I wouldn't call it smooth sailing.

Still, my life should have been pretty good.

In my three years of high school, I got hit by hopeful colleges and universities to keep my deviation from that high, and then I was just worried about enriching the rest of my long holidays with what? The moment I crossed the intersection into a nose mix to try and secretly re-do my hobby maiden game from season one.

My life was too late in a car accident.

... I remember such memories of my previous life.

"Princess...! Please, be careful."

"Dear Pride,

Yes, I let go of consciousness on the spot as I literally collapsed from my knees with my head in my mouth screaming at the squire around me.

Somebody call a doctor and report to Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the King.

Her Royal Highness the First Princess.

My name is Pride Royal Ivy.

At the age of eight, she is the daughter of the queen of this country, or first princess.

And this is the world of the maiden game "A glimmer of light with you" that I was going to start over just before I died in my previous life.

But I wonder why it's pride more than anything.

Like this...

I can't believe you reincarnated into the worst out-of-the-way Las Bosses.

I woke up. I was on the indicative bed.

For a while when my vision opens, I think about looking at the ceiling of a magnificent room.

The samurai make a scene in the corner of their sight, or jump out of the room to get someone, but it doesn't get to their head at all.

... and only ten years of life...

I can't believe I'm going to end my life again at the same age as I did in my previous life.

The more frightened I realized with a flashing head, the more I had embraced the memories of my previous life.

This fact is too big for an eight-year-old now.

But no matter what you think of this world, it's just like a game from a previous life. Everything from characters to mob characters to world settings is the same.

This I, Pride, will already collapse this country in ten years' time and reign at the top of the country as the lass boss of the game.

Make an indelible wound to the mind of the target character.

And the protagonists and they shall be redeemed for their sins with their lives.

This world I was reincarnated into was a maiden game that haunted me in my previous life, a world of "a glimmer of light with you".

There is a rare and considerable serialization of maiden games, and this world is certainly the first world in the series.

I was called "Kimihika" by a wide range of age groups to gather support, and although I was first haunted by the animated series 3, I got stuck from it, and I did the previous work, the previous work, and after 3 so that I could go back from 3, and I always played every time a new one came out after that.


If I thought the battan sounded, Father was opening the door and coming in. He jumped open the door himself before the guards could open it.


Because of the clear engraving of the frown wrinkles, my father, who is often mistaken for staring at me, seems strict at first sight, but very gentle, and sometimes harsh, and adores me for being my daughter. I also love and am proud of my father, the king of this country.

I want to talk to my daughter. When I was told that, the samurai and guards who were around me went out of the room with the sleaze.

"Are you all right?

"Yes, I suddenly have a headache..."

"The doctor said there was nothing else... and Rosa was very worried about you."

Rosa, that's my mother's name. Queen of this country. The supreme power in this country is not my father. My mother, Rosa Royal Ivy, is the one.

I hardly ever met my mother on the Queen's business.

I'm busy on official business, my father always told me that he really wanted to see you, but now I know. The real reason...


Mm-hmm. What? and capture my father with his eyes alone peeking into my face as he sleeps.

"You had a sister who was six years old.

⁉ ︎

Yes, if this is the world of games, it already exists. Tiara Royal Ivy. My two younger sisters, the second princess of this country, and

The protagonist of this world.

I had just regained the memory of my previous life. I had not yet realized the seriousness of this statement.