

As time went by, I thought it was okay, but every time I met him, I felt different and different, so I couldn't shake off my complicated feelings.

"Down! Down!"

Illina, who was sitting annoyingly in a chair and savoring her car combatively, tilted her head at the sight of her exclusive girl rushing in.

"What's going on?"

"So, did you hear that?" Snake, vampire! A monster named Vampire appeared..."

The royal palace is rather quick to hear from.

However, Illinois belatedly learned the news.

"What... what do you mean?"

When she jumped out of her seat and asked with a serious expression, the poet gasped and hurriedly brought up the story she had heard.

Four days ago, two countries were overthrown at the southern tip of the western continent.

a gang of black dragon-dominated monsters A full-time meeting of the Continental Union was held to solve the problem with the corps.

He said he realized that his enemies were vampires and maids there.

Later, they declared war on the entire continent to achieve their goals.

In the lead, Reina, a beautiful woman with sky-blue hair that Davy brought, is a warrior.

He said he was in the position of commander.

Perhaps the reason she climbed up there with nothing was because of what Davy had done.

More important than that was elsewhere.

"Bam... Fire? Vampires came out in the sun?"

The poet nodded as if she was frightened by the eerie question of Illinois.


Illina immediately replaced Caldiras with a brooch and quickly ran out on the product.

But as soon as she opened the door, she could see five or six knights and my brother blocking her.

"Get out of my way, brother."

"Iilina, I can't get out."

"You've been working so hard to keep the news to the palace late. Are you out of your mind to use state funds and talent for such a place?"

"Don't worry, I'm just playing my own money."

"Let me go. I'll join you right now."

"White Bird was briefly transferred from my authority and sent to court. You wait here."

"I'm going to fight too!!"

Illina cried out.

"Orabani... know how my mother died..."

Salivan sighed briefly at the words and approached her.

Then he spoke quietly.

"Are you going to waste Prince Davy's efforts worrying that you might get hurt?"

Illina's body flinched at the words.

"He seems cold-hearted, but he is a good man who always protects his own people. I'm going to ask you, Illina. Do you think it's for a simple reason that Prince Davy, such a thoughtful and strong man, tied you up here?"

"I'll take care of my life."

It was around the time when the cold-throwing Illinois tried to pass him.

He also lost his mother. Think about why he stopped your revenge like that revenge."

In short, when he passed her again, Illina stood there shivering for a long time before collapsing.

Then he buried his head and started sobbing.

How much have you trained swordsmanship to kill vampires?

He even joined the Rhinforce Alpha Knights to find information about vampires.

You want me to watch from afar without holding a sword when the vampire is out?

"Davie...'ve got the wrong. Caldiras, you said you could find out where he is if you wanted to."

First of all, Per is sealed in his castle.]

"Guide me."

The destruction of the vampire was one of Illinois' life's goals in the first place.

news of a landslide victory in the battle against the enemy advance team

It would be great news for those who were anxiously waiting for the victory or defeat of the war.

There were too many remaining enemies and too many unexposed ones to be considered to have actually taken a heavy toll on the enemy's power.

It was because of the existence of a black dragon that burned the top vampires, the Ma tribe, or the two countries at once, which were judged to be the greatest risk factors.

Of course, the combined forces were not everything here now.

At a time when large-scale forces are moving neatly under the agreement throughout the continent, the fact that it is a full-scale war of large-scale forces does not change.

"That's... that's great. With Prince Davy here, this war... ...can't possibly end in a landslide."

"That's right! God's mercy on those special forces under God's name..."

"I am not the commander of this war. "Alice, the Holy Woman Candidate."

"I don't know that he's not bound to such a trivial place."

Her rebuttal shook my head.

"You'll see if you watch."

She said nothing more about what I said.

an undisclosed order of knights

The Knights of the Reinforce Alpha, the last group of Whispe Knights, was moving with the determination of unprecedented continental intervention.

They never go beyond their boundaries unless they are basically a crisis over the annihilation of the entire continent.

In fact, they have long prevented the polar beasts, which are in danger of the survival of the continent in silence, from spreading.

"Whoa... I'm nervous."

Shivering, one of the twin sisters, Shire Lenda, held his spirit's hand tightly.

"Yeah... it's the first time I've been out of the continent since I was a kid."

"I heard the world is a really scary place... ...and now that I'm out here, it's not much!"

Alisa Patrick, who was watching the situation quietly at Damour's words, answered quietly.

"Damour, shut your mouth."

"Hmm... just me."

"Damour, if you say something, it'll happen."

"Laughing! That's right."

Damour frowned at Alisa's calm rebuttal.

But in the end, I couldn't say anything.

You don't know that it's actually karma you've built up by yourself.

He's rather timid.

[Chuck! Group A. Answer me.

"This is A team leader Alisa Patrick."

This is Boris, the leader of the unit. Report the situation.]

"We arrived safely to our destination. Sample virus injection is ready. Target target is being tracked."

We're starting operations now.]

"Operation, let's get started."

Good luck to you. I hope you get back safely.]

"Don't worry. Teacher"

A smiling Alisa heard Boris's gentle voice from beyond the crystal ball.

[Yes, don't overdo it] Do you understand?

"Don't worry. We can't make it as big as you, but if he's prepared so hard, he can move accordingly."

Alisa, speaking calmly, raised her hand to a small group of vampires and bloodmars that moved quickly across the ridge.

"Everyone, please don't let go of your tension. Let's get started."


Group A of the Alpha Knights of the Reinforce was a regular group of young boys and girls.

However, they were children who passed the formal examination and became regular members, and were basically talented men and girls of their own age.

In an instant, the spirit technique performed by the twin sisters of the Spirit Temple moves.

The pre-soaked liquid medicine spread like a bubble and began to permeate quickly in the wind of Silaim, the intermediate spirit of the wind.

Most of the knights have already seen and confirmed the efficacy of the virus created by an unprecedented new member of a monster named Davy.

It doesn't work for all living things, but the only virus that can only be found in the blood of vampires and vampires...

"S, it's a raid!"

"Hold it! The humans!"

As soon as the lower vampires, who were moving quickly and quietly, shouted out loud, the saint Pildir, who was holding a shield in front of him, dug in at a tremendous speed like a dump truck and hit a vampire in front of him.

Although the current drivers of Group A are not lacking in skills, strengthened vampires cannot be killed at once.

Careful not to say that it is to have killed by a ball all to death are well aware.

As such, vampires now had a viability that exceeded their knowledge of the existence of vampires.

But this time, the purpose was not to kill them.


When a sharp sword penetrated and cut off a vampire, he frowned and pulled his arm back.

At the same time, dozens of blood horses penetrated the knights, but the Knights of the Reinforce Alpha worked together as if they had been waiting and prevented their offensive.

In the meantime, the wind of the water droplets of twin sisters still swept the whole country.

"You rat bastards!!!"

Vampires, who had a fever over the behavior of tying their feet without attacking due to absolute schedule, began to grind their teeth and exude blood.

"Up to here! We're in danger. We'll retreat!"

Soon after, when the horn was heard with a loud cry, the knights nodded quickly and began to retreat from them, covering each other, leaving behind what they were fighting.

"Humans! You think you can survive this!"

At the cry, the boy with a leech who was running away from the back row giggled.

"I learned something from my classmates, you bastards! Get hit by the eyeballs of Hegg!"


With the words, he took a small scroll out of his arms, held it in his mouth without hesitation, tore it with one hand and threw it into the air.

"I was told to say that when you use it!"

Confucius says there is a light.

I don't know what Confucius says.

[Magic to modify light properties]

[4 Circle]

[Stern Grenade]

At the same time, all the boys and girls in Group A closed their eyes and blocked their vision with one hand as if they had been waiting.


With the sound of deafening, a huge light that seems to poke the eyes explodes.

It's actually a strong light.

Besides, what would a vampire who is weak in the nature of light say more?


"Oh, my God, my eyes!"

The vampires, who shrieked and faltered, rolled on the floor holding on to their eyes as they were burning.

The fact was no different because it was a blood horse with vision.

Has it been a long time since everyone closed their eyes and woke up?

A vampire slowly opened his eyes and looked around with a frown.

"Oh, my God! You ran away!"

Starting with him, who seemed angry, those who regained their sight looked around, but none of the young humans who had taken them by surprise were seen.

An infuriated by the fact that he was completely misled by the guerrilla war, a vampire began to vent his blood all over his body.

"Okay! Damn you guys! Find him and kill him! Tear it to death and bleed it until it's twisted!"

On the contrary, some looked relieved.

"Whew... how did you get your life fixed?"

"If you take the power of immortality because of that damn human being, you never know when you'll die."

It is certainly not normal for a single human being to keep all vampires on edge.

"I hope this war ends soon. The blood horse I was assigned to this time is finally starting to listen to me. He's still weak, so I kept him in hiding until he grew up. We can go back after this mission."

"Oh. That's good news. I pray for you to grow more and make it a dashing blood horse."

"Thank you for your kind words..."

A vampire, who was speaking quietly, frowned slightly.

"Why, but you."

"'s not a big deal. It's a little... weird."

"Didn't you forget to eat?"

He shook his head at the question of his fellow lower vampire.

"That's not true. Is this mission actually a little risky? So I caught some mountain animals and washed the blood in advance in case they were hungry."

"Then you drank too much. That's a stupid greeting."

"Even if you do..."

While talking, he grabbed his stomach and bowed down.


"Huh? Hey! What's wrong with you?"

A bewildered fellow sub-vampire shouted, patting him on the back.

However, he couldn't move easily and breathed out roughly.

"You... you'really.

He seemed to have felt something was wrong with his body, but he hardened his words.

A fellow vampire, curious about the sudden silence, was about to help him.


Suddenly, the vampire, who was bending his back, jumped up and bit off his fellow vampire's arm.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! He's crazy! What's wrong with you!"

Surprised, he hurriedly pulled out his arm, but his arm was dripping with vampire-like blood, as if he had been stabbed properly.

"Uh, uh, what did I... ..."

"Hey. Are you crazy?!"

"Oh, no! I didn't do it on purpose!"


"Mi, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to put you through a lot!"

"Look, you don't fit well with the battle. Apparently, you're upset because of stress, so let's go home. If you get back to work, the mahjong will heal you."

"Oh, you're talking about that mysterious circus woman."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go. A-ing..."

The grumbling vampires did not know.

Not only that, but most vampires are in the same situation.

Reports from the Reinforce Alpha Knights began to come up.

Aside from vampires who have continued to advance like rocks with eggs to keep me tied to the main stage, the fact that the Byeoldongdae is moving to all parts of the continent.

Since we already knew where they were coming from, it was obvious that they would be on the road.

I took control of the wind in the sky through the Qurungi and told the Knights of the Reinforce Alpha to raid them.

In the meantime, they let go of the additional offerings.

All they want is a hateful sacrifice.

It's selfish to think that most of them are criminals or people who cause big problems, but I was going to use them as they are.

The first sacrifices were immediately used to destroy them, but doing more than that would only hamper the plan.

I flicked my finger as I watched Reina move the troops to the main.

It's almost time for the news to come.

Vampire Star Dongdae was planted with viruses.

And the virus that would trigger it also seeped through the blood horse water that I revived with a rebib.


The result will come out.

"Oh, my God! Commander!

She looked at me as if she had predicted the situation roughly at the sight of a messenger running toward Reina from afar.

"Weird movements were observed in the" ship, vampire form! It's like a civil war broke out...!"

When she nodded, she quietly spoke to a general who was beside her without further consideration.

"Ready to attack. I'll push it in at once."

At the same time, I nodded to her and turned around.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving the army."

"Ta, desertion?"

"Do you think you can catch it?"

She shook her head at my question.

"I have no idea what you're thinking. You're the one."

Then, when I moved to leave the unit, I declared my desertion to Alice, who came to see me.